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  1. FK Krasnodar 0 Chelsea 4

    Excellent post Nobly! Thanks!
  2. FK Krasnodar 0 Chelsea 4

    Fully agree. Thanks MBIB! Thanks for your comments also Chara!
  3. FK Krasnodar 0 Chelsea 4

    Long may these "awful performances" continue. If we keep racking up clean sheets we will find ourselves in good shape.
  4. FK Krasnodar 0 Chelsea 4

    For the usual suspects on here that are negative towards Lampard. Are any of you going to acknowledge that we have three clean sheets in our last three games and give him even the slightest degree of credit for the improvement in the defensive side of our game? Many of you are quick to attack him for his weaknesses as a manager and silent when we does anything right. I'm glad that the team, and Frank, are moving in the right direction.
  5. FK Krasnodar 0 Chelsea 4

    Not just this post, but the majority of your posts are just plain miserable.
  6. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    For our slow start we are only 4 points off of the top of the table.
  7. Chelsea 4 Crystal Palace 0

    With all our defensive troubles last season, it is nice, and a little ironic, that we get a clean sheet the same weekend that United concede 6 and Liverpool 7.
  8. Chelsea 4 Crystal Palace 0

    Villa 7-2 Liverpool. I write this with a huge grin on my face.
  9. Chelsea 4 Crystal Palace 0

    Well, the guy does call himself, "Never Happy", which is very aptly named.
  10. Chelsea 4 Crystal Palace 0

    Villa leading Liverpool 4-1.
  11. Chelsea 4 Crystal Palace 0

    Nice result. Good performance. Clean sheet. It is nice that our forum is a happy place!
  12. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    Yep. It is nice to see we are not the only team with defensive issues. Final score: City 2 -5 Leicester.
  13. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    With Chelsea dropping 5 points already I'm looking at the other fixtures this Weekend. Leicester currently leading City 3-1. I'm hoping Arsenal beat or at least draw Liverpool tomorrow. Maybe I should be hoping for a Liverpool win because we are more likely to be in a fight with Arsenal for a top four finish? OK... draw is the best result. Maybe?