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  1. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    Is there anybody out there who can organise a defence.
  2. All I hope is Mark, is that he commands his area better, communicates with his defenders and in turn improves them in terms of performance. Apparently he is quite good at kicking it long which and let's be honest Kepa sucked at too.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    on another note sounds like Mendy has passed his medical. About bloody time too. That has got to be one of the longest medicals ever. I know the guy is 6'6 but come on!
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I hope chelsea don't still charge per letter 😁
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Plus Arsenal don't sell players to us. I mean the only player I recall is Ashley back in 2006. They thought Villa a safe bet because they don't see them as a threat.
  6. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    I get what you're saying here. But if that were to happen then we would be left with Ziyech and Pulisic as are our two only natural wide players and at this moment I am concerned if both can stay fit over the course of a season.
  7. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    For me we don't play with enough width, on Sunday we needed somebody to carry the ball when we managed to get it. I don't know what CHO has done to get benched but without Pulisic and Ziyech we look too predictable going forward. On another note surely it would have made better sense to play either Giroud Or Tammy giving us a target to aim for with Werner buzzing around them to get onto knockdowns and flicks.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I guess not everyone can be a trailblazer right off bat unlike a certain Eden Hazard. Let's see how he fairs once we've settled the side down and he's playing in his preferred position.
  9. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    I have no doubt he will be under pressure. But seriously Avram Grant. The guy took down 2 teams back to back?
  10. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    He's not been with us as long as Werner.
  11. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Isn't that always the case on here 😅
  12. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Let's see what happens when everybody who is supposed to play actually plays.
  13. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Rod who else was going to come in while we had a transfer ban?
  14. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Havertz needs time. He's only 21 and we haven't settled as a side. The other new guys haven't kicked a ball yet.
  15. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Him and Kepa are too powder puff for this league.