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  1. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Before his appointment I was firmly in the camp of Frank shouldn't be given the job in the first place, for his own sake. This is exactly why, should have been allowed to cut his teeth elsewhere and be earmarked for the future. Clearly hasn't figured out how he wants his teams to play, which is understandable given his inexperience. I'm sure Silva made some comments recently that suggested the PSG players didn't think much of Tuchel. Something along the lines of his sacking being on the cards for a while.
  2. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    I wouldn't really call it an assist, he tried to play it across the box and it cannoned off the player right in front of him but happened to fall to Tammy who was some way behind him
  3. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Great goal made in the academy
  4. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    Possibly ziyech at 10, pulisic RW and werner LW?
  5. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    What does CHO have to do to get a start
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Van Ginkel is already on loan at PSV for last 6 months if his contract (just played his first game in 983 days so good on him) and Piazon was sold to Braga this week.
  7. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    Suspect he was sold now to open up another international loan for someone else (obviously he had no future her anyway) because I think the limits came in this season of 8 international loans over the age of 22 Suspect Tomori will have to go loan in the PL, rather than AC Milan, for the same reason. Might be able to loan Alonso to Spain or Italy.
  8. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    The academy has had to close due to an outbreak at Cobham apparently, hopefully the bubbling has meant no effect in the first team
  9. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Great cross and great header
  10. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Should be resting a few now - Mount and Zouma for sure
  11. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Would also allow CHO and Pulisic to both play, with Havertz on the bench until he picks up some form Not the usual trick so reinforces my point!
  12. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Ziyech is looking like a bit of a one trick pony with that left footed cross to the back post. Its fairly successful but he needs to mix it up a bit or he will be too predictable to play against. Glad for the germans, hope Anjorin gets some minutes second half
  13. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Its not a case of looking smug by saying the same thing you were before. Having not posted here while results were going our way, you announced your return in with a big I told you so post in one of the match day threads after a loss. I'm not going to trawl through looking for it, but you probably remember it. I don't see the difference between that and the posts you quoted. So your only reason for posting here is to perpetuate the same thing that made you want to leave the forum?
  14. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    There has always been smugness here (on both sides tbh) and I really hate to see the labelling of "cliques" etc. I find it fairly balanced the numbers on either side of the argument most times. However if you don't agree with smug posts etc etc then rise above it, be the better man. I did notice that you revelled in making your own smug posts as soon as results turned bad. Having labelled others as "getting all sensitive" you have taken the time to reel off 20 odd posts made months ago, which you appear to have taken very personally even if not directed at you. By doing the same as those you have condemned you have lowered yourself to that level. I get that you were probably trying to make a point by doing so, but it is a bit hypocritical to try and take the moral high ground now. Two wrongs don't make a right.