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  1. So it appears that in the next two weeks or so we can reasonably expect Bakayoko and Sandro through the door. Increasingly it appears Bakayoko could actually be a direct replacement for Matic rather than an addition, which makes me feel a little more confortable with his signing as I feel he will have a similar impact on the pitch and that hopefully we will go after another CM. Please let it be Veratti. As for Sandro, I am in the camp of £50m to upgrade Alonso, at this moment in time, seems a little indulgent when we have other areas that need work - see CF, AM and CM. Admittedly, I have not really watched him enough to form a solid opinion so I could be wrong. Indeed, as lots of people around here appear to view him as some sort of Roberto Carlos reincarnated maybe he could actually turn out to be a bargain.
  2. He is a lot better on the ball, which I think is the reason why we are interested.
  3. I would be very surprised if this happens. For me, Conte is going to want a real crack at the CL and still be competitive in the PL. Ergo, having only one player experienced in playing CL football (Fab), three with no experince (Kante, Nate and Baker) and one with one/two seasons experience (Bakayoko) is not likely.
  4. Yeah you are probably right but I find Bayern's response a little off. If the player wanted to stay so much then why would he even entertain talking to others clubs and potentially be tapped up? For me their statement may indicate a club has turned his head. However, with a contract until 2021 and the club being Bayern, I think the chances of us or Utd getting him are slim to none. In other news it appears Bakayoko is on his way which I know will please many around here. However, what is interesting is that it appears Matic may go to Utd as a result. If that happens then we will need another CM. At which point I hope to god we can poach Veratti (a lot of ifs and buts I know!).
  5. Many a true word spoken in jest
  6. I do not get for Ox, he would be a squad player if he comes in.
  7. Just out of interest is Sandro worth £55m when Mendy is apprantly goung for £40m? (Although I do suspect wages are a big factor)
  8. I really cannot see CR coming here. If he leaves RM he will only end up at Utd or PSG. As for us, I reckon in the first ten days of July we will see the Caballero, Bakayoko and Lukaku deals annouced. As for other transfers I expect another WB, CB, AM and possibly a 2nd CM and a 2nd CF.
  9. Cahill should be captain and then either Dave or Luiz for VC. For me if Cesc gets it, it is tokenism, since he is a squad player these days. Tbh Cahill only gets it because he is English, I can actually see him losing his place next season if Dave does not move to RWB.
  10. I do not think Cesc will leave and will continue in a similar role as he did this year as he is a very effective player to have on the bench and we have a lot more games next season. In regards to CM I think the question is do we buy just one CM or buy two and sell Matic.
  11. That start is horrific. If we do not hit the ground running we could be out of the title race by the end of Oct.
  12. Personally, I am not too worried about the HG quota as I expect the squad to be a little something like this: GK - Tibo(1), Willy(2), Edurado(3) CB - Cahill, Christensen, Luiz(4), Ake?, Zouma?/New non-HG CB(5) WB - Moses, Alonso(6), Dave(7), Non-HG WB(8) CM - Cesc, Kante(9), Matic/new non-HG CM(10), New non-HG CM(11) Nate/Baker AM - Hazard(12), Pedro(13), Willian(14), Non-HG AM(15), Musonda? CF - Lukaku, Bats/non-HG CF(16), Abraham? That type of squad would actually be one non-HG player short, so we could actually get another CB/AM/CF to replace one of the question marked players. Addittionally, dropping Edurado and replacing him with a Blackman/Baxter etc is not exactly hard or suicidal so two of those questionable outfield players could be replaced easily. My main concern however is the quality of player that we are getting linked to and their fit to our side, as I would say both Lukaku and Willy are downgrades on Costa and Bego. Additionally, I am not sold on Bakayoko, as he is at this moment in time, and do not see him as much/if any of an improvement on Matic.
  13. Does anyone know when the players are back in training? I ask as it looks as if we only have four games and three weeks of matches before the season starts. I only raise this as it of the preseason to 15/16 where it was also very short and we started the season as if we had not had one.
  14. This. To add on top of these reservations he only score once in around 7 games against top opposition, does not bring other players into the game by holding the ball up, complains openly and vocal when he does not get the ball played into feet and does not make any off the ball runs. For me if he is signed he will be an absolute disaster.
  15. I have been thinking exactly the same thing. Costa plus £60-50m for Griezmann may not be the best financial deal but it is a deal that would be best for both us a AM from a footballing perspective. As for Lukaku, I think I have made it clear that I do not want him and cannot see the value of getting him. For me personally, I hope this deal "falls through" and we get someone else. In regards to Bakayoko, I am personally not a fan as he just drops out of games for long periods too often - something which is perhaps the worst thing a player could do in the PL. However, as his fee is now reportedly £35m v £45m I am warming to it slightly as even if he flops we could probably recover a large amount back. That said, I would take a Vidal or Verratti over him any day of the week.