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  1. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    You are right to say Pulisic isn't far off where Hazard was at Lille simply because that would be an understatement. He is a million miles off. Hazard was the best player in France for 2-3 years before arriving at Chelsea. Pulisic isn't close to that level - not now and probably not ever.
  2. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    You both admit that he has been underwhelming and isn't that talented - surely you can understand why people criticise him. Sarri gave him way more opportunities than his performances deserved and he failed to deliver. Barkley will be 26 before the end of the year! He is at the absolute peak of his powers now and it's NOWHERE near good enough.
  3. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    He failed to live up to the hype at Everton and their supporters weren't bothered one bit that he moved on. That should have set alarm bells ringing from the jump. The idea that his signing was some sort of coup for us was laughable and it's even funnier now knowing first-hand just how bad he actually is. But we'll be hearing about his potential and how Lampard can get the best out of him for the next year. By the way, his performance at Wembley vs Spurs in the Carling Cup was even worse than Bakayoko's infamous Watford game. At least Baka had the decency to get himself sent off early and call it a night.
  4. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    It will probably feel like that...
  5. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Pulisic has 19 career league goals. If he scores 5 next season it'll be a huge year for him!
  6. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    They conceded 69 and 81 goals. We won't (I hope anyway) concede those kind of numbers. Our non-Hazard goals last season: Pedro - 8 RLC - 6 Morata & Higuain - 5 Kante - 4 Luiz, Willian & Barkley - 3 Jorginho, Alonso & Giroud - 2 Rudiger & Azpilicueta - 1 It's going to be a rough year. Good luck, Frank.
  7. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Where are the goals going to come from? The fans are apparently going to be raging if we don't finish top 4 but nobody wants to accept the reality of the squad.
  8. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    I get the reaction and it is very much justified. Barkley is crap.
  9. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    We'd do very well to score 47 goals next year. I think we'll be in the 30-35 range.
  10. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Our 63 goals last season was the lowest in the top 6. Of that 63 goals, Hazard scored or assisted 31. Lampard or no Lampard, we were never going to compete for a Champions League place this season. There are no goals in this team. In fact, I'm now going to lower my expectations even further. A top 10 finish would be a successful first season.
  11. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    We've lost our most productive player and have a transfer ban. I have lowered all expectations and will not be baying for blood whatever happens. I can't speak for anybody else.
  12. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Not sure if you're aware but we've lost our biggest source of goals. Hazard either scored or assisted 49% of our league goals last year. He was by far our most influential player - nobody else in the team comes even close to his level of play and productivity. We are going to fall off quite a fair bit and 6-8 is about as good as it'll get with this current squad.
  13. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Big gamble but what other options were there? If Lampard can see out this year then the job is a completely different one next season. If we finish between 6-8 and he integrates 3-4 academy players in the process I would consider it a successful season.
  14. If the academy/youth players can't give us more than 0 goals & 2 assists next season then get rid of them.