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  1. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    But to use a cricketing parlance the ball was going straight down his throat and in football terms he simply has to guard that front post. He doesn't have eyes in the back of his head, although that hair does hide a lot, I still think it unlikely! You cannot excuse the others for failing to see what was before their eyes and shouting a warning. You must surely know that communication across the back four (and more) is absolutely essential for it to function efficiently as a unit and not as 4/5/6/7 individuals.
  2. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    A goal is very rarely the fault of one pleyer alone. DL was covering the front post. Giroud bizarrely was found wanting at LWB and Alonso stopped playing as he was probably expecting a free kick. The guy who scored came from behind DL whom it seems didn't get a shout from either Rudi, Jorginho or Kepa, all of whom had clear views. When the ball is played in, Rudi is marking the scorer and DL covering the front post. Rudi and at least Kepa have to shout a warning when the scorer runs from Rudi and is not impeded/blocked by Jorginho who sees it happening. DL simply cannot abandon the front post to search for runners. We should not ignore that our back 4 and the protection it gets is still very much a WIP, nor that it is a great header - powerful and from an acute angle, one he'd miss 90%. Yes, Alonso, DL and Kepa might all have done better, none did.
  3. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    Despite the possession stats we created very little on Sunday. They were defending narrow with a ton of bodies blocking. We had to stretch their defensive net to makes holes big enough to get through and we didn't really do that. Prior to the pen closest we got was a speculative smash from Rudi. If Sarri wasn't expecting such a defensive formation why no changes by us? I don't like to criticise Eden, but I did get frustrated by his predictability in holding onto the ball as every option closed down, even with that great pass by Kante putting him clear in the box. Don't mind criticising Pedro who always wants to go it alone, charging towards the centre and hoping to score through that mass of bodies. Thought the way it it was panning out we needed the penetration of RLC in preference to Ross or Willian. But I wasn't there and TV lies.
  4. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    You've excelled yourself with that one.
  5. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    Well I'm hoping the correct answer is option 4. Option 1 may be partly correct in that he may have been worked out after a very good start; due in part to his being relatively unknown to EPL. Now, that would not be good. I wasn't defending him and saying there is nothing to worry about, simply that is possible to see what may have gone wrong. The WC, short transfer window and indecisive board combined to leave him as 1st choice, so we're stuck with him. I wrote in another thread that we may see a very poor goal:chances ratio which will cost us dear in the big games. But we should not ignore that as with Christensen, Conte made decisions which did nothing to benefit club or player short-term and damaging longer-term performances. I'm hoping that Sarri can work with him to boost confidence and performance, hence bringing forth the goalscorer we saw with a new ability to bring others into the game at the right time.
  6. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    I agree he must be given time to show what he can do in the new setup. I'm not entirely confident he'll make it, but see that no sensible conclusion can be drawn from last season. Another reason for negativity towards the board who allowed AC to wreak havoc. Speaking of Didi, remember that night against WBA at the Bridge? He scored the only goal, but missed at least 4 if not 8 easy chances. We were in despair and I think that was towards the end of his first season.
  7. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    He did well till citeh came to the Bridge. Word was he wouldn't play owing to injury, yet AC started him and he limped off after, what 30 mins in which he hadn't looked 'right' at all. AC then rushed him back for Roma, when he was so ineffectual he might just as well have not been on the pitch.. Dismiss that as coincidence if you wish. Playing someone who is unfit and knows it, will not draw a decent performance and can delay recovery. I believe his good start did give him confidence and why on earth wouldn't it?
  8. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I think another part of it is who you're sat with - most know something, a few know a lot and others are quite clueless. Early on when Ozil(?) flicked it wide from the pullback on Dave's side it was clear that we might be asking too much defensively of Barclay & Jorginho against a team like L'Arse. My personal frustration with TV is that it does 'ball watch' horribly and you rarely get to hear the shouts. In the ground its absorbing, watching runs that come to nothing, tracking the man, marking space, how a defence gets pulled out of shape and then regains it, players low/high on energy and/or motivation. Time just flies. The big advantage of TV is the replays, but counter that with some dire commentaries. TV analysis provided hours after final whistle is usually informative, even if slightly biased.
  9. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    So you couldn't see it was the MF failing to cover back that was causing major problems? So what were you looking at when they scored twice and missed 3 sitters?
  10. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Spot on Mate. I was surprised he lasted a whole title winning season at LCB, but that was more to do with Marcos and Matic helping out. Once Matic had gone he was exposed and if your first touch is poor + there are limited passing options you will panic and sometimes do the wrong thing. Playing in the middle of the 3 affords more protection and time to pick the right option. It's partly why I strongly advocated GC as best available selectable CB for the Camp Nou.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    You said "The striker situation was actually resolved back in January - a very competent No 2 in WC winner, Giroud, giving us a bit more time to sort things out". No, I disagree it wasn't resolved and 'a bit more time' doesn't sound like 3 years. Indeed, I think it highly unlikely that we're planning to spend the next 3 years out of the UCL if we're paying world record GK prices and doubt very much that was the message given to the most expensive keeper in the history of football. Long term planning is very much easier as the European Champions than a team failing to make UCL in 2 of the last 3 seasons and doing poorly in the year you did make it. Long term planning also doesn't mean dumping your manager mid November.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I don't remember the exact detail and I've no axe to grind with you. I was incensed by what Conte got away with last year, regarding the board's indecision as criminally negligent. So even if they'd done spectacularly well I'd certainly reserve my judgement and no I don't expect them to get everything right . I don't get how the striker situation is resolved by playing more attacking football. A striker putting away 1/15 is still that irrespective of how many chances we create. If others weigh in with the goals does that mean we'd resolved the striker situation? Resolved the goals situation yes, but not the striker situation. It's also safe to assume that if the striker is failing and being bailed out by the efforts of others that we are exposed to risk elsewhere on the park. Ultimately, if our main striker continues as a 1/15 we could drop him and rely on MF or a junior striker which might look a productive resolution against (say) Cardiff whereas away to Real Madrid we'd need to get lucky or have our expensive top quality striker convert the really difficult chances when our 1/15 would almost certainly be found wanting.. I became very negative myself last season, so maybe I didn't notice the negativity of others as being particularly bad. I am still nervous about Eden.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    More helped than cured. I'm was always pleased that we'd landed a striker of Giroud's calibre and happy as No.2. If he was an expensive time-buying option, how did we usefully use that time? Did we resolve or even try to resolve the problem over the ensuing 7 months? Moratta has not inspired confidence for some time. Sure, we see flashes of his ability but we need a bit more than that and Saturday, his distribution was beyond woeful. It seemed odd when AC had him & OG on the pitch together with their clear duplication of skills - how often did AC play him with Mitchy, at least that combo would offer some variety and therefore additional options. Doubtful that dropping out of UCL and looking like a club in turmoil could enhance our recruitment (& retention) prospects. An already sub standard keeper is another year worse, accelerated by his Spuds & Russia 2018 performances (+ little game time) severely reducing his confidence and that is visible. Playing in front of a nervous & indecisive keeper affects everyone. RG has been nothing like an appropriate standard for years. The Courtois situation I accept complicated things, but that had been in view a long time and given for how long we seemed unlikely to achieve a UCL place, increasingly urgent. Quite pleased with Kepa who aside from looking a confident and able keeper also looked incredibly competent with the ball at his feet (Zouma is envious). Keeper injuries are always a concern but RG was never a serious option.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    How can you heap praise on she who allowed Conte's vanity to reap havoc, whilst also ignoring Gorman's comment about the unresolved striker situation? Gotta pray Kepa doesn't get injured because WC & RG are not EPL standard.