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  1. I know I am going to get criticism for this but I do find it odd that footballers cannot pick where they want to work (especially when it involves having to live in countries that they do not oringinate from). For instance, if my employer told me I had to go and work in Russia because they were being given lots of money to buy my contract, I would tell them f*** off.
  2. Cedric, Telles, Krychowiak, Belotti?
  3. He did not have to pay it in the end though.
  4. If that is true, then that is indeed the final nail in the coffin and a clear 'he is not for sale'. As a result, I say make a take it or leave it offer to Spuds for Rose, if that gets turned down then go for Telles of VVD and have Dave as the back-up LWB. Then go about getting us a RWB, CM, AM and CF (although to be fair if AOC is brought he could fill both RWB and AM).
  5. I am. He is a good player and one that would make a lot of sense of us as he is fairly comfortable on the ball and is good at tackling. He is not the most mobile but he is not a slouch either. What has happened to him at PSG is slightly strange as he has completely dropped off the map after a couple of iffy displays. That said when he was at Sevilla he was immense. Personally, if he could be had at £15-20m (which is likely) he would probably be the best vaule option avaiable (obviously Mutudi would be great but he seems set for Juve).
  6. Do not worry, we have Taylor reffing the game. He is sure to make the right call 😂
  7. That is partly the problem though. Bats is ill suited to the type of game we play as he is best suited to smashing in balls that are in front of goal and following up parried chances. In other words he is pretty much a finisher and that is it. This consequently means that he is only every going to be a 2/3rd choice striker as we cannot carry him and/or he is going to require a 2nd striker longside him. This is also why he seems decent when he comes off the bench as games are more streched at that point. Of course that is true but equally true is that before he came on the Burnley defence did not have to move. Yeah, Costa and Morata together would be amazing. However, 1) Costa is never coming back and 2) I cannot see us playing 2 up front.
  8. Actually, I think the reason we played so badly was owing to Bats unfortuantly as he was so ineffective it was like playing with 10 men before Cahill got sent off and 9 men after. Additionally, as soon as he went off and Morata came on we pretty much instantaneously got on top.
  9. Yeah Alonso for me is a great player and would easily be world class if he had a bit more pace. Additionally, he is also by some distance our best set piece taker and he works his bollocks off every game. It is one of the reasons why I would personally be content with a Telles type signing because not only is dropping him (Alonso) harsh but I can forsee him still getting in front of another more expensive LWB if we do buy one. That said, I can also see him as a LCB so if we did get a Sandro or a Rose he would probably be great there too. Either way, I do not see him getting dropped.
  10. I was at the game and agree with most of this. For me, whilst Cesc should not have clapped I understand why he did it as it was an absolutely ridiculous decision by the ref because if anything it was a foul to us and at that point (15 mins in?) He has already booked Alonso for no reason and sent off Cahill in a challenge that you have to imagine Rojo would have got a fair play award for - although sarcasm aside, it was an incredibly stupid challenge by Cahill as it required the ref to make a decision and ultimatly might be one that I can see him losing his position as Christensen and Rudiger both looked more assured than a standard Cahill performance. Also I think you have been kind to Bats as that was possibly the worst CF performance I have ever seen (I have been going for 28 years) since he offered: no off the ball running, no hold up play, no antisipation (seriously he only ever moves once the ball has been played), no presence in the air, no link up play. He for me is 3rd choice quality at best as his main strength is finishing a chance that falls in front of him which is more likely to happen later in games and if you have 2 CFs on. What concerns me the most however is that he has already had a year of training with Conte and he is still that bad, whilst he is also not that young at 24. For me getting another CF has become a major priority. Additionally, whilst I 100% agree that fans should never mockingly celebrate passes and substitutions I did understand the Costa chants (although I did not personally did not take part in them). I say this as he is a great player who, contrary to what some posters on here say, always put in a shift by occupying two CBs and making runs. He is obviously gone but lets not forget he was a key player in two title wins. Lastly, whilst I still have a few doubts about Rudiger (he does love a red card and has a bad habit of making silly passes and mistakes) he did look a beast and did not allow the Burnley players to muck about with the rough stuff. However, Christensen impressed me more as his composure on the ball for someone so young and reading of the game was great. Lastly, todays goals conceeded yet again came down to us not cutting out crosses at source, on each goal they had mountains of time to cross/chip in balls. This for me is primarily the fault of the midfielders as Kante and Cesc have a really bad habit of leaving 5 uarfs of space and turning their backs. This was a major issue last season and needs to be sorted soon because after watching the game live and tje highlights it is clear Burnley recognised this as they kept on playing the ball down the line, playing one/twos rather than humping it in. If this has been spotted and exploited by them we can rest assured that it has been/ will be spotted by others.
  11. So with Pedro out and Conte hinting that Rudiger will start I am going fir the following: Tibo Rudiger Luiz Cahill Dave Alonso Kante Cesc Moses Willian Bats Subs Willy, Christensen, Kenedy/Clark-Salter, Scott, Musonda, Boga, Morata Going to need an early goal otherwise I see this going pearshaped.
  12. I must be watching a different match from you. From my prespective he is off the pace, is not pressing and keeps giving the ball away. Anyway on to transfers and it appears Conte seems a little more content with the club in his press conference talking about how they are 'working hard'. It is obvious he still wants 3-4 players but my feeling from reading his quotes are that we must have 1-2 that are close. Hopefully that will be next week.
  13. Best outcome possible in regards to the CF position if you look at it from a quality/financial point of view. However, it is not going to happen. My money is on him sitting out in Brazil until Jan and then moving.
  14. Yeah I agree, Alonso is a great player whos only real weakness is his pace. It is such a shame and it is one of the reasons I would not be surprised to see him at LCB if we do get a top LWB in. As for transfers coming in I reckon we will see three before the window shuts (I cannot see four now) and they will all be signed in the last 10 days of the window. If I had to guess, I reckon it will be a LWB/RBW, CM and a AM/CF. Hopefully, all will be good players as we need it.
  15. The current generation of English players is not great and I think that is what the problem is. The three you have mentioned would all be capable squad players and not much more, that is why some do not want to spend £35m+ on them as that money can get you a first XI player. Additionally, the top quality English players - Alli, Kane, Dier, Rose and Rashford - play for teams that are unlikely to sell to us unless it is an absolutely obscene amount of money. That said, the new generation coming through (the 17-21's) look like there is a number of players that could go on to e top players and a number of them play for our development teams. I am hopeful that in 5-10 years time England will have a decent national team again and it will contain a number of Chelsea graduates, although whether they play for us or pull a Solanke is another matter...