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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    ^^^^ Shakes head and Laughed out Loud. Work permit issues makes him an academy player then!! I see the logic there then. So because Kevin de bruyne was born in europe and Davila wasnt means Davila should be attributed to our academy? LOL You do make a point somewhere in your ramblings there when you mentioned that as of player levels, Davila is probably comparable with some of our 18 years. However trying to attribute him to the academy is just another one of your moments of bigotry because even if you see Davila as a project, it doesn't mean he is the same project as the academy. If we are to attribute davila to the academy, we will have to say the academy produced Sturridge. but I think we will all agree on the fact that Sturridge is not an a cfc academy product but rather a project that came to good fruition courtesy of the departed Frank Arnesen (starts to duck as he awaits the tirade and argument that will come based on the sheer mention of FA) Again a few seconds of engaging the brain will show us that Courtouis even though not needing a WP didn't play for CFC last year and will be out on loan again. So effectively he is as much a project as Davila is. Lukaku was bought not because we needed him straight away but because the 1st team could do with his potential another project which we can't attribute to our academy. apart from Hazard none of the players I mentioned are expected to walk straight into the 1st team so they are all sort of some project of Mr Emenalo. Now if you have an issue with us buying players like the aforementioned in my previous posts then knock yourself out. But I think its plain to see that those players are not the so called 15 - 18 year olds (the extremely expensive ones) that are part of the academy. Maybe you might have had a better argument with someone like Matej Delac
  2. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    I wont understand the need for Moses imo, decent player but he is on the same level as Scott Sinclair (albeit he has better dribbling) or Miroslav Stoch and if as many people have said in here in the past that those players are not CFC level then is Moses so or do we believe he will become a much better player? For some reason players like SWP also comes to mind thinking of Moses. He had some very good games last season but can he deliver regularly I.e whenever he gets 15 minutes here and there.. Since we already have Hazard, Marin, Mata and potentially Hulk? safe to presume Moses will be a squad player, if so why dont just have a potential squad spot to have players like Kakuta, Lalkovic, Piazon fill. especially if players like sturridge and ramires who can be used in the wing positions are available in times of dire straits.
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    LOL Droy you are getting absolutely comical, You really ought to start thinking about your posts before these blindly bigoted attempts at convincing yourself of that same mute point. Ignorance is no defence in this case though Droy!!! LOL I am sure you probably do not know that "Davila is my hero" is a 21 year old player ( same age as Hazard). Which theoretically means that players like Sturridge, Hazard, Debruyne , Lukaku, Omeruo and Courtouis along with davila are the type of expensive kids you have been banging on about that the academy have been spending a fortune on? if so as you were droy!! as you were! Apart from the fact that the players listed above are all between 19 - 21 years old, another common denominator is the fact that none have and will ever play a game for the CFC academy teams. I.e u18s and below. But in typical misinformed fashion, if you want to add all the cost of those players up as part of the academy costs, then go right ahead. a bit of research wont hurt Droy, maybe it might even let you see the obvious points you have seemingly missed while building your seemingly unneccesary hatred for the academy or anything remotely close to it.
  4. Gael Kakuta

