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  1. In regards to Ake-I imagine it's a case of how Lukaku felt before he left in that he's got Cahill, Luiz, Dave, Zouma and the returning Christensen to compete with and he feels that he can get more game time elsewhere. And like Lukaku, I'll be disappointed that he hasn't decided to stay to fight for a place, but I can understand his reasoning. I'm sure that we'll insert a buy back clause this time round.
  2. Bakayoko appears to be a done deal-€40m in a 4 year deal.
  3. Where has there been a lack of faith or gratitude shown towards him? If anything, the faith shown by us to buy him in the first place should be good enough. These men are professionals - they know the score regarding the squad game nowadays. Tell me who we put in Alonso's place if he were to do a ligament 30 mins into a game without it disrupting the formation? We went to pieces when Alonso didn't play against Utd at OT. Id much rather have Alonso be an able deputy to Sandro (if the transfer happens) so we have two excellent players for that position. Agree about needing a better player for the RWB position.
  4. Why on earth would we lose Alonso? You think if we bought back Bertrand he'd be ok being straight on the bench? End of the day if the option is there to improve the team like this potential Sandro transfer will do, then we should take it.
  5. Yes, comfortably good enough to take his place. A vital cog, yes. But if a better player in that position is available and interested in joining the club then we should pursue.
  6. Because Sandro is a better player than Alonso?
  7. http://forums.CFCnet.co.uk/topic/55403-transfer-talk-topic/?do=findComment&comment=1432847
  8. Alves is a RB...
  9. Alex Sandro related bit of news - Juve are in for Nice LB Dalbert.... http://www.football-italia.net/104539/dalbert-opens-alex-sandro-chelsea Pretty much indicates that it opens up Sandro to join us.
  10. We never really wanted Lewandowski Romelu, pay no attention to those silly people at Sky!
  11. Kits are on sale in New York apparently. The home kit is lovely. Not sure about the City shorts with the away kit though... ;-)
  12. Do you think Bertrand would return merely to be great for depth? I kinda like getting players in that are better than the ones we have personally speaking.
  13. Maybe Conte wants more than admirable.
  14. Great post.
  15. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/chelsea-target-alex-sandro-52-million-transfer-bid-offered-new-juventus-deal-a3567856.html