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  1. Chelsea 3 BATE Boris 1

    That is absolutely ridiculous, Laurent Blanc would not splash £50 mill on a tactically weak CB. I saw someone here blame him for the German thrashing of Brazil, which is simply pathetic. You can naively question his decision making at times but to call him tactically naive is absurd.
  2. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    I'm afraid there is Droy and you really ought to concede that. My vid at 14 sec clearly shows that JM's finger is contacting the upper area of TV's head, specifically the general area of the eye. I did direct you to the 18 sec part of that video which unquestionably shows JM pushing towards TV. Since the only part of JM contacting TV is his finger and it is (most would agree) contacting the eye area I fail to see how any rational person, as I truly believe you are, can say otherwise. Just out of interest as you've mentioned his 'good looks', do you think his comb over is a tribute to Bobby Charlton?
  3. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    The video previously referenced here looks like a thumb in the eye rather than a 'gouging'. The question remains though, what was JM's intention as he approached TV from the rear with finger outstretched, before performing a reach around and doing something which causes TV to lash out as JM retreats? This slow motion video from 14 secs on clearly shows what JM did, especially at the 18 sec mark.
  4. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    I simply sought to refute your assertion that criticism of Ross was hysterical. Seeing little criticism of Sunday, it seemed you viewed criticism of his frequently losing possession & defensive failings prior to Sunday as hysterically unfair, when it most certainly is not. Where is this "story calling him ****etc"? I said it would be great if he came good on both areas of weakness, not that he couldn't. I saw Sunday's game as reason for optimism, not a justification to forget all we've seen thus far. Since first identifying his failure to pass effectively, I've heard his passing stats were always poor. Yes, he's suffered a long-term hammy injury, which would excuse a lack of match sharpness and (less so) fitness. If his hydration was poor he wouldn't even be allowed to train, so starting games definitely means he is considered fit. Morata is working hard, Torres and Bakka both worked hard. Working hard is a basic requirement and one that is very easily delivered. Effectiveness is another matter. I see you make no comment on his performance vs scouse @ SB. Fact, poor passing & pass selection cost us 2 points. My heart genuinely sank when I saw him come on with us under the cosh. What you describe as bitching is simply objective comment & opinion with which you disagree. Such comment is entirely subjective; has gone on for years and will continue many more years. I made no forecast at all on how I expect his season to pan out and it is self evident that "evaluation of someone's season can only be done at the seasons end".
  5. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    No more hysterical than those lauding him for Sunday as if its the icing on the cake. Currantly(?) there is hardly any cake to ice. I'm delighted that he was more careful with his passing and the anticpation to make the tackle before releasing Eden was excellent. However the defensive side of his game, whilst not as horrendous as vs L'Arse still leaves much room for improvement. You will have noticed that Saints weren't too interested in stopping us playing till we got very near their box. Would be great if he comes good, sops giving the ball away and starts knowing where to play without the ball as he clearly possesses the athleticism to get there and recovers energies quite well. Do not forget, that if he hadn't given the ball away vs the scouse at the Bridge they'd be 3rd and lost their 'equal top claim, suffering a huge blow to their morale. We'd also now have a small but useful gap over Citeh. Was he under any pressure when he gave the ball away and was he short of options? The answer to both was no, so add poor decision making to poor passing. Will he do that again when under pressure to see the game out or pressurised by opponents for long periods? The Southampton game did not provide answers to the concerns, but did offer some cause for optimism.
  6. Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

    The comparison was on their relative defensive capabilities. By your own admission Cesc has never been any good defensively whereas Jorgie arrived as a specialist operating just in front of the back 4. Defensively, he has shown mobility, ability to recover shape, awareness and decent anticipation. He is already way above Cesc defensively and as he adjusts he will only get better. Compare with KdB? Hahaha.
  7. Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

    Paulw66 said "Whether Fabregas does or doesn't play, stuffing a bunch of virtual amateurs 6-0 will not "show" Sarri anything about dealing with well organised Premier League defences." You replied "Tactically it will. It is about actually using the time you have on the ball to look up and aim at the moving targets in the box. That is what Fabregas and pretty much no one else in the squad does. Which is half the reason Alonso is the only person who ever moves about in the box - no one else can see the point until Fabregas comes on." You disagreed with Paul, saying it was about Cesc using time on the ball. You are wrong, because time on the ball is almost entirely about how much you're allowed. You cannot argue that time allowed by a bunch of amateurs equates to that afforded by Citeh, but it is what you claimed in this latest push of your long running campaign for Cesc to start games. No he's the best, but not the only one. You'd claimed that no one bothers making runs till Cesc arrives apart from Alonso; that DL move demonstrated you were wrong with both elements. I repeat that Willian is rarely static without the ball and also Morata would not get flagged offside as often if he too was static. Cesc is certainly not worth a starting berth. He wasn't last season, so he certainly isn't now - even slower & more competition. He ain't no Pirlo.
  8. Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

