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  1. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    They are not a rubbish side. They are a decent one in a state of shock. Should we be losing to them at home probably not but it is not a disaster. As for last night, we did create chances but just not as many as in the last few. The chance for Tammy in the first ten minutes required a smart save, Willian should have scored the one floated over by Kova, Willian should have slipped in Pedro at the start of the second, we had a penalty and Christensen should have done more with his header. Those chances should have resulted in at least one goal. The goal conceeded came straight after we switch to 442 which I really do not see why SFL did that as our defence had looked good. Also, again, Kepa is not covering himself in glory with his attempt to save it.
  2. Chelsea vs Liverpool

    I am fairly certain both he a Rudi will be back for this one. Question will be whether James and CHO are ready for the bench yet.
  3. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Poor management by SFL. In the 343 formation we looked comfortable at the back and had been defending set pieces well. Admittedly we were not creating much but at that point you take the point, especially as we have a lot of important injuries atm - Rudi, Kante, Mount, CHO etc. That decision was up their with bringing on Gilmour at 2-1 up with our backs against the wall. As for Willian tonight proved why he has never been an elite player. Great technical skill and brilliant feet but inefficient in the final third by failing to pick his passes or shoot properly. There is a reason a AM of his ability has goals and assits stats like he does.
  4. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Midfield is not helping here. They need to take more responsibility as they are just letting the game pass them by at times. Looking at the bench however and I do not see too many options for us. Pedro in particular has been non exsitant since coming on. The only real options on the bench however are Giroud, Barkley and Pulisic but I do not see them bring much else to the game. There could be an arguement for Pedro for Giroud and play two up top in order to give Tammy a bit more room as he is being handled fairly well by Garay atm.
  5. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I am not. I think Giroud starts on Sunday. Good to see the 3atb system stay too.
  6. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Yes, Tammy has played very well and is showing very positive signs. I said it from the outset that I am a big fan of his but was worried that as he had the hardest job of all the young players - lone CF - the situation could end up being bad for him as he could get labelled as not good enough, even though his job is never really done at a high level until someone is in their mid-20's (Drogba, Costa etc.) At this moment, I am not getting carried away as his goals have come against Norwich, Sheff Utd and a poor Wolves team, which is a level we know he can already play at. Let's see how he gets on over the next month but at this point, no one can be less than happy with him. As for Alonso, he is a very good player when playing WB simply because he gets involved in good attacks, which is supported by his goals and assists stats and he is better at defending set pieces than Emerson. The problem, he has is recovery running and defending against tricky wingers/his back to goal. As a result, at LB he leaves a bit to be desired but if we do switch to a 3atb system, I expect him to be a regular again. Pulisic I think needs more acclimatisation as he has been drifting out of games too much and is over powered to easily, which is a problem he had at Dortmund. For me, his minutes at the moment should probably be focused in the CL and LC and then try and bulk him up a little and work on his fitness for the PL.
  7. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Unless it is the league cup, I see that many as unlikely. Kepa, Rudi, Kante and a combo of Jorgi/Kova and Alonso/Emerson are all first XI players. I also believe Dave probably starts in a back three when James is back. I do not think that is an issue. Club football trumps international football by a wide margin now.
  8. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Yeah, I think this may happen to him. He may pull a Hutchinson and get a couple of seasons but I do not see him having much more. It is a shame as both he and Hutchinson where players I reckon could have at least been squad players for us, if not more.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    For me Ampadu needs to come back in January. I actually rate him as our best academy player and he has not even seen a minute of play in Germany. If he came back he would provide us with cover for Jorgi and would mean we could see less of Barkley.
  10. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Agreed. Morata is actually a Rolls Royce player but has no fight in him. He should really be one of the worlds top players as he has a good touch, very good acceleration, decent finish, very good movement and great heading ability (that header against Utd was fantastic.) However, you get the feeling that all he really wants is to cuddle up on the sofa with his wife and kids. I suspect in real life everyone likes him and think he is a great dad/husband. However, that mentality means that he can easily be pushed around and he can get down really easily. I remember there being some interview with him where he said that the bad patch he went through with Juventus was due to him breaking up with his girlfriend. Confidence and mental strength is probably 50% of being a sportsman and unfortuantly he does not have it.
  11. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Valencia are beatable. I said when we got the group it was one we should get out of, as Valencia are not that great, Ajax have lost two key players and Lillie are decent but not much more. In my opinion we should finish 1st/2nd in the group. However, whether that is better than 3rd and going for the Ropey is another question. At least the travel is not an issue.
  12. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Kepa Zouma Christensen Tomori Dave Jorgi Kova Alonso Willian Tammy Pulisic Subs: Willy, Rudi, Emerson, Barkley, Pedro, Bats, Giroud
  13. Chelsea vs Liverpool

    I agree. Very interesting game for us in regard to set up. Personally, I think Kante and Rudi will be fit for this one and we may even see James and CHO on the bench. I think Valencia may be too soon for all four and/or SFL will prioritise this one. As for formation, I hope to see a continuation of 343/352. For me, I would go with: Kepa Rudi Christensen Tomori Dave Kante Jorgi Kova Emerson Mount/Pedro Tammy/Giroud For me, it will be important in this game to hold off the Scum for the first 60 mins and then hit them in the last 30, as their style of play and wanting to win all games by as many as they can leads them to becoming more open as the game progresses. As a result, I would try and stifle them for as long as possible and then try to win it in the last 25-30 minutes. The danger with 352/3511 is how it isolates the CF. As a result, I can see a situation where Pedro and Giroud start in order to do the donkey work and then bring on fresh legs for the final 30. This however, will depend on the line up for Tuesday. I reckon between Tammy, Mount, Pedro and Giroud, the four will share a start each over the next two games. Although, if Tammy starts and scores against Valencia then he will be getting into untouchable territory. If SFL goes for 343, I can see Jorgi being dropped with Mount and Pedro alongside Tammy. Cannot wait for this one.
  14. Formation

    I am talking about his whole time here. Obviously he was great during 05-08 but because he got played out of position at times during those years, the later years then made it look like there was a reason for it other than us being down to the bare bones. This is more of a non-Chelsea prespective as most Chelsea fans love him. My comments regarding his moving of position is more to do with how outsiders view him.
  15. Formation

    I would not say it affected him much, it is just more that he got played out of position at times which you never saw with players like Lampard, Gerrard, Pirlo, Ballack etc, whose class in was in. As a result, because of that moving I think some outside of the club, I am thinking of some of my mates here, thought he was like a good Milner.