    Not sure what happened to the series of posts here yesterday. Keeping it strictly KAKUTA then if I was asked to guestimate, then I would have said Kakuta would have cost us more than the 2 million you said (cements my point about the potential errors of guessing these) Based on the 30,000 a week as chipped in by Juni and being extremely unconservative wages from 2010 -2012 (lets say we paid everything even when he was on loan) = 3.12 million lets say he was on 10000 in the preceeding 3 years = 1.5 million signing on fee = 1 million other costs = 500000 that totals around 6.12 million. Now if we sell kakuta for the 5.5 million we reportedly got for Stoch (before going down the route of saying Stoch was a better player e.t.c. please check their loan records I.e stoch in twente and kakuta at Bolton and Dijon) the potential loss there wont total up to much in CFC terms
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    That 1 line about Kakuta has lead Droy to actually help prove 1 of my points which was simply that costing the academy by guessing the amounts involved can easily be miles off. So its probably a safe idea for any of us in here with a bit of sense to not buy into the concept that the academy is a massive money pit that loses tens of millions every year especially coming from people that can be over conservative or otherwise about the figures. It was funny to see the premature ejubilation in your post when you saw Juni come up with the 30,000 per week wages. Lets assume you was very conservative and your 2 million estimate was wide of the mark. Lets assume kakuta wages = 30,000 per week since 2009 excluding any loan clubs covering some of his wages, = 4.6 million total up to date Transfer fee 140,000+ wages = 4.6 million agent fees = 300,000 Signing on fee = 1 million Lawyers fee LOL= 500,000 Maybe CFC bought Kakuta's family a house in surrey = 400000 T& D = 100000 Any more hidden costs that I might have not thought of? Total cost there = 7 million. Now considering that Miroslav stoch loan record in season before he left us was 30 apps 10 goals in dutch league and Kakuta has 20 apps 6 goals in EPL & French Ligue. It wouldn't be too far fetched to think we can get a similar transfer fee for Kakuta. So if we have spent 7 million up to Kakuta till now and sell him for 5.5 million, the loss is not astronomical/ |Especially when comparing it the losses on players like Winston Borgarde and Adrian Mutu. While on the subject of hidden costs, some will want to rack and rattle their brains till they find some sort of costs to apply. They will not consider the hidden value side of things. e.g at the start of the season, we were going to get Perreira in from Porto for something in the excess of 15 million and we ended up not paying the 20 million plus Porto wanted? partly because we knew we had Bertrand in our ranks. In some sort of way hasn't the academy saved the club a 15million + expenditure?
  6. Gael Kakuta

    Lets keep things Kakuta then. He came in at a cost of £113,000 according to the BBC.
  7. Gael Kakuta

    again you lead yourself to a point where you should see the light but you like to deliberately stevie wonder your way around those points. I never said the academy saves us money and trying to put those words in my mouth is just trying to steer the argument to a point where you stand a chance of making some sense with your speculated numbers argument. I do stand by the argument that you have made an habit & a CFCnet career arguing your point about academy costs by just guesstimating the costs of players etc. Kudos to Chelsea till I die for looking up the cost. I wouldnt have bothered myself because true to form you will conveniently move to another cost field that neither me nor anyone apart from the insiders knows the amounts. Even though the website that chelsea till I die actually shows the folly in any argument that the gulf between the cost of bringing academy players in and selling them out is not a massive one as you want us to believe, I still wont trust the figures on the website because its a website that collates its data in a similar way to wikipedia and they use speculated figures in media reports without having a clue about the breakdown of the costs reported. Another factual reason why I am reluctant to use some of the speculated figures (unlike you going on sociopathetic tendencies) is that when young players are bought, most of the time the overall cost of transfer will be based on that player going on to realise their potential. & this is also used in determining compensation payouts to clubs when their youngsters have been nicked. So if a reported fee of 3.6 million was reported for Rajkovic and that was upfront costs alone (probably what u would want it to be in an ideal scenario LOL) and there is still some 5 million pound of tie ins, we may have to pay more for him and vice versa. Or in the most factual case I can quote. exhibit A Danny sturridge (not saying he is a CFC academy player). that website quoted 5.8 million as a transfer fee, when we were actually told to pay 3.5 miillion upfront and potentially could pay up to 6.5 million according to the guardian. the bottomline is that your arguments on the aademy are either redundant or other people's points are going over your head like a bulimic on a seesaw. If you are arguing that the Chelsea Fc academy is not a cost effective system, well that much is pretty obvious but even Ray Charles can see that the entirety of CHELSEA FC as a business is not a cost effective 1. So it takes a bigot or an hypocrite to bemoan the unefficient cost of our academy when the 1st team cost has been astronomical over the years. But what we dont need exact figures for is the fact that the academy costs dwarfs our 1st team costs in relativity speaking terms. All those so called other costs that we would have paid to agents and players great grand fathers e.t.c will probably increase 20 times over where 1st team players are concerned. And before any1 goes down the route of well players like winston bogarde, adrain mutu, Shevchenko while they were somewhat wastes of wonga, went on to make X amount of 1st team appearances. Duooh any1 with a minute sense of relativity will know that if you pay 500000 for a young player and he makes abot 8 app in the 1st team and you spend 15 million on a 1st team player who makes 20 -30 apps and not enuff impact for him to be kept at the club you still arrive at the same destination. And more importantly and relatively speaking the expectation on the player you paid more money for would not be fulfilled if they are out of the club after a couple of seasons with no significant impact.
  8. Gael Kakuta

