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  1. Crespo?
  2. The Ox does make sense. You are getting cover for 2 positions in 1 player and at 24 there is time for to unlearn all that nonsense he was taught at Arsenal.
  3. I forgot about Baba, maybe Conte miight keep him around when he gains full fitness.
  4. Hard to say on that one but he will have a few spanish speakers to help him along.
  5. Welcome to Chelsea Alvin ;)
  6. On another note city are getting Danilo for £26m. Dang. I really hope we look to get in more options at wing back.
  7. Funny that, other outlets say £70-£78M. Maybe that includes add ons.
  8. Right backs/ wing backs are out there besides Danilo, the striker pool was getting smaller and smaller every week.
  9. £50?!!! Next one's on me lads.
  10. Sounds like Danilo is off to city, shame really because he could have been a good alternative to Moses when needed.
  11. The delay might be Gurj that it is not true. But we shall see.
  12. Tell Roman to back date the cheque for 3017 ;)
  13. I got goosebumps.
  14. By then the season would have started and we may be 15th and looking for a new manager.
  15. I could not put that any better Bf.