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  1. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    I think players are told to shoot for that spot low and close to the keeper, its the hardest place for a keeper to save from that angle they can't get down quick enough or have to stick a leg out at an awkward angle. Definitely seen better goals but was drilled in with accuracy power and confidence.
  2. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    I honestly pity anyone who can't find it in their cold heart to share in the joyous moment of a young lad scoring on his full debut for the club you support and somehow skew it into a negative. He wasn't the stand out performer, had some good and bad moments but that is to be expected of a player making their first start of the season and first start for the club, even our twice Prem player of the year wasn't particularly outstanding in the first half. Also failed to mention that he almost had an assist with a lovely pass when Hazard hit the post, no doubt would have heard abut it had it been Fabregas. Clearly he isn't physically up to Premiership level something which Antonio alluded to and mentioned they are working on. Suspect you have already made your mind up on him depsite last night being the first time you have ever seen him play.
  3. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    The first team selection and substitutions were exactly as I would have done. Except wouldn't have gone with Clarke Salter because we have so many cb' s and would have kept Christensen on and maybe played Scott or Hudson Odoi had he not played the other night. Good result. Hazard looked good second half, fabregas great, Musonda ok and great goal, Rudiger probably better than Cahill, Bats has that knack for goals, good to see youth get a run out.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Many articles claiming it is to do with Bertrand Traore playing a friendly game before he was 18. Club say we had an option agreement ratified by my the FA and Premier League which allowed him to do so. I also thoight we poached him from Auxerre academy so not necessarily from outside the EU although he didn't have an EU passport. Club were pretty careful with not playing him in any U21 games so hopefully did their due diligence on the friendly (effectively playing as a trialist) if that is indeed the source of investigation.
  5. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Very pleased for Musonda getting a goal, had a couple of class messages to everyone at the club for 'making his dream come true.' That celebration was sheer joy. Defo get the other teenagers on second half and probably no need for three at the back.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fifa have confirmed they ae investigating the club for illegal transfers of non EU players under the age of 18. The club have claimed they comply with all Fifa statutes when making such signings. Third time we are being investigated, think we all remember Kakuta. A transfer ban, as were handed to the Madrid clubs and Barca could mean we see a lot more of the loan army utilized over the next couple of seasons.
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    He needs to lose a bit of bulk and become more wirey and athletic IMO. A year of playing regularly should help with that, I've watched a couple of the palace games and he already looks more physically up to speed than he ever did playing for us something which is essential when playing in CM which is where I see him settling. Defensive side / work rate of his game has improved and doesn't seem to stroll about as much, will need to improve that considerably more to come back and play in our 2 CM's though as it seems Conte prefers ball winners to play there. Basically needs to become more like Baka appears to be and he has the attributes to do so if he can combine with a lot of hard work.
  8. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Hodgson didn't mind dishing out appearances willy nilly to average uncapped players when England manager so hopefully rubens inexperience won't count against him. Also probs my knows about him and his game from u21's. Apparently De Boer was playing their best midfielder from last season in a three man defence much to the other players bemusement so could be likely he will take Rubens place in midfield.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Kasey Palmer ruled out for 6-8 weeks minimum with a recurrence of the hamstring injury picked up on England u21 duty, same one which kept him out second half of last season. Suspect he could find it hard to get back into the team after that if the squad is settled and they are battling away at the bottom as expected.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Then you don't sell because you can't replace them, teams generally don't want to lose their top players for any amount of money. The issue I have is not that you can't accept the money it's more that you think you have your squad for the season, they make the bid and unsettle the player who then has their head turned, hands in a transfer request, goes jet skiing with their pooch etc. Not having that happen between English clubs will help but not eradicate the problem and in reality there are only 4-5 foreign teams that can have that pull for the player and can financially outmuscle a Prem team these days so it won't happen often but is more likely to affect the teams with the better players.
  11. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    They play 3 Am's in the starting 11 so that is 6 players for 3 positions, two of witch play as strikers. Add Moses or Cesc to Hazard, Pedro, and Willian and we have 4 wingers for two winger positions and Musonda who we don't really know will contribute anything yet so I will not include. You do realize Jose won't actually be pulling on the shirt and getting on the pitch, Conte is definitely a better option if it comes down to that! Its 25 players, 24 players if you discount Tuanzebe. (23 if you discount Matic ;-) ) I don't expect us to challenge in the CL, expect to get out the group and possibly the next round depending on who we draw. I expect us to challenge for the PL, not going to say we will win it as it is too tight to call these days but I expect top 3. I've also pointed out the financial reasons as to why we don't have the same options. If we had Carrick and Young on large contracts many would still not be happy and questioning why we still have them and they haven't been replaced. I agree we are two or three players short and the club has to re-evaluate their stance on players over the age of 30 as that is the only way to keep a full squad where players don't expect to play every game. They also need to re-evaluate playing the youth players as the best ones won't stick around and the squad should have a blend of ages, other than Rashford every position in the United team is well and truly blocked for any youth player to get a shot. One could even describe it as parking the bus between youth and first teams. as I pointed out earlier this is clearly not part of our strategy. Ultimately once/if Chelsea gets that blend right it should become an evolving process where we are in a much better position long term of producing our own talent meaning we can focus transfer fees on the cream of the crop to supplement that. One of our CB's has already played in CM this season, Azpi can play pretty much anywhere behind the AM's and Rudiger has played RB in a 4 throughout his career so we have that adaptability in our players which will help (not solve) with the smaller squad. Same as it did when we won the CL Final with a decimated squad as you pointed out. Jones has played CM not very well and Rojo has filled in at LB again not very well, they don't really have the same flexibility.
