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  1. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Sorry if I am being dense but what does a certain South Coast team part mean?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    So, currently all the transfers this summer have been: Out Hazard - £130m Morata - £58m Aina - £9m Kalas - £8m Da Silva - £2.5m Total - £207.5m In Kovacic - £40m Total - £40m That is a £167.5m surplus, excluding wages which will also be a huge amount.
  3. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    My First XVIII would be: Kepa Dave Rudi Luiz Alonso Kante Jorgi Pedro/Pulisic Kovacic* Willian Giroud *For me RLC and CHo are done until October-Xmas at least. Subs Willy, Zouma, Emerson, Ampadu, Drinkwater/Mount, Pedro/Pulisic, Bats/Tammy
  4. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    Indeed. I think if it were not for the ban we would sell him. However, with the ban he does need to stay really unless we gamble massively on Ampadu at CB, which I think is unlikely.
  5. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    Bakayoko, considering he is a adult with experience of playing in top teams, was absolutely shocking tonight. That said, the 2nd half team was pretty dire. For me Gilmour was the only one who showed enough flashes to warrant more time. Zappa was ok but had the same old consistency problems, while Zouma still looks like he cannot pass properly.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, but another thing that gets overlooked is that he would always occupy two CF for a whole game, which then gave the AM's more opportunities. That is something we mis massively, especially if we do go back to a 4231 formation.
  7. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    RE: Ampadu, he was not perfect but I still think he was one of the best on the pitch. The rest I agree with, apart from Palmer, whilst I also do not know what Kenedy is doing at LB, as he is definitely a AM.
  8. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    Indeed. I was amazed that he did not get more minutes last season too. Be interesting to see what SFL does with him in a 4231, will be he drop Jorgi for him or will he start behind those two?
  9. Bohemians 1 Chelsea FC 1

    Hard as it is to judge anything from games like this, Ampadu is impressing me his positioning and physicality.
  10. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I believe that this coming year is the last of the deal with Yokohama, which I find slightly unbelievable. I wonder we will be looking at getting? Currently we get £40m but Hyundai gave us £20m for the sleeve.
  11. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Really worried about our AMs - Pusilic, Willian, Pedro, CHO (injured), Kenedy (?) - does not strike me as one with enough goals/assists if you want to be a top 4 side and doubly so when the CF options are Giroud, Bats and Tammy.
  12. Media / Press

    Yes and no. Here is what one advertiser said in an FT article, which also backs up the claim: Using a celebrity’s face to tout a product is not new. But marketing experts say Kylie herself is the product. “She did this with cosmetics, but it could have been anything. It could have been cupcakes, or sneakers or hair-ties,” says Jeremy Paul, managing partner of RLP Advisers, a wealth manager that works with professional athletes and entertainers. Her platform gave her “unprecedented” opportunities to sell, he adds. Full article on her wealth and how it is inextricably linked to her social media presence is here: Ergo, Pogba and other players like him, are hugely valuable to their clubs because of their social media presence and how their audiences interact with them and as a result recieve premium wages because of it. Additionally, I just want to point out this whole discussion stemmed from Jane saying Pogba being offered £500k a week was madness and LoC saying it was Raniola (or whatever his name is) at work. I however was just pointing out that due to his social media following, Pogba would likely be offered/after similar wages regardless of his agent as clubs want access to social media audiences like his. I mean, lets be serious, if it was all Machiavellian antics on Raniola's part getting Pogba these apprant types of offers - or a £290k a week contract when he signed in 2016 - then why would clubs even bother? Especially when said player is not an elite level player. It is because of his brand, which like Jenner, is linked directly to his social media audience.
  13. Media / Press

    It is because he has 35m people whom have his photos/stories sent to their phones when they flick through their instagram accounts. Of this 35m, on average 1-2% interact with the post(s). As I have said, I am not in advertising and/or even have social media but this is a real thing and a massive money maker. Additionally, I know you have said it is different when it is a female advertising make-up and a sportsman in training gear etc and I do agree. However, that is also why that Jenner girl is worth $1bn at 21 and Pogba is worth more like $50m. £500k a week rumours;
  14. Media / Press

    I am not entirely sure as I despise social media and celeb culture. However, I do a lot of reading and everything I read says once you get above 1m instragram followers you enter the elite level so to speak. Once there it starts to become a little more complicated in that it is to do with interactions and other variables but the higher the interactions the more money you can make. However, Pogba apprantly has a high interaction rate - I read once it was approaching 2% which is super high; like near the levels - although she has a much larger following- of that young Kardashian who sells make up and is now an independent billionaire esstentially from posing with her products on social media. Edit - It is a Jenner and not a Kardashian. Well, what Mark is talking about is exactly my point. Younger people and by this I mean even as old as 18 year olds now follow individuals rather than clubs. Hence, the importance of social media as it is direct access, or the apprant feel of direct acccess. Either way, it is fine. If people think Pogba is getting offers of £500k a week and being spoken about going in £150m+ transfers based on shirt sales and his football ability that is fine, but it is not the reality, as depressing as it is.
  15. Media / Press

    Hazard is different as he lives a quite life and is out of the spotlight, whilst he is also a bona fide elite player. Additionally, he is also on £400k which is now A grade money rather than A* grade money. Pulisic and Pogba however are different, they are both players that are not elite level players but have large media followings and in the case of Pogba has high interaction with his followers, which is actually the most important thing once someone gets above 1m followers. Pogba has approx. 35m fyi. To help, read any in-depth article on Woodward and his handling of big transfers at Utd. In them he always talks about interaction on social media: After this, then read about Utd and their approach to fan interaction via social media and how they see this as a key revenue stream and one that they see as a growing market - I cannot be bothered to find these but they do exist. However, even without all of that reading, lets be real. As a footballer, Pogba is not worth £500k a week as he is a very inconsistent player and he is also, from all accounts, a bit of a nightmare to manage. However, he is very famous for a footballer with a large following on social media with high interaction. This is what makes him so valuable.