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  1. The players also have the security of earning millions for a set number of years and the bonus of a huge signing on fee and higher wages if they leave on a free transfer. Maybe it would make sense if every player had a buy out clause or if transfers were calculated on a multiple of wages or buying out contracts so that if players were rated by clubs they would be paid accordingly eg Juve claim Sandro is indispensable yet they 'only' pay him £60k a week and we are willing to offer him better terms than they are willing to renew him on.
  2. ‘It won’t be the same as before [between him and Conte], and we don’t know if the fight for the position will be fair. Because of me having exposed the [text] message I understand that he’ll be annoyed, so if I go back I have to see if things would be clean, just and correct. ‘That’s how I like things. If I go back now I don’t think it will be a fair situation. It won’t be an honest fight for a position [in the team].’ Seems like he is hinting now that he could return if Conte was to make a grovelling apology and promise a place in the team which I think we all know is unlikely. Suspect his lawyers might have pushed him to suggest this.
  3. “What I know is that this offer Chelsea will get is bigger than what they paid [£32million in the summer of 2014], so I've given them something back in all senses" Suggests that the offer is already above £32m, many reports stating they would go to £40m which is probably less than his market value but I would take that all things considered, apparently we are asking for £50m.
  4. Telles would look like that player to me on paper. Admit not seen much of him but stats are great for last season. Left footed, on our radar before Porto according to agent, buy out clause so easily gettable, wouldn't demand to start and could potentially overtake Alonso, more of an attacking option so some variety there. Agree that Alonso has been outstanding and solid but we need another left footed option in that position. Think Telles is available for £26m ish and there would be less wrangli g if we meet the clause. Cancelao if that's his name looks good but believe he is right footed and off to Inter.
  5. Thinking about Alli's penchant for nipping in with a headed goal I've now changed my mind from earlier in this thread and come round to the idea of azpi rather than Luiz in midfield. Have our taller better headers of the ball at the back, will lose some creativity and goal threat at CM but I suspect we will be on the back door anyway and azpi pinning them back may actually help Luiz pass out from the back. Vital bats isn't playing as I reckon we will be under the dosh and desperate for an outlet to hold the ball up. The bigger pitch at Wembley may help us more than spurs apparently they asked to change it to a smaller one and were turned down.
  6. There is value out there now rather than waiting two weeks which is more frustrating. Matuidi for £18m Bacca to Villareal on loan with an option to buy would be good third striker option Leave it too late and other teams can't replace players in a short amount of time so you are left with players that teams don't want which isn't a great transfer policy and doesn't strengthen the first 11.
  7. Couldn't agree more. If people think we should pay £35m for him I'd be interested to hear what they think he is worth if he had three or four years to run on his contract! He will likely be on our bench rather than arsenals in a months time once we have a couple players back from injury. Also if we are going for a right back it should be someone with a different skill set to Moses to give some variety, although we could use Dave for that.
  8. Lucas Piazon with a suspected broken leg for Fulham in the game against Leeds tonight. Shame as I reckon he would have played a lot for them being in his second season back there.
  9. The press are so desperate for stories that with a few hours of us slapping in an opening bid we are now apparently close to signing Cedric. Can't make their mind up. Oh and expect them to pick up on this trash which will snowball and be repeated non stop for the next two weeks. Expecting the customary three way battle for his signature reports by friday
  10. If Antonio wass on the verge of walking I think he would be kicking up more of a stink publically over the lack of signings. Instead we have had fans and some of the playing staff doing so instead whereas Antonio refers to the 'crazy market' Jose has used the same expression on many occasions this summer, Wenger too (like every other summer) spurs haven't been able to make any signings and City simply couldn't care less. I think managers are having to accept the reality of the market and money not being so powerful these days. Their boards are probably saying if you want us to try for the quality players you have to wait as it takes time, or you can have a 2nd rate player to make up numbers for the first few games and they opt for the former. That is a very apt expression I must say, his teeth don't seem to fit in his mouth and something about him creeps me out when I see him interviewed.
  11. Southampton also have also just announced a new Chinese majority shareholder which may have some influence on players leaving. Just invested £200m a £50m return wouldn't be bad first day in the office!
  12. Is he even back form injury yet?
  13. Atletico aren't desperate to sign him this window, if he is refusing to train it costs us nothing to hold out until January when they will become keener. Even then the longer we wait until 31st January the more desperate Costa gets with it being a World Cup year, I think he would even sign for another team. I would call his bluff up until the last second and then accept the £26m if we absolutely have no other option, they may even have increased their bid by then.
  14. Antonio might have to come up with the new formation that everyone will be playing next season earlier than he did last season! Going to have to counteract his own tactics in a way this season seeing as most of the top 6 seems to be copying it. Hope we don't go 424 we looked awful playing that start of last season. Luiz in midfield for me. Knows the position and has a goal in him, let Christensen settle into his natural position. Or maybe Willian CM and Boga and Pedro on the wing if fit to keep a more familiar back 5.
  15. Having looked at the United team sheet again (missed the match and in fact all the football this weekend) one does have to wonder what a half decent attacking player like Hazard, Pedro or Willian could do in that hole between Jones, Blind and Matic. Flashbacks of Eriksen destroying us from that position when we played spurs.