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  1. Apparently. Yes, Dave, that's exactly what I'm saying, and have been saying. And I'll go on saying it. Because I think that it's obvious, and not contentious in the slightest. "Striker banging in goals for Everton, will score more for Chelsea, a team with more creative talent". And I'm sure that you'd agree if you weren't so determined to prove me wrong.......:). Indeed. And it's also 'littered' with plenty of examples of how things DO work out. I'll leave it there.
  2. Right. There had to be a reason for all those goals, I guess - it can't just come down to his ability, can it?......:). But let me say one more time, Kev, that I'm talking about him as my preferred option IF Costa goes. Now if he's not yours (under those circumstances) then name some others that you'd prefer, and say why. I'd be interested to know.
  3. Yes, I know you would, Kev. But I wouldn't. He believes in his ability - it isn't a crime. Nor is picking the right striker a popularity contest. They don't seem to have a problem with his attitude at Everton, do they? I see very little difference between the two in that context, and a lot will come down to the players around them, making the passes, and creating the chances. But we're not trying to choose between Lukaku and Costa, because if Costa wants to stay, then I'm sure that we'll re-sign him, and Lukaku will end up somewhere else. If however, Diego wants to go (China, or elsewhere) then that imo, is a different matter.
  4. Really? Even though he's become a Spanish citizen, he's still Brazilian at heart. And players from Brazil have large, extended families that they provide for (Costa no exception). That's why the likes of Ramires, Oscar, Paulinho, Teixeira, Witsel, Hulk, Pato and Tevez (among a growing list) are already there - the money. And Costa is heading rapidly towards his 29th birthday (October), and this next contract might be his last chance to nail down a financial bonanza.
  5. Nope. I am saying that he'd score more, with the better service and creativity at Chelsea. Because he can finish. And we do produce more chances. Now, he may move somewhere else that also has superior service to Everton - same result. That wasn't my point, and it wasn't what I said. What that comparison shows is just that he performs, same as Costa does, at this level, in The Prem, whereas many of the other strikers being mentioned here as possible Costa replacements (should he go) have never played here, so are imo, a bigger gamble. Both Lukaku and Costa are now proven in The Prem. That Costa (in a small sample of 2) also benefits from superior creativity from the likes of Hazard, Willian, Fabregas, etc. - I wouldn't have thought was in question, really.
  6. This season (all 3 domestic comps): Costa 31 games - 18 goals Lukaku 30 games - 22 goals And that from Lukaku, is fronting Everton's attack, not Chelsea's. Lukaku obviously isn't the flashiest-looking CF, but then neither is Costa, is he? What both have done, of course, is prove themselves in England.
  7. I've often wondered when these things happen, why the punishment doesn't match the resulting injury in terms of time out of the game? Coleman misses (say) 20 weeks - same then for Taylor. That might result in some of these morons thinking twice before cynically, and cowardly, taking someone out.
  8. To be perfectly honest, Kev, I don't see any resemblance between the two. For a start, Sturridge is pretty much always injured (and if he's not, then he's about to be): Lukaku is much more sturdy. Secondly, I think that there's a pitch-length between them in terms of effort and attitude - Lukaku imo, is a team player; Sturridge, anything but. That's not to say that Lukaku is the greatest, but since Suarez, Ronaldo, and Messie are all unlikely to be avaialble in the summer (:)), he'd do me if we lose Costa, and I think he feels that he has unfinished busness at SB. Watch his goal today against Greece (and there are plenty to choose from this season alone).
  9. I'll admit to having my doubts about Vidal as far as his ability to switch from Germany to England, and still be the player he has been - the game's much faster and more physical in the Prem, and he IS 30. A few more seasons in the Bundesliga? Sure. In the Prem (having never played here before) - not so sure. Not that it matters much, because I'm pretty sure that Chelsea will buy him in the summer - and good luck to him. With him then, I'd be in for Lukaku as Costa's replacement (I'm certain that he'll be off in the summer), and I'd want to see Batshuayi given another (real) chance, although in saying that, he may simply not be showing it on the training pitch. Arsenal's Sanchez for me, is a 'must have'.
  10. Sure. And you can never say never, of course. That's what the media run with. But tbh, he looks and sounds pretty happy and contented with hs life at SB. He's also on-record (and very recently, as it happens) saying that he loves life in London! And that he loves playing for Chelsea, and isn't looking to move. No, I agree. I was simply responding to this particular article - the likes of which I've read approaching the end of previous seasons (regarding a number of different players, from different clubs). Imo, it's the usual Real press machine - Not something to be overly concerned about, based on previous history. Indeed. I'd just put it in the 'very familiar and fairly predictable' category, rather than being 'not good' (which is where I came in!).
  11. To be honest, it sounds like a complete beat-up to me. Every year it's exactly the same - Real this, Real that, and so on. Doesn't matter if the player has some years to run on his contract, or just signed a new one. Doesn't matter what the player has stated about his intentions, even recently. This stuff is pretty much always little more than hot air.
  12. Understood Dave, and no problems at all with your question. Cheers.
  13. Let's be clear - the 'issues' were raised (repeatedly) by member's complaints to the moderators. They were not all 'my' issues. There were some 'off topic' posts/discussions/arguments removed because they really had no business being here and cluttering-up the thread. There were also some subjects that had been discussed/argued to death on previous occasions - going over (and over) old, tired ground again seems pointless, tbh, as the main protagnonists were simply re-hashing the same argments. How many times do we have to go over the same turf?
  14. Topic content has seen some adjustment, and is now re-opened for business. Please let's try to keep personal rubbish out of the discussion, and remember that everyone here is entitled to voice their opinion, whether you agree with it, or not. - and everyone is entitled to comment - without the aggression we've witnessed recently. What nobody is entitled to do is attack, insult, or deride another member. Onwards, and upwards......