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  1. MOL Vidi vs Chelsea

    No Cahill travelling either, could see a Christensen Ampadu CB pairing. Would have preferred to see Ampadu in the Jorginho role but resting players is more important atm. I would go with - Willy, Zappa, Ampadu, Christensen, Emerson, Cesc, RLC, Barkley, CHO, Willian, Morata
  2. Media / Press

    The spurs fan was arrested on the scene, charged and banned I believe so he didn't go unpunished, albeit there was certainly less fanfare over the incident. Maybe I am naïve, having not been a victim of racism as a white male, but I don't feel that English football fans are stupid/racist enough to think they can get away with taking a banana to the ground with the intention of throwing it at a black player. I suspect it was a heated reaction which was still very silly, offensive, misguided and deserving of some punishment. It will be interesting to see if Sterling has reported actually hearing racist abuse, the way he described his reaction to it almost suggested that it is a regular occurrence and was going an all game. If he genuinely did hear racist abuse then he should absolutely report it, however if not he would be doing football fans a great disservice in using a non incident as a tool to use against the media portrayal of him. My memory of him in the papers actually started when he was accused of beating up his girlfriend, in googling that I actually found this article below. Was anybody even aware of this incident happening? First time I had come across it, this United fan was actually charged, had a history of football related violence and yet this went widely unreported as far as I am aware. Chelsea incident is currently the leading headline on the Daily Mail website front page.
  3. New Stadium Plans

    It will usually say 'Development to begin within three years of date of this permission' or something similar. That means you can dig a small hole and get the building inspector to come and look at the foundations of the burger stand, he will then lodge that he has been and building work has commenced, thus the planning is instigated. That is how it works for home owners and small developers anyway, I'm sure this would draw more attention. I am actually surprised it is only 3 years, for bigger developments it is usually longer to recognise the time it takes to tender and prepare the works. I read reports over the weekend that Roan with some other Oligarchs were on a list being targeted for disruption by the UK Govt and hoping to get the US and other countries to sign up to it. I feel we are headed towards a sale in the next couple of years, not that I think Roman particularly wants to but will be pushed into it.
  4. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    They've interviewed him on telly this morning
  5. Media / Press

    My initial reaction when seeing the vid was that the fan calls him Manc, if he does indeed say black then he should be banned for life obviously. Sterling has suggested he heard what was said so we will see... Pleased to see Sterling taking the opportunity to stick it to the media (Daily Mail in particular) who give him dogs abuse and are now lauding him an England hero who deserves everyone's respect.
  6. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Think they forgot to mention Slippy G's moment!
  7. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Props to Sarri for changing things up. Every player carried out their role well. Azpi and Luiz immense, Rudiger with some big moments. Kante and Pedro tireless. Barkley kept the ball well after coming in too.
  8. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    0 successful passes in the final third apparently
  9. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Then why did we hire him in the first place if we didn't have a squad to suit his style. Makes much more sense to change the system to suit the squad you have than labour on like this and hope for a whole new team. Bar Morata and Giroud I reckon one of our top six rivals would be interested in signing any player that started tonight if we put them up for sale
  10. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    We have some very good defensive players, this system just isn't working for them. Has been pretty obvious for some time that Willian and Pedro aren't good enough to be starting yet have been for years because we dont want to spend the money required to improve that position.
  11. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Our finishing has been terrible today and all season really. Obviously Morata is a disaster but we have been arrogant/stupid to have stuck with Willian and Pedro as first choices for so long with nobody even in the wings to come through. Massive investment needed at AM and CF.
  12. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Down to 5th with current results
  13. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    No doubt will have the wind in their sails now having seen us squander a number of chances before scoring with their first shot on target
  14. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Ffs Morata. First time we have actually seen sarri ball all game.