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  1. And I will go with your story so that it becomes "extra true"!
  2. Excellent post McCreadie! Totally agree.
  3. Paul, this made me choke on my breakfast cereal. lol...
  4. Alonso and Luiz, scraps? Any club would be stupid to just throw money away to make a deal to keep the manager happy. You try and get the targets the manager has set but you also have a financial responsibility to the club. It is hard to balance these two. By the way, the Lukaku saga is still on going. Everton want more than the 75 million quoted yesterday. I think Lukaku will need to report to his club rather than hanging out with his friend.
  5. Don't forget last season we got Luiz and Alonso right before the deadline. Two players who were very instrumental in helping us win the Premier League. Every manager would like their team in place before pre-season but that is impossible.
  6. No don't James. You certainly make this thread more fun!
  7. Good observation Droy. The top 6 generally don't have the luxury of bringing in the young players. Unless you are really good such as Kane and Ali.
  8. Perhaps United and Everton came to an agreement over Lukaku with Rooney going the other way. We will have to see how this plays out...
  9. Thanks Celery. You sum up the situation very well.
  10. It has not happened. So quick to condemn before the event has taken place.
  11. Awesome post! James, refer to this post each time before you post. :)
  12. We have won the Premier League two of the last three seasons. The club obviously are doing some things right. Relax James, the transfer window still has 8+ weeks. And I would be very surprised if Lukaku goes before the last week.
  13. I think Lukaku didn't believe he was given a fair chance to compete.
  14. I accept that the market value is rising significantly, but lets wait until the end of this transfer window to see how much clubs end up paying. I doubt that we will see many transfers 60+ million this transfer window.
  15. With Sanchez free in 12 months Arsenal have to sign him on another contract or sell him in this window.