    Droy is highly adept at taking the one thing which supports his stance and he had expected 6. Question Cesc relying on an uncontrolled backheader from little Willian (against a CB) to assist the tightly marked and hopelessly misfiring Morata? Against exhausted part-timers in the 70th minute Cesc finally gets one right or was he simply keeping the ball alive? At least twice he emphatically confirmed that he is an absolute liability defensively. Some will dismiss it, but as he is way too slow to play up front, he simply has to perform basic defensive duties which he is patently unable to do against any level of opposition. Jorgie isn't great defensively, but Cesc makes him look a cross between JT & Maka.
  9. Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

    OMG, you seriously think that time on ball gifted by a poor team of part-timers is the same as that allowed by a top 6 EPL side? Moreover that the differential doesn't change at all as players tire - self-evidently the adverse affect on part-timers will be far greater than for EPL players? DL managed to find Willian who's movement had defeated Robertson at the Bridge last Saturday. A better first touch and he had more shooting options himself or could have easily played in Giroud. Willian is very rarely still in any game. BTW, very nice to see you complimenting Alonso.
  10. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Doesn't surprise me, he was constantly doing that Wednesday with very little interest in recovering the ball he himself had lost - double bad. The really bad part is its simple, short, easy low-risk passes that go astray.
  11. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    I agree that we've benefited from some appalling finishing eg West ham(1), L'Arse(3) & Shiqueery(?) but we too have missed sitters. Conversely we've been undone by some crackers, thinking of Studge and the Geordie header. The luck has certainly not all been in our favour, but we are a work in progress right now. One which has seen massive improvements in how we apply the new philosophy. Sarri had to work out the strengths and weaknesses of his squad, best pairings & combos etc. The very best way to achieve that is in the heat of battle. On top of that Jorgie and Kova are new to the EPL. HE had to figure where we are and research is an investment for future reward. Personally, I was horrified vs 'Arse, next to no protection for the back 4, players looking unfit and the 2 star signings struggling with the frantic pace. L'Arse using the full width to pull us out of position, forcing us to run where they wanted. It was chaotic but had the pluses of a fine finish by Morata and 3 pts. Things are more settled now and our performance Saturday was a massive improvement on L'Arse game. The MF and back 4 working as an effective and cohesive unit, displaying great confidence in and desire to work for each other. That goal should not have been conceded, dRoss gave the ball away as usual, Kante & Kep ignored what Studge had tried mid-week and was clearly keen to try again, head was up looking at the target. If I could see he was very interested in shooting, then they most definitely should too. Maybe Kep couldn't keep it out but Kante had to get closer, make life difficult, let him know you're coming. Yes he might still have squeezed it home but we should have done better and dRoss should not have given them the ball. I am extremely optimistic about us right now,. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. If we can build on this with more improvements I will be happy. Biggest concern is goals and who'll get them. I can't begin to see Eden as a 40 goal man and even if he is, we'll still need a few others weighing in with 15+.
  12. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    What he means is that DL started the move with a perfectly weighted 25-30 metre pass to Eden after Kante had fed it back to him.
  13. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    But Pete, how will you ever know that unless they get games?
  14. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Agree with that, no idea why some of the early posts are praising him. He really should have scored from the DL opening but his first touch was poor. In fairness he took a very heavy knock 1st half and looked even worse after that. Didn't expect to see him after HT. No. 17 was immense, absolutely no idea why he was sacrificed the woeful one. Must say, that the team looked fabulous today. Still a way to go but defence & midfield looked a cohesive unit showing confidence in each other. Rudi & DL seem to have clicked. We need goalscorers.
  15. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    My heart sank when I saw Ross coming on. He constantly gave the ball away Wednesday and their goal here was rooted in him giving the ball away again - the critical error. I do think Kante should have got tighter on Studge because he'd shown mid-week he believes he can score from there,. Hit the bar then but today its in the net.