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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even with the agent fees Kante was still a cheap buy when compared to what Leicester could have asked for. In regards to the defense, I reckon (could be wrong of course) that Sarri wants Hysej as that would give us a similar set up to City with both FB's being able to assit with the attacking play; whilst I think that he does not rate Zappa defensive work that highly. As for CB, Cahill is gone by the sounds of it and I do not buy that Christensen is going to stay about because as even as a young player he was all about minutes. However, I agree that both Rudi and Luiz are good enough for this system. Although, if by some miricle we could get a Romagalli, a back line squad of - Hysaj, Dave, Luiz, Rudi, Romagalli, Alonso, Emerson + Amapadu - would be pretty insane. That said, I actually think Christensen is a pretty promising player, considering he is only 22 and playing in a position that players mature into much later, so I would find it a bit of a blow to lose him. You are right about the No.8 position. RLC or Barkley need to develop and show a lot more quickly as otherwise that will be an issue. However, I think Sarri thinks Ross is capable of doing it.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Samuel does not usually deal in idle gossip, so I have a feeling this one could be true. In addition to Samuel reporting it, he also hits a number of important factors: 1) His price is going to be under market value, also see: Kante, N'golo. 2) He is an AM, which is an area we need extra players. 3) He is American. From my understanding of Chelsea's worldwide fan make-up, I believe the States are one of our bigger markets. 4) He is the poster boy of the US team and I imagine Nike would want him at one of the clubs they manufacture apparel for. That for me would leave us a CF, a CB and, possibly, a RB away from being complete.
  3. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    I think you are being slightly generous to Willian here, as he probably should have passed it even if it is a difficult pass to complete as: a) he is not that great at shooting b) Morata would have had a tap in. In addition to this, he pulled off the same trick at WHU where he decided to try and smash one in rather than try to pick out Morata for a tap in. However, after five years of his poor decision making in the final third it is not really surprising anymore.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    What does everyone think about the links with Wilson? Personally I think he is a decent player but not one to take us up a level, whilst I am also loath to buy players who have had bad knee injuries. For me if he is coming in as CF 2/3 he will be ok but he is not someone I would be looking at to lead the line full time.
  5. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    As me and Droy say, until he starts doing decent work off the ball he is not going to get into our first XI or be trusted to be one if the go to subs. He allowed the game to by pass him today.
  6. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    It depends how you look at it. They are poor as a unit but as individuals coming into the first XI they are ok. That said, Zappa is the best of the lot as he offers something going forward.
  7. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Poor game so far. We are moving the ball to slowly and are very loose with the passing, particularly Barkley and Christensen.
  8. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Because it is a nothing game and he has recently been out with a back injury. No need to use him as it does not matter if we win, lose or draw, while we all know Matinez will also run him into the ground during international week.
  9. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Hazard should not even be out there, let alone starting.
  10. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Surely, this is the game to start resting players in this competition. Long distance game, almost secured the group and have a home game against beatable opposition next anyway, difficult PL game at the weekend etc. As a result, I would like to see the following: Kepa Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson Kovacic Ampadu Cesc RLC Giroud CHO Subs: Willy, Luiz, Dave, Kante, Barkley, Moses Morata
  11. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 1

    Decent enough game today, I mean 3 points against Palace is always a bonus, as they seem to have become a bit of a bogey team for us recently. Anyhow, this is what I got out of it. 1) Kovacic is the player I want starting the big games. Barkley did ok today but he does not keep possession well enough and does not get it back as well as Kovacic who is similar to Kante in that he is able to win the ball often without having to go to ground. For me Barkley is ok in these types of games but should be benched against the big boys. 2) Morata appears to have turned a bit of a corner. Obviously, he is not the most clinical but at the same time his movement is making the chances. Long term I still do not think he is the solution but at least he is scoring important goals atm.
  12. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 1

    This is what I would go for but I think Dave is certain to start as I cannot see Sarri trusting Zappa to keep Zaha at bay on the counter.
  13. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    In regards to this CM debate, I feel there are a few things being overlooked/not given enough consideration. 1) Sarri virtually had no summer and a very short pre-season, whilst CM is the most important area of his system as it is vital in both the offensive and defensive phases. As a result, he probably looked at our CM from a sheet and watched a couple of matches and concluded - like a lot of us have for years - that CM was our weakest area of the squad. Therefore, he was proactive and went and got two high calibre players that he knew would fit straight into his system along with Kante and he could take things from there. That for me is smart as his minimum remit is obviously top 4. 2) When discussing Barkley, we should not forget that last season was a write off for him as he an awful hamstring injury and numberous niggles. Banking on him being a bona fide squad player for this season would have been foolish as it was not possible to know his condition, how long he could stay fit (still up for debate) and if he would be able to adapt to Sarri's style. 3) As for RLC, I know he is flavour of the month around here, but there are still a number of big issues with his playing style. The most pressing is his work off the ball, which is still poor. I have said it before, but for me he is someone that is lacking in adult football minutes and he should have been loaned this season as Chelsea is not a club to blood youngesters in the PL. For me, unless he improves this side of his game he is likely to become a luxury player who will look amazing at a club like Everton/Palace etc, but never really trusted if he is at a big club. 4) A final thing to think about is Kante. For me, he is a bit of a round peg for a sqaure hole in Sarri's system. Now do not get me wrong I absolutely love the man, but from a business prespective I could see us finding it hard to turn down £100m for him, as we could take that money buy Kovacic, allow Barkley/RLC to take the No.8 role and then use the rest of the money to put towards a top CF or AM.
  14. Tiemoue Bakayako

