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  1. I know two Leicester supporters (one a season ticket holder) and both want to beat Spuds for us and say they owe us one, hopefully that will transmit to the players. As for Utd, if people think Jose is a person to lose a game on purpose then they misunderstand him - while Utd cannot risk putting all their eggs in the Europa basket. As for Arsenal, no chance do they want Spuds to win the league more than us, that is just ridiculous.
  2. There was also a general election in 55. Just saying....
  3. Yeah, the pace in that area is an issue and is one of many things that will need to be addressed this summer. However, that is for then and all that is important at the minute is concentration and winning games good, bad, ugly or bigly.
  4. Sorry, I think I am not making myself clear. I do not mind a CB being a smaller player, my problem is having a squad comprised of multiple small defenders which means it is likely that we will go into a number of games where we have three out of five defensive players under 6". Furthermore, I would do not actually mind them being under 6" as long as they are good at heading. However, Ake, Moses and Ake are not actually great in the air, hence I worry that this would make us an easy target in certain games.
  5. I think we are on the same page so I am not going to repeat what you have said. As for my earlier post, I though Ake was 5'10" also and not 5'11".
  6. The problem is who plays. With such a squad we would there is a high chance we would frequently see games where three out of the back five would be 5'10" or under. That is an issue as seen with Spuds and their hitting us with high balls - see Stoke as well.
  7. I have to agree. The lack of height in our back line is an issue with Ake, Dave and Moses in the same team. This I think has been exposed by Tottenham and it is something others have also got success from. Personally, I would love a back line of: WB's - Moses, Alonso, Mendy, Dave* CB - Luiz, Cahill, Chrsitensen, Van Djik (or similar type of player) Ake, Dave* That for me would give us perhaps the best defensive unit in football behind Juve, which is ageing. That said, we do have an issue that we need big signings elsewhere in the squad - CM, AM, CF, WB - which may mean we do not have the funds for a player of Van Djik's status.
  8. My personal opinion on Abraham is that he should get another loan next season, as from past experince the players from loan that have gone on to do something have had two-three years away before making their mark at the top level. As for the squad next season, we seriously need to sort our the depth out as no way can our numbers survive a season with European football. For me personally, it is a minimum of five/six players without anyone leaving.
  9. Got to go all in for Mbappe and Mendy. As for Bakayoko still completely unconvinced he'll be able to keep uo with the demands of PL football.
  10. The way I see it is that it is not panic stations yet as we can still afford to lose to Everton and as long as we win our other games then we still win the title and that requires Spuds winning every single one of theirs. However, I think todays game did show that we only really have a squad of around 14 players. Ergo, for me something like this was always going to happen. Lets hope we see this out and then sort the quality and numbers in the summer. PS - I hope Alonso is back asap as when either he or Moses do not play the system does not function.
  11. Yeah, this is like us v Victimpool ala 2014
  12. I think this is a little harsh as the fighting menatality he installed in the club and the squad he left us with after 2007 (props to Ranieri as well) stood us in good stead for another 5 years, so 8 in total with his years included. That said, whilst I do not agree with the rebuilding work point - Inter I would argue was the only example as Real are still a top team and Porto simply sold off their squad, while us second time around was partly due to club policy of maximisng funds from players that are not automatic first XI - I do agree he is a 3 year manager. However, I think this is due to his personaility more than anything, as I think he is someone who pries into players personal lives and / or moralises about players lives. This I think is ok for the first year or two but after that I think people just get fed up. As for my stand on Jose, as of this moment in time he is categorically the most successful manager we have ever had and deserves nothing but respect. As for his dark arts, defensive football, targetting players, seige mentallity etc, those are cons but I think it needs to be remebered that a lot of those dark arts brought us three titles and a number of cups and other additional great days like beating Liverpool to deny them the title when we had a CL semi three days later. From my recollection most people on here, barring the odd Blue Rod, loved those times and brought into what Jose brought to the table. This I think needs to be remebered when criticising him as Utd manager as it, to me at least, sounds very hypocritical to now lambast him for similar habits/tactics.
  13. I personally would love a strike force of Costa, Mbappe, Llorente/Defoe next year. That for me would be a no brainer, as Mbappe can play out wide as well so gives us options in two areas and Llorente or Defoe would be the insurance policy - I'd perfer Llorente but Defoe's HG status would be handy. Additionally, with such a strike force it means we could loan out Abraham again so we ensure he gets another 30-50 games under his belt.
  14. I hope this is true, as Mendy is perhaps my most wanted signing this summer as he is such a beast.
  15. If Leicester win the CL then it will be five clubs in the CL next season and not just four, the same applies to Utd winning the Europa and finishing outside the top four. If by some miracle Utd and Leicester win both competitions and finish outside the top four, then the 4th place team misses out. Also, on a side note, the TV money, aka "market pool" is split into two chunks (60/40), with the first half being spilt as follows: Champions - 40% 2nd - 30% 3rd - 20% 4th - 10% However, if there is a cup winner, then they get 30% with 10% coming from each if the top three teams. As for the second half, this is 'variable' and depends on the stage the individual clubs get to. Hence, why some years you see a club going out in the 16/quarters and they have similar money to a semi finalist/runner up/winner. Anyhow, away from qualification requirements and TV finances. I would like to see the top four as follows: Chelsea, Spuds, Scum, L'Arse. I say this as seeing City and Utd outside of the top four after all the press Pep and Jose got before the season started would be hilarious; whereas Utd losing £20-£25m a season from Adidas for not qualifying for the CL 2 years in a row would be the cherry on top. That said, I expect: Chelsea, Spuds, City, Scum/L'Arse + Utd via Europa.