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  1. Mate, i have no doubt that some journalists get selectively briefed at times, including the two we were discussing. Depends on the issue/circumstance, I'd suggest. I think though, that it's simply convenient to believe that they (or anyone else) has privileged insight on every transfer - when it suits. Sorry, but I still think the Van Dijk rumours are simply nonsense - but we'll see soon enough.
  2. I really don't think that this matters in the slightest who 'reports' this stuff. We like to think (at least we keep getting told on here) that guys such as Law have some inside awareness, but it seems to me that this supposed insider knowledge/mouthpiece status rarely relates into anything tangible. Occasionally, maybe - but it guarantees nothing, imo. I have little doubt that we'd be interested in a player of Bonucci's pedigree, particularly considering the Conte connection, but Van Dijk is another matter completely. Happy to wait and see, though.
  3. Ah well, it's fact all the same.
  4. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/40345138 Always good for a laugh, Liverpool continue to deliver!
  5. Yep. Over and over again. In fact, pretty much ever since he signed with Chelsea! Distinct possibility. And if that did happen, it would serve him right .
  6. No, me neither, and I really doubt that we're genuinely interested in him. Signing him would be a bit like 'winning' third prize in a cheesy school raffle.
  7. Problem for me, James, is that experience tells us that if Sky Italy confirm something, you can guarantee that it's total bollocks.......:).
  8. Problem for me is that we've all seen Oscar do this sort of thing before (kicking the ball hard at oppo players) both back in the Prem, and way back in Brazil. It seems to be an Oscar thing, followed by the wide-eyed innocent look........:).
  9. To a greater, or lesser degree, they are. Most of the conversations are based on nothing more than media speculation and invention. If you consider who we actually sign every transfer window (a tiny percentage of those name-checked), then that fact should be blindingly obvious. Now that doesn't stop the speculation and conversations being fun - which is what this (and any other) transfer forum is actually about. However, in this specific instance, Bayern have said it's a nothing story, the player hasn't actually said anything, his representative have made it clear that there's nothing here too. Simply put: it's a non-starter, a media beat-up, and it always was. However, if it pleases you - then be my guest.
  10. 1. We don't know for certain that the player has talked to any club. It's just newspaper gibberish, until proven otherwise. 2. There's no such thing as 'tapping up' in Europe. It's a distinctly UK concept. 3. Exactly.
  11. That he may be, of course. However, it would appear that he doesn't want to leave Bayern, and they don't want to sell him. So all this discussion about him and Chelsea, is a bit pointless, isn't it?
  12. ^^^^^Does he seem anything like a 'Conte player'? Doubt it.
  13. The Sun, The Mirror, and The Metro. All pillars of the British sporting press! File under: Anything is possible, I guess, but I would be staggered! Quite. It's all 'ifs' and 'buts', but if Everton are seriously sticking to a valuation somewhere between 80-100 mill for Lukaku, then it's not exactly a surprise if no deal has been reached, is it? 80 - 100 mill for Lukaku? Seriously?
  14. What a man, Dave. I'm in awe.
  15. I don't get it, either. Injury-prone, and ordinary just about any and every time I've seen him play. Yes, there's the odd moment here and there, but I just don't get some people's fascination with the guy. If that's the standard we're setting ourselves now, we may as well sign Shane Long while we're at it!............:).