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  1. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    Really missed Pedro today. He is the only AM that makes the right choice 90% of the time. In that final 15 minutes Morata made two/three runs that just needing him picking out. Hazard twoce just hit the keeper near post and Willian for some ridiculous reason tried to hammer it home.
  2. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    I really do not want to see Willian starting anymore games. His decision making and crossing is awful. Only time he looks good is when he comes on after 60 mins or so and he has fresh legs against tiring attacks.
  3. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    I would be tempted to go two up front and play a 442 diamond, with Dave and Alonso pushed up. As Willian is putting in a typical Willian starting performance and Moses is the only other winger option on the bench; I would like to see Morata and Giroud together to try and give their CB's something to think about.
  4. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Doesn't the bolded bit not pretty much mean the same thing as what I originally said? I.e. people said he would not be able to play LB properly?
  5. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    That is because they somehow came to the conclusion Alonso could not play LB.
  6. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    I can understand Moses and Cahill as they do fill positions for a full squad I.e. CB4 and AM4. However, Drinkwater should have been sold and Abraham should have been loaned to a PL side. Those transfers should have been clear.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    So it looks like Cahill is starting to get twichy feet. To be honest, I am not surprised as he should have played against PAOK as risking Rudi for that game was not needed. In addition to Cahill I can see Drinkwater and possibly Moses leaving too.
  8. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Great, so that is Pedro out for a while. Seriously, would we have done any worse tonight with Moses? We walked 98% of that.
  9. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Writing is really on the wall for Cahill and Moses.
  10. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    If we play a team like that and get an injury to Kante, Jorginho, Rudi or Willian I am going to be seriously pissed off. Alonso I can understand as he kind of has to play with Emerson injured but the others could easily be replaced with players that are good enough to beat a team like this. Even more annoying is how Amapdu and CHO are not in the team, as this type of game would be excellent experience for them and lets face it, if we lose this it is no great loss as we can still easily win one away game and our home games to get through.
  11. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Surely the club should be looking at 2016/17 as the template for this PL season. By this, I mean a solid core of 14/15 players who player all league games. This however can only be achieved if all of them play no football other than the PL. As for the cups, these should be used as a platform for the squad/youth members to get some decent minutes and show what they can do. If they fail, no loss, if they play themselves into form even better.
  12. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Surely he has to go with the fringe players and leave the top boys at home. Priority this season has got to be top 4 with any cup run being an added bonus. For me the Ropey League needs to be treated like the League Cup, fringe teams until you find yourself in the quarters/semis depending on league position. Further to this, Vidi, Bate and PAOK are Champo level teams. If the fringe squad cannot deal with them then they will need to be shifted as they will not merit a place in the first XI.
  13. PAOK Salonika 0 Chelsea 1

    Surely the EL is going to be used to blood some of the young players and give time to the squad players. For me I would go with: Kepa Zappa Christensen Cahill Emerson Ampadu Cesc Barkley Moses Morata CHO Subs - Willy, Luiz, Dave, Drinkwater, Jorginho/RLC, Pedro, Giroud For me, Kepa should play as he needs minutes at European level and actually minutes in general. If RLC is fit, I would be tempted to start him ahead of Barkley to give him a chance to stake a claim. Jorginho should only travel if RLC is ruled out as we should not be taking many of our first XI internationals out to this game. Same applies for the other away games.
  14. Chelsea 4 Cardiff City 1

