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  1. Musical Tastes

    Saw The Stranglers last night who were supported by The Ruts. Both were banging!! The Stranglers player a Classic Setwhile The Ruts played old and new. It's the 6th time I've seen the Men in Black and it by far the best. Old men 50+ going loopy in the crowd,oh what fun!
  2. But surely, it's the same paper thin squad that improved under a different manager when Jose left??
  3. Maybe a reporter should ask Jose "Why is it that certain players or the team as a whole, seem to be playing for Conte but weren't willing to play for you last season?"
  4. Musical Tastes

    How the heck has Ozzy still got his Brum accent, albeit, a bit slurred? Great band, great tracks, great lead singers over the years too.
  5. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    I think the best praise will be from former opponents. Nuff said.
  6. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    The Anfield crowd are as a bad as the French crowd watching their Rugby team in the 6 Nations. Get on top of them and the go very, very quiet.
  7. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Trouble is, they usually turn up and put in a shift against us.
  8. Musical Tastes

    Went to see Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed and In Flames at the London O2 last night. Av 7 were ok, very slick, but a bit too slick. I like an edge to bands when they are live, I don't want it too choreographed as to who goes where on stage etc. Disturbed were bloody awesome and should have been top billing not 2nd. They really know how to work a crowd. In Flames were tight as a ducks arse and got the crowd warmed up nicely. The vocals for all 3 were excellent, but the crowd?? The crowd were vocal, knew the songs and tried the odd circle mayhem. But no jumping lunacy or surges. I've seen more at a Stranglers gig, where the average age of the crowd are about 65. And rucksacks!! Who takes a bloody rucksack to an indoor gig?? Next, you'll see mothers with prams!! Next up, The Stranglers in Cambridge ( with crowd jumping and surges ).
  9. New Stadium Plans

    More to the point and more importantly, Ozzy Osbourne used it for an intro for one of his tours. Bark at the Moon I hting?
  10. Antonio Conte

    Congratulate, no, but worthy of a pat on the back. Slow and steady wins the race. We won't win all our games, but if we are top at the end of the season, credit where it is due.
  11. Musical Tastes

    Got myself a ticket to see The Stranglers again at Cambridge next year performing their 'Classic Collection'. At the front for that one.
  12. Musical Tastes

    Think it's going to be a grower. Can't wait to see them again. Saw them at Hammersmith for their 'Justice' and 'Black' album tours. On the plus side, I managed to get a ticket to see Iron Maiden in Nottingham. Haven't seen them since the Powerslave tour in Ipswich.
  13. Musical Tastes

    Ah, denim cut-off with patches sewn on, bullet belt ( which is nowhere near big enough now ) dandruff flying about. And denim jeans that faded with time and grime. Great days.
  14. Media / Press

    I think that Utd's treatment of Van Gaal was shocking. For months, the vultures were circling with regards to Jose joining and yet the Utd board said nothing. If it had been us, Jeez!!! The press got what they wanted, Jose at a BIG club, the only club in England worth managing. HA! Watch the wheels fall off in 2 years time.
  15. Musical Tastes

    The Manics are the one band that blew me away. I saw them in Cambridge a few years back and boy, the energy! Awesome live act. I've tried to educate my kids on Elvis and the 90's Brit Pop, but to no avail. Though I have got 2 of them into Heavy Metal, albeit, slowly. Still can't get them to like Lamb of God, but give it time. One band that I have discovered lately are these guys; Love the sound and feel of this album. You Tube can be a wonderful thing sometimes.
  16. Antonio Conte

    Well, all I can say is "Conte, good luck." Our chickens have finally come home to roost. We've got away with it for about 5 years, papering over the cracks, touching up here and there, a dab of paint. But now, we have a major rebuild on our hands. We have been guilty of keeping players, key players/leaders, past their sell by date instead of selling them on sooner with another player coming in. So we are left with 4/5 leaders who's legs go, we sell them or allow them to leave which leaves us with no true leaders on the pitch. We have 10 out-field players looking around scratching their heads. I don't want 11 super stars on the pitch, just 11 players who are willing to go the extra mile, fight for each other and have 2 stand out players/leaders who can calm the nerves. A re-build is a must and if it means missing out on CL for another season, so be it.
  17. Musical Tastes

