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  1. Youth Team Production

    Just read that of the last 21 players to make their debut for England, 9 of the players have been from the Chelsea academy and of those players all joined the club between the ages of 6-10 years old: Now what is so unusual about this is the age of the boys when they joined. Both Barca and Utd when they had their great youth teams break through got a number of their players when they were in their teens which means that a lot of their development happened at other places. Hence, the purpose of this post is to both outline how outragous this is but to also ask the questions of how do posters think this has happened? And do people expect it to continue?
  2. Media / Press

    Lets hope so because I think the next 6-12 months are going to be make or break for him here as he is nearly 24 and he cannot keep playing the potential card. Do not great me wrong on the ball he is very good but his off the ball work is poor and he is always injured. At this moment in time I have Mount and Kova ahead of him so he has a task just to get back into the first XI.
  3. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    So, as the season has progressed I think it has become more and more clear that we are both blessed with a number of great youth products that look like they can play at the top level (I am still holding back from making a firm opinion until Feb as I feel we are still too early into the season) but we also need a few top level players to push this squad up to the level of the Dippers and City. In my opinion, I would like to see the following addressed over two-three windows once we can buy again: GK: Kepa, GK2, Willy CB: Rudi, New CB, Tomori, AC/Zouma FB: Dave, James, Emerson, New FB CM: Jorgi, Kova, Kante*/New CM, Mount, RLC AM: Puli, CHO, Willian, New AM CF: Tammy, New CF, Bats** *I can see Kante going if a £90m+ bid comes in. If that does happen, his replacement needs to be top class. Hopefully it does not. **I would like to see Bats stay as CF3 but I am unsure if he would accept this. Outs: Zouma/AC, Alonso, Barkley, Pedro, Giroud plus numerous loan players.
  4. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Indeed. Gallagher is looking very promising. I still think the best thing for him is to have this loan and another one or two so that he can continue playing twice a week with men. That said, if he keeps on improving at such a rate then he may get a squad place earlier.
  5. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Another belter for Gallagher:
  6. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Of course. Lack of leaders is an important factor. I said small because the squad we have atm have a lot of players that are playing well, whilst I was also trying to be diplomatic. In my opinion, we need another CB as Rudi is currently the only one who seems capable of doing the organisational part but he is injured a lot. For me, Zouma is likely to be the fall guy owing to him being able to attract a large fee that could cover a large slice of any fee we will need to lay out and because AC and Tomori are younger amd academy players. This however, I find is an unpopular idea as a lot seem content with our CB's.
  7. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Tomori has been very good since he started whilst Zouma has indeed improved. However, I do not see anyone organising the defence when I am at matches like JT or Cahill did or VVD does for the Dippers. Instead, as a team when we set up to defend everyone goes to their positions and does their thing. This is a small thing but I think it is something that needs to improve as Tomori and Zouma (or AC for thaf matter) are not really CB1's who take responsibility for the whole defensive line. For me, they are all really CB2's who do the covering work.
  8. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    The problem we have is that Kepa doesn't controll his area properly and neither Zouma nor Tomori are the types of CB's that organise a back line. We really do need to get Rudi back asap as he is really our best hope of that improving.
  9. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    That is true, but of their AM's I would say he is probably the weakest. Do not get me wrong, City have a great squad and will be favourites. However, is Mahrez over B.Silva a boost, I would say yes.
  10. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Silva is much better than Mahrez.
  11. 5 Chelsea Questions

    First Chelsea Hero - Dennis Wise Signing that excited the most - Crespo Favourite Goal - Drogba vs Spuds - FA Cup Semi 2012 Best XI Cech Ivanovic Terry Lord Percy Cole Lampard Kante Ballack Hazard Drogba Robben Ivanovic gets in as he is the best RB I have seen but it is probably the weakest position we have had since I started watching.
  12. Even if he is, I doubt he can do much as I find it hard to believe two coaching regimes have failed to try to recognise and remedy his weaknesses. Imo, they probably have tried to do this and realised that they cannot, so instead have attempted to devise ways in which to mitigate his weaknesses.
  13. Well, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. From my prespective looking at what happened it is clear that the board did not prepare or got taken in by TC/RM. Either way it does not look good whilst I have also failed to see anyother explanation other than people just say that it did not happen because I think the board are good. Also, I do not see how you can reject that such costs are being paid to Kepa when in general the figures produced by the media have generally correlated with leaks by football leaks. Yes, we did and it was a mistake as it set us back from where we were. In order to stay No.1 in sport you always have to improve otherwise you get overtaken. How anyone can think that the board did well in sacking Jose Mk.1 and replacing him with Avram then starting to buying mediocre players that did not push the first XI nor replace the quality that did leave was a good idea is beyound me. The 2007/08 season was pretty similar to Man City's this year except that Man City have not sacked their decorated manager and actually got their first choice FB.
  14. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Problem is that I think we will only offer him a 1 year extension and at similar wages to what other teams may offer him for 3 years. I know Luiz got a two year deal but we weren't really in a position at that point to insist on the one year. For Willian to stay at Chelsea I think he will have to give up a lot. Maybe he will be willing to do this but I would not be surprised if he is not.
  15. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Problem with Willian is the other offers he will receive. I can see him getting offered a 3 year contract elsewhere. If he stays it will be because he really wants too. At this moment, I think it is too early to tell which way he will go.