    Lets face it, after this season (or half) we are on the hook for the full wack because, as ridiculous as his playing skills are, he would have to be an absolute fool to part with the contract he as got as no one is even going to give him half of what we pay.
  15. Tiemoue Bakayako

    It didn't, people like me who watched him said he was bad. However, people just watched that Monaco team/youtube clips and thought he must be good because he was starting in a vital role. Additionally, after his most recent game were he was Watford bad, I imagine Milan will be looking at ways of sending him back. Absolute joke of a player.
  16. Chelsea 3 Derby County 2

    Had to work this evening but watched the highlights. From what I saw it look to me as if Cahill had a nightmare and Cesc couldn't keep up and Zappa was again a useful outlet on the right. How were the rest of the team?
  17. Chelsea 3 Derby County 2

    This game should see something along the lines of Bate and Liverpool away. For me, I would go with: Willy Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson RLC Cesc Kovacic Pedro Giroud CHO Subs - Kepa, Luiz, Dave, Kante, Barkley, Pedro/Moses, Morata Hazard and Willian should be rested. Additionally, if Amapadu is fit then he should make the bench or come into the starting XI as now we are becoming more settled with the system it is important to see these two (CHO as well) in meaningful minutes to see if they should stay or be loaned to get used to adult football. If Ampadu is fit and Pedro is not 100% I would be tempted to have RLC go to RWF and have Amapdu in the midfield.
  18. Got to say he has started stronger than I expected and I think there is still room for improvment as well - as I still think we slow the play down too much in the final third and our defending does look haphazard at times. This however, I feel will come with Kepa becoming more accustomed to the league (he reminds me currently of De Gea in his first few years) and probably us adjusting the squad so that it is more suitable for the needs of the new style as I still feel we need another CF and AM and probably need to sell some deadwood. That said, all I want this year is Top 4 or the Europa and we look on course for that at this moment in time. Let's see where we are in January but for starts I would say Sarri deserves an 8 out of 10.
  19. Chelsea 3 BATE Boris 1

    CHO definitively needs to go as his position is one more suited to young players and he could easily be a starter for teams such as Huddesfield or Cardiff. Also, whilst he has a lot of talent he needs to acclimatise to the rigors of adult football and probably bulk up a bit - in the Anelka sense. As for Amapdu, his situation is a bit more tricky, as we kind of need to keep him at the club to get him qualified as a HG UEFA player. Addittionally, in my book he is actually a bona fide phenom in that he plays/reads the game like an adult as a teenager. For me, he is someone that I would be willing to risk at PL level as only a very few players have been able to do something like that and usually they go on to be great players - see Messi, Lionel, Rooney, Wayne, Buffon, Gianluigi, Raul, Ronaldo, Fat.
  20. Chelsea 3 BATE Boris 1

    Luiz has poor decision making at times but that is largely due to his high risk, high reward approach to defending. I have said this a number of times but the reason why Luiz has been playing at the top level for so long - seemingly to the amazment of a lot of people - is owing to the fact that he is very good at intercepting the ball early. This however, does two things, the first is that when he wins the ball he makes it look as if he was always the favourite to win it as he does so early in the build up and/or gets himself ahead of the forward early and the second is that when he misses, he has a lot of yardage behind him, which usually means a gapping hole behind him as he is a CB. Now do not get me wrong, sometimes he goes a bit far with this I.e. Utd at home, but that is largely due to the fact he is a unusual for a CB in that he is not out there playing the percentages but rather trying to win the game. For instance, if he had intecepted Mata he would have been able to release a quick counter as Utd had committed men forward. In addition to this, he is definitively a top five CB on the ball whilst he is one of only a few of our squad who is actually a leader. As for Baka, I said from the outset he was awful as I actually watched him a lot for Monaco and said on numberous occassions before we brought him that he did nothing in that Monaco team. As for Palace fans, my whole father's side are season tickets holders and whilst they love his on the ball ability they have also commented that his work rate off the ball is poor. The only reason why they are so keen to have him back is a) they can afford to give him the luxury role as they do not have anyone to take the pressure off Zaha, b) he is English and c) they are Palace, a team fighting relegation and a squad that that is nowhere close to ours. As for Southgate/England, yes he does rate RLC but lets not go crazy, CM/AM is a serious issue at the moment, he did not actually play him that much at the WC and he has dropped him from the last squad. Now do not get me wrong, I like RLC a lot and I think he is very talented on the ball, whilst he also has all the physical attributes you could ask for. However, to be a starting player for a top PL/European club you cannot just be good at one side of the game and deficient in the other unless you possess Mbappe, Messi, Hazard, Robben type talent - for me Amapadu possess this although in non-attacking traits. Otherwise you run the risk ofbecoming Wenger's Arsenal Mk II. As I said at the outset, RLC has been let down mainly by his lack of minutes on the pitch compared to his contemporaries and this should have been achieved through loans, because if you want a team competing for top honours then you need to select on merit. Furthermore, the issues I and others pull up are issues that everyone manging him have discussed, so this is not an issue without merit.
  21. Chelsea 3 BATE Boris 1

