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  1. Funny how whenever we play poorly, someone on here claims it's the worst football they've ever, ever, ever, like, ever seen.
  2. Hazard has been absolutely atrocious for the last 10 minutes. Shocking.
  3. Something that has bugged me for ages: why do our players always head the ball way over the crossbar when closing down the goal in the middle? Surely you'd bang it down, and hope for it to rebound in?
  4. What a ****ing goal.
  5. And that is Cahill.
  6. Matic going the other way for Luiz?
  7. I had honestly forgotten completely about Matt Miazga.
  8. That strike by Hazard was Lampard-esque.
  9. Fab on the bench, Oscar starts. :(
  10. CNBC literally just switched game to WBA V Everton once the whistle was blown! Hilarious.
  11. Yep. What he was doing wasn't working. He changed things up, and it worked. If he can do that consistently when things aren't going well, we'll be fine.
  12. Noticed that. What a strange point to fixate on (a second yellow for a dive).
  13. Is Conte still clueless?
  14. Man, this site is ridiculous.
  15. Blimey, Gokhan Tore!