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  1. Azpi has found the perfect position for him. I really don't want to see him playing anywhere else this season. Not a Matic fan but thought he had his strongest game of the season. Kante is a joy. Moses was very impressive and deserves to keep playing.
  2. Never going to happen with this squad. The vast majority of them need multiple touches just to control the ball; they're incapable of thinking two steps ahead and executing quickly.
  3. Such a pointless signing. Never in a million years worth 10m let alone 25m.
  4. This is both correct and mind blowing at the same time. The vast majority of that starting 11 today are in their mid 20s. They should be in their absolute prime physical condition. Only Ivanovic and Cahill are 30 or older. But more than just being physically slow we are REALLY bad on the ball which also slows the game down. Some players in the team need 3-4 touches just to fully get the ball under their control. That wouldn't be tolerated at Championship level. If they're being pressed they will lose the ball 9/10. This is badly built team and at present a badly coached one too.
  5. Based on what we've seen so far, I don't want Conte shaping Chelsea's future.
  6. Not making excuses. I just think it's unfair to expect a dominating performance from an attacking player when he's playing for a team as bad as ours. At 25, both Ronaldo and Messi were playing in great teams with vastly superior teammates than Hazard has now. Hazard definitely isn't in the Messi/Ronaldo class but he's not worse than De Bruyne and look at him flourishing under an attacking coach with quality teammates. Anyway, I doubt we'll have this 'problem' for much longer. I can see Hazard moving on next summer if his agent has any sense.
  7. Did you watch the first half vs Liverpool? The team could barely build play (regularly lost it within 5-10 seconds of regaining possession) and were incredibly deep; it was vintage **** on a stick football. The second half wasn't much better. Face the facts: the team is largely made up of rubbish footballers who capitulate when faced with good opponents. Hazard is one of the very few quality players that we have (you can count them on one hand) and he was playing as an auxiliary LB for most of the first half on Friday night. How can he run games under those circumstances? You're asking him to do something that no footballer in world football is capable of.
  8. Seems like more of the same. I don't know why I thought he would be different. Really wish we had an innovative manager - somebody able to shake things up and not be afraid to try things.
  9. Poor sod probably thinks what he says in France & Belgium won't surface elsewhere. That pesky internets!
  10. No offence, but I can't believe anybody who watched tonight's game could ask that question with a straight-face. I truly believe he was that bad. Our best chances were: Willian / Hazard combining for Ivanovic actually. And then Willian's cross for Costa saved by Gomez.
  11. His one-footedness is the cause of so many problems it's unreal. He gives the ball away cheaply, runs down blind alleys, is easily beaten, doesn't win headers despite being 6'4, turning circle of an oil tanker. I can go on forever.
  12. I think Oscar is rubbish but Matic was far, far worse tonight. He wouldn't make the Watford bench.
  13. Hard to watch to be honest. Depressing is an understatement. Matic put in one of the worst performances I have seen in many years.
  14. Helloooooo....?