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  1. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Chilwell has stepped up which is good to see. However, he needs to ensure he is doing the right thing all the time, it doesn't matter if we were 3 up. At the moment, top 4 is so tight GD could decide it. Therefore, he should've passed and didn't have an excuse for not passing as it was a tap in vs a very hard to execute chance for himself.
  2. Chelsea vs FC Porto (2 0 on aggregate)

    This is all about managing the game and not allowing Porto to get at us. Job isn't about scoring but rather controlling the game. Worst thing that could possibly happen to us is letting them score in the first half. Mendy Dave AC Rudi James Jorgi Kante Chilwell Mount Puli Giroud/Harvetz
  3. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Robben has to be up there.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Torres was 26, no? Also, that was over a decade ago. The club made a mistake there as with Sheva. I think they have realised this, which is why Kane is a no go. Since the Torres purchase, with the exception of low buy outs/reasonable fees for the quality of the player, I cannot seem to remember many 27+ year old player being brough for any sort of high fee. Luiz and Pedro are the ones that come to mind but both were reasonably priced at the time.
  5. Champions League 2020/21

    Group Stage draw today. Pots are as follows: Pot one: Bayern, Sevilla, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Zenit Saint Petersburg, Porto. Pot two: Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Manchester City, Manchester United, Shakhtar Donetsk, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Ajax. Pot three: Dynamo Kyiv, Red Bull Salzburg, RB Leipzig, Internazionale, Olympiakos, Lazio, Krasnodar, Atalanta. Pot four: Lokomotiv Moscow, Marseille, Club Brugge, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Istanbul Basaksehir, FC Midtjylland, Rennes, Ferencvaros For me, these are the options: Easiest Group - Porto, Chelsea, Salzburg, Midtjylland Hardest Group - Bayern, Chelsea, Inter, Marseilles Most Fun Group - Real, Chelsea, Atalanta, Bruges Boring Group - Zenit, Chelsea, Olympiakos, Ferencvaros/Istanbul Personally I am of the opinion that it is high time we played Real and fully expect them to be the team we are drawn with from Pot 1.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cannot see the club dropping £120m+ with minimum of £250k wages per week for 5 years on a 28 year old striker. It is a completely sunk cost. Furthermore, he doesn't have the greatest injury record. If we're going for a PL striker DCL is more likely imo.
  7. Champions League 2020/21

    Sorry, typo. I should've said, if we both get through. Anyone who knows me on here knows I am a bit of a half glass full type of guy when it comes to predictions with Chelsea!
  8. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Werner needs a rest and needs to stop being played against teams who sit in a low block. Rest him for this one and give him minutes against Porto and City. Should not have played against WBA as they presented the same problem as Palace will.
  9. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Mendy Zouma AC Rudi CHO Kova Kante Alonso Mount Puli Giroud
  10. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    Excellent post. I was saying something similar last night (but with not as much detail) that Porto actually played really well and that we should think about that when criticising players or the performance as a whole. For instance, I made a comment by replying to someone that both Puli and Giroud didn't do that much either when coming on and a number of people thought I was having a pop at them, rather than trying to defend Werner and Harvetz.
  11. Champions League 2020/21

    No chance, he has knee ligament trouble. Four weeks minimum. No way is he back for the second leg. Be lucky to make it back for the second leg of the semi's. In regards to the odds, for sure, I imagine we will be underdogs against Real if they get through.
  12. Champions League 2020/21

    2nd favourites behind City this morning.
  13. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    I wouldn't say I was being harsh, rather giving credit to Porto. They actually played really well tonight.
  14. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    Tbf, we should've had another with Dave's header. That was the best chance of the game.
  15. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    Tbf, Giroud and Puli were just as anonymous when they came on. Games like tonight are hard to watch and credit needs to go to Porto, they actually played really well. 2-0 for me is a massive result. Now just need to control the game next week and not do anything stupid in the first 60 minutes to give them hope. As for MotM I am going for Dave, played on the edge but did what was needed.
  16. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 4

    Agent Batsh*t to the rescue 😎
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I cannot see us signing Wijnaldum at the age he is on the contract he wants. Same goes for Alaba. Both are signings that are complete sunk costs that goes against everything the club had been doing. Kun is a possibility on a cheapish contract for 1-2 years. Donarumma is actually someone I expect us to go for. He pretty much ticks all of the clubs boxes in a potential signing, however GK1 is not really a priority. As for Depay, I can see that one but do we really want another injury prone AM? And if so, which AM goes to fit him in Ziyech? Puli? As for signings, I say a CF is the absolute priority. However, these are hard to come by/insanely expensive. My rank order of options would be: Håland, DCL, Kun, Lukaku (cannot believe I am saying this.) Outside of that you're getting into Ings and Immobile territory. Kane is obviously a complete non-starter. At DM/CM. There are only two players I really want, who are: Rice and SMS. Rice however, is hard owing to his contract and SMS has big questions over his ability to adapt to the league and would be a death or glory signing. Nditi would be great but Leicester won't be selling him, especially with CL football. At CB, the main hole is a LCB. Not many of them about at the right level. P.Torres at Villarreal maybe? Alaba I cannot see. After that it is Fofana (Leicester again) or Kounde at Sevilla (but he is something like 5'10" maybe even 5'9".)
  18. Chelsea 2 West Bromwich Albion 5

