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  1. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    Great game and an easy watch although should've killed it off a bit earlier with more goals. Good performances all round. Tammy and Timo link up well. Rudiger and Zouma more than comfortable. Great width from the fullbacks. Mount buzzing around and growing in confidence. Kante and Kovacic being super efficient with the ball. And Ziyech our joker in the pack scaring the opposition.
  2. Burnley 0 Chelsea 3

    (No Christiansen) fair enough. Think it's more likely no kepa having more of the psychological impact. Anyways, 4 clean sheets is progress but, we shouldn't be complacent. We parked the bus for utd, who also did the same. We did the same with Seville and they were happy with an away point. And then we've managed in the champs league against a Russian side and Burnley. Plenty to build upon but, let's not read too much into stats. Before we played open attacking football, now we're not. Today's game is the biggest step forward, with a potential banana skin of a game. Zouma has made mistakes every game that could've and almost have led to goals. He showed both sides today, he is a threat at the other end but, he is always going to make a mistake defensively. I think Rudiger should be given a chance now that we have a confident keeper back there.
  3. Burnley 0 Chelsea 3

    Yup, this is the team I want to see play. Can revert to two sitting and swapping mount or Havertz for jorginho or Kovacic without making major changes or playing players out of position. Simples.
  4. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    I can't see why there is so much hatred for Christiansen. I am still a believer that he is a very good player and with a solid keeper behind him then he'd be okay playing at the top level. I missed the last game but, his performances this season have been good (barring the Liverpool sending off that I think we confirmed was a trip on him), he was having a very good game against Liverpool until then... I think Kepa hasn't helped any of our defenders. And with regards to Kepa I still think that he is much better than he is currently proving, he has shown glimpses of that, but, his confidence is completely shot here - and confidence is everything for a keeper - hence, why most of them are extroverts and a little 'crazy'. People seem to have nailed their colours to the mast regards Christiansen despite what he's doing on the field. I am sure if Zouma has a run of games, with a weak keeper behind him, that the blame would be directed at him. What I also don't get is that Zouma made three or four mistakes yesterday but, he isn't being pulled up for it. He generally has more mistakes in him than Christiansen but, isn't being pulled up for that either. If we ship goals then it's Christiansens fault - by default. Zouma has his assets such as strength and speed and is a true goalscoring threat, and I love that about him. I like Zouma for that but, I have to say that I do see that as a weak point when he is in the starting squad. I would expect a team competing for everything to have players all over the pitch that are comfortable on the ball. I like Zouma when there is a typical physical premiership game, and he should start in those. When it is more tactical then I believe it should be Christiansen. When people say that Christiansen was terrible last year I don't buy into that either. I see that he gives a consistent performance if anything. Yes, he's made some mistakes but, then our whole backline is making mistakes. I think our defending issues are a collective. It starts in the link between midfield and defence and, then even more importantly between Keeper and defence. It's very psychological at the moment especially when it's mentioned in the press every day.. That was the big positive from yesterday I think - the fact that Mendy looked very confident and assured. He wasn't under much pressure so time will tell, but, what he did do was with confidence.
  5. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    Right let's find the positives in that game. Reece and Chillwell were probably our best players. Mendy looked confident and comfortable. Jorginho played well, technical game suits him. Kovacic looked the best player whilst he was in the pitch. Silva, looks good and is having a positive impact on those around him. Negatives. Zoumas weaknesses were highlighted because it was a technical game. He is so uncomfortable on the ball. But he is a threat at corners and wins headers. Personally I struggle watch someone so uncomfortable on the ball. Mount, Havertz, kante, Werner did not link up. There was a massive link missing between midfield and attack again. It needs to be addressed. Kante is great at winning the ball but, he isn't a playmaker. When asked to play difficult passes he gives it away far to often. He should be winning it and giving it short to someone like fabregas... We still had individual mistakes today but, we sat deep and didn't get punished. If we attacked them like we would've in the premiership we might have been punished.
  6. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    Mendy has done well - touch wood! Zouma, can't control a bag of cement. Nobody playing great. Kante giving the ball away a lot. We should sit with kante deep, revert him to a Maka role, and then have two good central midfielders in front that can actually dictate a game. Not sure we have any of those though Kovacic potentially. Barkley potentially.. then mount or Havertz in the 10 with ziyech and pulisic wide. I hope Frank doesn't suffer from stubornitis
  7. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    I think you're right when you talk about our fan base. Barkley has never been popular here. I think if you asked beyond our fan base that people would be split on mount or Barkley. To be honest I am split. I rate them both but, would feel happier having Barkley in the team for the bigger games when experience is needed. I also think he adds much more coming off the bench and has more chance of being a game changer currently than Mount does. Way I see it is that we have let Barkley go at his peak. Mount is currently on the upward trajectory and 3-4 years away from his peak.
  8. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    In your opinion. I'm of the opinion that at this moment in time Barkley is ahead. Not that I don't rate Mount, I just thought Barkley was good and very underrated..
  9. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    In other news. Barkley looks to have grabbed the winner following on from his impressive debit for Villa
  10. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Yep, I fully agree. However, I don't think too many Chelsea fans raised an eyebrow and that the general consensus was that he was finished( because he hadn't been playing - like JT and Rafa).
  11. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Yep, he's a proper professional. Similar to Azpi. My son was ball boy for a few years and Cahill was one of the players who'd always interact. Actually, he told me that Luiz was always one of the good ones too!
  12. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    I never understood why we were keen to let him go. Was still performing with us. Bit like when everyone thought JT was finished because Rafa said so and then when Rafa left we had another couple of seasons from him..
  13. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Spoke to my mate who watched the game. He said that we actually played really well until the doubts crept in and then looked nervy. He said it wasn't any individual but, more a collective. He says that kante is great at breaking down play but doesn't link the lines well enough.. defence to midfield and midfield to attack. I tend to agree. He said he didn't see Christiansen do a lot wrong. But said he along with the defence and midfield all looked edgy with every Saints attack. Said that we looked great in attack first half but, they seemed to go a bit lax in the second. And there was missing link between the attackers and midfield. Sounds like we're doing a lot right, but lack of confidence and missing some basics is really costing us at the moment.
  14. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Missed the game as was fishing instead. Sounds like I made the right choice. By the sounds of it Kepa and Christiansen had shockers? Think it's a top four objective again this season, until we can put together a reliable defence. I still believe that a top keeper, someone like schmiechel, would make all the difference. Maybe Mendy is that person
  15. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    I think he'll go with Christiansen, kepa and Azpi. Happy with whoever starts as we seem to have a few in form at the moment. Would love ziyech and pulisic to both be starting.