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  1. I'm so proud of our 3 players that have publically spoken against Spurs. Really gives the same that extra edge, usually don't see this kind of open speaking about the derbies in English football. All 3 are among players I've been angry at earlier in the season for not caring, and just being typical continental imports that don't seem to give ****. First Cesc on Monday Night Football saying "We don't want Spurs to win the title". Then Eden in the BBC interview after Bournemouth saying the same and finally Pedro today in the Standard saying "I can't be part of the first Chelsea team to lose at home to Tottenham in 26 years". It might be the cynic in me, but is the club's PR thing drilling them to say these things? haha. I just can't accept how they've won my heart back after the shitshow of a season. Now they better beat ****ing Tottenham! I'll be front row Shed Upper, in the centre, not too far from the away end hehe. Thank the Ticket Office for the Ticket Exchange as I'd never get perfect seats like this otherwise!
  2. I've based this chant on the tune of this Atletico chant ( which is ultimately from a Napoli chant ) : The skies are blue once again, My problems become clouds, Wearing the badge of Chelsea, We walk Carefree and proud, You’ve won all there is to win, What memories have passed, But win or lose we’re Carefree, We carry Chelsea in our hearts, I love long versed and emotional chants like this when I see them in Turkish football, or in this example Spanish. Wish we had some of our own, so I decided to make one up after hearing Atletico's chant when they beat Munich.
  3. Jose's 2nd spell is soon going to be the longest spell of a Chelsea manager since...Jose himself in his first spell. Stunning to think of that.
  4. 16 match unbeaten run gone.
  5. Petr Cech save VS Everton not on MOTD shortlist. Dissapointing.
  6. I was just looking up our European history and had no idea we qualified for the UEFA Cup 3 times during the Heysel ban. So we were disallowed by the FA to participate in the first European Cup and missed out on 3 UEFA Cup seasons through no fault of our own.
  7. Well said. When it comes to our rivals they're each stinging in their hearts about something; whether it's their Van Persie, their Suarez, their Fabregas, their Bale, their Nasri, their Ronaldo, their Ashley Cole etc. haha I don't think I've ever felt that way about a player leaving, ever, even in the pre-Roman days. You can tell the desperation of rival fans who tried to "level" it up when Lampard scored against us, when Luiz did so and indeed they even grasped for straws whenever Lukaku was a good run (lol).
  8. Just noticed we passed our earlier season unbeaten run. We went 14 unbeaten at start (17 if you count back of last season). Current run is 16.
  9. I was in the Shed Lower, back row in the middle. Then at full time, I ran in excitement across the concourse to watch the celebrations next to my cousin who was sat near the corner flag. This makes me regret getting a Matthew Harding Upper seat over a West Lower seat. Well I guess MHU would have been fine, but I'm sat in the top left from the perspective of this picture. They're going to run around the pitch anyway, so I suppose I'm getting too obsessive haha.
  10. And this is exactly the crux of our "Gerrard hate". We caved in and joined the circus for 30 seconds yet are still getting stick from opposition fans. Many seem to be particularly offended by lamination. John Terry isn't going to get this kind of send off from outside our club and so be it.
  11. His reaction just shows how much the "slip" is still burning his heart. I honestly was thinking he might have long got over it, but he's proven that our chants get to him.
  12. And he slipped again! Shame we didn't score from that attack.
  13. Whenever I'm in the Shed Lower I find it's easier to spread chants from the MHL, than it is to spread chants from the Shed Upper. The Shed tiers feel disconnected.
  14. I used to be a Ronaldo over Messi person, but last few months Messi has ascended to another plane. That was a magical goal. However if we had played we would have got a clean sheet :). I think Barca have the tournament wrapped up.