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  1. That's optimistic ....!! but hopefully so so true.
  2. Have the scouse builders turned up already?? They also taken the corner flags and the managers bench
  3. Strange how nothing is in the press. Maybe the FA are all on hols....
  4. Given what he does I had thought he already had retired
  5. They can still buy in this current window. Expect a bid very soon (if they actually want him)
  6. oh and being forced to play Torres who he did not want!
  7. Personally I don't think he needs the hassle so just like last time he will not commit. RA might only want him as a stop gap to the next short term appointment. Lets just hope he does the business like last time. Top 4 finish and silverware.
  8. correct!! Think it is obvious Jose has lost the dressing room. Why are they turning it on in Europe but not the league? Lose to Bournemouth - beat Porto!! Either they sack Jose (not the first time Roman bowed to player demand) or stop playing those involved and sell in January. My guess it is Hazard, Costa, Fabregas, Matic & Terry. Should raise a few quid. Or Jose? and the next time they spit their dummies out???
  9. How perfect would that be?
  10. It used to happen every other Saturday. They had their own walk way. I would personally keep them as far away as possible. Far end where MH is and upper tier. Like they do at Barca & Newcastle.....! Also just for fun keep them in for an hour.
  11. or 2015
  12. Klopp did ask for the fans to turn up and make some noise like the great European nights they have (!) Not sure which nights these are/were but the ones I recall they were very quite nights. Bit like last night. Dreadful team, dreadful supporters. He failed and they failed. Brilliant.
  13. Do we think there is anything JM can say without being fined etc? Unlikely. FA, UEFA, FIFA, proabably all lined up waiting for their turn.
  14. Dougie Rougvie and Chopper Harris as full backs...... Opposition will be too scared to attack!