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  1. Chelsea 2 Everton 0

    Yep. Not a doubt.
  2. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Just thought I'd mention that while people seem preoccupied by how Liverpool have become such a poor side, that's not our team's problem, nor Tuchel's. You can only play what's put in front of you. I'll take the 3 Points, and not be in the slightest bit embarrassed.
  3. Claude Makelele

    Sorry, but I think that this last comment is very harsh. No, they're not Lamps/Ballack/Essien, but then very few midfields were/are. Maka and Kante are simply different players, playing in different eras. Both good, but in different ways.
  4. Claude Makelele

    Nor me.
  5. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Yep. And my guess is that we will be, at least until the end of the season.
  6. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Tuchel has basically sorted out our defence, and the midfield is looking better (not perfect certainly, but definitely better). Apart from Giroud, the forwards/wingers are still a work in progress (and injuries haven't helped). It seems to me that the whole thing needs time to click into gear.
  7. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    No, it really isn't. That would be silly, imo. It's about the player, not his father, or what his father says, surely?
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    What is it with you? No, it doesn't mean either of your ridiculous contrivances. You're wasting time - yours and mine. Now get over it, and move on, for goodness sake .
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just like I didn't say that you did, did I?
  10. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Me too ..... but I doubt that we'll agree! :)
  11. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    I'm sure that there's a Daily Mail 'spot the Havertz' game in there somewhere :).
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    We're always 'linked' in the press though, aren't we? To pretty much anyone who takes the media's fancy for a headline. And those headlines are always played out on these forums, whether they have any substance, or none. To me, the only thing that matters is who we actually sign. He's not really.
  13. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    We are going to stop this nonsense before it get's out of hand. So move on and talk some football.