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  1. Meanwhile Spurs score another 6 away from home
  2. Too many greedy players, no one wants to pass now, Willian and bats
  3. Like I said Pedro should be playing
  4. Is Costa leaving, looks like it the way he waved to everybody
  5. We are a much better team with Pedro in it, instead of willian
  6. How is it that Tottenham leading 3-0 and city leading 4-0 can stroll through there games and we struggle against the worst team in the division?
  7. Liverpool score on halftime
  8. Have to say it.. But we have been poor,some players more worried about not getting injured for next week
  9. 'This isn't Hollywood' Chelsea 1-1 Sunderland Garth Crooks Former Spurs striker on Final Score Posted at15:31 I don't know what to make of it, quite frankly. This isn't Hollywood, it's a Premier League fixture. I'm a bit bemused, this has been set up. I'm uncomfortable with it. It's a guard of honour in the middle of a game.
  10. If the arsenal game was a hose race, there would be a stewards, Arsenal with 10. Men leading Everton 2-0, meanwhile Liverpool are still 0-0
  11. 'Koscielny is a good guy' Arsenal 1-0 Everton Martin Keown Former Arsenal defender on Football Focus Posted at15:18 I know the guy, he is a good guy and he didn't want to cause any malice.
  12. Arsenal down to 10 men, koscielny out of cup final
  13. And Costa misses from 3 yards
  14. Costa and hazard both miss from 2 yards