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  1. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Maybe, maybe not. But while Liverpool have those 3 up front, you won't hear their fans moaning about Fabinho or Henderson not getting on the scoresheet.
  2. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    I would bet any money that if Kante played for Liverpool not a single one of their fans would ever mention his lack of goals or assists. They would appreciate him for the world class talent he is. When he plays with the likes of Benzema, Mbappe etc nobody demands he scores goals. But when he plays with Werner, Havertz etc everybody wants him to turn into Frank Lampard. Funny that.
  3. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    But not for the reason you mentioned. This isn't a Kante, Kovacic or Jorginho problem. Take Liverpool for example. They have Mane and Salah who have both scored 100+ Premier League goals. Firminho doesn't score as many as them but still has a whopping 70 goals & 43 assists in the league. I don't see Liverpool fans complaining too often about the lack of goals they get from their central midfielders. We have a collection of forwards who don't score or create enough goals. That's the truth. People can moan about the CM as much as they want but our problems are because of the lack of goalscoring and creative ability in the forward line. Of course we don't have the same flair or goal threat as those two teams...not a single one of our attackers make their starting 11.
  4. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Mendy deserves his own post. What an unbelievable player and character. He is simply amazing. Wow.
  5. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Brentford will be kicking themselves that they didn't go for it sooner.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    I watched RM vs PSG 2 seasons ago and he was absolutely flying in that game. His best performance for them since signing...and then his international teammate took him out which practically started the injury crisis as far as I'm aware. (I've timestamped the injury, but he was having a really good game that night and t's the last time he looked like Chelsea's Hazard in my opinion. He has been a shadow of himself ever since)
  7. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Frank had some very kind words to say about Christensen this week. He seems like a good manager too; good style of play and they're picking up some great results. Really enjoyed watching them as opposed to rubbish like Norwich who are just wasting everybody's time.
  8. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Let's be totally honest here, the club were desperate to get rid of Barkley and couldn't shift him. He is getting minutes because the likes of Havertz & Ziyech are massively underperforming, Pulisic is doing his usual etc. Let's not act like Barkley (or even RLC) contributing was part of the plan.
  9. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    I think Barkley is being used correctly as a sort of hail mary option when all else fails. But the fact 'all else' is failing often is concerning.
  10. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    That is two red cards let alone one.
  11. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Jorginho coming on to bring some pace and bite into the game...
  12. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Lukaku is jogging on the spot and pointing to others at where they should press lol.
  13. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    It was our second poor performance in two games.
  14. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    This is exactly the type of game we struggled in last season and it was said a big 9/focal point would make the difference.
  15. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    Another unforced error leading to a Juventus counter. Loves giving the ball away.
  16. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    Unforced misplaced pass already from the guy who is meant to be linking the play in the heart of midfield.
  17. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    Why is it nonsense? He scored a legendary goal for the club and will be remembered fondly for doing so but to say he has underwhelmed would be an understatement. 27 league appearances last season returned 4 goals. Just the one goal in 6 so far this season. He is not very creative and has hardly any assists. I think it's absolutely fair people are asking questions of him (and all of the attackers for that matter). I really want to believe he is better than what he has shown so far.
  18. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Really impressed with Veratti last night against Man City. He was crucial in nullifying Man City's hard press with his ability to receive the ball with his back to play, being unfazed by the man on his shoulder and constantly being an outlet for his teammates. Not a single Chelsea player was able to do that in the first half on Saturday which just invited more pressure because Man City had nothing to fear.
  19. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Neither do I. I do mind us playing how we did in the first half. We looked like a Sunday league team unable to keep the ball for more than 3 passes.
  20. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Result wise, yes. But playing that badly and looking that inferior today can't have been good for anybody.
  21. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Agreed. The squad has now more or less been set up for 3421 so it has to work. As you say, the 2 (whoever has played there) have been well below par.
  22. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    It's a weird one. He improves us in some ways, but also weakens us in others. I listened to a podcast the other day that said whilst Ronaldo improved Man Utd's goalscoring ability he would kill their ability to press from the front. Think the same may be true of Lukaku.
  23. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Grealish is perfect for a team like City. Somebody who draws that much attention will leave other good players free elsewhere. I bet De Bruyne and Foden are enjoying his presence. I seriously, seriously doubt Lukaku could ever play for a Guardiola team. He is too unreliable technically and on today's performance he is too heavy to press effectively from the front. Maybe I'm seeing things but at one point it looked like Azpi had to calm down an argument between Alonso and Lukaku. I think Alonso was saying he wasn't pressing, he made that gesture (closed fist into an open palm).
  24. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    True, but it worked well against Spurs for 30 mins or so. That was a very dominant second half display (against Spurs). It was worth a gamble but Man City aren't Spurs. We played badly and lost. They simply have too many quick, technical and skilful players in the areas that matter.