  12. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    Quality wise which of those players has a shot at getting into our first 11? Possibly De Gea, Lukaku and Pogba. Rashford/Ibra probably better than Bats for the bench, Shaw gets on our bench currently as we only have one other Wing Back who is right footed and never seen him play. All of their wingers are 10's or 9's other than Lingard, however they have been playing 451 I believe rather than the formation shown. I know the point you were making is they have the numbers (no need to re-hash that argument in great length) but there is some trade off in quality in the first 18 and then quality in those 18-24 squad places where they have a lot of dross which is a step up from having nobody. Also we don't currently operate in the same financial bracket as United where we can pay £250k fo 35yr old Ibra to come off the bench, or pay Lingard 100k a week & Mata £150k to warm the bench etc - this is most likely the policy which has affected our squad. We do however have a lot of youth players on large contracts and over the last couple of seasons it would appear there is also a policy to use one or two of these players each season to fill out the squad. Disaster the season before last, worked last season with less games, going to be a year or two to see how that averages out. Droy I'm sure you've made your mind up already ;-) Kompany has apparently picked up another calf injury meaning City have only Stones Otamendi and Managala at centre back with no adult options on the bench and they have been splashing the cash like its going out of fashion. When you really look at the other squads you realize we are not in such a pickle as it seems in comparison. Anyway as somebody said in another thread we have our squads now its time for the chaps at the bottom left of that pic to earn their crumbs no point in crying over it for the next 9 months.
  13. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    At that point we were laying the 442/424 system where he was playing Full Back as opposed to Wing Back. In our current system his attacking qualities could be an asset. Anyway the upside of that decision was that we signed Alonso as his replacement who is becoming one of my favourites of our new batch of players.
  14. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    Do we have a spare international spot to give to Baba? Also noticed him in the training pics, could be that Kenedy was selected over him due to fitness issues. Think he would fit Contes system better than the 451 we played when he first moved, get the impression that he is not too keen on staying here and neither are the club.
  15. Squad Status: 2017/2018 Season

    So we have 19 realistic outfield options and three keepers (I include Kenedy and Musonda as realistic only because a lack of numbers in those positions means realistically we may have no choice other than to use one of them if Alonso gets injured or at least on the bench) Man City only have 18 and three keepers, predominantly better stocked at the opposite end of the pitch to us which is where you end to see more subs. United have 21 and 2 keepers (discluding James Wilson) Spurs again 18 and 3 keepers (Have inlcuded Foyth but no idea if he is a useable option)
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Apparently our failure to land some of our targets was because Conte wasn't involved in courting the players and therefore they were unsure of his plans for them. We are good at identifying quality players club really needs to look at the manner in which they negotiate with clubs, players and agents. Players often say that a chat with the manager convinces them over making a move.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Spanish window still open to move to Barca
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    I get that you can't have two world class players for every position but considering are low net spend and removing some high earners off the wage bill over the last year there is definitely some wriggle room to have 2 real quality additions to the squad or even any back up LWB. Gained nothing by leaving it late other than missing out on players and having no time to find alternatives. Ridiculous strategy. Our rivals squads are also light in certain areas so it comes down to luck with injuries to some degree.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Club record fee so more than the £32m paid for Kante
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    If that was the purpose of the list then fair enough on Scott and Boga but I think Musonda was highly regarded at the start of his loan which was curtailed by a change of manager and their league position, and then injury. Reports were that he impressed Conte enough to stay as as 5th option which has now become 4th option. True he wouldn't start as Huddersfield straight away, Palmer already played there which helps, but good enough for them to take him on loan I reckon.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm sure a few pages back you gave a list of all the loan players we could have kept that could have filled out the squad for free, but now Musonda doesn't count? He is probably good enough to play the same role as Palmer at Huddesfield, a player you clearly rate and probably had loads offers for a loan at maybe a better team than Hudd. Board/Conte (who knows) appear to have proactively chosen to keep him over signing someone there which is promising. Probably because he is willing to stay and see what chances come his way as opposed to others that left.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even one of our bench options for the first games, Tomori, has joined Hull on loan. Tbh glad he will get some football he is highly rated and its our best stocked position.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Didn't say that, I was referring to today so I think you're dodging the question guess I will have to wait that couple of hours for your thoughts... you tease! Dragging out the suspense of deadline day that little bit longer.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Kennedy, Musonda & Remy would take us up to 20 albeit questionable additions. If Kennedy and Remy can be added to the foreign quota haven't done the sums myself. Possibly Baba Rahman as well when fit. Some not so great gap fillers who are a step up from the development players still on the books.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    A text sent to BBC - Ross Barkley transfer - promised a lot, almost delivered, ultimately disappointed. Much like the player himself. Hopefully some of our loan army can become champions league quality player by January 21st. What ever happened with Mahrez?