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  1. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    I've been thinking this, was it actually successful at Empoli etc or did he just hit a lucky combo at Napoli and now base everything on that. If he was able to make Sarriball successful at empoli where they, presumably, had far worse players then our squad, why is it not working here with world class players. Of course there's the debate his fault or the players, player power is strong these days unfortunately.
  2. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Right. Defo bung CHO in for a start even to put the cat amongst the pigeons (pigeons who have underperformed and know their position is guaranteed)
  3. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    They came out all guns blazing and as soon as they got a goal knew we couldn't do anything so sat back, and the game made us look better after that but really it was a game plan. A very successful one and everyone knows it.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thing is being better than Morata is not the only way to view it because they are not the only two players in existence, there are plenty of strikers we could sign at a fraction of the cost that may just be better than Morata, which is a fairly low bar. Would be interested to hear how man goals Higuain has to score before the end of the season to be considered a success. Given the strong opinions on either side I'm sure somebody will be called out at the end of the season, would be good to hear now to avoid any 'yeh buts...'
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Alan Shearer scored a record 260 premier league goals we should sign him
  6. Media / Press

    Can you ask if Harry can handle transfer negotiations. Shut your mouth and look at my wad! Doesn't have the same nuance in a Russian accent....
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Some irony in the fact that Higuain had only scored 13 goals for River Plate when he was signed by Real Madrid
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't even know if they have unreliable sources, some of it is just clearly fabricated or conjecture, add a misleading title and watch the clicks roll in. It has been mentioned on here before but the fact Sky Sports can report unsubstantiated rumour as fact, and then offer bets on the same is criminal.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    If true Higuain works out then €12m net as a replacement for Morata doesn't look too bad, however still reads like we are getting screwed on both deals. Not a fan of signing ageing, out of form, declining players, especially when you see that a player on the up who could be a long term asset, or at least a saleable asset, is available on £45k a week. However.... These were my thoughts exactly when reading it. The fact that there are so many different versions of events in all three supposed transfers, and that some journos CBA to even check official press releases on the Higuain Milan deal and report it correctly, further shows none of them really have a clue.
  10. Those two have scored 47% of their goals this season and a lot of their assists. Kane should miss both upcoming games against us which is a plus.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    If he stays with Milan for six months and goes back to Juve this summer then they only need to get £15m for him and somebody to cover £75k (figures may be euros but you get my point) of his wages on a two year deal to be in the exact same position as our supposed 18 month loan. Would have thought a few teams would be interested at that level, I don't think they are as stuck with him as it seems, that is affordable for any prem team and a few European teams even at his age. Also if they manage to get a bit more of a fee or he negotiated a higher wage, which seems likely, they would actually be better off. From the Juve press release at the time, it is an option - temporary transfer of the registration rights of the player Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain for a consideration of € 18 million to be paid in 2018/2019 financial year. The agreement also provides A.C. Milan S.p.A. the option right, to be exercised at the end of 2018/2019 football season, for the definitive acquisition of the player at a price of € 36 million to be paid in two financial years;
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    And why is it that Milan won't want to keep him, and then ask yourself why we would want to sign him on the same terms. Given that they have stated numerous times they don't want him to go you would have to assume we will be compensating them for letting him go in January, and possibly further compensating them for not taking up their option in the summer. Add that into your calculations.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sounds pretty fanciful to me, so Juve are going to take 14m less than their agreement with Milan, and pick up Higuains wages for the last year of his contract when he will be 33 and clearly have no future. Also can't see Piatek moving after six months and if he does I reckon it would be for a fee Milan can't afford.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I am going to throw Luka Jovic's name into the hat. Only 21, has averaged a goal every 89 minutes over his short career to date playing in Germany. This season 14(7) appearances with 17 goals, a goal every 75 minutes (although 5 did come in one game which skews it slightly similar to Piatek) Anyone seen much of him? We could do with a resident Bundesliga expert.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whilst I don't entirely disagree with your point, you are ignoring a number of factors - Higuaín - very high wages, will be worth nothing at the end of their contract, record in last 11 games 1 goal and a red card while playing for a team ten positions higher in the table who presumably create more chances. Clearly has fitness/weight issues unlikely to get better with age. Piatek - lower wages, will retain value due to lower age, potentially contribute for a number of years, scoring goals in a poor team. Value likely to rise with each goal he scores, possibly to the point we are unable to afford or attain him should we wait for him to become 'proven'. Pretty much impossible to have 300 goals by age 23. For me Higuaín is a bit past it, our of form, too expensive and just reminds me of other poor recent signings we have made up fornt in recent years
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    The figures being quoted for both players are very similar too. Although I also read this morning that Real Madrid were making a £70m move for Piatek, sounding a bit like his agent has woken up too.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    This would need to be tempered by the fact that we would also have to pay more for a replacement this window ,which would be necessary due to a lack of AM's in the squad. Presuming we would be spending more on a replacement than we would receive for CHO we would probably be worse of financially than waiting until Summer, also cornered in the market by clubs and players not wanting transfers mid season. On top of that we have clearly planned for the future already with the Pulisic signing and furthermore there is a massive potential upside in CHO getting game time and signing a new contract. A final point also being if he plays a bit for the rest of the season, performs well and still wants to leave then there could be a bidding war between potential suitors pushing his value up.
  18. Media / Press

    Just seen - Petr Cech retiring at the end of the season ;'-( would definitely have him back in an ambassadorial or coaching role. Great guy and loves the club, up in the Drogba, Terry, Lampard level of modern day club legends for me.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    I bet the manager would be the first to complain if he were to move on and he was left with a dud replacement, or no replacement. I certainly wouldn't be doing any deals with Juve, or making it easier for them given our dealings with them over the past few years.
  20. Media / Press

    One of the articles posted above mentioned 3 arrests for racism at the Spurs game, as they have not been labelled Chelsea fans with their pictures plastered in the papers I guess it is safe to assume they were Spurs fans. In fact a lot of the articles I have read recently have referred to a number of racism related arrests made at many different games involving different clubs (appears to happen at most games). I'm guessing you have to contact the local police for that information but it is clearly a) more widespread than maybe some of us think b) not a Chelsea specific problem despite being reported as such. Would be interesting to see a club by club table of arrests made.
  21. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Depends if we go false 9, in which case there will probably be just one striker kn the bench plus CHO. Suspect Sarri genuinely sees him as more useful than having either of them kn the bench, at least I hope he does!
  22. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Arsenal losing, and spurs and united playing each other tomorrow. Absolutely must take advantage with 3 points today.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Also seen reports of a bid for Mbaye Diagne who plays for some turkish club and has scored 20 goals in 17 games this season, has 119 goals across 179 games in his career which hasn't really been in top level leagues. Certainly knows where the goal is, not seen any of him myself
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    I read that Barella's wife is 6 months pregnant and doesn't want to leave Italy until the baby is born, which would rule out a January move. If we do sign him for the summer I would start to think the club are worried about an impending ban. I haven't watched either but from reading about them sounds like Paredes has a decent long ball in his locker which would make him more of a Cesc replacement, with Barella a more defensive option. Have to say Paredes sounds the more exciting, adding some variety to our options, and would be a bit cheaper.