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  1. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    This. Yep, it is getting beyond riduculous. So annoying reading this forum sometimes. Cynical. Pessimistic. Annoying to the extreme. I often deliberately miss reading this forum because of the negative vibes. You pessimists feed off each other. Many of you guys complain about the media giving us bad press and you are way worse than them with your miserable negative comments about your own team. We have 6 wins and a tie with a completely new system being implemented. People complaining about the youngsters not getting a game. Did you ever stop to contemplate that by winning this game we move on in the competition and could get drawn against 'weaker' opposition which gives CHO and Ampuda a chance for a game? *sigh*
  2. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Paul... Thanks for your posts on this page. Insightful and intelligent. I also disagree with the comment regarding "meaningless possession". The team are a work in progress and I'm amazed how well they are doing at stringing passes together so early into playing 'Sarri-ball'. It is no coincidence that we are scoring goals late into games. Our opponents are getting physically and mentally tired. Also, I much prefer to see our team probing around our opponents penalty area rather than the deep defending we were doing for much of last season. There were games (even against bottom 12 teams) where we were having a hard time stringing two or three passes together, because we were without the ball for so long that the players did not get into any kind of rhythm in keeping possession. I for one am totally invigorated in watching Chelsea this season. And I can't fathom the dour outlook of some on this forum.
  3. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    Totally agree with this post!
  4. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    In those 15 minutes before half time Arsenal had 8 shots and scored twice. Including the chance just before our second goal they probably had about 6 golden opportunities to score in the first half. Fortunately we only conceded two. What I most appreciated about Saturday's game was how Sarri addressed our defensive issues at half time and got the players attention. As a team they corrected their first half mistakes. Arsenal only had 3 shots on goal in the second half and as a team we severely restricted their chances to score. One of the highlights of the game for me was Kepa's bravery in diving in to claim the ball from his rebound when he was odds on to take a kick (or two) in the head. I was really impressed with much of our passing in the second half. Nearly all of it had purpose. All three of our goals were from open play. Jorginho's pass to Alonso was awesome, as was Alonso's pass in to Pedro for the first goal. Likewise, Azpi's pass to Morata, who timed his run perfectly and showed some class in turning the defender and finding the net. I think Morata will do ok in this Sarri system. I loved the way Hazard 'ghosted' by the defender to create space for himself on that left side. And Alonso coming up with a crucial goal (again) after receiving Hazard's pass. Hazard has two assists in about 40 minutes of football in our first two games. Stats from the Chelsea website: We had a 62.3 per cent share of possession over the 90 minutes. Aside from our 2-0 win over Arsenal in September 2015, when they were reduced to nine men, that is the highest possession figure we have recorded against the Gunners since records began in 2006. No player had more touches of the ball on Saturday than Jorginho, who recorded 105. Despite only being on the pitch for the final half-hour, debutant Mateo Kovacic, with 54, had the most touches in the second half. He also played the second highest number of accurate passes after the interval, successful with 42 of his 43 passes. I am having a hard time containing my enthusiasm for the potential of our team under Sarri. Yes, I know there are huge concerns over the defensive side of our game, I was deeply concerned at the way we played those 15 to 20 minutes before half time. But that second half was wonderful. It gave me a glimpse into what is possible with this team. All that creativity that was stifled under Conte is now being let loose. For these next two weeks Sarri has time to work with his players. I think our collapse against Arsenal before half time will end up being a good thing because Sarri can use that footage for the team to learn and correct what went wrong. It is not unrealistic to predict that away to Newcastle and home to Bournemouth should see us hit the International break with 4 wins and 12 pts and a goal difference in double digits. (Hey! I told you I'm having a hard time containing my enthusiasm). C'mon you Blues!
  5. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Hey, Roberto of the Giz! I just can't take your posts seriously due to your profile picture. I've tried, but just can't do it. *Faramir is 50% serious and 50% joking*
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, I hope I'm right too. I just get the sense that the board are trying to improve the team and that keeping your best assets is sound financial practice in this crazy market. Paying 71m for a 23 year old keeper will end up much better than paying over 100m+ for two midfield players who cannot grace the first team. As long as that GK fulfills his potential. And if the board will pay 71m for him in the hope that our GK position remains strong, then why would they weaken our midfield and attack by letting Kante, Hazard or Willian go? Particularly now that we cannot attempt to replace them in this window. Yep, I feel confident that we get to keep them for now. My hope is that Sarri's more creative approach will also result in 'results' and these three players will want to stay as the next two transfer windows come and go.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep. When that window closes those three players will all be wearing Chelsea blue. (Or yellow if it's an away game).
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ahh! Kepa is the Keeper. I get it! I hope he can kepa da ball out of the net. :)
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I disagree with your assessment because we have kept Hazard and Willian and Kante. My hope now is that Sarri can get the team playing a brand of football which will bring out the 'joy of playing' within Hazard and Willian again. Because for all Conte's good qualities, he was stifling our creative players and causing them to look for 'greener pastures'.
  10. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    This "Reserve back up" part of the squad is where I get concerned for the likes of CHO and Ampadu. If their game time is going to be severely limited then it is better for them to go out on loan. But if Sarri intends to use them in certain games (Europa League, League Cup) then by all means keep them with the squad.
  11. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    One of the good things about this transfer window is that Sarri (and the board) does not have to rush into loaning out a few of our squad players. He can keep those 'fringe' players around for the next two weeks before determining who he wants to keep and who can go out on loan... to a European team.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    "A very strange hill for you (to) desperately try to die on." Hi Jane. I think that saying is similar to, "pick your battles". In a world war 2 situation there would be strategic locations (hills) where a soldier's death was not pointless because he gave his life defending his country and his fellow soldiers in a manner that helped the cause. On the other hand, a soldier could make a reckless or thoughtless or poor choice which led to his death. Of course, the stakes get higher when those choices are made by Officers, or Generals, or Heads of State... or signing Chelsea's 3rd choice GK.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    This made me chuckle. Mistakes will hurt for the club (and supporters) he is on loan to.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    You hit the nail on the head!
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    It could be a cloudy day?