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  1. Anyone know this kid?
  2. Baka Official .
  3. Thanks mate! Great advise. Haha, what a polite Young man you've raised :) (I assume you let him stick it to the lino of course)
  4. Hi Guys, Greetings from Denmark. My son turned 7 in June and he is well on his way to be a die hard blue like the rest of us. Not sure you realise how difficult that is in Denmark where 99% are Real Madrid og Barca fans and the rest Man utd fans. But my kid is loyal to the mighty blues and I'd like to bring him to his first match soon as a suprise :) I'm considering to go to Chelsea - Leicester cause it fits well in the calendar but of course there aren't many tickets left. The section choices I have are either mathew Harding lower near the corner flag or directly behind goal but I'm not sure if it fits well with children? I also have the choice to look at the upper tier but I worry it might be at the back. Could any of you pitch in with your suggestion as to if I should wait or if you think he'd have a great experience in either the lower MH stand or the upper tier? If its best to choose the upper could you suggest if I should choose the longside or shortside? By the way, last time I went to the bridge we beat Aston Villa 7-1, so I'm sure it will be a similar scoreline if we go :) best regards!
  5. In my opinion one of the qualities our team is lacking now is long range shooting. Granted we are playing bad at the moment, but opponents are generally too comfortable sitting back and inviting us to unlock their defence. if we had a Lampard teams had to close us down faster and with more aggression, because they couldn't allow us time on the ball to take the shot. Now the opposition is much more focused on standing in front of our players, allowing us to pass sideways and only worrying about covering the Space behind them. if a player like Lampard got the ball in the final third, the defender would be mental not to press quickly to close down any Space for a shot. That forces him to leave the space he's in which is exactly what we need. I think we need to focus on drawing defenders out of position, leaving space behind that another defender must then close down. Work the defenders, Draw them out of position and create space to run into. And if they do not feel the need to close us down quickly, shoot the f'in ball at goal. If it goes in, they know they cannot afford us that much time on the ball. If the keeper saves we might get Lucky on the rebound. I don't watch much football any more. My love is Chelsea and I watch all our games. I have an interest in football and watch the big games every now and then. So I don't have a finger on the pulse when it comes to talented players playing for clubs other than the top 10 in europe or teams Chelsea do not play. Are there not any available midfielders with in the market that also offers a thread outside the penalty area?
  6. /Logs in to the forum to read interesting opinions on Chelsea. Learns instead that running a photography business excludes other posters from challenging your points, cause clearly they do not have the qualifications. ^__^ Roman Roman sign him up! The state of this forum as of late is comedy.
  7. Arsenal must win by 2 goals to advance. They've never won there before.
  8. I just read an interview with AC on a Danish football website. I've translated it below. "I see my chances of playing as okay and that is also why I've chosen to come here. The most important thing when I had to make my decision was playing time, so I wouldn't have come here if I didn't believe I would play. Based on the training sessions it is difficult to read where I stand. it's practicaly 2 teams playing 45 minutes each when we play training matches, but I think I've done well in the games I've played. I played the entire match against Porto where we won 2-1, so I think I'm doing my part to cement a spot in the first team. The coach likes players that can play multiple positions, so sometimes I may play as right back, while other times I will be playing in central defence. So I think there will be a bit of rotation. I'm confident of getting a lot of playing time but it might not be in the same position every game. everyone here is very proud of last seasons result, so they are all excited to get going. Everyone is positive about the new season and we are working hard to be ready. I think the goal is to repeat the good result of last season so that we can continue to play in Europe next year. That is the goal."
  9. Turan in - Pedro out? Could be a genuine possibility now, despite signing a new contract.
  10. Could someone explain the tradition with celery to a confused dane? :)
  11. I briefly voiced my concerns over Cech moving to our rivals. While I get that he has done great service to the Club, it seems a very emotional judgement that it warrants a move to a rival. I have no problem with him moving to Paris, Madrid etc, but playing week in week out in the PL is plain stupid. In the CL you do not need to compete on points won, but head 2 head in the knock outs, so Cech could only damage us if we Draw his team. People should remember what happened when Arsenl sold RVP to Man utd. They effectively lost any possibility of winning the League. A stupid trade of as I suspect the prize Money for a PL Triumphs his transfer fee? We know Cech is easily worth 5-10 points during the course of a season. Say Arsenal had him this year, we might still be fighting to win the League. I think it is sentimental nonsence that he is allowed to pick where ever because of doing his job for many years. If we do sell to Arsenal or Man utd we should make sure we milk every Pound or pick the talent we want in a swap deal. Come next year we may regret it. On another point I would buy Pedro in a heartbeat at the rumoured Price. Absolute steal.
  12. Can anyone give me a good reason to sell Cech to Arsenal or Man utd as rumored in the press. It would be insane(!!!) unless we are talking a huge transfer fee.
  13. Mourinho pretty much confirms that Oscar is going nowhere. With a good rest this summer Mourinho expect him to emulate hazards development. can't wait for the new season to begin :)
  14. Anyone watched dzagoev lately? I remember us heavily linked with him some years ago, but I sont think we actually ever tabled a bid. Quite surprised when I checked his wiki that he is only 24 years old. His value is listed at around 15m .
  15. Juventus agree 80m € fee with PSG for Pogba. No personal terms have been agreed