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  1. Saw The Stranglers last night who were supported by The Ruts. Both were banging!! The Stranglers player a Classic Setwhile The Ruts played old and new. It's the 6th time I've seen the Men in Black and it by far the best. Old men 50+ going loopy in the crowd,oh what fun!
  2. Yep, and it doesn't help when the number of jobs lost and sites that have been closed either. DWP, Tax Office etc. The Tax Office is a nightmare trying to get through. The scene where she opens a tin of food, the Food Bank Helper, is exactly that, she's not an actress. And her reactions were just normal, she wasn't told anything about 'that' scene. She reacted how she would have done for a member of the public.
  3. A thinking mans film?
  4. I, Daniel Blake is one of the most powerful and upsetting films that I have seen. It will not put a spring in your step. It is a film that gives the viewer an insight into the deprevation and hopelessness that some areas of the country face each and every day. And, if have been unfortunate to have to 'Sign On', you will recognise the bureaucracy of the system and also the desperation of having to ask for help at a 'Food Bank'. Having used both myself, all I can say, is that the shame is on those that caused it in the first place, not those who have found themselves there. It will not cheer you up, but it's up there with 'Boys from the Black Stuff', an 80's series set in Liverpool.
  5. But surely, it's the same paper thin squad that improved under a different manager when Jose left??
  6. Maybe a reporter should ask Jose "Why is it that certain players or the team as a whole, seem to be playing for Conte but weren't willing to play for you last season?"
  7. How the heck has Ozzy still got his Brum accent, albeit, a bit slurred? Great band, great tracks, great lead singers over the years too.
  8. I know that there are a only a few on here that follow the sport, but last nights ( this mornings ) game was the best I seen. Period. I've been following the game and the Patriots since the game started on Ch 4 in 82? And similar to Man Utd, the Patriots were liked until they started winning, plus with the odd irregularities thrown in for good measure, the Patriots have become the team to hate ( a bit like Chelsea when Jose was here ). But last nights match had the lot. 2 hours sleep and I'm still buzzing.
  9. I think the best praise will be from former opponents. Nuff said.
  10. Why do we always struggle agianst these bunch of cocks?
  11. The Anfield crowd are as a bad as the French crowd watching their Rugby team in the 6 Nations. Get on top of them and the go very, very quiet.
  12. Trouble is, they usually turn up and put in a shift against us.
  13. Went to see Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and In Flames at the London O2 last night. Av 7 were ok, very slick, but a bit too slick. I like an edge to bands when they are live, I don't want it too choreographed as to who goes where on stage etc. Disturbed were bloody awesome and should have been top billing not 2nd. They really know how to work a crowd. In Flames were tight as a ducks arse and got the crowd warmed up nicely. The vocals for all 3 were excellent, but the crowd?? The crowd were vocal, knew the songs and tried the odd circle mayhem. But no jumping lunacy or surges. I've seen more at a Stranglers gig, where the average age of the crowd are about 65. And rucksacks!! Who takes a bloody rucksack to an indoor gig?? Next, you'll see mothers with prams!! Next up, The Stranglers in Cambridge ( with crowd jumping and surges ).
  14. More to the point and more importantly, Ozzy Osbourne used it for an intro for one of his tours. Bark at the Moon I hting?
  15. Congratulate, no, but worthy of a pat on the back. Slow and steady wins the race. We won't win all our games, but if we are top at the end of the season, credit where it is due.