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  1. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    I agree with alot of you guys. Frank's appointment is just too early. It would break my heart if and when he joins the long sack list. However with this ban no high profile manager is going to take the job if they cannot buy their own players. Guess pissing away so much money on meh players is looking better and better. Frank would give the youth a chance which alot of us have been crying out for years. Granted results may not be to our liking but the fans will give him the benefit of the doubt under the circumstances.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Plus the medics only used a bucket of water and a sponge XD
  3. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Maybe they meant his brother too. What was his name again? Leroy?
  4. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Lucky for him there is a player in his squad who unlike our other attackers does not fluff around with ball and only wants to drive forward with it to make things happen. Too bad RLC spends more time picking splinters off his backside than minutes on the field.
  5. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Seven dunking minutes?!!!!
  6. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Should always start but the Italian smoking machine will come up with some bs excuse not to.
  7. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Ah thanks Dave. Now he stays in charge XD
  8. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Only has himself to blame.
  9. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Who's to say he ever did?
  10. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Will that counts as an assist for him?
  11. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Here we go again.
  12. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    If only buddy.
  13. Cardiff City 1 Chelsea 2

    Sounds like awe inspiring stuff.
  14. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    I think Avb wanted him here back in 2011.