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  1. Transfer Talk Topic
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Marina trying to get money for Sarri from Juve... But the odds are we want him gone anyway, so why not do a deal where he just walks away to Juve without any compensation, and they don't need to pay us
  3. Transfer Talk Topic hold on to players who are on the decline (being polite to Willian and a few others), yet let our best leave, Costa,Hazard and now Kante?(who could blame him, if he's not enjoying playing under Sarri) since when have we been a selling club?
  4. Media / Press

    City best team in premier league doubt as for FFP? Who cares...we weren't complaining when Roman was buying everyone around, it's a shame Romans given up I hope Sarri or whoevers in charge sits the players down and shows them a replay.. look at how many goals they score, because players bust a gut to get into the box, compare that to our joke of a team, how many times is the ball put across ( when the fullbacks or the so called wingers, get it right ) and there's no one there, because they can't be arsed.
  5. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    It has to be Giroud, playing against his former team GOOD, MAYBE UEFA WILL LEARN...EVERYONE SHOULD STAY AWAY
  6. Transfer Talk Topic ambition, is this what we've come to?
  7. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I agree with a few others, it was a game the owner could attend.. It was for a good cause but the timing was poor, it should have been after the Europa league final. maybe it was a last ditch attempt by Roman to try to get hazard to stay or so Roman could tell Sarri that he will be gone after the final.. sarri didn't even go to the memorial, an upset stomach is the excuse being put up, apparently it didn't go down to well
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    If there's no ban, then ship out Willian and/or Pedro and go for zaha, 60 million should get him
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ on a phone in last night, it was reported that the New York Times had big connections to Liverpool fc (don't know if true?) but if it is true then this may have something to do with it.
  10. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Paul Merson said earlier today that he was pretty certain that Sarri would be gone after the final - win or lose suggested the next manager could be Steve Holland (who I think it will be) or Lampard, others on the panel thought Eddie Howe might get his chance
  11. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    If the ban stands we will be stuck with them.. even if the ban is lifted for one window, do you really think we will bring in enough quality? does it not worry you, that Sarri wants to keep Hiquain and only bring in a couple of players.. half of this squad need to go, but it's easier said then done.. when you have Willian saying he would rather stay here then go to Barca?
  12. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Yes, embarrassing to say the least
  13. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Just seen Klopp on the pitch, where's that stupid grin? no fist punching today...ha ha
  14. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Sky still trying to talk up hoo
  15. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Could be worse, we could be the great man utd