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  1. Can't blame him. Our squad is pretty weak.
  2. He passed the buck.
  3. Find it hilarious how one Droy post will send the whole forum crazy. He is definitely right about Matic though. I genuinely thought he was the worst player on the pitch yesterday.
  4. So, so glad he's no longer our manager.
  5. Really rode our luck at times but what an amazing turn around and result.
  6. Azpi's passing is actually decent - yesterday was a difficult one because Spurs were pressing so hard. He is not a bad passer of the ball by any means and very capable one for the position he has now. A lot of our good play over the last few weeks involves Azpi passing to feet to Moses, the midfielders etc
  7. Very true but that doesn't excuse just how bad we were. We really were all over the place.
  8. Great goal. But something needs to change at the half - can't continue playing this way.
  9. Willian would have been better for this game ahead of Pedro.
  10. Awful display so far. Spurs look so much more athletic.
  11. Simply amazing. Got the game recorded and it won't be getting deleted any time soon. The real Hazard is back. Absolute genius and world class talent. We are lucky to have him him. Superb team performance; I can't remember enjoying Chelsea play that much for what seems like a very long time. We have so many good things to build on.
  12. Azpi has found the perfect position for him. I really don't want to see him playing anywhere else this season. Not a Matic fan but thought he had his strongest game of the season. Kante is a joy. Moses was very impressive and deserves to keep playing.
  13. Never going to happen with this squad. The vast majority of them need multiple touches just to control the ball; they're incapable of thinking two steps ahead and executing quickly.
  14. Such a pointless signing. Never in a million years worth 10m let alone 25m.