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  1. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Stoch scored twice with Twente today.
  2. Injury News

    One month to 6 Weeks according to the Daily Mirror. Good news but ... Terry's injury is more serious than expected. He'll take a painkilling injection to play in Sunday’s game.
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    We signed a young french from ASPTT Marseille. His name is Jeremy Boga, He's 12 and plays as creative attacking midfielder. http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...sl=fr&tl=en
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    U18 beat Ipswich 7-2. Hat-Trick from Borini, two from Clifford. Sala & Nouble also scored. http://www.clubfanzine.com/ipswich_town/v2...ws.php?id=14703
  5. Ivanovic won't be sold ! Why people doesn't understand that he was not fit last season because the Russian League ended in January ! He didn't go to the Olympics Games because the club wants him to be ready for next season. In the next years, I see him becoming very important for us, he's a great talent and for me the succesor of Riccy.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    In the the official Website of Defensor, Jhon Perez isn't a striker but a Midfielder. http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...sl=es&tl=en
  7. John Terry

    Blue is the colour Football is the game Chelsea is our name and Jt The Capitain Maybe too long ..