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  1. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    Willian’s problems are 3 fold: The first you have highlighted is that his attitude has always been somewhat suspect. The second is that despite probably being the most talented player in the squad, he has a very low footballing IQ. His decision making has always been off - evidence being his lack of assists. Never has been able to play a through ball. All he has is his individual skill. Even when he is up for it, his bad decision making always shines through. The third, which probably derives from the second and the most terribly annoying to me, is his lack of off the ball movement. Never moving or making clever runs into space or to assist his teammates. He, like Hazard, are very lazy and always wanted ball to feet - invariably always killing momentum. Hardly any of the coaches have been able to get him to work harder or intelligently in the final third. However, there is a point you raise, which I have a theory about. It regards the observations on how almost ALL our senior players have really performed poorly while the younger ones at least put in a shift and you can see them try - and the theory is that the senior players really do not have faith in Lampard. These players are full internationals and have won and played under many coaches - they would better know instructions that make sense. While the younger players are just really happy and content to be given the opportunity to play that has been given by Frank. However what is undeniable is that there is somewhat of a malaise in the team. Regarding the game itself, I had earlier stated in another thread that I was glad the press had returned. In this game it had disappeared. That was fine as long as the other team was not pressing (we have more games than they do and the incentive to conserve energy) and as such we shaded the first half. Once they began their press in the second half Frank had not prepared the team to press back. What I found, watching during the Conte days, is that if the opposition is going to press you and not allow you to settle, you must press them back and cause them not to settle too otherwise you completely hand the initiative to them. We were able to recover and force the issue and get an equalizer but better and quicker response from Frank and we would not have countered their surge better.
  2. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    Agreed on all points. I would add, though, the first solution was to get a coach who could work on our defensive transitioning and organization while keeping the attacking verve and press. Instead we get as you correctly stated - ancient football. The one positive that had returned since the break, is the more committed press, that had disappeared since. I hope it lasts while Lampard takes his time to bring back the basics. As Charles Darwin said “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change”. Lampard has a slowness to adaptability problem.
  3. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    Haven’t posted in awhile, though been following match threads. As usual, Rod, your analysis of the situation is more than spot on. The fact you make the posts you do and get little reaction the phrase pearl before swine comes to mind (disclaimer: used with levity - no offense to our great message board members. With regard to Lampard, one of my favorite players, I was not in favour of his appointment. This was because I watched 45 minutes of his Derby playoff match. The organization and defense transitioning of his team was horrendous and almost suicidal. I was expecting the worst on his appointment but was pleasantly surprised at the attacking verve of the team though the defensive frailties and somewhat lack of organization was quite evident. However I was content and hopeful that he would sort the defense out - though the one alarming aspect was his inability to quickly solve the problems his team was facing e.g the repeated set piece headed goals we were conceded - however I was hopeful and enjoyed the football we were playing, even boasting to a friend Chelsea were going win at Anfield after our defeat at Stanford bridge because we had largely outplayed them. We kept on the way - playing good fearless football but were conceding worrying goals, however the true change came in the Man City game where it was clear Lampard had preached caution to the team for fear of being rolled over because of our defensive frailties - I noticed this the first minutes the match started and I was dismayed saying to myself “Lampard’s compromised his philosophy” Sad to say but since that game it has been downhill from there. The good things we were doing with an attack-minded philosophy - confident pressing and pass and move was sacrificed because of our defensive frailties and now we are left in limbo with a directionless, less intense, less movement and fearful state of play - all the things that Blue Rod has repeatedly stated - the basics and fundamentals have been absent. The worst thing about this is it is clear Lampard has run out of ideas because he has been unable - to see and - therefore change things. Rather largely relying on personnel changes as though he sees it as his players letting him down ala a Jose Mourinho. At this moment, we have zero identity - the best I can describe it is maybe a defensively suspect, slightly more verve-y Sarriball. Lampard does not have my confidence. From what I have seen - his inability to spot the problems and provide solutions - I would strongly wager he would not be a top manager.