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  1. I couldn't be held responsible for what I would shout down the phone.
  2. Costa needs to wake up and smell the coffee,he is playing awfully.He is frustrating the hell out of me.
  3. Crazy times and he won't be the first player to throw a tantrum over a big money move.I am sure some of our signings pulled this move as well.Just make it clear nobody leaves in January and that is the end of that.But the damage to the morale could be the real hit.
  4. Wash your mouth,then your hands.Have some faith man.
  5. I respect him for what he achieved as the manager who won us three titles and it will be a while before anyone else does that.But affection none,can't stand him and wish him nothing but epic failure with any club in the PL.If or very likely when he slings his hook to another league he can hopefully win more silverware.
  6. Yes that is more than fair,but if you take the stats over the Willian and Pedro's carrers ,I would expect Pedro to win goals per game hands down.Willian had a purple patch with the free kicks last season but that was an exception.Willian has different qualities to Pedro,strength,speed and he can be the back up for Moses when needed.
  7. I agree that Willian is a key member of the squad,but and is just that if Martial and some cash will be also part of the deal than why not?Not to pick on the lad ,in the last minutes he had a fairly decent chance to at least hit the target and he just shot way over.From that point of the view Pedro is way better finisher.The idea of doing any deals with Jose's Manure it doesn't sit well at all.
  8. It was Juninho,what a player.Did he have a second stint there?
  9. What were you saying?Just sit down,keep quiet and take notice.
  10. Really good defensive first half and the chances to score another goal from open play.We blocked and anticipated the Saints passing and moves very well.
  11. What a top top Sunday for Conte.At least he earned enough credit in the bank to be spared from our moralists here DWMH and Koke's mate or whatever.So hopefully for one week at least they will zip it.
  12. So Pep is a passing fad,Conte is not fit for Chelsea etc etc.Please tell us in your opinion who is a "good fit" at Chelsea.Let us know,you must have somebody in mind.We God's gift to football so any manager worth his salt must resign right now and replace Conte.
  13. Meh,any bloopers highlights?
  14. According to whoscore.com Kante stats for last season :pass success percentage 81.6 % for last season,even better for Chelsea at 91.7%.No stats for this season as no appearances.Squawka stats for last season.Mikel avg pass acuracy 90%,avg pass length 17m,25 apps.Kante last season same stats 82 %,17m,37apps.Kante also was superior on duels won and chances created.This seasons stats for Kante is avg pass accuracy is 92%.So while Mikel had better passing stats last season Kante matched them this season and if I want to be pedantic I can say he actually was better by 2%.
  15. Were did you get this shi&e from?Are you nigerian,maybe Mikel's agent.Not another "the more he doesn't get picked the better he gets" merchant.Mikel passing better then Cante's?.Yes better stats if you take the 5 yards back and 5 yards sideways passes.Who was shouting for Mikel,were you there?Anyone from our match going members can verify this?Mikel can play in a certain style and position but Cante is a better player in most ways,tackling,mobility, even heading for goodness sake.And I would like to see the passing stats from last season.