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  1. Absolutely, especially now he is not such a liability with his antics and uses his aggression in a more controlled manner. Kudos to Conte for achieving the impossible with that where previous managers have failed. Along with turning Luiz into one of the best / the best defender in the league, two almost miraculous turn arounds which have been instrumental to firing us up the league. Managed to track down another couple of articles (below) I read re Costa v Lukaku v Morata and they look at different stats to the DM article which was mainly goals. Interesting that Lukaku passing is the worst out of the three and Costa has some of the highest stats in the league for through balls completed. Lukaku wins far more aerial duels but our game is more played on the deck these days. My memory of Lukaku's limited game time at Chelsea was that the ball always seemed to bounce off him when played to him with his back to goal.
  2. Interesting article for those who were debating the Costa v Lukaku arguement. Charts when the goals were scored, which foot, points won etc My preference would be Costa staying in which case Lukaku as well would seem overkill. If however he does leave then Lukaku would be the outstanding candidate IMO.
  3. Sanchez has apparently said this at a press event in Chile - ‘I am happy in London and I hope to finish my contract at Arsenal,’ Sanchez said at a press event in Santiago. ‘I want to stay in a winning team and keep playing in the same city. I want to play in a team that has aspirations Second part is certainly interesting and suggests he is keen to join us, although always wary that he may have been misquoted / mistranslated to fit the narrative. Read more:
  4. I don't see us signing a player to partner costa in a 3-5-2 on a regular basis as there is no place for hazard in that formation and he is one of our most effective attacking players
  5. Love antonio celebrating with the fans there
  6. Massive step towards the title with the other results and a psychological boost over arsenal for the next match.
  7. To be fair to the guy we don't know that he has actually asked to leave this window (I doubt he has) and he has had some rough treatment from refs, the press and the FA. Also doesn't speak a word of the queens English and has failed to settle here. He therefore has more reasons to want to leave than say JT when he flirted with City, Frank when he almost joined Inter and Didier who also appeared to angling for a move numerous times during his Chelsea career. Considering the mercenary fashion we signed him from Atletico at a reduced fee you can't have your cake and eat it.
  8. So the headlines coming out over the past hour are now that Diego trains alone at Cobham having been banished by Conte. Yet a couple of days apparently he was faking a back injury and refusing to train/play in order to force a move to China... Hmm. Also Conte clearly stated in his post match interview that full squad training resumed on Tuesday which would explain why he is alone. This leads me to believe that if there was a bust up it was more as a result of Costa declaring himself fit and wanting to play with the coaching staff ruling him out due to not training all week. The china story appears to BS and has now given the press license to make spurious transfer links to every striker out there.. Also hilarious to see Wenger saying he is 'happy not to have a costa situation' on his hands with Sanchez who has been throwing strops on the pitch and refusing to sign a new contract. And Poch acting all smug when he says they have a happy squad and that his players wouldn't be tempted by China money. Both trying to claim kind of moral victory meanwhile we sit 7 points clear at the top of the table with Diego most likely going absolutely nowhere this season other than straight back into the team.
  9. Apparently there was a deadline to recall him which we met with 24 hours to spare. Possibly the club hit the button in case they couldn't bring someone else in, if we do get a lb this window it may look a rash decision, if we don't then a sensible move. Makes a change from loaning players out with no replacement lined up as we have done in recent windows!
  10. That is Marcos Alonso's signing on photo with the head photoshopped in
  11. Playing as if we have the extra man!
  12. V impressed with Chalobah' s confidence and composure whenever he plays. Doesn't try to do too much trying to impress, which I feel Ruben some times does. Never looks nervous or rusty when he comes in which is just what you want from a back up squad player. Fired off a couple of nice one touch passes.
  13. Conte has confirmed in his press conference that both Zouma and Michy will start the game.
  14. Even though he has not always been a nailed on starter and has often split opinion on here this guy deserves maximum respect for his contribution to all that silverware we have enjoyed during his time here. Absolute beast in our 2012 champs league run during the knockout phases. Loved his letter especially as there were a few digs at our neighbours in the north of London! Wish him all the best and seems like the right time for all that he moves on. New midfielder definitely required with the two players leaving for China.
  15. My only concern would be that there have been a few instances where a players great form has evaporated immediately after sigbing a new fat contract with us. Possibly just coincidence. I always thought these things should be done in the summer so players can concentrate on their football during the season.