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  1. Andre Schurrle

    We're definitely short one GK. I think the CM is bought only if Mikel goes out. I think KdB stays this season, solving the AM problem, and if Moses stays, I think we now have the quality in the wide areas behind Hazard that we need. Interestingly, on another thread, (bringing this back to Schuerrle), from watching him in the Germany/US friendly and other times at Leverkusen, he reminds me a lot of Kezman, but with no negative connotations yet.
  2. Andre Schurrle

    I still think that if we can't get one of the top 2, we'll stand pat with Schuerrle as the 4th striker behind Torres, Ba, and Lukaku.
  3. Andre Schurrle

    I don't think Rooney's an option. For one, I don't think United will sell him inside the league. They're the ones that do the poaching, a la Van Persie, and not the ones selling.
  4. Andre Schurrle

    I wouldn't be surprised if teams were communicating with both. Napoli are convinced Cavani's leaving and they know that at least two teams out there are in the market for strikers, and they have one. I have this gut feeling that Lewandowski's agents have given indication that he won't discuss terms with anyone not named Bayern Munich. The difference in the two isn't much, but they are clearly the two best available out there in the proven commodity department. After that, you have a drop-off down to Higuain and Gomez's level. If that's who you're looking at, you may as well ride out the season with Lukaku, Ba, Torres, and Schuerrle in a pinch and see if Lukaku can establish himself as the number one.
  5. Andre Schurrle

    If Madrid want to trigger his buyout clause, let them. I'm a huge Cavani fan, but I also think that because the available striker pool is so small with Falcao already moving, I'd rather see Lukaku compete with Torres and Ba to be the number one. Lewandowski would be ideal, but I don't think he's keen to leave Germany. Dortmund would love to sell him abroad, but either no one's made an offer of Lewandowski's agents have made it clear that they will not discuss terms with anyone other than Bayern.
  6. Andre Schurrle

    Do I sense sarcasm? :) I have no problem with that.
  7. Andre Schurrle

    I think the question is how many of the existing players are capable of really playing wide. Mata can, but as two seasons ago showed, he's not quite the influence out there that he is in the center. Realistically, only KdB and Moses are effective in that area. I think Oscar comes deeper. I've always thought his skill set was better suited to passing from a deeper area and coming into the box only when he's needed. If that happens, then you're still a wide player short because Hazard will have to come into the middle when Mata is rested.
  8. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I think the Monaco situation is a special one because the guy has piles of money and no one has to pay the high tax rate because it's Monaco.
  9. Andre Schurrle

    The problem with a top class CF is really that there are two realistic options out there, and both are in limbo, most likely waiting for someone to blink first. If want to be realistic, the only 2 CF out there worth paying top dollar for and that would be available and willing to leave are Cavani and Lewandowski. The problem is Napoli know what they have and won't be bullied into player exchanges. They want the buyout clause and they're waiting for a club to panic and pay it. Lewandowski's going to have to move because I doubt Dortmund are going to like the idea of keeping a player on their books that doesn't want to be there and who can leave for free in a year. Lewandowski wants to go to Bayern and insists he won't go anywhere else. Otherwise, the market's not really there. Suarez could be had, but I doubt we'd ever go in for him, and buying another top-class promising CF is useless when we have Lukaku. For me, the Schuerrle signing is fine, because remember, Jose has always liked to have 2 players for each position. Last season, we had Moses as a backup to Hazard, Oscar, and Mata, and then the quality fell off the shelf. At least now, there are rotation options that make sense. Not every signing has to be one that catapults you to greatness. Some of them are just to build a more sturdy catapult base.
  10. Andre Schurrle

    Precisely what I was thinking, Codger. The fact that De Bruyne didn't move in the Schurrle deal leads me to believe that he's staying with the first team next year. The fact that Lampard's not getting younger and a replacement is needed, it makes sense to start grooming Oscar for that role, because I honestly think that's his best position. Remember when both Scolari, Jose, and Ancelotti all experimented with the diamond, playing Lampard at the tip? They all quickly found out that he wasn't as effective there because he's best when the ball is played to him and he see the forward play. He was never as good playing with his back to goal. That's what I've seen from Oscar, and why I think he kept getting pushed wide. And yet, he's brilliant at spotting passes from deeper areas, as he's shown with Brazil, and has the ability to get forward. He's the perfect Lampard replacement. Think about it. If you move Oscar back to midfield, it gives you depth there, and it allows you to play De Bruyne, who can function as both a wide man and a number 10. Then the Schurrle depth makes sense, as you throw Moses and Marin into that mixture.
  11. Andre Schurrle

