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  1. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 0

    Sure Kev but do cast your mind back. The last truly effervescent, sum of the parts equals whole performance we have given, I recall, was the 6-0 vs Everton on the 29th August of last year. More than a year ago. The performances we have done well since in vs Stoke, Huddersfield and Atletico Madrid were teams who surrendered territory and hence initiative to us. We did not have to fight for or seize it ourselves, because our manager makes it impossible. Go toe to toe. Contrast this with the lesser teams who decided to go toe to toe, West Ham, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Arsenal, Norwich. We were found wanting because we did not respond in kind. I watched all these games carefully. We fall back and surrender territory and the hence initiative. I call it football of cowardice. An analogy would be a much bigger guy (superior players and team) cowering in the face of a much smaller guy (less talented players and team). Conte is a good coach, no doubt. However he is only a few rungs on the ladder removed from the ultra conservative Mourinho, and their brand of football is somewhat detrimental. I actually had observed this, as I mentioned, for about a year now, despite us winning the championship. The performances never quite measured.
  2. Chelsea 0 Leicester City 0

    Inadvertently you have highlighted where the problem lies, James. For about a year now, I had concluded Conte is just a Mourinho Mk2 (albeit marginally better football than Mourinho, I would say). In a team game, when the whole (team) is consistently less (results or performance) than the sum of its parts (players) then the manager is the problem. Everyone going on about formations. Formations are not the issue. The issue is in initiative and football culture, and how a manager’s tactics either increase or hampers initiative of the players and a knock-on effect on their confidence. When you consistently send your players, like Mourinho and Conte do, to fall back whenever their players lose the ball through a breakdown in possession, three things, I see, happen 1) You can never build pressure on the opposition. At breakdown, the opposition can play it at the back relieving pressure because no one is closing them done and trying to force mistakes especially from defenders who are not the most technically efficient. No matter the opposition, Conte does not press, like Mourinho, afraid his defense would be caught. This is cowardice. The worst thing is when lesser teams, like Leicester today, West Ham, Norwich come and press our superior players without fear. We respond by falling back and handing the opposition the initiative. 2) By your decision to never expose yourself, psychologically you make your players feel inferior or less than themselves. You send a message there is much to fear from the opposition rather than letting the opposition worry about you. Also you give a confidence boost to the opposition especially when they have less talented players. If a less talented player is putting pressure on a more talented player, forcing him into mistakes and making him look ordinary, this increases the confidence of that player and reduces yours, as was seen in the Norwich game. There is no coincidence Man U’s season went off the rails after their fearful display against Liverpool and took awhile for their season to get any sort of verve back. 3) Because of your focus on defense and “covering your ass” you spend too much time on organization and control of the team. The players and team play become robotic and reactive rather than anticipating, reading the game and initiative. This tells in defense but more in attack. Because you are so focused on organization, your right back is always in the right back spot. Your left winger is always in the left wing spot. The structure is rigid. This makes it easier for your opposition as the opposition left back always knows where the right winger is and as such he is so much easier to close down and nullify. It’s like an army general giving his adversary his troop number and deployment layout. In all, I would say this football conservatism may yield short term results but because of its focus on control, position and drills, players invariably become bored because of its stifling and repetive nature. Evidence can be seen in Mourinho’s continual short term stints as players stop responding. Though in his case his personality comes into it but it is in reaction to bad performances which is a result of his negative culture of football. Conte is from the same cloth. They are not for the long term, I think. I hope I have been able to articulate myself adequately.
  3. Norwich City 0 Chelsea 0

    I must say these are the sort of games that I makes me not mind Conte not being our manager. You are playing your second string team against a team a division lower than you albeit away from home. Get them to press and play on the front foot. Instead we get what I call "football of cowardice" where you lose the ball in breakdown in play but instead of trying to retrieve it immediately, all players are instructed to fall back relieving any pressure that may have built up, giving the opposition respite and hoping to counter attack. This means we would never really win midfield and makes our players look very ordinary compared to much lesser players. This tactic I understand against dangerous, read premiership opponents and their likes, or using it as an energy saving tactic but against the likes of Norwich with your second string team who you do not need to conserve energy levels, this is just unacceptable to me. Conte and Moirinho really get my goat with their negative brand of football.