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  1. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Lampard won't last until Christmas at this rate, leaking goals for fun.. and to think he preferred all other centre Halfs over Luiz once again the team are still in the dressing room when we kick off in the second half, hardly created anything in the second 45. Azpi has to be dropped, he can't even defend now, I thought Lampard would play players in their right positions, how wrong.
  2. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Zouma must have had more touches then anyone else on the pitch, pity he doesn't know what to do with it
  3. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Are we allowed to cancel Ampadus loan or does he have to stay there all season? he hasn't played any of their 3 games so far and couldn't even get on their bench yesterday
  4. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Just watched goals on Sunday on sky, NOT a word said about any of the var decisions in our game. dont know if match of the day said anything, but I'll be watching ref watch tomorrow on sky, be interesting to see dermot Gallaghers take on the game
  5. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    I've nothing against Barkley, I just feel that in pre season he was excellent and thought the shackles that sarri put on him were off. But he seems to have gone back in his shell, apart from one amazing run in the second half
  6. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    On bein sports, they all agreed it was a stamp on mount and he should have been sent off
  7. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Another mistake from the ref, yet VAR saves him
  8. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Brilliant from mount, and **** from Barkley
  9. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Get Barkley off, and bring on another striker
  10. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    This is getting silly now...another pen not given, even the commentators running out of excuses
  11. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Watching bein sports with Andy gray, both Norwich goals should have been ruled out by VAR..and Tammy should have had a pen Anyone who thought var would be fair to all teams....
  12. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    And now we will tire...
  13. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Azpi needs to stay back more, he isn't good enough or fast enough
  14. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Frank obviously never saw Monday night football, Carragher highlighted the acres of space we leave which teams are exploiting easily
  15. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Luiz....oh I forgot Zouma is the better player