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  1. Plans approved! Tremendous news! Huge day for the club.
  2. My point is that enough hasn't been done so that when he does finally retire, the next set of players are more than capable of taking us on without fear of us falling apart. Which is exactly what is happening now.
  3. After today, top 6 at best.
  4. Isn't it depressing how reliant we are on Terry though? At 35. Bloke should be enjoying the latter stages of his career but the rest of them are so inept that he has to play.
  5. Costa and the new signings aside, the rest of them can leave the club as far as I'm concerned.
  6. It's actually depressing being dependant on a 35 year old defender to even have half a chance of staying in a game.
  7. If I don't see Cahill on the bench next game then Conte has lost the plot already.
  8. What a shambles. The board should be ashamed of themselves that they've allowed us to regress so much.
  9. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/712411/Chelsea-Antonio-Conte-Thibaut-Courtois-Premier-League-Diego-Simeone-News-Atletico-Madrid Would have no problems with him leaving in the summer to be honest.
  10. Can someone remind Mr Hazard that he needs to turn up to games sometimes please?
  11. While I agree about Willian and Oscar, that doesn't mean you can defend him. Getting paid £200,000 a week to put in those types of performances?
  12. What a myth Eden Hazard is. I don't want anyone mentioning him in the same light as Messi or Ronaldo ever again. Everyone can mention the likes of Oscar and Willian stealing a living at this club (and deservedly so), but he does as well at times. Right team won.
  13. When will we ever have runners around the back when one of our full backs stops short everytime because he's a right back playing left back, and the other one is Ivanovic who can't cross for love nor money....
  14. This has been coming. We got lucky against West Ham and Watford, beat a lackluster Burnley and got punished by Swansea for not taking chances. Ivanovic just needs to go away (as does Cahill) and the sooner Alonso starts the better.