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  1. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    For me the game can be sumed up as follows: Conte, formation and tactics spot on Conte, should have made the two changes he did 10/15 minutes earlier. Once we scored Morata should have been put on and Hazard dropped deeper. While Cesc was out of gas at 75. Christensen needs a serious talking too. The ball he played was absolutely suicidal. I mean seriously who plays a 20/25 yard cross the box pass against Barca? However, at the same time if Morata had been put on he would have had a more viable long ball. Willian whilst fantastic when shooting also showed why people get fruatrated with him. Two oppotunities to play in Kante lost, the second was particularly bad because it was a fairly straightforward pass if he got his head up. Shout out to Moses, who I am quite cricital of. He was quitely brilliant today.
  2. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    That first half was pretty good and has justified Conte's formation - although I think Morata for Pedro would make it better as it would give us an out ball. That said, I am surprised at how much room they are giving Willian, surely there scouts/manager must have watched enough of him to know that if you give him a couple of yards of space he is super dangerous. I suspect we will see Uditi/Biscuit a lot closer to him next half.
  3. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    There is a fine line between genius and madness and Conte is treading that line closely with this formation. The final score will determine which side he falls on.