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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think we had one at a set fee which expired, we may still have a first option. No doubt he would be keen if we came calling, could also convince Eden to stay.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    What do people think about the possibility of Balotelli as a short term solution to our striker problem? Sarri said a couple of years ago he thought he would suit Napoli's style and he would be open to working with him, although his comments had a tone of just being politely complimentary. Pros - knows the league, has a great scoring record, still only 28 so can maintain that level for a couple of years, 6 months contract so cheap and attainable in January, probably open to a short term deal Cons - bad discipline, could disrupt the squad, agent is Raiola Obviously it's a risk but that should be reflected in the finances, I think on balance I'm up for it if we can't get a better option like Icardi, Piatek etc. Couldn't be worse than Morata who we need to try and recoup on asap. Bit of a Diego situation where on the pitch they are good but off it there are issues, seems a lot of the squad actually loved Diego and were upset when he left so I reckon they could handle it. He's only a consideration out of desperation.
  3. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Lindelof playing is a massive plus for us, I expect Eden to have some joy down that side.
  4. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    I see Mourinho has been granted an extension to respond to his charge, for no apparent reason other than United asked for one. Apparently it conveniently takes the FA 18 whole days to decide whether something, which he was more than happy to say directly to the camera which would go out to millions, happened or not. Also United having just had two weeks of international break didn't have enough time to respond in time for todays deadline. What a joke, clearly the higher powers want him on the touchline for this game even if they know they will have to charge him.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oscar scored 12 and got 18 assists in the Chinese league last season, setting a new record for assists in a league season. Didn't realise he was recalled to the Brazil team, I reckon we could find better for the money it would take to resign him though. I was in China in May and caught an SIPG game against Kashima Antlers and he was woeful, not even trying whilst Hulk was leading by example. Piatek looks a talent, can't say I have ever rated Mitrovic tbh but maybe he has improved recently, does he have the guile to play up front for us or are people just looking at the 5 goals. Another ex Toon player Thauvin at Marseille has 7 goals already this season and bagged 22 last season albeit more of a winger than a striker. Also Nicolas Pepe in the French league has 6 goals and 4 assists, the last winger we signed from Lille was an ok signing! There are some under the radar options out there if we are looking to add goals just maybe not in the big No 9 format we are used to. Although are current big lad spends an awful long time on the deck anyway.
  6. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    Barclays manager
  7. John Terry

    The timing of the announcement considering the Villa vacancy suggests he could be going there in some capacity. Martinez said a couple of days ago there had been no approach for Henry yet so who knows.
  8. John Terry

    JT has announced his retirement from playing. Rumours he could be assistant manager to Henry at Villa. Or possibly he could come home to manage one of the youth teams? Legend and what a career at Chels.
  9. Media / Press

    Why would you wish that United opponents had less opportunity to set up goals against them? Zidane to United is an article that writes itself, 'timing might be an issue' is just a caveat so the papers can say they were right even if it doesn't happen. I had previously read he was going to earn a gazillion dollars managing Qatar when they host the world cup.
  10. Media / Press

    I don't expect Wenger to actually happen just that it would be hilarious. I doubt United would want to be seen to be hiring our cast offs (again) and Conte clearly threw a massive sulk and fell out with pretty much everyone as appears to be happening now with Jose. Suspect they would go for Zidane, they would see him as more 'biggest club in the world' material. I also think Conte will want to return to Italy. Bayern are 8 points off top and 2-0 down at the moment and Real haven't scored for the 5th game in a row or something. Could be a few top jobs available in the not too distant future.
  11. Media / Press

    Would be hilarious if they hire Wenger. Also our next game is against United do people think our chances are better or worse with Jose in charge?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    We don't know if Tammy is any good yet, a good championship loan followed by an average Prem loan. Still very young so too early to be conclusive but at the moment I suspect he won't be Top 6 quality, hopefully I am wrong. Equally hard to say if Piatek is any good or better, 8 goals in 6 games is impressive and a real range of goals scored too. He has only played 6 games in a decent league could be a purple patch, could be quality.
  13. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    I seem to remember the stat I saw on here when we signed him was that the previous season, when an everton regular, he had lost possession or given the ball away more times than any other player across the top four leagues in Europe. It could well be what you said, I can't find anything on Google. Either way it worryingly suggests it isn't a new trend or something that happens the odd game.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    This is the other thing that occurred to me - Lewandowski, Benzema, Suarez, Cavani will all be 31+ by the start of next season so that is four of the biggest/richest European clubs probably in the market for a younger top level striker in the next year or two. Then there are other clubs like Liverpool don't really have a reliable striker, Dortmund will be in the market and possibly Juventus. That means its going to be a very competitive market for a very small pool of players. The upshot of course is somebody might be stupid/desperate enough to take Morata off us (swap for Kovacic?)and Bats could be a valuable asset (quoted in an interview this weekend saying he isn't after a permanent move to Spain and wants to improve and come back to Chelsea) Will have to check out the Piatek video later. I noted that in Hazards post match interview on Saturday some articles quoted him as saying he has three years left on his contract, unless it is a misquote or his mistake. Other articles have conveniently dropped that line completely leading me to suspect he may have actually said three.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    The loss of Costa has bemoaned on here a lot recently with some saying we would be favourites for the league with him. I was surprised to read yesterday he has actually gone 16 games in the Spanish league without scoring. No doubt he would still provide more of a cutting edge regardless. Really is a dearth of top strikers out there who are available, Icardi obviously springs to mind but there are conflicting reports whether he would leave. Dybala would fit but I suspect he would have better offers if he even left. Ben Yedder scores a few but I admit I know little else about his all round game. Andre Silva has a had a good start to the season with Sevilla having an option to buy, maybe we could propose some swap with Bats if both have a decent season.