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  1. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    We have been in a slump for nearly 2 months and without any sign of improvements, even in the 2 PL games we won we struggled to the finish line. On the basis of how this season has played out with Liverpool and City off the pace, we should be in the title race. This isn't a matter of giving time after a small blip. This is a drastic slump. We need a more experienced, tactically astute, evident man manager, more overtly charismatic manager. That's what we are about to get. I'm much more optimistic about where we can finish in the league and CL now. I have great sentimental affection for Frank like we all do, when I was a kid and teen he was the player (alongside JT) I would imitate whenever I played football, I probably still subconsciously do when I play football now. But being a manager is a different ball game. I have personal experience in an office work environment of how one can be a "star player" when a normal staff member and when I was given management responsibility I wasn't good at making sure others work the way I wanted them to and quietly returned to being a normal member of staff. It feels like perhaps Frank was in a similar dilemma, as many star players are when moving to management.
  2. Chelsea vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Wolves have been woeful recently. Worse than us. We will win this comfortably.
  3. Chelsea 3 Luton Town 1

    As a 90s kid that started watching football in 2000/2001, I look back at the football play of this era as purer, more human, more chaotic and free flowing, less robotic, less monotonised, less formulaic and less sterilised as what I watch today and have grown up watching. It might not be better quality or as technical, no sports science, the pitches may be all over the place, but it just looks more exciting to watch, more chaotic and random, and the crowds look more passionate and enthusiastic. What do you elders say? Am I creating a "Golden Era" in my head that didn't really exist? Or am I onto something. I'm not talking about the hooligan and health and safety element, obviously that has improved leaps and bounds. Just the football itself. Also on another point, the disrespect the FA Cup gets these days breaks my heart. I think I was lucky in that I got into football at the tail end of the classic romantic image of the FA Cup, just before the beginning of it being shaped into how it is viewed nowadays and it has stuck with me to this day. Indeed my Dad taking me to the 2000 FA Cup Final may have been what got me into football, even though I recall being bored and wanting to go home during the celebrations haha. But I was very proud to announce to my Arsenal and United supporting friends at Primary School, that Chelsea won something that hundreds of teams were in, not only 20. So we were obviously the true Champions of England. I feel kids growing up these days aren't going to quite feel the same as everything has been hyper focused to the PL and CL, hyper focused on corporate brands and corporate image, the FA Cup feels like it is treated as an afterthought by the teams and broadcasters alike. Almost like it's something people put up with rather than truly care about.
  4. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Frustrated because we should be well in this title race with Liverpool dropping all these points. We could have still afforded to drop a lot of points and still been in it. But we've dropped more than a lot of points.
  5. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    City's goal against Villa was in that similar "not technically offside, but still not in the spirit of the rule" as the first (and maybe second?) we conceded against Leicester. I wonder if it's just a coincidence or a new trend teams are trying to exploit.
  6. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    "I wish we played like Villa" is not a sentence I'd ever thought I'd say in my life.
  7. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    I have disliked Kepa ever since his shenanigans at the 2019 League Cup Final. I can't remember what his form was like back then.
  8. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    I've noticed that as well. Like you say it's a camera thing so we can't say for sure, but if the cameras are at similar moments of games as last season, then it suggests he probably was up there with Frank more often. It felt almost like a joint managerial setup in how they were both on the touchline.
  9. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Not that goal, the first goal. Although now that you mention it I didn't know that!
  10. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    I hope we don't end up in the new 3rd tier European competition. That's what awaits 7th place.
  11. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    Yes I noticed this too. I suppose it's one of those that the wording of the "interfering with play" ruling doesn't truly cover. But logically it should be offside as Vardy's offside positioning causes the ensuing mayhem that leads to their goal.
  12. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 0

    I think we'll hear the news tomorrow morning.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Haaland would be a Hazard level signing, he would win us leagues on his own.
  14. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    He put a Chelsea shirt on.
  15. Fulham 0 Chelsea 1

    We look allergic to scoring. We sure love a sideways pass though.