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  1. Media / Press

    I think the charge is pretty stupid. However you could say Costa throwing his arms around and hitting Kos in the face was violent conduct. If it is though, they should start giving it out to everyone that does it. As well as start doing it for all the grab tackling that is done in corners / freekicks nowadays.
  2. I don't think Jose is doing a great job at the moment. But I support him and I like him as a manager. He used to be famed for setting up his team to defeat and pick apart the opposition. Players used to talk about all the info they had on their opponents, all the little tactical details for each match. At the moment and towards the end of this season the only thing I see is the same players, trying to do the same things, regardless of who we play. Even when we have players that are not playing well. Ivanovic being the biggest example. No adjustment, no replacement. Just go out and do the same things that lost us the last match.
  3. That is the whole point I am making that you just don't seem to get. You are the one making up the story. YOU. How you can continually act one way, then criticise anyone who does a fraction of the same thing you do, before falling back purely on denial I cannot understand. Thank you. I feel like I am taking crazy pills when talking to Droy at times. With no evidence his story is fact. Someone pointing out there is no evidence however is just spreading a story. I like Jose. I support him, even if that means him not wanting certain staff at the games. What has happened here with the Eva 'trial by forum' is crazy though.
  4. Taking leave isn't refusing to turn up to work. For all we know the club were just as upset at Jose about his comments and were happy for her to take some time off to give the whole situation some breathing room. So far your argument is that without any evidence whatsoever. You say she has done terrible things and been suspended. Proof of which you have absolutely nothing for both of those. Do you happen to work for a tabloid ?
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    ^ Quality post. 10/10. Would read on RAWK again.
  6. We know that Eva is suspended ? Because earlier you were guessing I don't think there has been any announcement that she was suspended. Or even that she isn't working. For all you know she was upset at how she was spoken to and has taken leave. In fact the only place I can see saying she is suspended, is the same tabloid story run in a few spots where it also goes on to quote a 'former boyfriend' who says she used to brag during fights that she slept with a chelsea player. Then goes on to claim the former boyfriend said 'she was probably lying' Which seems hardly reliable reporting. Does anyone know if she has actually been suspended. Or if John Fearn was. Just to quote her exactly. The only thing Eva has said on the entire incident is. "I would like to thank the general public for their overwhelming support. Really very much appreciated" In response to her twitter being spammed with people saying she did nothing wrong and was doing a great job. I mean lets not gather evidence or let facts get in the way. Lets just judge her on what you may think. I mean, this is a Witch Trial right ?
  7. He already said. Nothing. Then followed it up with he doesn't actually know if she is even suspended. Based on absolutely no details other than she thanked people for kind words. She is a traitor.
  8. Actually haven't. In truth the entire thing is just silly to me. In reality. I don't care if she returns to the bench, and I don't really care if she files a lawsuit. I watch the football. Don't really agree with someone targeting her and saying basically she is a traitor and deserves anything she gets, while admitting she did nothing wrong. Public comment was thanking people for their kind words, which many had given. The rest you are attributing to her, even though it could have been leaked by anyone OR just made up by tabloid journalists. Or you know, John Fearn.
  9. Droy has picked his stance. It won't be changing now regardless of any facts, even if they are facts he himself states. He has already said she did nothing wrong, and that she was punished. Since then she has only posted thanking people for their kind words. This of cause makes her a bad apple and thank god Jose found her out and has saved the club from danger.
  10. Exactly, if she did nothing wrong then punishing her makes her a trouble maker right.. Not to mention that hundreds of Physio's during the EPL era have run onto the field to treat players countless thousands of times. Including under Jose's tenure at Chelsea FC. There would have to be at least a thousand instances of players receiving treatment on the field under his manager reign. Yet coincidence. In a game he was losing, in one of the worst spots of form the club has had under his control. When he didn't really have too much other to whinge about. He has targetted her and Fearn, Yet you think she is at fault it and it is good to have targeted her as a trouble maker.
