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  1. Same team as the last game for me, with RLC in for Hazard. 30 wins would be a bonus, but it's just that, a bonus. We don't want it coming at the cost of an injury in a nothing game before a final.
  2. We can't really criticise any of the non-regulars for any of their mistakes, I could understand if one or two of them were playing with the regular team, but 7 players who've had hardly any playing time were playing at the same. Maybe this is a small lesson for next season, that rotating one or even two players in different positions is the way forward. If for example, Chalobah can't play with the regular players against someone mid table or below, then he shouldn't be here(personally I think he can comfortably do that), that goes for the rest; if they can't cover 1 position at a time then we need to look at improving on that player.
  3. Agree 100% Bats was being kicked from the very start to when he came off.
  4. JT with a moment of charity.
  5. Liking that line up, very interested to see how Ake, Chalobah and Kenedy do down the left.
  6. I think his teammates are also responsible for him not finding his form, because he is fast they pass to him and then watch him; even if he is surrounded they expect him to get out of trouble, he needs the ball played to him when he is already moving not static(like Sterling needs to be moving in order to be most effective).
  7. Brilliant pass, great finish.
  8. Cahill, Matic and Alonso against Adama Traore...
  9. Wouldn't put it past him. As for Arsenal, I don't think they will want Spurs winning it over us.
  10. Goes without saying, and hopefully he can give motivation to the younger players to stick around, it's a shame that Christiensen won't get a chance to have a spell alongside JT; it did wonders for Zouma before his injury.
  11. Everton are a strong team that have the kind of set up that could exploit our team, they have a quick right side and a huge striker; not the type of team we can deal with very well, going off the basis of our general set up. I would like Conte to change it again for this game. Courtois; Zouma, Luiz, Cahill; Azpilicueta, Cesc, Kante, Ake; Pedro, Costa, Hazard; This way we can give much more freedom to Cesc, Pedro, Hazard and Costa, without worrying about a break down the wings and a cross or a long ball into Lukaku; as our back 3 are all capable of challenging Lukaku. I reckon looking at the last 5 games: Everton (A) Middlesbrough (H) West Brom (A) Watford (H) Sunderland (H) I'm thinking: DWWWW, but I've got a feeling that WBA will hold us to a draw; although I reckon it'll still be enough to win the league. I hope we win the league before the last day of the season, it'll be nice to give the standouts from the young cup winners a reward.
  12. Serious lack of pace in the LCM and LWB position, when we are at least winning we need to get quicker players on who are able to close the opposition down, so they can't put the ball into dangerous areas so easily.
  13. So am I, I was cursing the team at 1-1 lol
  14. Bad timing mate.
  15. Looks like somebody is back in action!