    Some of the arguments on here are comical. A saying comes about the sheeplike mentality of some of the previous coments on academy. " The ignorance of 1 man can lead a thousand men to their deaths" A quick analogy to firstly deal with the idea "An entire academy to produce two squad players is a very inefficient system" look at it this way playing ten lines in the lottery to get half a decent line of numbers and a 10 pounds payout wont look like a very efficient system but only a slightly mentally challenged person will not understand that to win the jackpot you have to play the lottery. The entirety of Lille's academy (without a quick google search how many of their academy products are you au fait with) to produce Eden hazard who they have now got 32 million pounds from us for was probably an inefficient system up to a point.Tell them they should have never wasted a couple of euros on their academy all these years why dont you. Some people will want to have you believe that the cost of transfer fees of the young players in our academy are in the millions everytime we buy someone. Again only those that have no idea of youth football and academy will come up with that conclusion. It takes some ignorance for people to argue that these kids cost a fortune when in actual fact its is part of EU law that players under 16s can't be traded. So Chelsea can literally communicate their desire to the parents of an u16 player and as long as no pre contracts are in place we can have them by paying the previous club the cost of the players youth development. Players that have costs tangible amounts I.e millions like Di Santo, Matic, Sturridge (never played a game for CFC u18s) could never be attributed as academy players in imo and they were not bought for such purposes. instead they were players that were at the end of the academy chain of other clubs bought with the hope that they can be intergrated into our first team I.e we tried to take a shortcut You will be a moron to take the word of any posters on this forum for it when it comes to exact costs of the transfer of players like Bruma, Stoch, Sala, Sinclair and co. Just apply common sense to the kind of argument that we would pay loads of millions to Fc Nitra (check their website and see how much of the millions we gave them they have used to jazz it up) when they have a stadium with a 11,000 capacity. Bruma as per wikipedia cost us 100,000 but do I believe that ? Answer is no just as much as I dont believe kaby cost us 5 million. 1 last point is that again the ignorant can try to argue the cost of the academy blah blah blah, some of these players are on 5k 10k plus and so . The rules as they are states that you can't pay young players wages until they are 16. So even if we work on the top end of that 5k - 10k wage that was plucked out of thin air by the forums resident ITK. we have a total of 22 reserves (most were out on loan) + 26 youth players, lets assume they were all on wages of 10 k each. we are looking at a weekly total wage of 480k per week right. By the time you add the expected wages of Paulo Ferriera, Hilario, Turnbull and Yossi Benayoun, you wont be a million miles away from that total. But ask yourself, do you really buy the idea that many of these players are on 10k a week? 46 GK Jamal Blackman 55 MF James Ashton 57 DF Archange Nkumu GK Mitchell Beeney DF Nathan Aké DF Samuel Bangura DF Andreas Christensen DF Fankaty Dabo DF Alex Davey DF Alastair Gordon DF Adam Nditi DF Nortei Nortey MF Amin Affane No. Position Player MF Lewis Baker MF Jeremie Boga MF Tom Howard MF Ruben Loftus-Cheek MF Reece Loudon MF Anjur Osmanović MF Danny Stenning MF John Swift FW Islam Feruz FW Walter Figueira FW Alex Kiwomya FW Ismail Seremba There will be other costs of course like payments to parents and cover of costs. But I will be interested in finding out which family we have paid over a million to for having their kid in our academy. T
  9. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    Just thought I ll post this link, I find a few things interesting about that list of topscores in that tournament (under 15s)
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I so want to have Gigi's babies, totally owned that journo there. Idiots like him should not be invited to be guest on Chelsea TV when all they try to do is cause disharmony at the club with their made up pieces.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    From the list I doubt there is any of the players there that the club thinks will break through so some sort of declutter expected. but I doubt the club will get rid of any of them until their contracts run out. Club will probably sell C.Clifford, Mellis and B.Clifford if they recieve a good offer but they will still harbour hopes that they are only a good loan move away from being closer to 1st team.
  12. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Masek looked quality when he trialled here to be honest. I dont think numbers of 1st year scholars had anything to do with it. He was a Frank Arnesen target for the club while he was here. He seemingly had an offer to sign with us a few months after his trial. Why he didn't take that option was either Frank Arnesen's swaying him based on his initial influence or maybe with a new Technical Director in Emenalo targets changed
  13. better a true ok picture than those flashy youtube videos of best moments that makes you expect the player to be doing what you see in the vids every moment on the picth. I make youtube videos myself and its quite easy to make a player look good when compiling. Not being funny but aint it redundant to be showing clips when the going is great, who cares how much Valencia lost in that game, we were 1-0 down to west brom yesterday so the question in my mind was can he create when the opposition is sitting back or are of a higher defensive ilk. question is if he can be most effective behind a front two, we are not exactly short of quality strikers are we. it could provide us with another plan for some games. What I like about the potential of this kid is that he can offer a sort of variance having Him and Malouda as opposed to Malouda and Zhirkov who were too similar to each other playwise.
  14. To get a better idea of a player, its better to watch game highlights, rather than video compilation. the game below gives a vague idea of how mata might fit in to our system. worth noting the way RM were defending is what we have been coming up against.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I watched the game well the second half anyway and the second half of their previous league game. The only eason why you can say Bruma had a shocker is down to the scoreline. The whole team of HSV had a shocker tbh, Their midfield which was set-up to be defensive was far from it. The number of times that HSV midfield couldnt get their foot on the ball meant Bayern were getting to HSV's final third at will. Difficult to fault Bruma for the last 4 goals individually but for his own benefit you wish he had done better.
  16. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    From my understanding its the new u14s for the new season winning the national title for last years u13s campaign. two of the boys from the MUPC squad where in the winning squad. That leads me to something I picked up somewhere that mentions that at the younger age groups, when selecting squads to go to tournaments the club always try to take some of the boys from the age group below to give them experience. so if its a u15 tournament, club will take a number of boys that are u14s and so on.
  17. Official: Romelu Lukaku Joins Everton

