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  1. We've been so bad.
  3. The more I watch RLC, the more I realise I like him more in theory than in practise.
  4. Actually always rated Gordon.
  5. We will collect all the Traores.
  6. Gary Cahill close with the bicycle kick. Never thought I'd write those words.
  7. Pedro hits the crossbar a metre out in front of an open goal.
  8. What the **** sort of a challenge was that on Moses?!
  9. Sorry, but I'm not seeing it. Plenty of coverage about other clubs. None of the coverage about Chelsea has attacked the club's present management. Even if that were the case, it would likely have zero influence on the pitch. I think we as fans would do well to learn to separate our support of Chelsea Football Club from our support of Chelsea FC PLC. The former doesn't always require the latter.
  10. Didn't know JT was on Twitter?
  11. Lampard coming back as a player would be embarrassing. Unless we want him in as a 'body' on the bench. But if that's the case, we can do better. He should hurry up and retire and get back to the club as a coach.
  12. Shame it took so long.
  13. Funny how whenever we play poorly, someone on here claims it's the worst football they've ever, ever, ever, like, ever seen.
  14. Hazard has been absolutely atrocious for the last 10 minutes. Shocking.
  15. Something that has bugged me for ages: why do our players always head the ball way over the crossbar when closing down the goal in the middle? Surely you'd bang it down, and hope for it to rebound in?