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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    You said "The striker situation was actually resolved back in January - a very competent No 2 in WC winner, Giroud, giving us a bit more time to sort things out". No, I disagree it wasn't resolved and 'a bit more time' doesn't sound like 3 years. Indeed, I think it highly unlikely that we're planning to spend the next 3 years out of the UCL if we're paying world record GK prices and doubt very much that was the message given to the most expensive keeper in the history of football. Long term planning is very much easier as the European Champions than a team failing to make UCL in 2 of the last 3 seasons and doing poorly in the year you did make it. Long term planning also doesn't mean dumping your manager mid November.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I don't remember the exact detail and I've no axe to grind with you. I was incensed by what Conte got away with last year, regarding the board's indecision as criminally negligent. So even if they'd done spectacularly well I'd certainly reserve my judgement and no I don't expect them to get everything right . I don't get how the striker situation is resolved by playing more attacking football. A striker putting away 1/15 is still that irrespective of how many chances we create. If others weigh in with the goals does that mean we'd resolved the striker situation? Resolved the goals situation yes, but not the striker situation. It's also safe to assume that if the striker is failing and being bailed out by the efforts of others that we are exposed to risk elsewhere on the park. Ultimately, if our main striker continues as a 1/15 we could drop him and rely on MF or a junior striker which might look a productive resolution against (say) Cardiff whereas away to Real Madrid we'd need to get lucky or have our expensive top quality striker convert the really difficult chances when our 1/15 would almost certainly be found wanting.. I became very negative myself last season, so maybe I didn't notice the negativity of others as being particularly bad. I am still nervous about Eden.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    More helped than cured. I'm was always pleased that we'd landed a striker of Giroud's calibre and happy as No.2. If he was an expensive time-buying option, how did we usefully use that time? Did we resolve or even try to resolve the problem over the ensuing 7 months? Moratta has not inspired confidence for some time. Sure, we see flashes of his ability but we need a bit more than that and Saturday, his distribution was beyond woeful. It seemed odd when AC had him & OG on the pitch together with their clear duplication of skills - how often did AC play him with Mitchy, at least that combo would offer some variety and therefore additional options. Doubtful that dropping out of UCL and looking like a club in turmoil could enhance our recruitment (& retention) prospects. An already sub standard keeper is another year worse, accelerated by his Spuds & Russia 2018 performances (+ little game time) severely reducing his confidence and that is visible. Playing in front of a nervous & indecisive keeper affects everyone. RG has been nothing like an appropriate standard for years. The Courtois situation I accept complicated things, but that had been in view a long time and given for how long we seemed unlikely to achieve a UCL place, increasingly urgent. Quite pleased with Kepa who aside from looking a confident and able keeper also looked incredibly competent with the ball at his feet (Zouma is envious). Keeper injuries are always a concern but RG was never a serious option.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    How can you heap praise on she who allowed Conte's vanity to reap havoc, whilst also ignoring Gorman's comment about the unresolved striker situation? Gotta pray Kepa doesn't get injured because WC & RG are not EPL standard.
  5. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    How do you get that Christensen was a positive? He is young with 2 Gerrman seasons experience. A good foundation to work on and build from. But we dropped him in the deep end and he simply couldn't cope. Revisit Roma at the Bridge, see him letting Huddersfield in last night and a whole lot in between. I'm sure he did his best but he is nowhere near the finished article and so will always come up short against better oposition. Cahill makes us look more secure when played centrally, though granted he's vulnerable on the flank as was clear back in September. Rudi's done well.
  6. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    But they dont stand around waiting. When I wrote of Moses's attributes I did point out that he and Alonso are both very quick to adopt a receiving position when our opponents attack breaks down. Moses is frequently involved in our area in open play, moreso than Alonso who has to conserve energy. Kante has not had a great season becuse he's been involved further upfield which does not play to his strengths. The primary reason being that is Cesc's hoplessly immoblile and simply cannot gain ground to support attacks and even if he did, he'd not make it back. One of AC's best examples radical thinking / desire to mess up our season and immediate future - keep a (supposedly) good passer back where he's rubbish and push a defender who's not that good on the ball upfield. I see you agree about Christensen's contribution to their goal.
