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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    No sign of us being in for Carroll,Crouch or Benteke then?
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Anyone know what's happened to zouma
  3. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Have we created anything in this game?
  4. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    In our goal?
  5. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    We need to go back to 3 at the back
  6. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Looks like no change then? we seem to have some of the slowest players around
  7. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Georginho giving ball away AGAIN
  8. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Same as usual, slow build up and ball going sideways and backwards
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    He will gone by Christmas
  10. Transfer Talk Topic ‘But I know that these names will be very famous in the next years.’ yes they will be...but not here,unless they are given a fair chance, if they're good enough play them, STOP sending these players out on loan, Ampidu is already better then Bakayoko and Drinkwater and should be in front of them. Hudson-Odoi is good enough to play if Willian goes
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does anyone believe this club anymore, we seem to be linked to players all the time, but we never seem to sign any of them only to sign players who are not good enough or upgraded from what we already have.Other clubs don't seem to have any problem signing players they pay the asking price, no haggling over 5 million or so, last season we ended up with Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Zappacosta, etc, it ended up costing us more BECAUSE WE didn't GET TOP FOUR. HAZARD WILL NOT STAY UNLESS WE SIGN TOP PLAYERS, WOULD YOU IF YOU SEE PLAYERS LIKE BAKA, DRINKWATER, ETC BEING BROUGHT IN..THEN WHAT KANTE TO GO? lets not hear from people on here about let's wait and see until the window know as well as me, WE ARE HEADING DOWN THE SAME ROUTE YET AGAIN. GET THAT WOMAN OUT OF THE CLUB ROMAN, IF NOT MAYBE ITS TIME TO GO. wheres the director of football we heard about?, Roman was going to be involved personally about transfers was the rumor, nothing seems to be happening and the clock is ticking...the window shuts in 12 days here, but not elsewhere..Eden,Willian,Kante and even the goalkeeper can afford to wait and see who we sign, then if they deem any players we sign are not top class what's to stop them leaving?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Once again the board. Are struggling to recruit players.... why are we rushing to sign a third choice keeper? He could have signed on the last day of the transfer day, GET SOME PLAYERS IN, WHO ARE GOING TO UPGRADE US NOW A.S.P AND GIVE THE MANAGER SOME SORT OF CHANCE, OTHERWISE IT WILL BE THE SAME OLD STORY..
  13. Perth Glory 0 Chelsea 1

    We played against a team who would struggle in league 2, apart from one run he still kept giving the ball away, barging players over when he didn't need to, and looked scared as soon as anyone gave him the ball. compare him to Barkley who looked like he wanted the ball and tried his hardest to fit for the back 4, no one apart from Ampadu stood out and looked like the system suited him
  14. Perth Glory 0 Chelsea 1

    Bakayoko still crap, if he can't have a decent game against a poor side then there's no hope for him
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Also take out Bakayoko and Hazard
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Butland or Pope would be a better option and cheaper. Dont know if this is true but sources in Italy are saying Madrids opening bid for Eden is 107 million pounds, tell them if they want him the starting price is 200 million
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    IF we are going to sell Eden to Madrid, then the two clubs should agree to keep it quiet until the last day of the transfer market or any other deals will go up in price because they will know we have money to spend. and if we are to sell hazard then we should be looking for 200 million pounds nothing less, unless it involves other players that WE want, not that Madrid would like to off load!
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    How much do we want for Hazard then? no way will he stay, and who can blame him.. could lose Kante, Coutois and Willian as well.. A total mess, all because Roman didn't dump Conte when he should have done
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Harry Maguire closest thing to Terry, don't suppose we'll try for him?
  20. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte
  21. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte looks like Roman isn't convinced.. hope it's not Brendon Rodgers, I'd rather we take a chance on Jody Morris
  22. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    No subs
  23. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    Apart from hazard and Kante everyone is still in the tunnel
  24. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    Is the so called manager watching this