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  1. Batman playing like the joker
  2. Why does conte leave it so late for subs
  3. Be well disappointed if we don't win it tonight
  4. Evans allowed to drag the ball along the floor with his hand
  5. Give the ball to Moses, McLean must be off next foul
  6. McLean should be off and he knew it
  7. Win it Friday, then let the cup team put their feet up for the last two games, while arsenal have to play their strongest team for the remainder of the season, tiring themselves out and a chance of injuries and maybe a red card or two👍😊
  8. 7-0 is on
  9. Agreed 7-0
  10. Now I know this is only rumours, but according to the express today we are ready to hear bids for Willian, and Man Utd are at the head of the queue. 1) even if we were to sell Willian it shouldn't be to a title rival. 2) why do we need to sell to raise funds?(as claimed),what's happened to the Oscar money,the tv money,the shirt deal and money for winning the league 3) add to the above, we are also looking to offload Fabregas to Liverpool(again only rumours, but there might be something in it) and Barcelona are sniffing around Azpilicueta 4) have this club not learnt anything from last season, when winning the league and not strengthening. thoughts?
  11. The top passer in the premiership this season is ...Azpilicueta
  12. Spurs can win their last 4 games and finish the season with 89 points, and still only be runners up, that would be a new record and would have won the league 14 times since the premier started...unlucky
  13. Arsenal to put the nail in Tottenhams coffin?
  14. Willian, first touch and scores
  15. Cahill
  16. Stupid free kick to give away by hazard,
  17. Get Fab on
  18. Fantastic goal
  19. Hazard 100 million?
  20. Wasted first half, they won't be that bad again
  21. Luiz is the only player who can pass
  22. Fab for matic I'd agree with, I'd look at Willian for Costa
  23. Everton look poor, we need to get in front by halftime