    I wonder if his parents are moving over and if so will Jordan Lukaku be coming over as well from anderlect.
  18. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The loan spells he went on didn't help him at all. A lack of continuity which was what was needed. If he gets a good loan deal with a championship club were he can get starts then I will expect him to get back into better light. Will need to keep his workrate levels up and get on the scoresheets as often as possible to turn any heads though.
  19. Lucas Piazon

    I disagree with there beinr any obviou skill that he displayed, apart from the single bit of common flick the on on your standing foot to pass skill that he did near the touchline. Thought Brazil didn't play well and while Piazon didn't have a great game, it was quite obvious that he has a mature football brian and tries to link up with his team mates rather than going it alone.
  20. Josh Mc Eachran

    You are right on some of those points. Its funny how many chelsea fans quickly concluded that Bruma is not yet good enough for us due to the fact that Heskey beat him to that header in that Villa match, funnily enough I remember David Luiz getting skinned by Jonathan Walters of all people and JT getting beat for pace on many occassions. When a young player makes a mistake. he is not good enuff. When an experienced player makes a mistake. it is just that a mistake.
  21. Josh Mc Eachran

    Funny enough if I remember correctly, Kakuta played some games as part of the central midfield trio at youth/reserve level. so basically where Lampard is and where malouda and Zhirkov has been played a few times. He looked more creative and involved there as well while also being able to drive at goal. The only issue with doing that at premiership level is no manager brave enough to undertake such an experiment. The stakes are simply too high.
  22. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The examples of youngsters reported to be on 5k to 15k are not unfounded, but thats exactly why I think guessing figures can be very Hit & Miss because the difference in 5k and 15k per week is quite significant. He could have easily been anywhere between that price bracket. However moving on from there, there is no doubt that the academy is becoming a dark money pit because we are clueless at that level in terms of our organisation just as much as we are all over the place as a club in general. In my view players like Sergio Busquests, Pique and co wouldnt have made it through if they were at our academy because our ability to develop these players is lacking the final ingredients.
  23. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I doubt you know how much he was on per week for the 2 years he was here, let alone how much he signed on for or how much his agent got, in which case I think you are just biasly guesstimating that view based on the fact that the academy is an expensive waste of money (which I agree with especially with the current way we are using it).
  24. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Ben Sampayo is still with us but looking for other clubs through trials. so safe to say contract finishing at the end of the season wont be renewed for him. Tom Hayden quit football alltogether to concentrate on his studies if my memory serves me correctly. Nikhil is a young asain Gk that we had in the younger teams, he was still around 2 years ago in the u12/13 no recent news of him at any level though.
  25. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I think that is the assumption everybody seems to have about the under 18s but I have tried to give a different perspective in this article The article also briefly discusses the under 13s squad.