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  1. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Some great efforts today. Particularly love the Spuds game from 94. Here is my effort for today.
  2. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I do not want to defend Spuds but as a business they are in a very dodgy position. Firstly, a lot of their players are either ageing or getting to the end of their contract and they have a £600m+ loan on the stadium that they need to pay down. However, their calculations were largely based on the revenues the stadium was meant to drive, while now they also have to factor in loss of competition and tv money. In other words, they are cornered and I can see them ending up in a similar situation to what we did in the 70's after building the East Stand if this thing carries on for a while.
  3. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Here is my effort for today. This one is probably up with everyone but it holds extra special significance for me as I was able to attend the game. This is probably the only time in my life a win has brought me close to tears.
  4. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Man Utd fans do.
  5. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Here is my effort for today. I was around 11 when this game happened and it is always special to me as it was the first time I felt we could win something and how much I enjoyed us beating the Dippers.
  6. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    As we are all in lockdown with no football, I thought I would start a thread were we can all post some of our favourite games down the years to rewatch. Here is one of my favourites from the KK vault: The only rules to this thread are that you are only able to list one game per day.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree. I wouldn't want to be Spuds right now. Things could get very Spursy for them very quickly. As for us, we have had a massive stroke of fortune in not being in the midst of a stadium build, which could've proved catastrophic with just the delays alone. Whilst, I think EC could be a goer in the medium term, the SB plan would've left Roman/us very exposed. In regard to transfers, yes I agree. When looking at the squad and the loan players, I would not be surprised with just two or three loan/cheap signings and then have players like Giroud and Baka return. Willian will be an interesting one to watch as his expectations are surely going to have to adapt to the situation. Obviously, this also depends on what happens with next season, as a delay beyond the Summer would start putting everything into seriously choppy waters.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes. However, I am not sure he will be moving this Summer now. I say this because this Covid business is going to have some serious financial consequences and I cannot see any team wanting to layout a serious transfer fee and wages. Against this backdrop, Sancho then needs to weigh up whether moving this year will be worth it as he is currently on €200k a week which he probably will not improve now, he only has two years left on contract and the Euros are now next year. For me, I seriously fail to see how any of this adds up for him as staying at Dortmund for another year means he is certain of a starting place, he will still earn an amount per week if he was to move and next Summer his fee will be lower so it means more money in his pocket. Further, to top all of this off he is still only 19 so it is not like moving next year will ruin his chances of a top club. As for this Summer, I actually foresee very little movement as I can see players not getting improved terms and I cannot see clubs laying out serious fees. Only players I expect to move will be those that are either out of contract/only have 1 year left and clubs that have to fire sale. In particular it will be very interesting to see what happens at Barca and to a lesser extent Real as their wage bills are absolutely ludicrous. I can really foresee a situation where they have to start loaning out players such as Jovic, Dembele and Coutinho and pay part of their wages.
  9. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Yeah, I have a home ST. However, I think with other clubs they set up direct debits for ST on a rolling basis until you cancel so other teams have been taking the money for season 2020/21. That is not really applicable to us. As for the last few games we have left for this season, I do not expect to hear anything from the club until the season is officially voided as cannot do anything atm.
  10. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Chelsea do not do direct debts for anything other than away season tickets for the CL and PL and these are year to year rather than rolling. Home Season tickets are sold either as a one off payment upfront or via finance that is needs to be agreed each year.
  11. Media / Press

    Looking at that reminds me of why the 2004-07 squads are my all time favourites. I used to love how we would boss every game.
  12. New Stadium Plans

    Personally I have re-booked my trip to Israel that I was meant to go on today to October. As soon as the lock down is over I will be going out for meals and drinks. However, I do have a very devil may care sort of attitude so I may not be typical. I agree that inflation is going to be an issue and that could lead to a 1970/80's type inflation cycle, particularly with the Saudi's messing about with oil prices to gut the shale industry. However, I am not so sure a 6-12 week 'stop' will have as dire consequences as 2008 as that was a systemic issue that was almost as bad as 1929. The real deciding factor on whether this will be worse is, did the actions of 2008-12 (QE in particular) solve the problems of 2008 (by preventing a 1929 type crash) or did it just kick it down the road? If it is indeed the latter than we are facing a meltdown on par with General Crisis (17th Century) which is typically seen as the biggest upheaval in history.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I have not seen much of him other than the games against us in the CL. I did a little reading around him when we were linked earlier on and I am not so sure he is really the type of CB we need (from what I have read and the small sample size of our two games.) I say this because from all accounts he is a bit like a Zouma type player, big and strong, athletic, good in the air but not great on the ball. I am not writing him off as he is only 22 and I have not seen him enough with my own eyes but his stats wouldn't suggest he is what we should be going for; although to be fair the CB market is very tough/poor atm. If we do sign him I would imagine he is a straight swap for Zouma.
  14. New Stadium Plans

    I think it depends. If the western economies can get up and running again in the next 3-16 weeks or so then I think it will not get to '08 levels as this is a shut down rather than systemic problems within the banking/financial markets. Obviously, the longer this goes on the bigger the issues particularly for certain sectors I.e. travel/motor etc. It really is a waiting game at the moment but sooner rather than later hard questions are going to have to be asked about what exactly is the cost/benefit ratio we are getting from the lockdown.
  15. Media / Press

    Ah yes, I agree with this.