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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Because the BBC do not publish BS transfer stories? Go through there site and try and pull up all the clickbait nonsense you get on a Goal or a Givemesport. To save you time, you will not find them. So, no they are not the same. Further, BBC usually do not print transfer fees unless they are widely accepted or they have it confirmed, which is seen with most of their transfer articles stating 'undisclosed fee'. So, yes, of all the broadcasting outlets the BBC are probably the most reliable (this is not saying they are 100% right in every single article they write but they are more reliable than pretty much any other news outlet in either Spain or England.) As for Morata being sold for £49m+, we live in a world where clubs are going out and spunking £72m/£170-190k a week for seven years on funsized GK's, with only 54 league appearances to their names and 58% shot to save ratios. So, yes, it seems insane but that is the market.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic BBC are probably the most reliable source in either Spain or England as apart from the newspaper gossip page they do (which is just outlining what others are saying) they do not report anything until it is done and dusted. Funny thing is they have reported is as €65m so if that is true it is even higher than most others are reporting.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    No you are not. Replacing Kepa with a good GK is now the biggest bang to buck we can get in terms of upgrade. The problem however is that some loon at the club thought it would be a great idea to spunk £72m plus £175-190k a week for seven years on a funsized GK with t-rex arms. Therefore, we are now pretty much in the situation of having to have a crap GK for years or have the worlds most expensive GK2 or loaned out GK. The only hope we have (and I say this has about 0.5% chance of happening) is that Atelti cannot pony up for Morata so we take Oblak off their hands and send them Kepa. However, I doubt they smoke enough crack to go for it as it involves Kepa still being paid as one of the top 5 GK's in the world.
  4. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Yeah, I am not a fan of individual touch clips either but that is a good one owing to the position Billy plays. When you play No.4/DM then the most important qualities a player has to have are: decision making, positional discipline, reading of the game, high pass completion and being prepared to put your foot in. What is impressive with this game is that Billy showed pretty much all of those qualities. Further, the one thing I look for most in youth players is composure (as I really think it is the one thing that will determine if you can play men's football from a young age) and he has that also. So, all in all, yes Billy looks like one of our best, if not best prospects of the U20 lot - Gilmour, Gallagher, Amapdu, Maatsen, Broja, Anjorin - although I do have high hopes for Ampadu, Gallagher and Maatsen too.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course height isn't everything, I am only 5'8 myself so I do not have anything against small players . However, our players are not just small but also lack fight. I mean, have you seen Kova, Emerson, Jorgi, Kante, AC/Tomori, Pedro/Puli, Willian/CHO, Kepa (so 8 out of 11) try to defend a corner/set piece? It is like boys against men against most of the other PL teams.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    The problem is not so much the FB's, as I said initially a small LB is not normally an issue, but when you look at the make up of the squad it is. Let's look at our squad: GK - Kepa 6"1 - slight - Willy 6"1 slight RB: James 5'9 stocky - Dave 5'10" average LB: Emerson 5'8 Slight / Alonso 6'2 average CB: Tomori 6'0 slight - Chris 6'2 slight - Zouma 6'3 stocky - Rudiger 6'1 average CM: Kante 5'5 slight - Jorginho - 5'9 slight - Kova 5'8 slight - Mount 5'9 slight - Barkley 6'1 stocky - RLC 6'3 average (in current shape as he has lost a lot of weight) - Gilmour 5'6 slight. AM: Pedro - 5'6 slight - Willian 5'8 slight - CHO 5'7 slight - Puli 5'7 slight - Ziyech 5'10 slight CF: Tammy 6'4 average - Giroud 6'3 stocky. The only player we have in the whole of midfield that one could class as stocky is Barkley and he is one of our worst players. Further, Zouma is the only CB that is well built as Rudi isn't actually that big but gets away with it because he can mix it. Both GK's are both short and lightweight with one now being 38.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Tagliafico is a little lightweight. This wouldn't be a problem usually for a LB but with the make up of the rest of our squad currently I would prefer us to prioritise bigger players as the way we are going at the moment our average and weight and height is quickly going to be something like 68kg(10.5 stone)/172cm (5'8"). I mean even our GK is only 6'1" in studs (before anyone says he is 6'2" look at pictures of him next to our CB's).
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, this is my understanding. Be amazed if he actually had a watertight deal elsewhere, even if he thought he had one all but signed.
  9. If this rape case does not get dropped I do not think we'll see CHO for a while.
  10. New Stadium Plans

    The problem Chelsea have with demographics is that the Millennial generation (born 1980-2000), and particularly those born between 80-95 is severely underrepresented. I was born in 85 and when I was at School in South London me and my Brother were virtually the only Chelsea supporters we knew (and you could get to the Bridge in 30-40 mins.) Further, even now, I do not know many people my age that support Chelsea with most being my Dad's or my Cousins (Gen Z/Snowflake, I.e. post-2000) generation. I would honestly say of people in and around my age, only 5% would be Chelsea fans with 60%+ being split amongst Utd, Le Arse, Dippers or Spuds. That for me is one of the real reasons for the old demographic of the fan base.
  11. Of those clubs, only us (3), Bayern and, to an extent, the Dippers have a recession proof sponsor.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Willian is an interesting one. He has admitted that he turned down a two year contract and is now quickly heading for out of contract. Can't imagine any offers he gets will beat that offer just a couple of months ago.
  13. Media / Press

    FA has taken FIFA to court over our ban/their fine.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    To be honest, I do not think we will go out and buy much and can see us being conservative, especially as I do not give us much chance of holding onto a CL place if the season restarts. As for my comment about the 'super low wages' part, I was being slightly hyperbolic there and offer it up more as an example where a player may be tempted to move now rather than stay where he is and try and ride this thing out a little.
  15. Media / Press

    I do not fully agree that winning on pens is almost equal to winning a league title on ppg, as the nature of cups requires it unless you go back to replays. I do agree however, that winning in the 90 is better. I have always maintained that Munich would've been better if Drogba had curled in that free kick he had with the last kick of the 90 than what actually transpired.