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  1. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    In answer to your questions. Definitely not. No. Yes sadly.
  2. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I realise it's upsetting for him but I don't understand what all the sobbing and wailing for on his behalf is about. He is not the first and he will certainly not be the last to get sent off for a mistaken foul and miss a final. That's life, it's tough, he'll get over it. You would think he'd just found out both his parents had died the way ITV were talking in mournful tones. Looking forward to Wenger explaining himself out of this one and also telling everyone how winning the Champions League is not an obsession of his when we all know he'd chew his own hand off if he could be given the chance to win one again.
  3. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Quite. And will finally someone perhaps ask some serious questions of Wenger? The man is seemingly sh*ts bricks of gold, he is labelled a genius at every available opportunity, the press fawn endlessly over his "brilliance". Yet he hasn't won anything in 4 years, unlike other managers he can be 4th every year playing pretty football and still be absolutely secure in his job. And he's seemingly on this repeating wheel of excuses for his failings, he keeps buying youngsters saying what great "potential" they have, they get fed up not winning anything and then leave, he gets some more youngsters and says what great "potential" they have, meanwhile he refuses to strengthen his squad in key areas with some steel and on it goes. No other coach in the world could get away with this every season. I'm glad Arsenal are out, Wenger doesn't deserve to win a European Cup, he's got too much of a comfort blanket at Arsenal. The only pressure he operates on is in his own mind but not elsewhere and that's a cop out in my view, it's one huge comfort blanket for him. Say what you like about Fergie but he went a few years without winning and the pressure was on for him to go and that was after 20 odd years at the top. Wenger? No the man's a God apparently. The fact is Wenger often doesn't have a clue, he's no great tactician that everyone seems to think he is, he's obsessed with playing pretty patterns on the pitch to the detriment of actually winning games. He seems to have forgotten that the club is not run as his personal fortress of solitude, I pity Arsenal fans having a manager who seemingly is so impregnable that short of nuclear war he can choose his own time to go and failure means no consequences for him. I think it will be a Man Utd - Chelsea final.
  4. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Well organisation is Mourinho's forte isn't it I guess. So perhaps my fears of them getting tonked by a rampaging Man Utd were pretty way out but after Rivas' performance in the first leg you started to fear for them. Inter should rue those missed chances but that's what sets the really good teams apart from the rest and Inter paid tonight for their wasteful behaviour.
  5. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    And for the next goodness knows how many weeks all we are going to hear about is how masterful the English league is in comparison to everyone else. I'm getting sick of it already. I don't think it's good for the competition to have one country dominating too much, lets hope it is just a temporary blip and next season there is a little more variety.
  6. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    oooh penalties. Come on Roma!
  7. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Inter had some opportunities but didn't take them and if you don't you will get burned. Ibra as usual failed to impress and had a shocker, he remains an enigma, brilliant in Serie A but crap elsewhere, does that tell you anything about the Italian league? To be honest I just don't know. And it was a mistake putting Vieira on, he's way past his prime and I would rather Jose had stuck with Muntari. Terrible first goals to give away, Jose must have been fuming about the defending. Man Utd were not that wonderful but they were good enough to do the business. At least Inter didn't get humiliated like Madrid did last night, still out again. I am willing Roma to beat Arsenal, so to stop the constant arse licking of Wenger and his supposed unearthly brilliance.
  8. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I know this is a bit rich me discussing the game when I didn't see it but to listen to the pundits so far they all seem to think Man Utd were really good Nona and that Inter were poor. Personally I think that Man Utd were not as good as they were painted but equally I think Inter should be given a little credit for not letting Man Utd score. Whenever a team supposedly are termed brilliant and another team dire and yet the scoreline ends goalless I always think well if they were that good and the opposition really that bad why didn't they score? But I'm not surprised that you thought Inter were poor, whenever I've seen them they've looked slow and ponderous but they are acquiring Mourinho's stubborness slowly but surely - whether that's enough against Man Utd in a a few weeks time I'm not so sure. Julio Cesar is the player in the best form at the moment for Inter, he's been frankly brilliant all season, VDS may be earning plaudits in the EPL but I'd say JC is playing out of his skin at the moment. Ibra disappeared as usual, Adriano is trying his best poor love as for Rivas well he's only playing because Samual is injured - Samuel is Jose's usual choice, although that back line has had so many changes due to injury that he does tended to swap them around a lot. How did young Santon do? He's Mourinho's young find in that back line, only 18, I think he could go along way, Mourinho took a big risk playing him. I have to agree with you Nona that Inter should have been well beat and if they play like that at OT they will get spanked. It was a relief when I did flick back on the TV and saw they had run out 0-0 I couldn't get over it. Jose should be giving thanks to a higher power that Inter got away with that performance.
  9. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Didn't watch the game, only turned on occasionally whilst I was entertaining the relatives but what I did see was not pretty (from Inter). Inter have been playing poorly in the Champions League all season and not much better in the league in truth but the bottom line is last season under Mancini that would have been a 2-0 or 3-0 whitewash playing poorly under Mourinho it's a goalless draw. Jose won't be entirely thrilled, they were hardly a stellar advertisement for Italian football and first half they appeared scared but the bottom line is they Man Utd for all their good play did not score. And despite not deserving it, they go to OT at least with a slim chance of scoring an upset. Although frankly if they play like they did in this leg as they did at OT then they will get well beat. I must admit I thought that Man Utd would put at least a few goals past them and they should have done in truth. I should also add that Inter actually play better away from home than they do at home, same in the league too. I see Arsenal who in the league can't beat anyone of note managed to win against Roma, whether that says something about the Italian league after tonight's displays I don't know. Surprised to see Barca only get a draw, have the wheels started to fall off the wagon there? A few months back they would have tonked them.
  10. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Well at least Jose has avoided Liverpool! You couldn't get a better headliner in terms of personality than Sir Alex v Jose and the European Champions playing a team owned by a man whose biggest desire is to get their hands on that trophy. I would love Jose to kick Man Utd out the Champions League for the second time in his career but ironically despite having on paper a much better and bigger squad I think he'll get beat home and away pretty easily in the end. Inter have not been at the races for me at all from what I've seen of them and I think on performances to date Sir Alex will be sleeping easy in his bed tonight. It's also interesting from the point of view that Jose may well be advertising his wares for the Man Utd job when Sir Alex finally calls time on his tenure there, a good performance by Inter (and Mourinho be extension) and it may start the wheels turning in the boardoom upstairs at Old Trafford. Liverpool have got a pretty decent tie against Madrid for all their "biggest club in the world" claims, they are no great shakes, Juve beat them home and away and I wouldn't say Juve are a hugely strong. Liverpool to go through, plus Benitez can show off his qualities to Spain as an advert for his next job if he doesn't get his contract sorted out with Liverpool by then. Arsenal should be able to beat Roma, they have improved in Serie A since their early very poor form but I still think Arsenal have too much class to be troubled unduly. Barca have got almost a free pass against Lyon unless their form takes a sharp nose dive between now and February.
  11. Happy Birthday, Mercury! :-)

