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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    He has only just moved to Salzburg so can't see him moving on immediately, think he scored 9 goals in 1 game for Norway u21. Defo one to keep an eye on.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course I'm not saying at this point all of those players will make it, like I said its only a couple of games into their Chelsea careers. The whole post was a hypothetical for January and next summer, however if they do all carry their form on to January then I don't think it is wise to take this attitude and sign replacements for them all until they show us otherwise. I admit I was pretty anti this whole project before Frank was appointed but now we are here, expectations are low and the mood is good. Let's give it a real go, see it out for the season and then take stock and make wise additions. I think I know what you are alluding to. Is it not best to keep the discussion to the present and future, rather than recovering old ground? We should have a healthy budget and wage bill at the end of season, hopefully we can target and go after proper quality players we want rather than just who is available. I'm not sure the truck analogy fits what I was trying to say. More if you have an old truck and a truck in your garage you are trying to fix and tune up to be a ram truck. Do you suffer and put in that hard work to have a ram truck you are proud to have built yourself and save yourself a load of cash. Or do you save the effort and spend the extra money on a new ram truck, keeping the garage truck for back up. Nope I'm still not sure trucks are the best example to get my point across!
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's a conundrum because we just spent 40m on Kovacic (out of desperation) and we have Kante and Jorginho, can we justify the outlay of benching Jorg or Kova already. If CHO signs then him and Pulisic are large outlays although we could currently do with a starter at AM. Emerson, Mount, Tomori and Tammy are doing well, Kepa a big money signing, Rudiger and Kante nailed on starters, James a prospect at RB. Atm any signing in any position is potentially blocking an existing player reaching their potential and saving us big £. The question will be - do we see the project through or revert to type? We are only a few games in so all the above includes a large pinch of salt and could change before January. Personally I think we take this season's squad for what it is and review in the summer, nailing down a formation will also help mould those decisions. Some positions will need strengthening but it's the difference between a starter or a back up. For example Tammy has an ok season = we sign a 1st choice replacement for Giroud, James has a great season and Azpi is ok as a back up. And vice versa for each example along with others. Currently Barkley, Giroud, Bats, one or both of Willian and Pedro are the obvious candidates to not be here next season. I also assume neither Emerson or Alonso will not want to continue without being bonafide first choice. If the academy players continue as they are then we are in a very healthy position financially to sign 2 or 3 world class players to push us on. If the ban is not reduced then our hands are tied anyway.
  4. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Was there a pre match press conference? Was scheduled for 12.15 but not seen any quotes etc from it
  5. Formation

    I saw a stat the other day that Essien was unbeaten in his first 100 home games for Chelsea. The twitter thread where I found it is quite amusing -
  6. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Rudiger and Zouma also played a bit at RB before joining us. Rudiger's long sweeping upfield passes over the top to the pace of Pulisic could be a decent weapon
  7. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Klopp had also spent 14 years honing and developing his gegenpress press style of football before joining Liverpool. Then spent another 3 or 4 years getting it to work at Liverpool (and massive investment) Frank is unlikely to get such an opportunity so is probably better taking a more pragmatic approach.
  8. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Out of interest is that based on what you've seen this season, or based on what they did last season? Of course we all have preconceptions on players but Frank's approach as a new manager should be basing every selection on what he has seen in games and training since he took over. Obviously we don't see training so I can only pass judgement on games. His remit appears to be to integrate youth players and picking players based on past glory doesn't really fit in with that being a success.
  9. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    ?? You will have to explain how dropping a young player for somebody who hasn't performed as well as them, simply because of their age, would motivate a younger player to think they will get a fair chance.
  10. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    The 'none of these players' was in reference to the ones I mentioned, not all those in your list, Malouda and Anelka were very much signed out of necessity. However you did say 'all of these players' which just isn't correct Ivanovic made 2 reserve team appearances for the manager he signed for. Sturridge got 300 mins before going on loan to Bolton. Zhirkov was a very expensive back up to Malouda.
  11. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    I think Willian should have to earn his spot back. Particularly if Frank wants to keep the youth motivated, putting anyone in on seniority alone will undo that. Willian has been poor so far this season, albeit probably not 100% fit, absolutely dire against Leicester. I can only judge from what I've seen on tv so obviously don't have mich of an insight but his attitude has looked a bit off, whereas Mount, Pulisic and even Barkley are far more enthusiastic and it shows in how they play.
  12. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Not sure about that, I think Ivanovic was signed mid season under Grant and didn't play a single minute until Scolari took over. Zhirkov was probably a bit of a vanity signing because he was Russian. Pizarro was signed because he was on a free, ditto Sturridge who at the time had played about 20 games. None of those signings strike me as being focussed on the managers immediate needs within the squad, or even the players the manager really wanted to fill that role if there was one. I don't disagree that there is blame on both sides however the board should take a look at themselves for their part in how many times these relationship breakdowns have happened to successful managers. I think what really pees quite a few people off is that whoever they have installed, be it a stroppy JM Conte type or more of a 'yes man' type manager like Carlo or RDM, it is always the manager that takes the blame and gets the sack. It appears there is no accountability at board level, or alternatively they are happy with the hiring and firing model. Perhaps if some of the higher ups felt they were in line for getting the sack they might try a bit harder at maintaining relationships with the manager, personally I feel there is a bit of a complacency culture amongst them. Maybe even a superiority complex that these business people know better on footballing matters than managers who have spent their entire career in the football world, there should be more of a balance in that regard.
  13. Champions League 2019/2020

    ^ I think the surprise is that we actually get a few days to prepare this time. Playing with 4-5 days rest between games, as opposed to the usual play on a Sunday then Tuesday. Liverpool play the same days as us so there's no advantage there, City's group is so easy you would imagine our game would be priority over Shaktar at home, so again little advantage.
  14. Champions League 2019/2020

    Yes I was going to say, may be more beneficial overall to get slightly tougher opponents but with less travelling to help with recovery for the following match (within reason) Something like - Benfica, Salzburg, Genk We have previous with coming up against ex players/managers, and with question marks over the 'random' nature of the draw, fully expecting us to be picked against Inter as a spicy match up.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Developing academy graduates 'for a few years' without winning a trophy is all well and good but in order for it to lead us back to the top table we need to be challenging for Top 4/6 in the meantime (this season gets a pass for various mitigating factors) If we finish 9-12 for the next 3-4 seasons then, as Droy often points out, we will struggle to hold onto our better players, including any of those we have just spent 3-4 years developing into top talents, thus making the entire process pointless. At the end of that period with our developed academy players we would also struggle to attract the level of player required to get us back into Top 4 for both sporting and financial reasons, as income from all revenues streams across the board will have dropped considerably. Furthermore if we did have the money to have such a splurge we would be none the wiser if Frank was the right man for the job having spent the last few years finishing mid table. With a couple of quality additions in the summer Top 4 should be a legitimate goal form next season onwards.