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  1. Andreas Christensen

    Even 1 season alongside a leader at this point in his career would do true wonders.
  2. 1st season: Top 4 Europa League final (likely to win it too) I'd say he has ticked all the boxes for the club and he has got the job done. The treatment by the fans towards a manager that has come in at a difficult time, has been recruited to change the way we play which is pretty much the opposite to what our players are used to(and have downed their tools in the past just to have it their way), and also produce enough results to get us back into the CL, has been nothing short of an embarrassment. He has done his job, I don't think the fans can say the same. If someone walked into Stamford Bridge for the first time they'd think we'd won the CL and PL 3 years in a row playing football of the quality that would make every top club envy us, and now we're stuck with Sarri. Our fans have forgotten that our club has got into a dark place over the years where managers are the enemy the moment some hardship comes along, it's strange because we've all said the club has been too knee jerk in the past; but it turns out the fans are far worse and aren't willing to accept a change that would see us start to support a manager more.
  3. Eden Hazard

    Hazard is the best player in terms of ability to play in the Premier League, in my opinion anyway. However I think he enjoys playing football without the stress and pressure that comes along with it, his personality comes across as someone who comes into work and just does his job in the background; but he does it so well he can't stay in the background and he gets recognised for it. It's probably been a dream of his to play for Madrid since he was a kid but it's probably just that, a kid's dream; with all the real life pressure attached to playing for them he'd probably prefer staying with us. It's a big decision for him and he'll need to keep his head straight when making it, he can either risk it all and end up hating having to play for his childhood club or be pretty much a one man club and maybe even win a CL with us. We can't replace him, so if he leaves we'll be better off going down the route of being a team that plays a certain style rather than relying on individual performances.
  4. Andreas Christensen

    Has the tools required to be a great centre back, he's not short on pace, good in the air and can tackle, also when he gets a few games in a row his confidence seems to grow on the ball (slowly). However, he's just nowhere near aggressive enough and doesn't seem to have the authority to command a defence; mentality is his problem.
  5. Their fans have been through a lot more than ours in recent history. If anything they should have lost faith and sat there waiting for the team to do something, instead they turn up and put an atmosphere into place pre-game that gives all the club staff inspiration and motivation; and even intimidates the opposition. Our lot have recently been waiting for an opportunity to intimidate their own manger. I said this yesterday and I'll say it again, but it pains me to say it... Our fans have become just like Arsenal TV fans, they put their football manager hats on and think it's as easy as changing a few things around like a computer screen We have a manager who has had his first season in having to figure out which players he can use in the future and which he can't, he has kept the likes of RLC instead of loaning them out, he has given Odoi a chance (and he kept warning us he needed to get stronger and in the end he was right). Every year the pundits get on our back, every year we have to fight against the grain, but this time we've lost that battle, we've let them break us and make us believe we don't deserve anything out of the season. Thing is the players see their fans boo their manager, they're only human and will be all the happy to shift blame when they fail, effectively the fans have given the players every reason to not fly into tackles, zoom around the pitch and play as a team; because they're ready to blame the guy on the sidelines who can't do it for them. Also even the studio picked up and highlighted Sarri urging his players to push out and press just before their goal, he saw it coming and our players chose to ignore the instruction (much to the frustration of Sarri), it lead to a goal and Sarri got the blame, we as fans have become our own poison.
  6. Somebody who had no faith in us reaching the final lol
  7. Nobody remembers how people get to the final, if...when...we beat Arsenal we'll have beat a team who is the 2nd best in the competition. Yeah but we're above Spurs too, in a transition season which is always important to remember. No one had us going 3rd but we've managed to do it, yes Spurs has blundered but someone always has to in order to catch and overtake them. Arsenal went on a very bad run of games but the thing is we responded and took control to seal our place in the top 4, the others around us failed to do so; let's not forget we finished above Man U who we'd all expect to finish above Arsenal.
  8. Sarri confirms RLC came off with cramp. Sarri got booed because RLC wasn't fit enough to complete the match so he replaced him with Barkley; maybe to avoid confusion in the future he should hold a board up with the reason why he's making his substitutions.
  9. Hoddle saying a 3 of Kante, Barkley and RLC is what he'd use! Thank God he isn't our manager, poor Kante would be the only midfielder goal side of the ball lol!
  10. It's a transition, making us be able to play possession football was the first step, and while things change we'll face hurdles, to be honest I didn't expect us to be in the position we are in during such a huge transition; but we're dragging through it. The transfer ban is a huge hurdle and Sarri may have no option but to turn to our younger players over the more stubborn senior players to mould players to his system. To be honest I'm confident for next season because it's his first season and we've got this far with huge huge changes. Now onto the final game of the season where I'm hoping to see Cahill and others who may leave and a final where we'll smash the Arse. Then onto next season of seeing more growth and development from Sarri working with...let's be honest with no transfer window...working with what he has; especially if Hazard leaves.