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  1. Keep hearing Everton want to take Costa on loan or even permanently... after the way they lead us down the garden path with stones, we should tell them we will never do business with them ever again
  2. Put yourselves in Hazards shoes, you see Chelsea panicking on deadline day running around trying to bring in any sort of a player that will fill the subs bench, no world class players at the club, maybe spending 40 million on Drinkwater(not his fault),the manager in danger of changing AGAIN, how long would you hang around?
  3. if we are prepared to pay 70 million for Sandro, why not offer 70 million for Sanchez, Arsenal won't turn that down
  4. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/638092/Chelsea-transfer-news-Antonio-Conte-targets-Dybala-Lukaku-Aguero-Morata
  5. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/637954/Chelsea-Transfer-News-Abramovich-NOT-behind-Matic-to-Man-Utd-deal-Conte-was-Ince this coming from a failed manager
  6. I commented a couple of days back that JM only seems to go after transfer targets that we are after, and surprise surprise we have been chasing OX for weeks, and now this.. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/841714/Man-Utd-Liverpool-Arsenal-Oxlade-Chamberlain-Chelsea-Premier-League-Transfer-News-Gossip
  7. Question - why does it take Chelsea so long to sign a player, there were plenty of rumours flying around that we would announce a new signing BEFORE the charity shield after selling Matic...it seems we are no nearer to signing anyone. is it that we don't want to deal with certain agents? Because if that's the case then we won't sign anybody, city and united seem to be linked with players and within days they announce the signing. we keep hearing that we are on the verge of signing player 'A' or 'B' from normally reliable sources and then nothing, time is running out and the selling clubs can keep increasing the selling price as they know Chelsea are desperate to bring in players. what happens if we run out of time and DONT bring anyone in?
  8. Does anyone know if Roman was at the game Saturday?
  9. https://talksport.com/football/chelsea-may-have-given-manchester-united-league-title-selling-them-nemanja-matic-blasts-ray dont suppose anyone from the club will answer the question
  10. Feigning injury and diving are supposed to be a part of the new rules introduced this season, judged by a Panel of three the day after.Nothing will happen to either of the players involved in the Cahill sending off or the vokes dive. I watched the game on American tv and the co comentator said that the player who was fouled by Cahill made the most of it and even said Cahill barely touched him. And when vokes went down between Luiz and Rudiger(just after Luisa goal), he said it wasn't even a free kick, vokes just run into the back of Luiz. what about the challenge by Arfield on Alonso, who only got a yellow after coming on as sub, that was waste high and should have been a straight red..
  11. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40856491
  12. It looks like JM sits in his office everyday reading the papers watching out for any player Chelsea are linked with, and then puts in a bid for them, just to stop us. How many more players does he want to buy? Lukuku, Bale, now Rose does he know he can only field 11 at once
  13. No point in trying to buy players anymore, NO ONE wants to sign for us http://www.calciomercato.com/en/news/report-chelsea-give-up-on-milan-target-renato-sanches-65766 yet we are good at selling... https://theshedender.com/2017/08/tabloid-talk/serie-a-giants-seeking-loan-before-22m-purchase-of-chelsea-centre-back/
  14. Sick of this, not one rival will sell to us http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/selling-nemanja-matic-to-manchester-united-was-chelsea-saying-thank-you-says-denis-irwin-a3602476.html
  15. Yeh right, we will ask for £100 million and accept £50 million
  16. Isn't he about 15?
  17. Struggling to field a team thanks to the board...don't think Pedro will be on the bench, think Boga or Musonda will start on left and Morata will be on the bench
  18. The question is why are we bending over backwards to help Jose and one of our main rivals win the league?letting them have Matic is the final piece in the jigsaw..anyone on here who doesn't believe it, is deluded.Jose always wins the league in his second season, we should be getting Matic fit and use him, tell him he's going nowhere Its clear the board don't want to buy anymore players, and if we get off to a good start, they will use that to justify not having to splash the cash. I would order Costa to get his Arse back here and use him if we have to, he can't join AM until Jan. we have maybe 14 players good enough for the first team, what happens if we get a couple of injuries or suspensions early on? can we rely on the kids who came on yesterday? Get off to a bad start and either Conte will walk or Roman will be lining up a replacement, (while the real culprits will still be clinging to their jobs)
  19. Someone to play LWB (go and buy Bertrand for 30 million), offer Arsenal 80 million for Sanchez, who can then play on the Left or up front, and if we need three strikers why not Carroll or Deeney, but whoever we buy, can we get on with it and don't leave it to deadline day
  20. I'd get Costa and Matic back in training, we might need them
  21. Don't worry Remy is on
  22. Cheated again Bats clearly onside
  23. Don't think Moreta will start then
  24. Have we got another game in midweek
  25. Best own goal I've seen in years