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  1. They were ridiculous at the time and I didn’t see anyone moaning or complaining when we were throwing the cash about. What I’m expecting should be the requirement for any top club aspiring to win Premier League titles and Champions Leagues. And as I have said, it’s because everyone else’s standards for the club have dropped in recent seasons that we are having this discussion in the first place.
  2. No, what we need is quality players. Not ones happy to sit on the bench, ones wanting to challenge and replace those ones mentioned if need be without a sacrifice to the team. It staggers me that people are now willing to accept mediocrity at the club purely because it fills a space in the squad.
  3. “Do a good job” ”Better players in his position” ”Worth having around” ”not a signing to be first choice” Are these seriously attributes that we are using now regarding players? If a player is coming to Chelsea merely to be happy to be a squad player then I don’t want him at my club. As I said, clearly people’s standards have dropped.
  4. I’d be doing more of a disservice to the club by accepting/wanting a lower standard of player joining the club.
  5. Again, you are missing my point. It shouldn’t be about ranking midfielders from 1st-4th in terms of position, it should be about having equal levelled players competing for the two positions available. You might deem that unrealistic, but I’m certainly not going to stop wanting the absolute best being signed for us. I certainly feel disappointed that a certain section of fans standards in regards to the signings we make have dropped. Because that’s what signing Drinkwater will be.
  6. And if you looked at the posts before that, you would have seen that I said there were/are better players available to purchase this summer than Danny Drinkwater. See this is where I seem to differ from seemingly the rest of you. I don't want us to buy a 4th choice central midfielder happy with a squad place or because he's merely homegrown. I want us to buy top level talent that if in training has performed better than Kante or Bakayoko, then he starts ahead of them. I can't understand why any of you wouldn't want the same to be honest. I guess my expectations of the club are a lot higher than the rest of you.
  7. I think that you’re all missing the point that Drinkwater is not the level of signing our club should be aspiring to sign.
  8. Kessie, Krychowiak, Matuidi, Tolisso, Fabinho. Less of the sarcasm please. Drinkwater shouldn’t be bought purely because he’s English. Players should be bought to strengthen the squad to the point that they are pushing the current eleven, regardless of nationality. As it stands, we’ve all agreed that it’s Kante and Bakayoko with Cesc as 3rd choice. Why even bother buying him if he isn’t in essence going to get ahead of those three? Because that’s what we should be aiming for here. I want competition for places. But I fear that my expectations of what the squad should be (4 top CM for the two positions as an example) differ from the majority of people here. Which is a shame but there you go.
  9. There are better squad players that could/could have been bought than Danny Drinkwater. Sorry, but you or anyone else isn’t going to convince me otherwise.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/matt_law_dt/status/898612858681995265 Lol, we’re actually going to sign Drinkwater aren’t we. This club.
  11. And with those "principles" it will come at the detriment of the first team. Do you really think the likes of Hazard and Courtois will sign new contracts if they don't see players of a similar quality join the club? I really do think there is a significant part of our supporters that just can't let go of the past and haven't adapted to us being a significant player in the Premier League/European football. Like they want to take the moral high ground when it comes to buying players - "Ooooh, can't be paying top dollar anymore, have to get a bargain..." I want the best players playing at Chelsea, and so should everyone else and if it means paying large sums of money to get those players then so be it. Anyone saying they'd prefer anything different is just kidding themselves.
  12. I can't believe Chelsea would ever stump up 70m euros for a player, let alone one that has a 100m euro release clause that everyone knows about.
  13. Pat themselves on the back and say that the Academy is a success.
  14. What value are they hoping to find two weeks before the window closes?
  15. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/diego-costa-tells-chelsea-he-will-not-return-as-striker-pushes-for-transfer-to-atletico-madrid-a3613726.html Wonderful chap that Diego.