    Thank god, Newcastle did us a favour. Now we just need Wolves and Palace to do us one.
  19. Andreas Christensen

    I was more making the point that he is more of a continental style CB. I used Maldini as an example as he was the gold standard and also provided a quote that is easy to encapsulate what I mean by that. I do not think he will ever reach Maldini's level.
  20. Chelsea 2 West Bromwich Albion 5

    AC would have had to come on regardless, you're not playing a 4 with Dave and Zouma and your CB partnership. Going to need to make changes now. I would switch to a 4, take Dave and Jorgi off and bring on Giroud and Mount. Mendy James AC Zouma Alonso Kova Mount Puli Giroud Werner
  21. Chelsea 2 West Bromwich Albion 5

    Alonso is more attacking than Chilwell and James v CHO is a bit of a pick your poison as James has a better cross but CHO is more tricky (also I think CHO picked up a knock so not sure he could start.) Not sure what changes you could make, Giroud/Tammy for Werner? Kai for Ziyech?
  22. So, yet again, another pointless international round that no one really cares about is upon us. I thought I would start the thread so we can see how the players get on and report any injuries. At the moment, I am finding specifics hard to come across but from my understanding the following players will be at Cobham for the next two weeks. Mendy Kepa Willy Thaigo Dave Alonso Tammy Haven't been able to find anything on the Italian side so unsure about Emerson and Jorgi.
  23. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I have to agree, I think some people are getting slightly carried away with Tomori. First is that Milan haven't dramatically improved since he has come in, they are still conceding a lot of goals. Second is that where does he fit here, we currently have the following players at CB: Silva, AC, Rudi, Dave, Zouma, Guehi, Ampadu, Sarr Personally, from everything I have read and seen Guehi looks like a better prospect than Tomori did at the same age, Ampadu is about the same but has the benefit of being able to play DM as well. You can get into an arguement about Zouma v Tomori, in that Tomori is better suited to a 3atb than Zouma, but Zouma does offer a physical presence that the others do not. Although this said, I feel Zouma is also likely to be sold this Summer as we lack a left footed CB and Guehi is getting close to the stage were you may bring him back as a CB4/CB5 and see if he can do anything by January. My only issue with Tomori is that £25m is probably under valued considering the hype surrounding him. If we hadn't of inserted the clause we may have been able to push for £30-£35m (although this isn't certain.) However, it also needs to be considered just how bloated our squad is and that means we are going to have to make some hard decisions with players that do have a market but could be handy for the squad. Players such as: Jorgi, Tomori, Zouma Emerson/Alonso, and Tammy. Maybe even Ziyech could be added to this list (although I think that would be premature.) All have question marks over them in the sense of what do we do if we get decent offers for them? I say this as whilst they're good players, they aren't guaranteed starting XI, whilst we still have holes in the squad in regard to quality level/balance and we have to continue subsidising the following players who are essentially dead wood that are impossible to shift owing to their contracts: Baba, RLC, Barkley, Batsh*t, Baka, Zappa, Drinky, Kepa.
  24. Media / Press

    For sure, if a player comes out, then they would be expected to fully sign up to the 'progressive' agenda and be the poster boy for it. That and the nonsense on social media is a very good reason to want to keep your private life, private. This goes double if they're also not very political.
  25. Andreas Christensen

    I would disagree. I have always said that AC is tactically and positionally the best CB at the club (bar Silva.) The problem with him has been mental and physical where he seems to get easily knocked, while I also think UK fans fail to appreciate the nuances of his game. The biggest problem is that in this country we still love big challenges. The best case in point of this is Zouma's from last season against Palace, where he got himself into an incredibly bad position then had to pull out a monster tackle to make up for it. Everyone went nuts over that, but the problem was that Zouma only had to do it due to bad positional play/reading of the game. AC on the other hand plays more like a continental CB where he thinks like Maldini in that 'if you have to make a tackle, you've already done something wrong'. Now I am not saying he has had prefect play sin e 2016, but a lot of what he was doing right wasn't being noticed and when he did make a mistake it was being compounded by his partner's lack of positional work (Rudi is also susceptible of switching off/taking bad positions up) which made it look more his fault as he isn't one to dash back and make a monster tackle like they can. Now we are playing a 3atb he can play his game and allow it to shine. The problem will come if we switch back to a back 4, as he requires someone both tactically aware and quick to cover him when he does make a mistake. Silva is probably his best bet, but we would suffer against pace with that pairing.