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  1. CHO

    Sarri said probably 5 months before back in training, 4 at the earliest. He was injured at the end of April so that would be end of August or end of September. I presume he has information specific to the case from the relevant specialist healthcare professionals to that effect so its probably more accurate than what that article, or anyone else, says. He said the RLC injury was almost identical so he will follow about a month after.
  2. Chelsea vs Arsenal Others are less impressed with the statement
  3. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I like that they have given honest advice to our supporters, and also that they have stuck the knife in to UEFA but more indirectly and professionally than the Arsenal statement. I had completely forgotten Thomas Cook was the travel partner when reading about their woes. What a disaster that would be if they go bust, both for the final and my hols the week after!
  4. Chelsea vs Arsenal The bit at the end about there being a long standing event at SB, sounds like the club really didn't expect us to get to the final! Or it's an excuse to get out of a screening Hard to predict a final. I just hope we are up for it, if we aren't motivated to play our hearts out in a European final against Arsenal then it will be a damning indictment of both the playing and management staff. There has been a few occasions we haven't dealt well with the pressure of important games this season, this game could be a good mental turning point for us.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Are you suggesting Arsenal aren't rubbish!! Can't knock a trophy earned, as you say can only beat what's in front of you and if you go all the way and win it then fair enough.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    We haven't won it yet! Personally if you actually win a trophy then it should never be sniffed at, however 'we got to the final' is not always something to be heralded. For example this seasons Haribo Cup getting to the final should be viewed as a decent achievement because we beat Spurs, Liverpool and ran City very close in the final. Conversely if we lose the EL final then getting to the final shouldn't really be heralded as some amazing achievement given the teams we played on the way, plus Arsenal are not the same quality as City. At the moment getting to the EL final is in Sarri's plus column because we haven't played it yet, if we win it should remain there, if we don't it should be in the meh column.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    This relies on our rivals for top four stagnating and not progressing either, which given they will have access to the transfer market and we are most likely losing Hazard, would be a complacent and dangerous attitude. We also won't be playing the likes of Malmo etc in Europe next year so a repeat of the finals is not on the cards, and we won't have the luxury of playing a B team. You are saying we need to replace all those players in order to see improvement next season, even without a transfer ban that is unlikely. Applying logic to your statement the only other avenue is to change the style of play to suit those players, something Sarri wont do. Does that strengthen Sarri's case? I'm not saying we should sack Sarri, he deserves another season and it would be harsh, I'm pointing out the conundrum we are in where I don't see how we move forward. Also I don't agree that all of the blame falls at the players feet.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    A lot of the frustrations were that if you don't have the players to fit the system then change up the system a bit or give other players a go. At present most of the players you mentioned will probably play a majority of our games next season so something is going to have to change if we wish to progress.
  9. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    I presume you mean the following - For his part, Conte was angered by Chelsea’s decision to delay his sacking until less than a month before the Premier League began, with his legal team arguing it played a part in preventing him from getting another job. That is not the same as saying we directly blocked him from getting a particular job. His legal team are hardly going to say he could easily have taken another job are they. It's clear as day if RM wanted him and he wanted the job he would have been there months ago.
  10. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    “The injury is very similar to the Callum injury – not the same but very similar – so the time for the recovery is almost the same. Probably he will be able to have training with the group after five months. I don’t know exactly the timing, but from four months to six months.” That's what Sarri said earlier today
  11. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Doesn't it confirm that we didn't. The only way Conte is due the 9 mil is if we sacked him and said 'we're not paying the last year of your contract' the 9 mil being the wages due on the last year on his contract. The only way we could block him from going to RM since we appointed Sarri is if we were continuing to pay his wages and had him on gardening leave, which does not appear to be the case. He would have been free to join RM any time they appointed Solari and Zidane had they wanted him, due to the fact he was no longer in employment with us. The fact that RM appointed Solari and Zidane suggests they did not want Conte. Alternatively the only person acting out of spite is Conte by turning down the RM job to get his payout, in which case it clearly isn't his dream job. I can't see any situation where we sack Conte, don't pay him, and block him joining another club - they are mutually exclusive.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Sarri does leave then he was quite a large gamble considering we bought Jorginho in with him at £58M. His agent has said that no team in Italy would be able to afford his wages and so will most likely remain here regardless of what happens to Sarri.
  13. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    I see it went to a premier league managers arbitration panel so not really a 'legal battle' at all. Tribunals of that kind nearly always find in the 'smaller' parties favour in my experience, if the club did decide to take it to an actual court I imagine they would give more consideration to their side of the argument.
  14. Media / Press

    I was so flabbergasted by the Spurs comments I just posted the link not knowing what else to say. That article was a precursor for a programme which was aired earlier, if you thought we came out the first article well read this, Spurs (and others) cba to attend. Although they still manage to infer we are a racist club. I wonder what, if any, initiatives Spurs have taken to actually tackle anti semitism, sounds like we are in fact the flag bearers -
  15. Media / Press