    I know the RLC situation is a sensitive topic around here but I do feel that the only thing Chelsea have really done wrong is not sending him on loan 3 years before they did and instead tried to integrate him straight into the first team (which is what Jody M apprantly said to a poster.) I say this as whilst he does have great physicality and close controll he still lacks the correct work ethic and reading of the game. Which is something he even admits: He (Sarri) is asking me to improve defensively and positionally,” said Loftus-Cheek. “We are working on it every day in training and he is very demanding with the team. He is so demanding on shape, but also wants you to play freely as well, which I why we can play such free flowing football. Now this issue is something every manager who has managed him has complained about, whilst it is also a complaint the more pragmatic posters around here have always highlighted. Therefore, until he sorts this out he is not going to play against competitive teams as it is a massive liability, as whilst at a technical level he has all you could ask for at a tactical level he is still poor. For me personally, he is only really going to remedy this by playing minutes, however that is not going to happen at Chelsea consistently as we are aiming to be title challengers and via for cups. As a result, I really do think he needs to be loaned again as the issues he needs to work on requires minutes. My only concern going forward is that we may have left it too late with him as he is not too far off 23 but he is still playing with a naivety associated with much younger players. Also, before anyone says that I am anti-youth or unable to see the issues in this, be aware that if it were up to me Ampadu would be a starter for all cup games and a bench player for the PL as he is someone that not only has the talent but is also very tactically astute, which is why I rate him as the best prospect we have (although Mount is also close to him and just lacks physicality in some aspects of his game.)
  22. Chelsea 3 BATE Boris 1

    Good result and things are progressing well. However, cannot really read too much into this win as BATE were woeful. For me, apart from Willian, Kovacic and Pedro (who are first XIV material anyway) - I thought that RLC and Zappa really put forward their cases for more minutes/starts as they were consistent throughout and a lot of play went throught them. That said, I still maintain RLC still needs more work on his all round game. As for Cahill, Christensen and Emerson, I do not think you can really read too much into this performance as they had so little to do at the back and did not really contribute going forward. As for the rest, Giroud was really bad - if Morata had played like it then people would have been out with the pitchforks. Cesc's legs are really struggling but at the same time is a great cover option for Jorginho for the domestic cups and easy European games. Kepa again showed his excellent reflexes but doesn't convince me he will ever command the box. Moses is surely for the chop as he just doesn't do anything at a high enough level in the AM position. CHO showed that whilst he has a lot of potential he is also very raw and as such will probably need a loan sooner rather than later to get some minutes. As for Kante (and this is not based on his performance tonight, rather what I have seen over the season) he is starting to move closer to the unthinkable and could be in a fight for his position as whilst he is possibly the best midfilder we have, he is not a great fit for the system, especially in games against the teams that sit back.
  23. Chelsea 3 BATE Boris 1

    He is better than usual but he is still too attracted to the ball and not drifting/running into space effectively, which is why he is ending up in the same space as the other players. That said he is finishing his chances which in this team makes him a stand out. As for the rest of the players, Zappa is starting to push his case for a first team berth as he is able to cross and has a good engine, whilst Giroud is putting in a performance that makes me think maybe we should give Morata another chance.
  24. Chelsea 3 BATE Boris 1

    Kepa Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson Barkley Cesc RLC Moses Morata CHO Sub: Willy, Dave, Kante, Kovacic, Willian, Pedro, Giroud I know the above is not going to happen but I really feel at some point soon we need to get our priorities right. Losing important players in this game is just not worth it. I still maintain losing Pedro against POAK is a big reason we drew at WHU as he is the only other player than Hazard who is actually direct.
  25. Ross Barkley

    People are talking of him improving because expectations were too low. For me, he is a player that is handy to have about for the CM5/6 slot and was cheap at £15m. The hype in the media is because we have no one in the England squad who is capable of playing his position so they need to build him up so they can knock him down in 2020.