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  1. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that we should not go for Bakayoko at all, at a reasonable price (£30-35m - as mad as that sounds) he would be a reasonable buy. However, my feeling is that he will end up a £45m+ buy which makes me think if we are looking (and I recognise these are rumours) to spend that on a CM we would be better off with the players I suggested. As for the player you are right to point out he is only 22 but from the games I have seen him play he has always dissappeared, which makes me quite concerned as the PL is much more helter-skelter than Legue 1 or the CL. Personally, like Zaffo, I would be happy for Vidal even at 30 as he will still have a good 3-4 years in him, he will bring top European pedigree (something Kante lacks) to the position and he is at this moment in time a better player. Additionally, I also think Veratti is a better player and has excellent stamina, although whilst I admit he is not such a specimen, he is able to intercept and tackle very well. Additionally, of the Monaco players, I also think Mendy, Mbappe, Fabinho and to a lesser extent Silva would be players that would be a better fit for us. Ergo, if we are buying from Monaco I would want them first.
  2. Personally, I think Bakayoko is not the player we need, as he consistently disappears from large parts of games. Personally, I would have Mendy, Mbeppe, Fabinho and Silva before him, while if looking solely at midfielders, then Veratti, Fabinho and Vidal before him.
  3. My XI would be: Courtois Cahill Luiz Ake Dave Alonso Kante Cesc Willian Hazard Costa
  4. That Mendy bloke for Monaco is an absolute animal.
  5. I think last night Jose attempted to exploit our weakest players which are Cahill and Moses. For instance, anyone that has seen Cahill play knows he does not particularly like to have time on the ball as he cannot do much with it and he is awful against players who run at him with speed, as he will just simply back off until they have a shooting opportunity. As for Moses, he is average going forward if not given wide open spaces and he is not that great at defending and is weak in the air (although this has been mitigated a bit by Conte pushing him further back and inside a little for the past month or so.) That was consequently the reason why Cahill got so much time on the ball and Moses was set upon as soon as he got the ball.This is why I suspect next season Moses and Cahill are likely to find themselves on the bench. As for Luiz, I do not think he got caught out, rather he decided to go for a ball that he was unlikely to win but did it as he was trying to bully Rashford.
  6. Those Kante vs Pogba stats are shocking, particularly the duels lost.
  7. Sod all this lets play give some people a run out BS and lets go for the double. In my opinion the only non-first teamers that should be in with a shout are Begovic (as he is probably the designated cup GK), Ake (as we made him come back from Bournemouth) and Willian (who is apart of the main 13 along with Matic so does not really count). My personal XI would be: Begovic Dave Luiz Cahill Moses Alonso Kante Cesc Willian Hazard Costa
  8. I agree. As for the match itself it has a Jose counter attack (think Liverpool 2014) written all over it.
  9. Yeah, the problem with having large amount of ST's is that it becomes an absolute bun fight for Cup Finals and Away games. However, I appreciate I am saying this as a current ST holder of 16 years.
  10. As annoying as it is to concede a goal so late that was a very important win and was probably one of our top five hardest fixtures left, so all in all I am happy.
  11. Hopefully he will get backed and get the players he wants through the door. For me a decent 2017/18 PL and CL season is highly dependent on getting at least 5-6 players in.
  12. I can see this being a draw or a loss as West Ham will up there game tenfold, the ref will give us nothing and we are not actually playing that great at the moment. Hopefully I am wrong but I can't see us winning. As fir the team, I expect that Matic will return as I cannot see Conte going with Cesc in a game that is going to require a lot of ground to be covered by the CM's.
  13. I agree with pretty much all of this. For me, Cesc should be one of the first names on the teamsheet for these types of games and Moses will probably end up as a squad player next season as back-up RWB and 5th choice AM. Looking forward to next season I would really want to see a squad along the lines of: GK - Courtois, GK2, Eduardo CB - Luiz, Dave, Cahill, Christensen, Van Djik, Ake WB - Sidibie, Alonso, Moses + Ake CM - Kante, Veratti/Vidal, Cesc, Matic, Nate AM - Hazard, New AM, Pedro, Willian + Moses CF - Costa, New CF, Bats/3rd CF Loaned out first team - Zouma, RLC Sold first team - Begovic, Bats I can see some people arguing LWB will still be an issue but for me, owing to Alonso's remit appearing to be Hazard's foil, I do not see us going for a proper LWB and we will rather stick with more defensively minded LWB's.
  14. Personally I am not sold on Bakayoko as he can go missing in games while as for Silva he has an amazing left foot but his right is average in comparison and I worry how he would take the pounding he would get here week in, week out. Personally, I would rather Verrati or Vidal in midfield and would take Silva for £50m or under. However, if I could get any players from Monaco it would be Sidibe or Mendy as those two boys can seriously get up and down and know how to put decent crosses into the box. They are not the most fanastic defenders in the world but they look made for our WB positions.
  15. Unbelievable that Le Arse have pulled out yet another non-league side. The only thing I can say about our draw is at least it is not away.