    Difference is between Schuerrle and Andy Cole is that Schuerrle will play wide. For me, he's a little bit like Victor Moses in the sense that he's there to provide depth in the wide areas. I don't think this was ever supposed to be a signing on the level of Mata, Hazard, or Oscar, but he bridges that gap when you have to rotate amongst those three. That's something we didn't have last season, as Moses was the only option in wide areas before the quality really dropped off. I don't think this was made to be earth-shattering, rather I think it's an acknowledgment of how weak our squad was in certain areas of the pitch -- that and the acknowledgment that very few top sides play with 2 up front and classic wingers whipping in crosses. There's almost been a revival of the number 9 surrounded by the inside 10 and 8, but they start in the wide areas now rather than through the middle.
  12. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    I'd tend to agree, but I'd argue that in his case, it might be hard for him to find the human soul of the supporters because at the end of the day, he's a businessman and a very successful one at that. To achieve the billions he has, he has to almost be somewhat soulless and ruthless to get what he wants. Interestingly, being from the US, I had the same comments about one of our presidential candidates, Romney, who was a wealthy man from Massachusetts. The argument was that he needed to "humanize" himself and show that he understood the plight of the working man. The problem is that he can't possibly know that because he's never been one. He grew up in wealth and still has wealth. Thus, anything he'd say to the contrary would be disingenuous. My logic there was that I could talk about how I know what it's like to be a cow and be milked, but the bottom line is that I can't know that because I'm not a cow and I can't be milked. At least Roman isn't hiding who he is. He might be a ruthless, soulless owner, but at least he doesn't pretend that he's something else.
  13. Official: Chelsea Sack Di Matteo

    You know, it's interesting because my heart says everything about Rafa that most everyone has posted already. In fact, if my heart were to respond, it would have a nice string of [expletive deleted]'s in front of the fat waiter's name. However, at the same time, my head says that Benitez has always managed to get the best out of every squad he's managed except for Inter, who have a much shorter leash on managers than Roman does. He took a Valencia side to 2 La Liga titles when they had really no right to win either of them in the Galactico era, and he took an undermanned Liverpool to the Champions League title, though because of the ghost goal. I'm willing to give him a chance. I don't like the fact that the board would appoint a manager so disliked by the supporters, but I understand their position once they decided to part ways with Robbie. I don't think it's necessarily fair that he got sacked, but I also can't say it's unexpected. He probably should have never taken the job in the summer to start with because it was clear that he was the fall-back option. In fact, I'd argue that the only reason he was in the frame was because of winning the CL. Had we lost, I doubt he'd have started the season as manager.
  14. Didier Drogba

    People might say that he's leaving for the money or leaving for one last pay day, but I feel like this might be his most unselfish act. There is some truth to what Ancelotti said earlier this season about Drogba being like Pippo Inzaghi (who's also left Milan, I might add) swallowing up his rivals at his position. Even if he stayed as a squad player and might only feature in half the games he did this season, his spectre would loom over every striker that took up that position on the field. You wonder if even Torres felt that pressure to perform because when he didn't, there was Drogba. A club can't rejuvenate itself when you have players whose mere presence swallows up his fiercest challengers for his spot. At some point, we may have to face the same reality with two other members of the side.
  15. Didier Drogba

    I think this choice was more about Drogba than about the board. If he was to stay on, he would be a bit part player going forward, and I'm not sure Drogba wanted that. He clearly has much more to give, but at the same time, the signings of De Bruyne in the winter and the arrival of Marko Marin signify a change in style that is more suited to Torres playing every game than Drogba. The final memory we all now have of him is that penalty and the celebrations afterwards. What a way to go for a fantastic player and servant to the club. His trophy cabinet in Europe is now complete. 3 Premier League titles, 2 League Cups, 4 FA Cups, and 1 Champions League. I'm not sure what more he could do. He will be missed. Amazing for a man who many slated when he first arrived.