  12. Didier Drogba

    Being cynical I don't think the fans will get too much up in arms about that interview if he keeps putting the ball into the back of the net like he did against Boro the other day. It's a bit like the Grant takeover, if he keeps winning for us I doubt that anyone will be singing the Mourinho song now will they? I love Drogba and I think he is a fantastic striker - one of the best in the world right now if not the best and we are so lucky to have him. However, I have never been under any false illusions that he like all players looks out for number one (and his family), I also had a feeling that he took Jose's departure very personally and I was not really that surprised by what he said (although I was surprised when he said). Drogba I think would probably be leaving any way next year - he has been in the PL a few years now and he is at that age when time is running out. One more big club move is perhaps on for him and he surely wants to try his luck in Spain or Italy - the Jose debacle has just edged him mentally closer to that exit door that's all. Yes it was wrong what he did and disrespectful but he seems quite an emotional person and I do think he was genuinely upset and angry about what has happened. Yes he should have been more professional about it but what's done is done and at least he didn't try to pretend he has been "misquoted" I do have more respect for him that he actually didn't retract the comments to try to save his arse. In the end he kisses the club badge or blows kisses to the fans because he is playing for us right now and he loves to score goals like any striker. However, I don't believe he has some deep abiding love for Chelsea any more than he probably did for Marseille or any of the other clubs he played for in all probability. He no doubt enjoys his time here and he no doubt loved playing for Jose but he's no different to any other player I feel and I won't castigate him or feel "let down" because he has shown his "true colours" so to speak. He made a mistake he has issued a statement and he has shown against Boro (although I never had any doubts) that he will continue to do his best for the club until the end of this season at least. Then it's anyone's guess, perhaps he will change his mind again if we win something but I doubt that.
  13. Didier Drogba

    Again you try to deflect attention away from the fact that you said what you said and no amount of trying to change around that sentence be it in English, Dutch, French or Spanish is going to change it and you and I both know that. Stop bringing up an entirely different matter which I actually apologised for (as you well know) as a smokescreen. You do it often and it just doesn't wash with me although you obviously think it does the job. Carry on fooling yourself you fool no one else.
  14. Didier Drogba

    Stop digging that hole for yourself by ignoring the rest of what you said: I showed you an interview in which Sheva said that was not the case, he had no special relationship with Roman which was what you said. Since you seem so ultra keen on giving me English lessons lets change your sentence around shall we? Jose did not want Sheva because he was a friend of Roman's, it had nothing to do with his failing form and this is why it became so public. The fact you have put "the only reason it did not become public" has NOTHING to do with the what you have said after that! So why you are breaking down the "public" bit and ignoring the latter part of your comment I have no idea! Why are you trying to deny what you said? It's not about taking English lessons, it's about admitting when you've been had. And you have been. And I ask once again, please can you show me examples of where Jose made it "absolutely clear" that he did not want Sheva right from the start? Because Nona and I both challenged you on that one as well and you were found wanting there too. And yes I know that managers have to deal with squads that they inherit - it's hardly news. Jose inherited Ranieri's squad and now Grant has inherited Jose's. That's a fact of life for any modern football manager.
  15. Didier Drogba

    So yet again you don't want to argue our points, why is that? Because you can't perhaps? This is what you said: You cannot deny that what you are BASICALLY SAYING is that Jose did not want Sheva and it had nothing to do with his failing form but BECAUSE HE WAS A FRIEND OF ROMAN'S. The public bit is frankly neither here nor there in the context of the sentence at the end! You are giving the reason in that sentence that Sheva and Roman were friends that is what you said stop trying to get around it! Jesus..... You are basically ignoring the subject of the discussion points raised when it is repeatedly pointed out to you that you back track on your comments, try to twist spurious fiction into fact and dismiss what is put in front of you as rebuttal as being deceitful or misleading. You are totally dismissing what Nona, I and others have long been pointing out. If you don't want to respond to the points made because they disturb your equilibrium then don't like I said stop digging a hole for yourself. If you feel threatened (and you obviously do) by me continually pointing out that your so called facts and basic reasoning don't hold any water and that you change your tune to suit yourself well it's just tough. And stop being childish with your suggestion that I "crawl" to posters I agree with, based on that spurious logic when you agree with certain posters points then presumably you are also crawling to them? But let me guess that's not what you do right just what I do. Deal with me calling you on your crap or don't respond and ignore me, it's up to you, no one forces you to respond.