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  1. I respect him for what he achieved as the manager who won us three titles and it will be a while before anyone else does that.But affection none,can't stand him and wish him nothing but epic failure with any club in the PL.If or very likely when he slings his hook to another league he can hopefully win more silverware.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes that is more than fair,but if you take the stats over the Willian and Pedro's carrers ,I would expect Pedro to win goals per game hands down.Willian had a purple patch with the free kicks last season but that was an exception.Willian has different qualities to Pedro,strength,speed and he can be the back up for Moses when needed.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree that Willian is a key member of the squad,but and is just that if Martial and some cash will be also part of the deal than why not?Not to pick on the lad ,in the last minutes he had a fairly decent chance to at least hit the target and he just shot way over.From that point of the view Pedro is way better finisher.The idea of doing any deals with Jose's Manure it doesn't sit well at all.
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    Can't believe myself but I agree with you on this point,well I am big enough to admit it.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can't believe this a genuine Conte target.Not even a top 3 choice.Have seen him 'defend' in the WC,against top sides in the CL.Suarez just took the piss,more nutmegs than a one defender can take without benching himself.We need a propa' CB not a Geezer.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thank you comrade Troll for putting across the party line.The Warsaw station is very pleased with your efforts,although try to keep it to football if possible.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/07/omeruo-says-goodbye-to-chelsea-joins-besiktas/ There is your answer,gone for good or for bad.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Since you seem to be fluent en Castilian I will let you find the untranslated quote.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Did you see the direct quote in Spanish?.It was just the Mail translation or do you think they wouldn't make things up?
  10. His teams almost always go for the win.He almost won quite a few CL semifinals with Chelsea and Real if it wasnt for his negative,pinch a goal and pray tactics.Forget the ghost goal at Anfield,we should have won that tie and the one we lost on penalties as well.We had the better team but his tactics cost us.I wont mention the Atletico one as I thought they were the better team .
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seriously do you believe any rubbish that the Mail come up with.Garbage from cover to cover.I am happy for him to regain his mojo at Atleti.
  12. An interesting name to put in the hat would be Unai Emery of Sevilla.Relatively young ,has 18 months left on his contract.Not sure what his English is like but I like the way Sevilla play.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I listen to Omid Djalili on Talksport this afternoon.He went to training sesions (he didn't say how many and when) and said the best player in training was RLC!Make of that what you will but I hope he will prove himself from now until the end of the season.At least he will care about the badge.
  14. Thank you for the trophies Jose Mourinho, but I don't regret your departure.You haven't changed at all from the first spell and the results are the same.Countless arguments with all and sundry,complete lack of trust in youth players,boring football.Yes you can be charming and entertaining when things are going your way but you have to ride the bad times as well.Players are guilty too to a large extent and in the summer some will move on,some will fight for the badge.Thank you Roman,I think you have given Jose enough rope.
  15. According to Jose we are not in a relegation battle so please all just relax!The first thing one must do to solve a problem one must acknoledge there is a problem and he just isn't doing it.Wakey wakey and smell the coffee Jose.Denial is the last refuge of the deluded.Brendan Rogers was deluded as the scousers manager but that goes with the territory.Just take a reality check Jose and either change the team tactics or change yourself.
  16. Staying up it will be anything approaching success this season.I do wonder if Jose wants to have a relegation on his CV?If he resigns and we end up in the Championship he can always claim that he could have turned things around given time and money,lots of money.I can't think his ego will allow him to manage a team without CL football let alone Championship level football.How can we look so fragile and unfocused within 5 minutes of starting a game?What are we doing in training,what is Costa doing in training?The bloke is barely capable of controling the ball let alone dribling.Matic I loved you man,but he is so weak physicaly,he is another lost soul.Our fullbacks have zero output offensively and now even zero deffensively. Oscar, no wonder Brazil were embarassed at home when he gets a game.What is his major atribute?Why is he playing for us?Remy is infuriating but he at least tries to score not pass the ball sideways.Just go Jose and don't come back.The lack of fight and organisation is damning on you and the rest of the coaching staff.
  17. This season's football is more atacking compared with the 2007 Mourinho vintage,blimey I remember Reading away,Blackburn and Rosenborg at home.We attack but with hardly any cohesion,more like lets hope Eden will bale us out ala last season .Tonight's game is a win win situation in my book.Win and the dream or illusion of winning the CL carries on for a bit longer.Who knows when we will be back again?Lose and we will be in the EL which is more our level atm.It would be fun to meet LFC or MU in the future rounds.And is another nail in the coffin for Jose.Imagine that when he scoffed at our win a while back.I listed to a few Chelsea podcasts,some award winning ones no less which are great fun.Even though they are staunch Jose fans they are coming around that Jose's team selections are baffling,he's game changing tactics have gone and his youth promotion promise is just a bare lie.
  18. Unfortunatelly I think this case will never get to a court rulling.I would like to hear about the facts but this is very likely to be settled out of court.There will be a setlement and certain clauses and we will be none of the wiser.
  19. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Yes you are right Chrisp ,that was highly annoying.RLC of course is not solely the way out of this,but maybe playing which care about the club and not only for the money would be a start.Jose was adamant after the Southampton game that RLC was part of the way forward.
  20. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Was he missing live football after the Stoke absence or just paying lip service to his promise of giving RLC a run of games.The bloke is a prize bullshiter.
  21. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The U-21 team gained a small revenge on Liverpool with a 4-0 thrashing.Traore and RLC amongst the scorers.Maybe this where RLC will get his run of games,Mourinho never mentioned which squad.The way things are going regarding youth promotion to the first team they are just wasting a year under Jose.Next year on loan and hopefuly take example from Bertrand and never look back.Look at Kane and Lindgard they done ok on loans to the lower leagues but nothing extraordinary.Yet they get a chance and show they belong to this level.What happend to Mourinho pledge to make our young players England material.The ones selected in the U21 squad are a massive credit to our club's youth coaching and nothing to do with Jose.Last year we were under pressure to win the PL and now under pressure not go down.We wont go down,we wont get in top four so just give them a chance.
  22. Two weeks without a game,that is a relief.This is death by a thousand cuts.Roman you know what to do.Spasibo bolshoe.
  23. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways Mr KnowitALL.I wasnt aware that you are working at the Club.I have always thought you were based in Moscow.You must have been present at Carlo's press briefings to have all this inside knowledge.Have you informed Matic that he was transfered out again last January and that everybody got his "number" in the PL?You must have informed Terry that he has at least another 4 years playing at the club so he can put his mind at ease.And on the subject of being beaten by a poorer team with a better manager in the CL how was it possible for Jose Mourinho to loose to Klopp in '13(Real will always a better team than Dortmund) or to an average LFC with Benitez in charge TWICE.It shouldn't have come to a dodgy ref,penalties or whatever excuses.Laughing stock Carlo,maybe you should take closer look at home Nostradamus.
  24. How would you classify Ancelotti ?Hugely likable,a winner in different leagues and playing some great football to.You don't have to be antagonistic and play defensive football to be a winner.No need for the martyrized Messiah syndrome.
  25. Is it safe to say that the case against Chelsea and Mourinho personaly will go to court now.Then the truth will come out and see who said what and when.Might see some dirty laundry come out in the public,which might explain some things.Lets just wait for the outcome of the case before pretending we know the facts.Somebody is going to come out in a very bad light at the end of it.