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  1. Big 3 point! What would it be if bakayoko is 100% fit.. Morata need to work on his fitness.. Christinsen is excellence!! Show his maturity in big games.. who beed vvd? Alonso is MOTM I doubt sandro have that leg!!
  2. Come on... chelsea gonna win it this year! When boko and kante bossing the midfield UTD will know why we gave them Matic
  3. its look like now are using back 3 with WB...
  4. Can bakoyoko play next week?
  5. inter already field their 2nd team.. and we got a goal... feel shame on this.. why morata play on wing?????
  6. easily beaten.. it was almost 1st team.. but bayern just send their 2nd team without the like thiago, alaba, vidal, boateng, nuer... hmm I think we need a combative midfiled... batshuayi seems selfish
  7. Get me auba.. he is the right one.. when he decline tammy will.replace him.. just about time
  8. auba will makea great combination with hazrd and pedro...
  9. F Dream on mate.. I dont think the board will spend above 40m for single player. We will end up with benteke, chicarito and loriente.
  10. if Lukaku partner with beloti?? it will be a dream attack. 3-5-2 perhaps
  11. is Alex Sandro coming? it's going to be my dream signing!! For Lukaku case, give him a chance, If we pay 80M, that's mean our club rate him highly Basically Coming is - Bakayako - Alex Sandro - Lukaku
  12. Conte did mentioned he dont want a player who dont have heart with chelsea or to stay, I believe he already warn costa earlier and thats make costa kiss the badge.. but its already too late since Conte already made up his mind
  13. I wish we get alex sandro
  14. Apparently Morata seems to go to Milan? does it mean conte will follow him next year?
  15. For Me the best attack in PL is Chelsea and Spurs