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  1. Classy comments from the great Makelele: http://www.chelseafc.com/news/blogs/boilerplate-allincfc/allincfc/maka-passes-the-baton.html
  2. And it's equally clear why you and the other paid-up Mourinho martyr on here, can't abide any failure by others to fall on their knees and praise the special one at every opportunity. Yep, fantastic achievement - beating a team of awe-struck kids in the Noddy Cup, and then prancing around the stadium with his finger in the air, like a conquering Emperor returning to Rome. All hail Jose! - that better?
  3. Thanks Dave, but I'm well aware why his stance changed - and I haven't 'pretended' otherwise. Didn't need to to, because it changes nothing. Really, Dave? Wow! How could I have missed that critical fact? Oh that's right, I didn't. just as well then.
  4. I think that in the Cup Final, you've got to go with the players in-form. So my starting 11 (+ subs) would be: Courtois Azpilicueta Luiz Cahill Moses Kante Fabregas Alonso Hazard Pedro Batshuayi Bench: Begovic, Costa, Willian, Terry, Chalobah, Matic, Ake.
  5. You mean the Europa League? I remember that for most of his career, he wouldn't have touched that one with a barge pole. How times have changed - now it's "another trophy" (to go along with that other glittering prize, the League Cup, no doubt!). Comedy gold. The season hasn't even finished yet. Be patient.
  6. Indeed. And certain managers.....:).
  7. I'd suggest that you're missing a fair bit more than that.
  8. But of course it does! You continue to exceed expectations.
  9. ^^^^^ Ajax 0-2 Manchester United Phil Neville Former Manchester United defender on Radio 5 live Posted at 6:40 Jose is signalling to the journalists in the press box, "I am the number one!"
  10. It's been widely and loudly stated on numerous occasions (including the stuff coming out of Chelsea F.C., and fed to the media) that Roman will be financing the 500 mill cost of new 'stadium' from his personal wealth, which atm is estimated at being anywhere from 6 to 7 billion (depending on which paper you read). He certainly won't be waiting for the Premier League hand-outs to pump into the new stadium - they'll go straight into financing of the club's normal running costs, as always.
  11. Based on what, exactly?
  12. You really do have to laugh, don't you? 'stunt', 'farce', 'absurd spectacle', 'spot-fixing stunt' - can he actually be serious? Of course, young Kieran Gill could just be a bitter Man Utd supporter (see: Arsenal/Spurs, etc.), but even so he's come across as a proper little stunt.
  13. Once again, you're guilty of making things up. I seriously doubt that I've ever said that (or anything like it) about Hiddink. I doubt in fact, that I've ever used the words 'Hiddink' and 'Conte' in the same sentence. However, you're clearly on a roll, so don't let the truth stand in the way of (what you think) is a good line. Mourinho however, did have more players in his squad that Conte has in his (and I've provided both the numbers, and the names, previously). The difference between the two, is that Conte actually chose to use some of them.
  14. Then why do you keep doing it?
  15. Maybe the difference isn't the number of players (because it clearly isn't that, despite how many times you trot out this rubbsh) it's the fact that now we have a manager actually willing and able to use them and get a result?