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  1. And so the love in with Jose goes on because he's at man utd, big deal they won the epl trophy, Southampton were the better team, and were cheated. phil Neville going on how Ibra should be player of the year, really? Better then Kante?
  2. Pedro saves the day AGAIN, the only one with some bollocks to shoot
  3. I think we should put on batman, take off Alonso who is in acres of space but doesn't know what to do with it, and move Pedro
  4. Why? costa just let the cf a free header..Once again for all our dominance we have only one goal to show for it too much strolling around, too many passes for the sake of passing and again NOT ENOUGH SHOTS AT GOAL
  5. Hmm, Lincoln a NON LEAGUE TEAM showed us how to do it
  6. Ham, I hope your right, BUT the way we've played in the last two away games, going a goal up and then creating nothing, and getting only a point from each of those, players looking tired or in Luizs case playing with an injury. it only takes a bad reffing decision (we must be due) or a couple of injuries and things can turn quickly. city will take at least 9 points from their next 4 games.
  7. We need to be worried, not just because City (who most people had wrote off) are now finding form, but because of our performances away from home. in the games against Liverpool and Burnley we barely created anything, and seemed to think that going a goal up in both of those games, that we had done enough. Liverpool away we let them back in it, (Costa missed the penalty to win it, but I don't think we forced their keeper into a save in the second half), Hazard went missing. Then we smashed Arsenal. But then away at Burnley, we go a goal up in 7 mins and and then fail to have another shot on target in the remaining 83 mins.Costa going back to his old trick of drifting out of the penalty area and the ball being put in the box and he is nowhere to be seen. A point away at Burnley is NOT a good result (despite what some on here will tell you), especially with city strolling to victory at Bournemouth. I don't see us losing many games, but it only takes 3 draws and city win at the same time as our draws and the gap would be down to 2 points. The manager needs to trust other players, Luiz is clearly injured,Alonso and Moses look like they could do with a break, Hazard and Costa aren't playing anywhere near their top form, other players need to be given a chance. look at the next fixtures in the league. we play Swansea at home, city don't play. City go to Sunderland and we go away to west ham (points to be dropped?),City then play at home to stoke, we play watford 2 days later(again we could drop points),we then go away to stoke(where we struggle), city play at home to a tiring Liverpool. we then play palace at home(who we should beat, but could be a banana skin) while city go to the bottlers Arsenal. Then it's us against them, as I've said the gap could only be 2 points by then
  8. They celebrate like they've won the league
  9. luiz needs a rest
  10. 4 min man is on
  11. Poor effort today, we look scared, how can we win at city and not here
  12. Why do we persist in trying to go through the center
  13. Fabregas please
  14. Sky desperate for Chelsea to lose
  15. Too many players going missing, after the start we had we then took our foot off again