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  1. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    No offence, but I can't believe anybody who watched tonight's game could ask that question with a straight-face. I truly believe he was that bad. Our best chances were:Willian / Hazard combining for Ivanovic actually. And then Willian's cross for Costa saved by Gomez.
  2. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    His one-footedness is the cause of so many problems it's unreal. He gives the ball away cheaply, runs down blind alleys, is easily beaten, doesn't win headers despite being 6'4, turning circle of an oil tanker.I can go on forever.
  3. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    I think Oscar is rubbish but Matic was far, far worse tonight. He wouldn't make the Watford bench.
  4. Watford 0 Chelsea 0

    Hard to watch to be honest. Depressing is an understatement. Matic put in one of the worst performances I have seen in many years.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

  6. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 1

    **** off Mourinho. "best manager in the world" **** off.
  7. Stoke City 1 Chelsea 0

    So, so depressing.
  8. All it takes is one person.
  9. Maybe he has a new source.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    3 league games before being ostracised. I absolutely get that. I'm just under the impression KDB never suited Mourinho's vision so he decided to cut him loose very early into the 13/14 season (and as manager that was his prerogative). I don't believe KDB was given the chance to succeed or that he trained badly.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not really. We only have Jose's word for it and it's not like he's never lied before. I remember Mata saying more or less the same thing in that Mourinho didn't talk to him much. KDB being afraid to fight for a place at Chelsea but then signing for City just doesn't make any sense on any level.
  12. Champions League 2015/16

    If we somehow avoid all the good teams.
  13. Chelsea 1 Crystal Palace 2

    I don't. I doubt we would have played any better with him in the team.
  14. Official: Cesc Fabregas Joins Chelsea

    Two questions: 1) what is his best position? 2) is he indispensable? Personally I'm starting to wonder where he wouldn't be a liability. And it's a firm no to the second, and I have thought that for most of this calender year.
  15. Official: Chelsea Sign Falcao

    I think my expectations for Falcao are so low that I won't be distraught if/when he flops. Thanfully we have Costa and Remy so I'm not too fussed.