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  1. Give the bloke a break, he's been class this season except the mistake last weekend.
  2. Name thief.
  3. The press are obviously expecting something. My mrs lives a few minutes from the training ground and said she saw loads of sky vans and cameras outside when she just drove past.
  4. Good post mate, have always thought that when Terry was at his best, it had a lot to do with Gallas to start with and then Ricky. Would be gutted if he left though, we would miss his leadership more than his skill and would not get a captain as good for a very long time.
  5. It's 15 quid from Epsom, so must be less than that from London.
  6. I think it's alrite, especially from a distance it looks like its plain blue, up close you can see the two different types of material.
  7. Cheers mate.
  8. Sorry to bother you Grahame but if you get time can you change mine please. Existing username: shedboy97 Wanted username: ShedBoy91 97 was the year of my first season ticket, but some people think that it was when I was born, and I don't like being 12! Cheers.
  9. Apparently his skull is stronger than ever and he could lose it. But why? He feels more comfortable in it and he's getting paid millions in sponsorship money from Adidas. Looked better last night I thought.
  10. Was on TOCFCW the other day, I was well interested but it's in Swindon.
  11. Yes and people have sung **** off Drogba etc at him too.
  12. Oh mate ... lol
  13. They looked alright yesterday.
  14. Kelsi I think it's time to give in, your not winning your argument. Let's hope we see them both playing together banging the goals in soon.
  15. Am I? So my season ticket for the past 11 years doesn't count no? And you said yourself you don't go. If you read my post you'd have read, with your eyes that is, that I said he drops off and doesn't do what he is best at, and that is being a poacher. If you actually went to a match, you would be able to see that in 'real time' if you 'opened your eyes and your ears'. Stop being so defensive, and admit that they can't play together. Yet.