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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Harvetz was imo, brought to play in the No.8 role in a 433 or a No.10 role in a 4231. Thus far, he has had to play false 9 and out wide. Yes, he did play those positions last season but that wasn't in the PL where his skill set will be best off in the middle, which we have already had glimpses of in the last two games. On top of this, he has only been training with us for around two weeks and he always seems to start a season slow. People need to keep this in mind.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Problem is, he wasn't actually that good under Sarri either. If you go and look at the stats his performance in the first three months of last season was statistically better than his first. For me, Kepa in his first season got a lot of leeway because; 1) He was not TC, so 'saved' us from having a 'snake' about. 2) He had Luiz in front of him who was our best CB at attacking the ball in the air. 3) Teams hadn't quite figured out how awful he was, he were not targeting him so much. 4) Due to his ludicrous habit of swinging his arms behind his back before attempting to make a save, he made regular saves look amazing (this I have to admit fooled me for the best part of the first season.) As ever when someone tries to defend the boy, what exactly does he do well? I am interested, name two qualities where you can say definitively that he is a very good GK? The only one I can think of is his ability to spring up after diving, outside of that I am at a complete loss.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wait, what? Is this serious? I cannot tell if you are like Droy and believe Kepa is a world class GK who is our '10 year goalkeeper' or you think he is so poor that there is potential for a further significant in quality and that Mendy is completely pants. Personally, I have seen nothing of Mendy bar some Youtube clips so I have no opinion on him but surely he has got to be better than Kepa who is a complete busted flush.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hasn't he been self-isolating already? I heard that he has been in order to reduce the time needed when he gets here.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Apart from the Dippers, it couldn't have happened to a better club.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    What are the odds on him scoring a header against us?
  7. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Nah. It is on Kepa. People can point to various mistakes whenever a goal is conceded and bar when they throw one in, no goal is exclusively a GK's fault. However, if you want to be a big club winning things you need a GK that will bail you out at times. Kepa, doesn't do this, in fact he doesn't even make basic saves. Kepa is a complete busted flush as the problems he has are so many and he hasn't shown anything in his career to show that he may improve. This was obvious towards the end of his first season when people started to target him.
  8. Squad Status: 2020/21 Season

    I have said on a few occasions that Drinkwater is a bit of a funny one when talking about bad transfers, as whilst we can categorically say x, y or z are not good enough, he has the caveat of clearly having mental health/alcohol problems which were probably unknown to the club before they brought him.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think the idea with Ampadu could be to have him in the squad this year to learn off Silva. I could see a situation where we buy Rice and he and Rice swap positions a little to see who is a best fit for CB2/DMF. Personally, in the long term I only see 1 of Zouma, Rudiger and AC surviving. Tomori I can see either being sold with a buyback (like Ake) or joining the loan army as a player that brings in decent loan fees.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't disagree if his injuries were a one off. However, I am not convinced they were and instead it was his style of play catching up with him.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I proposed at the start of last season that selling Kante this Summer may be a strategically good thing to do. The idea is not to do with Kante not being good enough, or because we are a selling club but rather looking at the medium term and what bang for buck we are getting. For me, there are three questions marks over Kante that need to do considered. These, in my opinion, are: 1) His suitability to SFL style of football and his role within it. 2) The overall age of the squad and when we expect to be a team challenging for trophies consistently. 3) His recent injury problems. When I look at things, I do not think he fits SFL's system (as Droy says he is not a No.4) so he is having to be played out of position. Second, I do not expect us to really be challenging for another two years, maybe in a year with the scale of this Summer. That means he is more likely to be 31-32 before he is playing in a elite team here. Third, I am not that confident his recent injuries are a one off. That for me means if we get a serious offer for him, say £75m+, then I would reluctantly let him go. This isn't because I feel he isn't a great player, he is still currently my favourite, however from my perspective we are in the last window where we could sell and say we got the best out of him, and also sold at the best time.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Tbf, Apple is a pretty standard BH stock. Buffet loves known brands that he believes will be market leaders (or big industry players) for the long term. The surprise here was that he took up such a large position but I believe that was due to him wanting tech exposure and he never really diversifies heavily. That said, you would've thought he would've bought earlier. The gold was more of a shock as he has been adverse to metal dealing owing to the lack of dividends. However, lets be honest that stake is only a tiny % of BH's portfolio.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I disagree, football in the UK may have tailed off or reached its peak but internationally it is picking up, particularly in the States. Just go look at the cost of a MLS team from 10 years ago today. The new income will come from aboard. As for Gold, yes what you say is true. My point about Gold was the mine, however holding shares in a gold mining company usually has its share price inextricably linked to the price of gold. When gold goes up, gold mining shares go up, when gold goes down, the price of gold mining shares go down. Of course, with the size of holdings Roman has, he is going to have to find a buyer with massive liquidity. My comments were more, Roman looks to be bullish about the impact of Covid as otherwise he would've held onto those shares. If he is right, it means he sold at the right time, if Covid gets worse and the economy doesn't bounce back quickly then he has sold too early. Haha, in investing no pick is easy in the short term. However, I subscribe to the Buffet method so I pretty much see every investment with a absolute minimum of a 5 year window so things like Covid do not really bother me (although it was pretty depressing in March when I had only sold 50% off pre-Covid.)
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah, I imagine he sees football as becoming even more popular as it was on course for prior to Covid. However, I reckon he is also seeing the current turmoil as short term rather than medium-long. This would explain his sale of gold (which is a haven asset) to free up funds to buy/invest elsewhere. If he is right, and he picks the right investments/assests he will be in the money as shortly we should expect quite high inflation owing to all the central bank stimulus.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    It doesn't matter to people like Roman. He doesn't worry about short term problems, sure on paper he has probably lost billions, however, he wouldn't touch that money anyway as he intends to keep in invested long term. Instead when stocks/asset prices fall, he instead sees it as a buying opportunity so will start buying things up. That is what he is doing atm.