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  1. So Ake backfired and wasn't worth the risk....
  2. Jenas acting like a kid, Shearer slapped him down " Chelsea have just scored 4 goals against the best defence in the league, how can you say they don't deserve it?"
  3. Cahill might struggle to get back in the team!
  4. Such a dangerous game we're playing, so deep
  5. Willian off
  6. What is the keeper doing
  7. 'It's not a penalty' Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham Hotspur Chris Waddle Ex-Spurs and England winger at Wembley for 5 live Sport Posted at18:01 It's a soft penalty. The referee didn't really want to give it by the looks of it, but the assistant was flagging. Son did not need to slide in, but for me it's not a penalty. Moses nudged the ball past his man then leapt and fell over. No penalty.
  8. Take bats off and send on hazard
  9. First time Moses gets at son, and it's a pen
  10. Every lose ball is going to them, and not only that we only seem to want to go backwards
  11. Alonso the one getting caught out
  12. Too deep
  13. Is conte losing the plot
  14. Son playing left wing back, any chance we are going to get at him?
  15. He knew something, tweeted it at 2-30
  16. Won't look good for the manager if we are losing by a couple of goals at the break, Gary Lineker says Hazard and Costa are being RESTED?!!
  17. Maybe the virus has got to the manager
  18. means nothing, not the time to be sentimental, play Terry in a back 4 with Zouma along side him, but not in a back 3.
  19. Please no JT, bring in Ake for Cahill, NO GAMBLES... courtois Moses,dave,Luiz,Ake,Alonso konte,Fabregas willian,Hazard,Pedro
  20. What was the point of bringing Ake back, if he wasn't going to be given a chance. Today was the day, and he still didn't get a game. conte blamed himself in the sky interview, but I hope away from the cameras he ripped into the players. Souness also said it was clearly handball, and when asked how he would have handled being man marked, he said he would have gone in on a 40 - 60 and gone through the marker. Now I'm not saying that Hazard should be doing that, but I agree with others that Cahill needs to get stuck in a bit more.
  21. looks like Alonso will be ok next week, not injured just unwell
  22. Is Ake cup tied? if not he has to play RWB
  23. If the other teams who Spurs play, are going to play like Watford and bournemouth then give them the trophy now
  24. Embarrassing performance, not one shot on target
  25. Ronaldo and messi wouldn't worry about being man marked