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  1. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Sums it up perfectly, imo.
  2. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    OK Kev, that's Arsenal taken are of - what did you think about the way we played? :).
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, it seems likely (but that was fairly obvious, so you really do need to try harder), but I was simply quoting the Marca piece, and suggesting what I'd do if I received that offer. I'm sure you didn't miss that. And sorry, but I haven't posted an opinion on you, or anyone else - that's just your over-active sense of self importance playing up again..
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good for you.
  5. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Yes, you would. I'm amazed by the raw negativity expressed (repeatedly) by some on here. We're a long way ahead of numpty team that some will have us believe. Strangely, all is not lost, and the sun will come up again tomorrow. As you were.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's according to the Daily Mail. On the BBC, it was plus add-ons. Yes, splitting hairs - i don't know, and really don't care much. All I see is the chance to sell the bugger and get something back......:)
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mate, that's really not the point. They (Atletico Madrid and their Coach) know what they're getting, and the difference he can make - that's why they want him. They're not stupid, and as far as I can tell, 'sentiment' doesn't come into it.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mate, I don't particularly like Costa, but there's no doubting his ability to score goals when he's in the right mood, and motivated. My guess is that he sees himself as having something to prove - particularly to Chelsea and Conte. Given what others have been going for, I can't see that 57 mill quid is too big an ask, tbh, and he's in his prime right now..
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pounds, apparently. Plus add-ons. Mind you, the story originated out of Marca, so who knows?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Reports are coming in that Atletico Madrid have made Chelsea a 'final' offer for Costa: 57 mill plus add-ons. Personally, I'd snatch their hands off getting a deal done. I understand Chelsea wanting to put Costa in his place, and hang him out a bit after his disappearing act to Brazil, but really - 57 mill plus add-ons? Take the money and run!
  11. Chelsea vs Nottingham Forest

    Please use this thread for all posts relating to our EFL Cup match against Nottingham Forest at Stamford Bridge, before, during and after the game. The Moderators will be keeping an eye on things, so let's try to keep it intelligent. Please note that this un-moderated forum is a privilege and its abuse will result in the suspension of your account. The match is scheduled to kick off at 19:45, Wednesday, 20th September, 2017 (Local UK time/date).
  12. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Just a few facts to ponder: Head-to-head Chelsea have won eight of the last 11 Premier League meetings (D2, L1). The Blues have earned five successive top-flight home victories against Arsenal, with an aggregate score of 15-2. A sixth consecutive away league defeat against Chelsea would represent Arsenal's worst run against a club since losing seven in a row to Liverpool between 1981 and 1988. Arsenal have kept only one Premier League clean sheet in their last 18 games at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea Chelsea have scored in their last 23 Premier League games at Stamford Bridge. They are also unbeaten in 26 top-flight home matches played on a Sunday (W19, D7). Alvaro Morata's three Premier League goals and two assists this season have all come via his head. Eden Hazard has scored in three of his last four home Premier League games against Arsenal. Arsenal Arsenal could lose their first three away games of a league season for the first time since 1954. The Gunners could also go three top-flight away matches without a goal for the first time since 1994-95. Danny Welbeck has three goals in four Premier League appearances this season, after netting just two in 16 games last term. This is Arsene Wenger's 59th match against Chelsea, the club he has faced the most during his time in England.
  13. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Not a prediction as to how Conte's team will look, just the line up I'd probably go with: Courtois Azpilicueta Luiz Christensen Kante Fabregas Zappacosta Alonso Willian Morata Pedro. Imo, Christensen pips Cahill at the moment. Zappacosta deserves another a place as he has more strings to his bow than Moses, and we'll need that advantage. Hazard? I think that he'll come on n the second half obviously, but not start. I wouldn't argue with Bakayoko starting in place of Fabregas, because he offers more energy and 'get forward', but for me Fab's passing gives him the nod.
  14. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that he is..........:). Imo, Batshuayi is an excellent striker, and we don't really need to play a midfielder up front unless Conte wants to change the point of attack. All that Batshuayi needs are opportunities and goals - and in fairness, his strike rate is pretty impressive. Fantastic back-up to Morata, I'd have thought. Yes, I'd have liked for us to have snagged another striker/forward, but we didn't. And if it really does become an issue, then there's the Jan window to (hopefully) put that right.

    I've advised Peter Sampson that there is a problem with this. I'm sure that he'll deal with it, and/or get back to you here.