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  1. Florenzi has wingback in a Conte system written all over him, but the guy picks up more injures than a vacuum picks up dust particles.
  2. Honestly, very happy. Bonucci is the only centre back I'd buy, I think our backine was brilliant last season - only Bonucci can justify a huge amount of money. Manolas is better than Van Djik. Liorente would give us something we haven't had for a while in a true target man, as a short term player he would be bucket loads cheaper than Lewandoski who probably has another season before he starts slowing(he is no Klose when it comes to movement off the ball). Morata is a better footballer than Lukaku, his goal scoring is more in question than Lukaku but Morata would probably make the team score more goals. Sandro is a difficult one, great player but Alonso did little wrong last season, yes he is slow but his footballing intelligence is far ahead of Sandro. Bakayoyo is the more attacking version of Kante, the energy in the middle of the park for us would be immense; he is full of energy, Neves is a great player but Bakayoyo would be better for us. Dembele will be something special, so he would be a bonus to any squad and Adama has the ability to be a special impact player. I'd be happy taking the hit of getting lesser rated players to bring in exciting youth, because our current team has what it takes to win the league again; it's just the Champions League that we'll fall short on, but we'll fall short on that unless we spend £300M+.
  3. Don't get our hopes up... A midfield 2 of Matic and Pogba would be a dream for an opposition's number 10, neither would ever be goal side of the opposition player.
  4. THE best centre back in football, and would give us 3 years, he is so far ahead of everyone that it'll take him to reach 33 before anyone gets close. £50M is a lot of money, I'm surprised it's that high given his age, but then Juve know they have a player that is a level above everyone else.
  5. I think the middle of our back 3 would be the best position for Zouma, I've never seen the point in playing Cahill on the left and Luiz in the middle, the other way round would actually make us stronger; with Cahill being the better defender but Luiz being the better footballer, Cahill sees the ball way too much down the left for us. I think we should go for Bonucci or no one, I think he is the only player who will be able to improve our defence. Van Dijk wouldn't give us anything different to what we have in the starting line up, in Christiensen and Ake we have two ball playing defenders and Zouma is an out an out defender; we've already got the right balance at the back.
  6. There's only one way to get those players CL football and it isn't by signing someone, unless we as a football club are prepared for a open cheque book policy and spending over £200M every window, then we must be the club to give these players that experience; Juve did it with Pogba and Marchisio, also Monaco with Bakayoyo. They have to start somewhere, and the club has to be in the CL.
  7. He knew Jose wouldn't pick him ahead of them, and when he left I saw a young player running a mile from a manager looking for quick silverware with no long term plan for youth.
  8. Ideally option A regardless of who they are, but B could become A and a legend too. Gutted at missing out on a chance to see G n' R.
  9. Sums up what I think of Barkley, and a very good point regarding Lukaku too.
  10. Brilliant striker, I don't think there's a club in the world that wouldn't have him.
  11. Lukaku will likely end up here, however I'd be very pleased if we started next season with Giroud, Martial and Bats/Long. I'd rather we have 2/3 players who fight for a starting position than someone like Lukaku who will be starting due to him being who he is; I think that's why Bats never got ahead of Costa, it wasn't because Bats isn't good enough but because of Costa's status.
  12. Brilliant player, would welcome him here anyday, a bonus would be to throw Matic in the deal ;)
  13. Tammy is ready for his chance, if he is good enough for a loan to the PL he is good enough for his chance - or the flip side is that we don't bother giving young players a chance and just buy them back for £70M+. I think fans get caught between wanting the club to bring through talent and wanting to win it all every season; we will have to accept that if we bring through talent that it will cost us a few matches. Regarding RLC, in my opinion bringing him on when we've given up attacking or when throwing the kitchen sink is the same as not playing him, when a player is given a chance they must be starting alongside the first team's first selection, and not the 3rd selection - otherwise he might as well go play with the reserves.
  14. If we started the season with: GK: Courtois, Eduardo, GK?; CB: Luiz, Cahill, Azpi, Zouma, Ake, Christensen; WB: Moses, Alonso, WB?; CM: Cesc, Kante, Matic, Chalobah, CM?(Bakayoko); AM: Hazard, Pedro, Willian, RLC, AM?; CF: Bats, CF?(Lukaku), CF????; We win the league again, but the CL will depend on who we bring in at attacking mid and if we get someone like Mortata as well as Lukaku. Our defence was fine last season, Christensen and Ake will only bolster the defence; of course Bonucci would improve us, but I think he is the only player in the world worth chasing for defence at the moment.
  15. We need another LWB but I don't think we need a world beater, Alonso was brilliant last season. I'm the first to admit that he lacks pace and the ability to dribble, but he has what Malouda(wasn't anywhere near the best in his position for pace and skill) had which is intelligence; he takes up the right positions at the right time, which makes up for a lack of pace. Alonso's knowledge of the game is up there with the very best, a Cesc of the LWBs to better explain it; pace and skill isn't always needed. The one thing we would lose massively is defence, Sandro's pace bails him out far too often than it should. We need a balanced left midfielder who is willing to play wingback, for example of a Valencia, Moses, Young and Chamberlein mould; someone who won't break the bank either. We need more firepower from striker and attacking midfield positions to spend money on, not LWB.