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  1. I agree, it might be better if we invite them onto us, Jose is a tactical genius but his players aren't clever enough to execute plans; I would like to see us draw them out by letting them have the ball, let them make the mistakes they will inevitably make.
  2. We can't score simple goals, I've lost count the amount of times we have been one simple pass away from a easy goal or at least an easy chance. We will get punished if we don't improve in the second half.
  3. Begovic; Zouma, JT, Ake; Aina, Nate, Cesc, Kenedy; Willian, Bats, RLC; Give everyone a start who doesn't get one, we need to start using the players we have; otherwise it's pointless recalling players or keeping them around because they are apparently 'ready'. Might as well sign 33+ year olds on free agents if we just need players to fill a gap on the squad list.
  4. Rubbish, the manager should have changed things at half time, and didn't need to go 4:4:2; just needed to change Cesc for Matic. Instead it was late changes as normal giving players like Bastuayi 5mins to try and make a difference in a system that we aren't used to playing. We needed to lose this game, we won't learn our lesson from today.
  5. Thank you! Finally we get Cesc on and Matic off!
  6. Matic is clearly just picked on his size, makes Fellaini look like Ronaldinho.
  7. Matic had the ball, and gave away a free kick, just when I thought he couldn't be anymore of a liability.
  8. Bellerin challenged for a ball that was never his to win, he should have backed into Alonso and put him off from getting a head on the ball, he saw Alonso and tried to jump in the way of a player who has momentum on his side; that's the same as trying to go for a 50/50 slide tackle without having a run up into it whilst the other guy comes in at full speed, most of the time the one with momentum will win and the other guy will be levelled out.
  9. Oh my Hazard.....oh my....
  10. I agree - in Costa, Cahill and Luiz we have 3 strong players in the air; we need to playing to our strengths.
  11. Mustafi should be gone, had no interest in ever getting the ball.
  12. Maybe not dominate, but it's becoming more and more frustrating to see the opposition play on the front foot for the whole game, we need to address that or we will see the same happen to us next season what happen to us last season and is happening to Leicester this season; teams will simply give us the ball and say come at us, and we will respond with not being used to tackling that situation with the likes of Matic instead of Cesc being the creative outlet. Now that would be extremely painful to watch! I think teams are starting to realise that we are dropping too deep, and the same ball that caught us out twice against the Spuds caught us out in this game, Matic and Alonso must press once the ball is played back out from a dangerous area. Personally I think the pair of them are way too slow, we need to fine replacements in time for next season; but for now Ake and Cesc should be given the chance to improve things down that side of the pitch. We should have cashed in on Matic the summer gone, hopefully Jose wants to spend some big money and comes in for him. I think everyone must be seeing the pattern that is occurring in our style of play, it's the same one that happen to us under Jose and then Leicester.
  13. All the attributes you've listed are a wing backs strength, not someone who should be finding goals, we have 7 players behind the ball and yet we still make excuses up by saying Willian does what other attacking players don't; truth is if we had a better player we wouldn't always be the team on the back foot against half decent opposition. I've called for Willian to be a wing back since he's been at the club, nothing new here, as for being a central player I think if we went with a central player behind the striker it calls for Hazard to go there; Willian just hasn't got the direct threat that a player needs to have, especially when we already have so many defending players on the pitch. Pedro is far more effective, and even Cesc(doesn't have pace or the pressing ability) does better going forward than Willian does. It pains me to say this, but he is our Milner, I know every team needs one but we have far too many of those playing behind him than to sacrifice an attacking position. Matic is better in the air and is able to track his runner better, that's all he has on Cesc. Truth is Kante does all the running and even runs past him to tackle the player Matic should be marking. Cesc can easily block a space and recycle possession, and at the same time finding players with his far better passing range. Conte isn't being brave enough, he is worried, but we have 3 centrebacks(1 who presses early), wing backs and a beast of an engine in midfield; there's no need to be afraid to play Cesc over Matic. The reason we counter so much is because the threat is small and other teams push forward, Liverpool played the whole game on the front foot because we had two attacking players, we let a team who is one of the more vulnerable teams in the league play on the front foot; we played to their comfort zone, had we been more brave and their defence would have folded more times than we could of counted. Conte is in a great position in the league, but that doesn't mean there aren't faults or we won't come unstuck, if we don't start to dominate games we will have the same problem as Jose had and Leicester are having this season, but next season, teams will simply allow us to have the ball and watch the likes of Matic, Willian and Alonso struggle to create then mark Hazard and Costa out the game. We must make forward steps, I know this season is not next season, but I've seen it happen to us and then Leicester, it's happen twice in a row to two styles that relied on counter attacking; we need to put out right fear in teams before it's too late. We feared Spurs and Liverpool far more than they feared us. You are right, I would have taken a draw, but that was when I saw the lineup. I didn't mind as much about Matic instead of Cesc(although Cesc naturally wanting to play further forward would have allowed him to get closer to Horrendouson instead of doing what Matic did and drop off him), as I did about Willian instead of Pedro, it just made us stink of fear; having Willian mark a failed right winger playing at left back is ridiculous. But overrall my issue with the team is that we turn up to big games with a 'this is just another game' attitude, where as teams like Liverpool and Spurs turn up looking for blood. The reason they can is because they don't look to sit back and counter us, they take the game to us, they be brave, they play their most creative players and make us chase them. If we did more of what they do, we would have a much larger lead than we have now, because we have top quality players, but 2 of them were sitting on the bench in place of 1 who the game passed by far too many times and the other was marking a defender.
  14. He lacks impact far too often, why doesn't he just play RWB and let Moses stay further forward; better yet why doesn't he tell the manager he isn't an attacking player, plays more like a RB than a RW. I've always criticised his ability to be an attacking player, sometimes unfairly; but he really really isn't an attacking player, he is a RWB and nothing more. As for covering the wing back, we already have 5-6 players doing that, but it suits Willian to stay away from responsibility. Nice guy, but he isn't good enough to rely on. With Kante on the pitch there is no need for Matic, he makes us play far too negative and if Matic turns any slower he will need a mobility scooter. We could easily play Cesc in place of Matic, especially because Alonso naturally so defensive. It really could have been worse, but make no mistake; we threw 2 points away, I don't mind us drawing but the manner in which we did was very very disappointing.