  11. I like me some Jose. However Pep would not be a bad option if Jose left. Pep or Simeone I would guess are the 2 A choice replacements if we needed a new manager. One would hope we didn't do another Grant, Scolari, Rafa type replacement. Which is why some people saying Jose should leave might want to be careful for what they wish for.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    My whole reasoning is that no one could be as bad as Ivanovic is right now. Seriously. Fabregas must be hitting unbelievable passes in training, splitting the entire field, nutmegging a whole other team, bouncing it off the post and right back to Diego Costas head. Last season Jose said that Ivanovic and Terry both told him they wanted to play every minute possible of every game. He said he did that, and that they deserved the title. Looks like they said they want to do it again, and Jose backed them, and it misfired badly because Ivanovic has been completely horrible with amazing consistency.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even if we had of played Stones at right back, out of position last night. We would have looked a much better side. The quicker Azpi moves to the right at this stage. The better. We need to bolster the defence. Though it appears the club was well aware of that.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Droy still claiming Stones wouldn't start for Chelsea as he isn't even close to Terry or Ivanovic ?
  15. Honestly starting to get sick of Costa's behaviour. It has gone from him working hard, looking dangerous and occasionally arguing with other players or referee;s. To him non stop whinging, trying to fight every player that comes near him, and looking more interested in showing everyone how tough he is than putting the ball in the net. I can't remember the last time he was challenged and wasn't over dramatic, before screaming at referee's and then getting involved with whoever did it. It is like he has become a parody of other fans opinions of him. Why Jose is tolerating it I have no idea.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Honestly the club could really use someone at the moment to make a change. Not just to lift the fans and the other players, but to alter how we play. Pogba coming in, and playing 3 in the middle would be big for us. Never seen some of our players this bad before, from Ivanovic at one end of the field right through to Hazard at the opposite end.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    I like KDB Not sure he is exactly what Man City need though.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Evidently Everton does not have TONS OF MONEY. Seen a post by some Everton fans today saying how badly the club is managed, how they already borrowed against the new TV deal before they even received the cash and so on. Worst club financially managed in the Premier League was what all their fans were saying.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Some people need to put themselves in Evertons shoes. If Hazard had signed a new contract, then been chased by Real Madrid, who had offered more and more money each transfer bid. With Jose saying "Not for sale, not for sale" Then Hazard had put in a transfer request, what would peoples reactions be then ? Admittedly I think we would have dealt with the situation a lot better, but I can understand why some of Everton arn't really happy. Going into selfish Chelsea fan mode though. They should just follow the natural order of football, and as a selling club let Stones join a far superior club.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not really with how fast football is progressing financially. Which is outrageous in itself. It is just ahead of the curve. You have average players at "Financially responsible Arsenal" on 80k.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Willian, Ramires, Luiz, Azpi and a few others would fly in the face of that though. Ramires has been in and out, Willian didn't start off great at Chelsea but more grew into it. Luiz was in and out and in different positions. I personally think it has more to do with Jose's thoughts on why a player would be good in a role, even more so than how good he ends up being. Jose seems to come up with an idea of how he wants the team to play, or how he wants a player to fit in a role and when they don't or can't he just throws them aside. Azpi playing left back while Ivanovic plays halfway up the pitch on the right for example. Anyone except Remy as another. IMO Jose likes to formulate an idea of the machine in his head, and then tell players to play the roles of the parts. Rather then gathering up a whole bunch of parts and building a machine that suits them. Hence his reputation for also liking "Mourinho type players" and being a buying manager.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Quick while they are all distracted cheering for Cuadrado, someone sneak Pogba to Chelsea.
  23. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    I think we have missed Oscar a lot. Agree Jose sees him as indispensable. Matic and Cesc, along with some others. Hazard, Azpi. Start every game and often play all 90 minutes. So of cause Jose sees them as Indispensable.
  24. Official: Cesc Fabregas Departs For Monaco

    This explains why he doesn't play next to Mikel or Ramires unless their are no other options.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Unsurprisingly he still didn't answer, and moved on.