    Going for a line-up of: Kepa Dave Rudiger Luiz Alonso Kante Jorginho Kovacic Pedro Morata Hazard Subs: Willy Christensen, Zappa, Barkley, Moses, CHO, Giroud Willian is only not included as I think he will be premitted to rest. Cahill could also find himself on the bench.
  15. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Listening to Warnock and apprantly he wants Ampadu at Cardiff from January. Be interesting to see what happens with that boy because as I have said elsewhere he is already good enough to play in the first XI of a number of PL teams. That said, come January he probably will have played 7+ games for us as I see him starting the LC and EL games.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    These quotes are old. However, his plea to Baka to learn how to win/keep the ball are futile as he is dog sh"t.
  17. I am not trying to sound patronising here but have you had the oppotunity to watch him live? I ask as I have witnessed most of his performances owing to my season ticket and ability to go to most of our games away as well. From my perspective Bats all round game is really really poor. I say this as he is an incrediably static forward, as he makes hardly any discernable runs off the ball, his close controll is average at best and he is not able to hold the ball up either. For me, the only way he makes it here is if we go two up front and tell him to literally play the width of the posts and try to only play between the penalty spot and six yard area as he only real quality of note is his finishing. Honestly, when I see him play I struggle to think of a forward that has been as poor as him and have to go back to Furlong. As Kezman at least had an ability to get around and make a bit of a nuisance of himself. Furthermore, this playing style of his also explains why he has been noticeable booed by Chelsea fans before and his substitution celebrated because whilst he has decent stats these mask his all round game. This constrast with Morata who whilst having poor stats generally gets the backing of the crowd (bar the back end if last season when he kept falling down) as he does a lot of good work off the ball that is not necessarily noticed. Now do not get me wrong, Morata needs to go through a remarkable up turn or be replaced. However, Bats is in no way or shape the answer.
  18. Problem is 70-80% of his goals have come through the domestic cups against lower league sides/reserve teams, Champions League whipping boys (Qarabag) and awful already relegated sides (Sunderland, of which his goals were 3rd and 4th in a 4-1 win with both coming in added time). Apart from this his only decent goals have been tap ins (WBA, Watford away in his first season, Atleti away) and the 4-2 game against Watford at home last season but lets face it Watford capitulated in that game like they did numberous times last season. Furthermore, when he is not scoring he makes Morata look like Cristiano.
  19. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    The problem is if they do get a counter or two and score. See Huddesfield last season at home. If that happens and Kante is not on the pitch then everyone will accuse Sarri of smoking crack for dropping the best CM in the league for a player with no legs, especially as we are likely to win with Kante on the pitch anyway. The more pragmatic approach would be to introduce Cesc at 60-65 mins if we are drawing.
  20. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Watched Amapdu play for Wales the other night and boy, he is an absolute phenom. I have never seen a player so young play with such a commanding presence and maturity as well as his undoubted ability. I know CHO is currently flavour of the month when it comes to our U21's but for me Ampadu is the real deal and we will need to be very careful with how we handle him as he is already good enough to walk into a number of PL teams first XI's.
  21. Tbh, I am also surprised that the club did not take the money for Willian and go out and buy a player like Bailey or Zaha. For me, that would have made a lot of sense. However, I think they thought Man Utd would get involved but did not realise Woodward wasn't having anymore overpriced players, especially ones over 30. In regards to CHO I think there are a couple of issues at play. The first is that Pedro is prefect for the new system, is a grafter and is in form. As a result, he should currently be one of the first names on the team sheet, especially when we have a new manager, a revampted CM and a completely new style that is very demanding on the defensive players. Second is CHO's inexperience and the fact that there are a lot of games coming up that he can be blooded in I.e. the Ropey League and LC. For me, if he does well in those then he deserves a place on the bench and from there to fight Pedro for his first team spot. This policy and outlook is also in play for RLC, Amapdu and to a certain extent Christensen, who whilst has decent experience, does not have the presense of Luiz (which is actually quite important as a large number of our first XI are not leaders) and is also not as good as Luiz with the ball at his feet, which is an important element for Sarriball.
  22. Europa League

    Yeah I feel a bit sorry for him too, when he has actually played he has been solid 6 out of 10, which whilst not great, is ok if you are looking for a bigish squad and need to fill your HG quota. The problem with DD however is twofold, the first is that he has been injured a lot which meant when he would have had a chance last season to break into the side, he was unfit. The second is that Sarriball is not the best style for him. That said, a decent CM in a PL with a number of teams in desperate need to strenghten that area means we will probably get most of our money back, so long as we did not go crazy on wages for him 🤔.
  23. New Kits

    Would have brought this is it wad just plain. I hate having prints on the shirt. It is why I rate 16/17 as one of our worst home shirts of all time.
  24. Europa League

    Wow, it is looking bleak for DD. All he can look forward to it LC football. Surely a goner in Jan.
  25. Problem is who are these players? AM is not such an issue as there are a number of decent ones about. However, at CF I am at a loss as all the decent ones are 30+ or pushing it.