    Most people cherish the music of their teens, no matter what decade it was. I can still hear me old man telling me, "Call this music, in my day..............." He loved Elvis, skiffle, rock 'n' roll etc, so I imagine that his parents were telling him the same thing. But I also loved, loved the 90's Britpop. Some truly great music,bands and fashion. Really miss those days and I was 30 back then. True, it does feel like the Victorian era again, with the haves and have nots, the divide is greater than ever. Whether the youth of today take an interest in politics is hard to say. I know that my son (just finishing his 2nd year in 6th Form) studied Russia and Germany for 2 years and has made him a socialist at heart. We've had some interesting conversations! As for the quality music today??? Maybe that's down to the stations choice of music? Radio 6 is a must though. The music of the mid 70's were full of anger and resentment (The Clash, Stranglers, Billy Bragg to name but 3) where as now, there's just apathy.
  18. Musical Tastes

    I think 1977 smashed the Establishment and the Victorian grip of this country for good.
  19. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    So, our choices at the end of the season are to try and beat Leicester and give Spurs a chance to win the title or to throw the game? If it comes down to the last game that is? Rather have Leicester win it and can you imagine lots of kids waking round next season with Leicester shirts on?
  20. Eden Hazard

    I have a feeling that you could be right. Hazard has to be the most fouled player in the EPL and gets little or no protection from the officials. As an aside, I feel that players like Hazard, Robben and Joe Cole (?) etc should be given a free role, to do what they do best and leave the defending to the DM and defenders. Don't stifle natural ability, let it flow.
  21. Musical Tastes

    Managed to get 2 tickets for AC/DC in London next year. Haven't seen them since the Razor's Edge Tour.
  22. When Jose returned, I did say that it could be like going back out with an 'Ex girlfriend'. The sex is great for a time, but then the old habits start to surface, which reminds you of why you split in the 1st place. Both the players and Jose should share the blame for our current situation. The players for not trying 100% and Jose for changing his tactics/formation. I wouldn't mind being at the wrong end of the table if we were building a squad/team for the future, but we ain't. IMO, if Jose stayed, we would be going down as neither the players or himself have been there before. And it takes a certain type of grit to fight your way out. So once again, "The King is Dead, Long Live the King." p.s. I do like how SSN only showed interviews of the fans with the same opinion. That the club were wrong. Funny that?
  23. Well, we haven't been in this situation for a long time. Reality check for a few fans, that's for sure. IMO, Jose needs to change tactics and now. Whether it's 4-4-2 or 2-4-4 or just a free for all. Pull the shirts out the bag and that's your position for the game, some thing has to happen. If Hazard is pulling a fast one, stick him in the reserves and let him rot and at least try some fresh blood. It can't get any worse playing wise. If the board think that the players aren't going to play for Jose, then he needs to go now and get someone else to take over who will steady the ship. If we carry on with this situation, Jose in charge, the players not bothering, WE WILL GO DOWN.
  24. Jose does like a player, no matter how many goals they score or what they can do with a ball, is to defend for the team first and foremost. Jose has shackled many players of their natural ability for the sake of the team and I don't care who shoots me down for saying it. Carlton Cole and Lukaku were banging in goals for fun in the stiffs and should have been given the chance to do the same in the 1st team. With our creative players, they would have been plenty of chances to score, if Jose chose to play as such. A bit like this;
  25. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Before the start of the season, I made a bet with Liverpool fan at work. Each time we played each other, the losing fan would have to wear the opposition teams shirt. So, on Wednesday, I had to wear a 'Bin-Dipper' shirt, in a M size, when I'm an XL. Hated it, but a bets a bet.