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  1. Do you see the irony in this scenario. Droy really rates Mourinho. Mourinho rates Matic. Droy not so much...
  2. When taking in to consideration how much Conte spent on players in the Summer, should that amount be off set by the amount of money we got for Oscar, Ivanovic and Mikel in January?
  3. Hi James! Good to hear from you.
  4. Thank you Chelsea! Congratulations to all the supporters, for the players, Antonio and his staff. A wonderful achievement when considered in the context of last season.
  5. Yep. Conte's enthusiasm and passion is infectious with the players and the fans.
  6. Excellent post. Totally agree.
  7. Droyism at its best. Formation change, along with Conte drilling his players to keep their positions (no more profound than with Alonso and Moses) within the team when defending, has been one of the key factors in our success this season. However you want to spin it, it is undeniable that Conte has had a big impact not only with Chelsea, but how other Premier League teams have set up, due to Conte's 'formation change'. You have a very unique perspective Droy. And you always spin it so that your reality is the reality. But only in your world.
  8. What you are really saying is any decision he makes which disagrees with your opinion is wrong.
  9. The trouble is, average to poor teams in the Premier League can give you a very challenging game. Look at West Ham the other day.
  10. I'm still enjoying the West Ham win more than a day later. One of the wonderful things about this league is that every team will keep you on honest. Very few free rides. West Ham were spot on with their tactics and their application. Much like we have been for the majority of our games.
  11. Now that is funny!
  12. No they cannot! The double please... I'm greedy.
  13. League table sure looks nice this evening!
  14. Ham.... we need to switch the shirt colours. Then it would be perfect.
  15. Conte will not allow any complacency Monday night. If we get the job done our lead goes to seven points with three games remaining. In other words we need one more win for the League if we beat Middlebrough.
  16. Likewise. They truly battled the whole game and were much the better team in the second half. Thank you West Ham!!!
  17. Back to you Kev.
  18. Hi Dave. What kind of average are we talking about? Chelsea average or Premier League average? Because our average play still gets us good results. We looked decidedly average in the first half against Everton, but still with the defensive system we play limited there ability to create chances. I totally agree with you that Tottenham's performances are looking better than ours in the majority of 'league' games over the last three months. But our average performances are still racking up points at a better rate than teams who won the Premier League over the last few seasons. If Spurs had not gone on this excellent winning streak we would win the league by at least a clear 10 points. But our average is keeping us ahead of them, and still making a larger gap between us and the rest of the top six.
  19. The fact that we are discussing who is the better team between Tottenham and Chelsea, and the two Manchester clubs, Liverpool and Arsenal do not even enter into the equation goes to show that Tottenham are worthy of our respect. I'm certain there will be no complacency with Conte as he prepares the team to stay ahead of our very close rival. I think Kev's marathon analogy will put an end to the argument. Winning the Premier League is the deciding factor.
  20. Yes. And we can see over the last few miles that they are gaining on us and we have to give that something extra to make sure we get over the line first.
  21. Disagree with this. Excellent manager who certainly did a great job with Southampton and has made Tottenham a real contender. He and Conte are the big winners in the 'manager war' which the media were highlighting at the start of the season among the top six. And give Pochettino a lot of credit for everyone talking these days about 'the top 6' when for years we used to talk about the top 4. City arrived quickly because of their huge financial support. Tottenham had to do it the hard way.
  22. They never should of let him go. He needed more creative players to get that team to the next level.
  23. If you look at their goal difference compared to the other teams at the bottom, you can tell they are a solid defensive team.
  24. I agree with this perspective. Tottenham are the best form team in the country over the last three months. The team that wins the Premier League is the best team over the course of the season. Those people who still are not giving Spurs any respect on this forum are tribal in their outlook and not recognizing a very good football team.
  25. Blue Rod is sounding worse the way he goes on about Costa, than Droy when he moans about Matic.