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  1. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Only to you. I'll repeat: It was a question - nothing more;nothing less. You just interpret things the way you want, tp create an argument. Sorry, but I'm not interested in that.
  2. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Really? It was a question, with zero agenda. Sorry about that. So, you like Sarri, then? Good for you. I'm not sure either way.
  3. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Remind me again - how long has Sarri been employing this 'Sarriball' approach/tactic, and how many titles has he/his teams, won in that time?
  4. Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

    Please use this thread for all posts relating to our EFL Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg match against Tottenham at Stamford Bridge before, during and after the game. The Moderators will be keeping an eye on things, so let's try to keep it intelligent. Please note that this un-moderated forum is a privilege and its abuse will result in the suspension of your account. The match is scheduled to kick off at 19:45, Thursday 24th January, 2019 (Local UK time/date).
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think that most, if not all, hope for that too. i don't watch Italian football as often as some, but from what I've seen of him, there appears to be a lot of wishful thinking going on in this thread, based on the player he was. Anyway, IF he does come, then hopefully he'll deliver what Sarri wants/needs.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mate, I really can't be bothered with the back and fore. it is what it is, so think whatever you like (you probably will anyway), I'm done with it. And with this place, if the truth be known.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree. But can we/will we? I'm not as sure about Sarri as you appear to be - but I hope that you're right. Closer to the reality, I think.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, actually they did. See the post I first replied to. I know what happens, I've been here almost from the start. Long before most who currently habitate here now. There used to be rules (when all post had to approved before appearing on the forums), but people didn't want those, and so it became open slather, even for the most ludicrous rumours. Really I don't have a problem with that, until people start taking rumours as fact, and move forward from that. We may sign Higuain, or we may not - it isn't a 'done deal'. He certainly isn't in the lineup for our next game (which is where I came in). And that's all I was pointing out.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's around somewhere, just not posting atm.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Who actually said that, Ham? Anyone? What's been questioned is taking rumour-mongering as 'fact' and going forward with that (see: Higuain).
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Do we? Or, is that just more baseless rumour-mongering from the press desperate for a headline? You know the answer..... Did they? I'll wait and see before I start the throat slitting. It's the same old nonsense each and every transfer window, and has been for years, if not decades. I'll wait an see who actually arrives. It's the safest way.
  13. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Pete, with all due respect, who has suggested that he only uses the phone to access the site? Oh hang on a min....! Sorry, but this is getting ridiculous, tbh, and I'm not wasting any more of my time.
  14. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    What? He can't read?
  15. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    No, he doesn't know, and neither do you, but carry on anyway.......