  7. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    All I did was take issue with your claiming that Moses is rubbish after claiming a few weeks back that Pedro and Cesc are world class. IMHO all three claims are a nonsense, the only one I've asked you to justify was your slating of Moses. Last night AC started Zappa and Pedro, it's hard to believe that Moses was a worse option than either, particulalry in view of his Sunday performance and in fact every game since Burnley. He now looks fully fit so I wonder why AC played him at 70%? I am not relying on wingback as defining Moses, simply discussing his performances which (funnily enough) are in his current position as wingback. He's spent his entire career apart from the last two seasons as a forward. You appear to relegate the role of WB to that of an intrested spectator. Is that why Citeh spent so much (even for them) on Walker and Mendy at the end of Victor's conversion season? Is that why Alonso made EPL team of the season? Selecting a WB with no HMF surely confirms it was about contribution? Not controversial at all, Young is mediocrity personified, whilst Luke Shaw remains an oustanding talent. Even Jose declared there aren't many better than Luke Shaw.
  8. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    So in your opinion AC decided "Moses is rubbish at everything, I could copy numerous predecessors and put him out on loan but no I will play him in a position vital to my preferred 3 CB system"? Hmmm BTW Luke Shaw>Ashley Young
  9. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    He is a wing back which means he is either a winger of a full back as the need arises. By definition he is still a winger when needed. His athleticism is there for all to see. You may not rate his ability although his current form is at least good! His athleticism is not subjective and cannot be denied although on TV the chance to witness that through ball-watching cameras is distinctly limited. Since we are of a similar age this is a serious question for you - Since you believe AC converted Moses to a full back, what attributes do you believe caused AC to view that as a realistic option?
  10. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    Nope, under AC he has played at Wing Back, which a pleyer fill the role of full back or winger as the need arises. I see nothing wrong in principle with using 2 HMF in front of back 3. Where I disagree with you is this claim that we have a back 5 and 2 HMF. Baka has spent some of those appearances as a 'few minutes sub.' , he is not a HMF and almost equals Cesc's appearances which further clouds your 2 HMF claim.
  11. Squad Status: 2019/2020 Season

    I've told you before that Moses never ever was a defender. It is easily verified so why can't you accept that? He was signed and universally used on loan as a forward. Moses happens to be deceptively athletic and that ability to travel up the flank at speed, to turn and recover his position quickly is why he plays for AC at WB. Defensively his tackling is not great but his positional awareness is good and like Alonso he quickly takes up a receiver position when we kill an attack. He also has an excellent understanding with Dave. Frustrating he may often be, but he is a better starting pick than Zappa Cesc has been picked as one of the MF two for some time now; so 2 defensive MF is wrong. Even Baka is a CM not a HMF
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    You are absolutely and emphatically wrong to say that about his time at Fiorentine. No idea of your source but remember he refused to sign for them and they filed a complaint with FIFA. Anyone's confidence would be severely dented by discovering that Cuadrado was rated higher Mo's response was to show they were hopelessly wrong. You sound like a scouser resting on your laurels and banging on about history. Winning the UCL & FAC did not save RDM. I believe you're one of those who includes Charity Shields in Jose's silverware tally.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thats what other clubs say when looking at us
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    That we bought him confirms that others too saw the talent; the scouse were also in for him at that point. That he hit the ground running in Italy proves the talent was there for all to see. I know there are other factors but what struck me at Basel was how calm he was on the ball, head up on either flank with pace to burn and a super fast recovery. The locals were all fawning over their man man, but Salah's star shone so bright. I struggle to see how you failed to see Salah's talent when you appear to rate SWP who is unquestionably amongst our worst ever signings. That Roma had an option on Salah is irrelevant, we'd already told him he was not wanted. Mo Salah joins KdB and Lulu in that group of bright young talents who should have been our future.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    When signed Salah was 21 and Willian 25 . The former a young player of immense talent, the latter a fine player starting his peak years. We signed Salah 6 months after Willian arrived, so why sign him? I saw him 6-7 times and he was absolutely magnificent, including against Spuds when he murdered them. The ability was all there, even after he left us he immediately made Serie A team of the season. Oscar was not a wide player and Hazard plays left. Salah like Willian plays right. You simply cannot defend Jose on Salah, it could not be clearer that he messed up massively. Really? You've made this claim previously and it does not hold water. BTW Schurle was 23 and did not get succesfully integrated during his 18 months here.