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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    One thing about the deals for Luiz, Alonso & Abdennour is the depth it provides our back 4. We're now looking at Cesar Azpi, Ivan, Terry, Zouma, Cahill, Luiz, Abdennour, Alonso, Aina provided those deals do go through. It gives us an ease of mind because before those 3, any injury to our defenders and we were looking at a crisis. Not convinced that Luiz is the right deal, however. He's 29 so whatever player he's been before this, he's presumably going to be that same player for the rest of his career. Error-prone, loss of concentratio/focus but flashes of brilliance. It's nice because he meant a lot to the fans when he was here but if anything, this deal would make me question what exactly the board are doing even more. How can we have sold a defender two years ago for a good bit of money only to have failed to replace him, or brought in someone of better quality, and ended up going back to re-sign him? It's a clear sign of how our transfer policy, whatever it may be, has failed us these past few transfer windows.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep, sorry about that. Knew I forgot someone.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    So from last season's transfer windows we signed Papy, Hector, Falcao, Pato, Begovic, Rahman, Miazga & Kenedy. Papy, Falcao, Pato & Rahman are gone. Miazga & Kenedy are expected to go out on loan. Begovic is strongly rumoured to be leaving as well. That leaves Hector as the only player who we've signed in the past year that will be a part of the squad this season. And yet, even after this summer's astonishingly poor window, there's very little chance someone will get the sack for this. Yet the same patience isn't offered to the manager at the first sign of trouble.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    The fact that the board can still have a job when they have obviously failed at what was expected of them is laughable. Shows that at this club it's always going to fall on the manager, no matter who's actually at fault.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    You look at our squad right now: Courtois/Asmir Ivan Cahill/JT/Zouma Cesar Azpi/ Baba Ramires/ Fabregas/ Matic/ Mikel/ Loftus-Cheek Hazard/Willian/Oscar/Pedro/Kenedy/Traore Costa/Remy/Falcao We really need to use the next transfer window and the Summer as two parts. There's 13 players out of those 22 that I would keep around for different reasons. Obviously JT, Zouma,Willian, Azpi have performed really well in comparison to their teammates and won't be sold, same goes for Courtois/Asmir who have performed well & are clearly a part of our future. Ramires & Cahill, the former wouldn't be my favourite player but both have signed new contracts so are defintely sticking around. Loftus-Cheek, Kenedy, Traore, Baba simply need to be more involved as they are young and with clear potential. That leaves us with this heading into these two transfer windows as follows: Courtois/Asmir ??? Cahill/JT/Zouma/??? Cesar Azpi/Baba Ramires/Loftus-Cheek/???/???/??? Willian/Pedro/Kenedy/Traore/???/??? ???/???/??? So we need a starting RB, CB, 2 CM's , 2 AM's and ST. Added to that is a need for a back-up RB, extra player in midfield and 2 Strikers. We could simply bring in Solanke or Bamford for one of those so we need to make seven key signings as well as 2-3 others to fill out the squad. This is what the board has left us with. And it's shocking. This, btw, comes at a time when it seems that RA has tightened up the purse strings a fair bit and by my calculations we need to spend around 250m! It's just not going to happen. Now we could get a good bit from the sales, around 170m so need Roman to spend around 100m, maybe over, to revamp this squad completely. And this is based on the board getting the signings right, the same people that signed the likes of Cuadrado need I remind you. Talk of Teixeira coming in for 30m so hopefully it's the first of many. Emphasis on many. Next month is a big indication of how the board not only view our squad but whether or not they are willing to do what's necessary to ensure our safety and success for the next few years.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    What does everyone think of Alex Teixiera supposedly being a done deal? Anyone see him play on a consistent basis to know if he'd be a good fit or not?
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Looking at our squad Id say we need a RB, CM, AM, ST so we'd be left with something like: Courtois RB Zouma Terry Azpilicueta CM Loftus-Cheek Willian AM Hazard ST Second team would be: Asmir Ramires Ivanovic Cahill Baba Matic Fabregas Pedro Oscar Kenedy Remy I'd be expecting Costa & Falcao to be gone in the next transfer window if we do bring in a new striker, unfortunately I don't see us signing that many new players until the summer and Mourinho isn't very fond of playing Loftus-Cheek for whatever reason so at least so one of Matic/Fabregas will probably still be starting. I do expect a clearout in the summer however with Fabregas, Mikel, Ivanovic, Oscar and possibly Hazard all leaving. Not saying they should be sold but the way things have gone so far I think it's inevitable. Neves, Lacazette/Aubameyang, and a new RB would be a fantastic transfer window but I dont see it happening tbh.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Draxler off to Wolfsburg for €30m I think. Must mean Juve aren't suddenly expecting 70m to fall into their laps otherwise they would have increased their bids. Laughable really when you think our board thinks only one player can improve our midfield (allegedly I might add). Looking at them towards the end of last season, start of this season there are definitely a few players that would do better for us
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's alright James, not attacking you, just sick of seeing Tancredi's name everywhere! :P Nothing in tomorrow's papers about us regarding transfers
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Please don't. Tancredi's knowing to be a troll and nowhere near an ITK
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's when you look at Bayern, Real and even Barca who had a "transfer ban". They've all improved their squads, Munich are still signing players. 2 years ago we were every bit as good as these guys ( I still believe if we had Matic & Salah available for the CL then we could have beaten Atletico) and now it feels like we're a million miles behind them
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I doubt Everton suddenly decided not to sell, wouldn't make sense on their half. Could be wrong though. It's just after the Robinho & Modric fiascos I thought we were done with this "go after all summer & end up not signing them" stuff. If a club rejects a couple of bids, and the player isn't willing to push for the move hard enough (ala Stones. handed in a request but they rejected it and he's not refused to play or anything for them, atleast Modric did do that) then we have to move on. Look where it's gotten us
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    If the result today wasn't depressing enough, just think the board's spent the whole summer apparently chasing 2 players that were never for sale
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I didn't say it was, I'm just saying that I can't see his value getting any higher in the next few years
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    They won't get any higher than 38-40m until he realises his full potential. Being honest when I first heard that 20m was our first bid, I felt it was way too high as it was obvious we'd have to go higher. But yeah, no-one will offer over 40m for him in the next 2-3 years imo