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  1. Formation

    Last season we dominated possession, didn't play a counter attacking style at all and the defenders cumulatively scored at half the rate of the previous two seasons, when playing counter attack. Seems like the opposite. What you are ignoring is while RLC is out then the only alternative additions to that midfield are Barkley and Mount, while potentially being shaken at the back too. Unless you propose to play Pedro Willian Pulisic together every game which isn't sustainable. Alternatively you play a diamond and replace two wingers with a midfielder who never scores or creates anything and another striker that doesn't score enough. God forbid we should look for goals from elsewhere. Ah we've reached that point of the discussion, and only 3 pages in! I'm out.
  2. Formation

    Our only fit options for the first half of the season are going to be Barkley, Kovacic & Mount in the 8 or 10 positions respectively in each formation. One of them is going to have to start in those formations, probably 2 of them while Kante is out. The alternatives being goal scoring maestro's Bakayoko and Drinkwater. 3 out of 17 goals scored for Chelsea in the PL and Europe. Barkley has 1 in 5 so a slightly higher proportion. Kovacic & Mount don't have a goal in either competition, Drinkwater and Baka have 4 goals between them none of which were free kicks.
  3. Formation

    My original post was meant to say 'whatever label' rather than 'whatever level', which doesn't make sense. Just odd that odd that Conte Kante made a long post about formations and you came with an elaborate response about one word of that post, I don't know if it some attempt to discredit the other sensible points he made in his lengthy post. LB or LWB is just a shorthand way of differentiating between 'playing in a back 4' or 'playing in a back 5', do you think Alonso was more effective last season in a back 4? Otherwise you were arguing a point nobody was discussing. I just checked the goal and assist outputs for last season and this appears to only apply to the Liverpool FB's and Mendy. The Arsenal FBs were arguably on a par with him last season. Barkley and Kovacic got 3 goals between them so if we dropped one of them and could get Alonso scoring 6-7 again, as Conte Kante was suggesting as a plus from playing a back 5, we've doubled our output from one position while also playing two AM's and a ST. Those are the balances that have to be weighed up, for example a diamond formation might not really allow for getting more goalscorers on the pitch as we would have to drop the wingers. Saying we should play 15 players is just being silly.
  4. Formation

    I think you are nit picking a bit here, Alonso was clearly better in a back 5 whatever level you want to put on it. 17/18 he was picked in PFA team of the season, let's hope he and a few others are that terrible this season. You seem to be bigging up Moses as the key player, he was dire that season. There is definitely an arguement that nearly all of our defenders are more effective in a back 5, both offensively and defensively. As someone posted earlier, I don't think Frank Is well versed in it which could spell disaster.
  5. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Giggs mentioned last season Ampadu was having injury problems he thought were associated with growing pains, also back pains I think so funny you should mention him in connection with RLC seeing as that's where his issues started. Ampadu was discussed on another thread missing all of last season, I thought he was injured for most of it. Ankle first and then these problems, by the time he was back every game was a must win.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    What are the bookies odds on Roman selling up? Should give us a definitive yes or no answer.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whether you agree with the criticisms or not, let's not pretend those criticisms didn't start way before Conte was here. Almost certainly his second season where the goalscoring taled off and the baggage gave the media more ammunition at a difficult time. One has already won 3 league titles at Juve, another here, managed the national team, and was apparently desperately courted by Real Madrid for circa 2 whole years.
  8. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    Mahbe. Seems unlikely having a niggle after 4 weeks off and Luiz said today he had been keeping fir over summer. Seeing as we have a new manager, and so many will be discarded, it seems a bit of a waste playing those few who realistically won't be playing this season, even if it is just the first friendly and they are making up the numbers. Only an observation, but Frank has been the antithesis of 'animated on the touchline' tonight. Not even lifting his pen to take a note! I'm sure it won't be like that when the football proper starts.
  9. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    Also maybe Ampadu and Drinkwater would have benefited from more than 45 minutes in lieu of a couple of no hopers getting a full 45
  10. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    Seems odd Alonso and Luiz aren't involved seeing as neither had international duty. Seems a bit pointless a) playing Kenedy out of position and b) playing Maatsen, Chalobah and Guehi instead who have extremely slim prospects of being in the first team squad when looking at the options ahead of them.
  11. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    New 5 year contract confirmed
  12. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Big pre match group hug and send the lads out with a slap of the backside should do it
  13. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    There is much more to football than just motivation these days, to think that all is needed is somebody to come in and gee up the players is pretty naive. If it was that simple everybody would do it. I'm not denying it is a factor of course. The top sides these days have a philosophy and spend a shed load of money to achieve it. Last season many pointed it out re Pep and Klopp how long it took to implement their style, I suspect Frank, Petr and most others aren't sure what the direction is going to be so there is definitely going to be a lot of learning on the job. Also all the sounds so far are that we won't be freezing the ban (why bother appealing?) So all of these factors have set my expectations fairly low atm, albeit buoyed by the fact Arsenal are still Arsenal and Ole and Woodward are still at the wheel. Definitely a few years to early imo but now that it's done I'm not as disappointed (or excited) as some others just going to look forward to the season starting again. There will be some positives to look forward to with some youth players getting a shot, or if we do freeze the ban a squad overhaul, and great atmosphere at SB.
  14. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Is this confirmation Drogba and Maka are returning too?
  15. Following Chelsea's Loans
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just looked at that and it seems CHOs brother actually works for/under First Access Sports with Anton Rodgers and a few others according to transfermarkt.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Read a few rumours that Bayern are signing a 16 year old from academy. I thought it was because he was born in Germany, subsequently read that his agent is believed to be CHO-s brother!
  18. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    New £58m signing Pulisic not getting a look in then 😉
  19. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Petr Cech said earlier in an interview that Frank was one of many candidates under consideration so he may not be as nailed on as we think. Then of course perhaps Derby, sensibly, would like to find a replacement before releasing Frank.
  21. Without agreeing either is hapless, I have said before we took a £60m gamble on Sarri when you factor in signing Jorginho. The way we operate it would not surprise me, with Sarri gone, if we didn't decide to cash in at a net £10m profit. Even at the detriment of next season, tbh everything that's happened so far since the EL final has baffled me with regards to next season so it would fit the trend.
  22. I meant if we get a bid for Jorginho
  23. Maybe. But given we currently can't sign players it will be who Frank decides is the best of a bad bunch. And the alternatives are Baka and Danny Drinkwater. I actually think DD may get a solid shot due to being HG and current CL stipulations. He's probably not as bad as he currently seems having not played for nearly two seasons for varying reasons. Sarri was very set in his ways so DD didn't fit, Frank probably doesn't even know his ways yet.
  24. Jorginho is an Italy international and a £50m+ signing that Man City were after so I've no doubt Frank will decide he will be useful to have around. He clearly has a skill set and who knows maybe Sarri over specialised his skill set. The more likely scenario for me is Frank will want him but the club will decide cashing in on a player of his age, with question marks around him, is too good to turn down if Juve come calling. As opposed to needing him next season but being stuck with him there after if Juve sign somebody else.
  25. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Well if anyone can solve the problem No 8 position utilizing the current playing staff its Frank, could do wonders for Barkley and RLC. Once we can sign players anyone playing that position will no doubt have idolized him, and would therefore be keen to play under him. The thought of Havertz training under Frank has me slightly aroused.