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  1. Serious lack of pace in the LCM and LWB position, when we are at least winning we need to get quicker players on who are able to close the opposition down, so they can't put the ball into dangerous areas so easily.
  2. So am I, I was cursing the team at 1-1 lol
  3. Bad timing mate.
  4. Looks like somebody is back in action!
  5. Costa! Costa scored!!
  6. We need to kill this game off ASAP in the 2nd half.
  7. We should have killed them off, but instead we sit back like we are 3 up with a Champions League final in the next game.
  8. Tactically maybe, because he hasn't played for us long enough to know our way of playing, but 1v1 he is fine apart from being a little rusty (which is understandable).
  9. Alonso getting a silly yellow before half time.
  10. We get the ball we look dangerpus, let's keep it.
  11. We need to start keeping the ball, no point playing on the counter when all the other team has to do is whip a ball into the box to make us panic.
  12. Anyone would be rusty in his position.
  13. I think Michy will upset the tactics employed which would originally have targeted Costa, and I think the same goes for Willian over Hazard; Willian will ride the challenges better and run a lot more.