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  1. Fulham vs Chelsea

    One things for certain We are dropping further and further down the league, when we play Fulham we could be below West Ham, and level on points with a poor Arsenal team and Leeds, in joint 10th. lose, and Arsenal then win(which they more then likely will on Monday night) , and we will be in 11th, going into the Leicester game. Anyone on here still think Lampard will still be in a job with uncle Avram breathing down his neck?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Why is Lampard falling out with players? Alonso is a better player then Emerson, if need be he could play LW, but no Lampard would rather play Werner there, Tomori is better then then Rudiger and Christenson, yet he wants to get rid of Tomori, Why was Barkley sent out, we should have looked to have sold Jorgino Or even Kante
  3. Chelsea 4 Morecambe 0

    Great draw, no excuses
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Sack him tonight, gives the new man time to work with the players and a nice easy game in the cup
  5. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Sums it up, throw in by their corner flag and it ends up with the keeper
  6. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Give the job to Rodgers .....or Wenger
  7. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Romans on the phone now
  8. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    That must be it now,
  9. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Good night Lampard
  10. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Well they didn't take long
  11. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Can someone explain how the freekick was taken OUTSIDE the penalty area when it was a back pass and the goalie picked it up
  12. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    How is Taylor allowed to referee us again? this is the bloke who tried to stich us up against Tottenham on more then one occasion, then failed to take action against Maguire, tried to keep son on the pitch, and then followed up with the cup final... WHY DID WE NOT INSIST THAT HE DOESNT REFEREE OUR GAMES AGAIN...EVER?
  13. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    Have to win, draw not good enough, teams all around us seem to be winning all of a sudden, lose and things could get ugly for Lampard, Roman sharpening his axe
  14. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 3

    That was the rule, there is no excuse not to play this game as they have a big squad. apparently in the NFL, NO GAMES ARE CANCELLED, the Cleveland Browns all 4 wide receivers tested positive for COVID, but they still had to play the game and they lost, and it looks like costing them a place in the playoffs! the same in the FA cup if Morcombe have 14 players fit then the game should be played, doesn't matter if they have to field 3 goalkeepers, Rotherham had two games postponed but had to play the other night or they would have had a points deduction. I saw Big Sam was calling for a two week break, but it can't happen as teams are playing 2 or 3 games a week already, and the season can't be extended because of the euros. They are saying one team ( don't remember who it is) may have to play 7 games in 14 days
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Transfer window doesn't open until tomorrow, I just hope if we are going to sign someone we don't mess around until last day of the window, targets should have been identified before window opens, and get on with it