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  1. 😂 Felt for him when it went it, he looked like he wanted to curl up into the foetus position
  2. That we are the last club he wants to come to, or he is looking on ebay for a cushion; I remember from my stadium tour that our bench seats are a bit firm.
  3. Souness is trying not to cry, he can't just admit that we turned up and did a better job than Spurs. Fair play to Henry, he has said it like it is.
  4. And......breathe.
  5. Alonso!!!!!!!!!
  6. least he scored, I'd just like to know what he attempted, he actually headed it like he wanted to score.
  7. That's because wouldn't be in the position to be on the ball as much ;) I reckon Luiz is struggling more, not because he isn't a natural mid, but more so because there's no attacking players to pick out.
  8. 😂 we'd be losing if we had him trying to press a midfield that spins away from their marker
  9. Red bloody card that!!
  10. I hope Rudiger is still settling, because at the moment I just don't think he is at the level we require.
  11. Time for Conte to start warming up his plan B(10 man plan), 2 defenders on a yellow in the first half; both unavoidable.
  12. Most frustrating player I've ever seen, if he had an end product he'd be unstoppable.
  13. Yep, and apparently going for a head that your never going to win is fine, as long as you take the player(Baka) out.