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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seen a few reports linking us to Ramos. I would like to see him here on a short term but, not sure how the ref's would takes to him here lol ;)
  2. Yep. Would love this too - not sure I can get that one through finance! I keep koi carp and it's always been on my list of places to visit!
  3. Agree mate. I spend at least 6 weeks there with work. There are still places/nights that are non English 😉 will be the perfect place providing there is no trouble. I'll be going, will obviously cost me more brownie points!
  4. Super cup to remain in Belfast. Anybody going? Love Belfast but, would hope it doesn't kick off... (Not the game ;) I went to the Monaco one and was one of about 500 Chelsea fans amongst 18000 atletico Madrid fans. Football was terrible but, the trip was still great
  5. We were flight 8. 7.35 out and 2.05 return..
  6. Me and the people I travelled with received the NHS 10 day isolation text/call today! Obviously someone's day 2 test came back positive on the flight. Just adds to the story and the occasion! Lol
  7. We've got super Tommy Tuchel, he knows exactly what we need, Rudi at the back, Havertz in attack, Chelsea won the champions League. This is one I got going before the match. Obviously last line was going to win and not won 🤣 champions of Europe is a great song, simple but great!! Think it was the first to be sung on the final whistle. Although there was also a Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea.
  8. It was a great trip and well worth every penny and all the hassle! Just got back. 4am-9am straight - feel like I've earnt a rest. Until tomorrow when I take the kids camping! Still hasn't sunk in! We only seemed to get nervous as fans when we saw the board go up with 7mins! Our fans were great. City's were so quiet. Thought they'd have been really up for it but, maybe they just expected the win
  9. At the airport. Long day. Champion's of Europe, we know what we are!
  10. Had my PCR test back in just 4.5hrs! Portugal, Portugal we are coming!
  11. I think I'm lucky and have done this as cheap as possible.. ticket £60, plane £199, PCR £59, day 2 £45. So that's approx £360 all in. Then there is getting to and from Gatwick that I'm still to workout as the trains at Clapham are a no go. When you add the extras on you're looking at £500 cheapest. I would've gone for the £60 or the £154 tickets. Not sure I'd have gone as far as the £300 and £500 tickets seeing as I also just renewed the season ticket and just shelled out on the family holiday...
  12. Yeah, that's what we used for Torres originally too until it changed to his Scouse one.. Olay Olay Mason Mount mount mount
  13. Nice one! we're on the 7.30 flight. Suspect the fan park will be buzzing! I'll be the one singing the Timo Werner to the old Hazard tune. - I know he has the old Torres song but, think we can get both going ;) Forgot to say that the second verse is Hakim Ziyech to the same tune - original I am..... ;)
  14. Both teams wearing their home shirts. Wasn't a fan in the league but maybe the TV made them look like they clashed more than they actually did!
  15. What I've read you need the PCR to be valid for both legs - there was an email out this morning from Sports Breaks: "1) Negative PCR COVID-19 test As per government guidelines, all people travelling between the UK and Portugal must show proof of a negative PCR covid-19 test before boarding. The test must be taken within 72 hours of departure of both your outbound and return flight*. You will need to find a test provider prior to the day trip, making sure the provider meets the standards for pre-departure testing, as per the government website. As per the guidance, this should not be an NHS test. *You must ensure that the negative PCR test is valid upon your re-entry back into the UK, in the morning of Sunday 30th May 2021. Check your test result identifies the type of test taken and gives your name, date of birth, the date and time the sample was collected and the date of the result." The City website also indicates that they should get their PCR done Thursday. However, having said this I think there's going to be a lot of people that are in the same boat at Porto airport so I can't see them not allowing people to return for a PCR that is a few hours over the 72 hour limit... The day-2 test is a requirement to prevent the need to isolate.