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  1. That is good to here. I think that would be the Weekend after the FA Cup Final. I look forward to it. The nice thing about Conte getting us World Peace is it would help the transfer season go smoothly. :)
  2. I agree with all of this.
  3. I don't know how you transferred Zaffo's post in to a 'Conte praise' statement. You must be going on previous posts.
  4. A few people were calling for changes this summer after the United game, and I agree. I think Conte has got good mileage out of this Chelsea team this season and this game was good evidence of that. Luiz was a rock today. Thank goodness our players were clinical with the few chances we did have.
  5. You praise Ake for the first goal (and rightly so) but fail to give Batshuayi credit for his part in sending Pedro on his way. I think people are judging Batshuayi for his overall season and not on his play today. He was not spectacular but was solid.
  6. No. Ake was good all game. Our back three all had great games.
  7. Liverpool win at West Brom. It is looking harder and harder for United and Arsenal to claim a top four place.
  8. Interesting that Mourinho has not started his best eleven. I'm really looking forward to this game. Conte is always looking for a win regardless of the opposition.
  9. We have given away three points. "Decimated" makes it sound like we are throwing it away.
  10. Thanks! Great post. I gave Gary Cahill man of the match. He was awesome in a strong defensive team effort. I always appreciate your posts Sam.
  11. Yep, thanks Blue Essien! Yep, full agreement with you Ham.
  12. *smiles* Don't worry Dave. In my book Droy has his very own unique category which he has entirely earned.
  13. Dave, thanks for all the work you put in to describing our style of play... The quote below by Mourinho is the one I have an issue with. He was not being complimentary when he said it. And I just happen to totally disagree with his view. Mourinho: "The game [before the red card] was completely under control. They couldn't find what is their game; I keep saying their game is counter-attack. When a team closes the space in-between lines and the fullbacks, they have no qualities to be dangerous." The counter-attack is just one way we can hurt the opposition. In my opinion he is wrong especially with his judgement that we "have no qualities to be dangerous". With the third and fourth goals against United (in the 4-0 win) we certainly were dangerous even though they had closed "the space in-between the lines". And we finished off his team with some of the qualities which make us dangerous. You are right, I do take what Mourinho said personally. I think he does not like Conte because Conte is challenging him and at the moment coming out on top.
  14. No. My reply to you was on the posts I did read, not the post I did not. I was just reflecting before I read this post, that I will do you the courtesy of reading your 'long' post, due to my overall respect for you on this forum. I'm off to work now, but will respond later.
  15. No, I didn't read your long post, because for me (at least on this subject) you have placed yourself in the same category as Droy. And I gave up reading his long posts about 6 months ago. For the record, I never claimed we were an attacking side, under Conte in my opinion, we are a well balanced side with a strong, well disciplined defensive shape. But my argument with you is on your definition of the counter-attack, and I will from now on refer you to the top of page 51 for Pete's definition of what a counter-attack is, and what it isn't. I think you got yourself in to this mess in your loyal support of Mourinho and his labeling us as a counter-attack team. Which is a very simple and inaccurate description of the way we play.