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  1. Glad you disagree. Can you understand why some fans are upset and take these kind of comments as unnecessary digs? True, we have struggled to break teams down at times. But we have also played extremely well in some games too (quite a few imo). The 5-0 win against Everton stands up there with any Chelsea performance ever imo. I never once said we were, I just don't think we're as one-dimensional as Jose wants everybody to believe. We have stabilised because we're using a formation that gives us a solid base - it also suits the players we have at the club. You are right in that having an easier schedule has helped a great deal. He was was not willing to change formation / drop under-performing players despite negative results. He alienated staff and players with his antics. Honestly, his actions to me were somebody who was asking to be sacked but that's a theory for another day. We started the season well and had 2-3 months of top level football. From Jan to May it was another story completely; the football was rubbish and Hazard aside we were awful to watch for several months. Remember PSG? Getting knocked out at home against 10 men? Truly awful. I think our general play is better now than that season. We have a better shape and combine better across the whole field, not just wherever Hazard happened to be as it seemed for most of the 14-15 season. I'm not saying we're a great attacking team. I just don't think we are as bad as Jose wants the world to believe.
  2. Do you agree that we 'have no qualities to be dangerous' if we can't counter-attack? Have we used the counter well this season? Yes. But to suggest that we're just a defensive, counter-attacking team is wrong. I like our general play this season (there's been a clear improvement in that regard); the way the team spreads out and builds from the back has been impressive. Our combination play has grown a lot and even under pressure there seems to be a desire to play the ball to feet. I really believe that Mourinho has an axe to grind and is being extremely petty towards the club because we're having a good season. I suspect that he thought the season would pan out very differently. Tough luck, Jose.
  3. Sure, Mourinho has made the point about his teams being treated differently by the media. But to suggest that he hasn't taken shots at our team's style of play is false. After Monday's game: Before the sending off we had taken control of the game, were dominating possession and were denied by two outrageous saves from De Gea. In fact, they were only in the game for as long as the referee let them foul. After the 4-0 earlier in the season, he suggested we scored our goals on the counter. Truth is, 3 of the 4 goals were a result of sustained possession and the 4th from a corner. Mourinho wants this Chelsea team to be seen in a certain light and criticised accordingly. He is trying to make the ' just a defensive, counter-attacking team' narrative stick but nobody is biting and he's frustrated.
  4. This may sound controversial but Costa generally struggles to strike the ball cleanly. He very rarely hits the ball cleanly so should never be on penalty duties in my opinion. Watch the pen again - he is so focused on just striking the ball he doesn't aim for a corner or even generate much power. Its very tame and in the end an easy save. Luiz should taking penalties if Hazard isn't on the pitch.
  5. 43% possession with a 69% pass accuracy. So many shocking passes and bad decision making tonight.
  6. Tracking Milner, eh? You might want to see Liverpool's goal tonight. Also don't forget to add: giving the ball away and having zero impact on our attacking game.
  7. I genuinely cannot stand Cahill.
  8. Two in 5 years I think. You might want to look and see how many Ronaldo and Messi have missed in the same time. (Hint: it's a lot more.)
  9. The whole team has been poor tonight. Why take off our most creative player? What is Willian doing exactly?
  10. This is why you never take off your best player. Hazard is tucking that away and we're up 2-1.
  11. Hard to perform well when the team plays like this. And I blame Costa for killing several moves with his awful first touch. Very little for Hazard to work with tonight but it's easier to blame him I suppose for not putting in a playstation performance.
  12. Can't blame him. Our squad is pretty weak.
  13. He passed the buck.
  14. Find it hilarious how one Droy post will send the whole forum crazy. He is definitely right about Matic though. I genuinely thought he was the worst player on the pitch yesterday.
  15. So, so glad he's no longer our manager.