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  1. Ashley Cole

    ravin - Kenyon has stated, on more than one occasion, that it is club policy "not to comment on press speculation". Nothing to do with "prior to an investigation", at all. He's made these statements about not making statements, on numerous occasions, mostly surrounding speculation about players leaving and/or players who we are looking to buy. Chelsea (Kenyon) could have made this go away early, by an admission and an explanation. For whatever reason, they chose not to. To do so now, smacks of being "caught-out", nothing more. Remember also, that the one Chelsea official who has made a statement - Jose Mourinho - stated clearly that there was no meeting, it was nothing to do with him and, he knew nothing about it. That, it appears, was a bare-faced lie. I agree with you as regards the rule itself - it's stupid, naive and, unworkable. However, at the moment, it exists. Yes, we ARE copping a lot of crap from a wide variety of sources. Acting like this, however, simply gives them more (real) ammunition to clobber us with. It's not a good look, is it?
  2. Ashley Cole

    I don't think that the answer is as black & white as a simple yes/no. If we were starting over with a blank teamsheet, then the answer would have to be "yes", wouldn't it? He's a quality player. I think his attack just shades his defence, but that's no more than a personal opinion. he's the current England No1, and his style of play fits Chelsea's. Given that we already have Bridge, however, I'm not so sure. Bridge is, at the very least, the No2 England left back. We've already paid for him, and he has a long(ish) contract in place. With him already here, a better option may be to go after someone like Maxwell, who is an outstanding prospect. Already very good, and pretty much guaranteed to get better. Would be an ideal back-up to Bridge initially, but it wouldn't be too long before he was seriously challenging for a starting place. He has experience at the top level, and he's equally at home in midfield. The sort of multi-skilled player that we're looking for, in fact. He would also cost a lot less than Cole. It would almost mirror the situation we have on the other side, with Ferreira and Johnson, although to be fair, Maxwell is a more accomplished player than Johnson, right now. I think, really, that signing Cole while we have Bridge, creates more problems than it solves. For me, it's keep Bridge and buy someone like Maxwell or, sell Bridge and buy both Cole and Maxwell....although, that's an expensive way to approach things, isn't it?
  3. Ashley Cole

    Harry, you're right, the policy is a myth. Nothing can be read into Chelsea's position on anything, on the basis of us issuing a statement, or not. That much has become blatantly obvious, as the season has progressed. I still don't know whether there ever was a meeting, never mind who initiated it! I simply can't get my mind around the concept that our people would be so stupid, so incompetent and, so naive, as to conduct a "clandestine" meeting in such a public place. As to the number of transactions in the summer - well, you could be right, I guess. Mourinho says 2, possibly 3 to come in. Depends on what you define as transactions, doesn't it? We know that we're already trialling a number of youngsters - do they count?
  4. Didier Drogba

    Then I'm sorry, Harry, but your memory is failing you. Much of what was being said on THIS site centred on the size of the squad, and pondering how on earth Mourinho was going to keep everyone happy...and the predictions of a mass exodus come January. In fact, some of the very same people talking now, were complaining that our squad was so much bigger than Arsenal's and Man Utd's. It wasn't, and still isn't. There's that selective amnesia of yours, kicking into gear, again, in an attempt to score a point. As for players being "requested" for the forward line...yes, that's been going on for season's now. It has been "sexed-up" over the past 2 seasons by the belief among many of our supporters that we have unlimited funds, and that RA just writes cheques that we never have to pay back. Also, quite a bit of it was being touted when we had neither Robben or, Duff available, and following the departure of Mutu. It was spurred by all the 1-0 wins, which some wanted us to believe were a very bad thing. And, it continues unabated now, and will for the forseeable future, because fans want more.. Too much, is never enough. In any case, that wasn't my point, as you well know. My point was very simply, "what's the point of talking about who we didn't buy?" It's a waste of time & energy, in the context that it's being made. . We didn't: End of story. Considering the number of goals we've been scoring lately (without Robben, and without Drogba), isn't it moot? We probably should have bought another striker, but we didn't. So no, Harry, not untrue. And Harry, who's to say that SWP was EVER a target for Mourinho/Chelsea? He was and is ,on here,(and in the Mirror) but that's a very different thing, isn't it? Makes his price a tad academic, doesn't it? Probably seemed like a good point when you wrote it, but it isn't. By the way you should remember that I've actually said on here, a number of times, that I'd like us to buy SWP, but that we wouldn't do it in January.
  5. Ashley Cole

    hughjars - you can "construct" any number of potential scenarios, depending on how you want to see it. Chelsea could be....Arsenal might be....isn't it possible?...maybe this, maybe that...I've heard....a mate told me...I know this guy...and, so on. None of it means a thing, really. Are any of them possible? Of course. It's also "possible" that Bazza willbe on the next space shuttle...but it's also very unlikely! Speculation of this kind (because that's all it is) is normal, and a bit of fun, but it has zero credibility. To my way of thinking, it's naive to make out that deals have been done, when absolutely no evidence is there to suggest that they have. A comment from the club on one thing, whilst not commenting on Ashley Cole, is now being twisted to indicate that there's some sort of behind-the-scenes negotiations taking place. Don't you find that just the slightest "stretch"? As aprevost says, if Arsenal and Chelsea are negotiating, then why'd they ask for an enquiry? There would be no "tapping", if that was the case, would there? Let's just see how many of these "done deals" actually come to fruition, shall we?
  6. Ashley Cole

    We need another left back. It's very unlikely to be Ashley Cole. Kenyon comments/ doesn't comment as it suits. Changes like the wind, it does. And you can read absolutely nothing, into it. As to your last question - it cannot be a "done deal", because if it is, then Chelsea is going to be docked points...oh, and Cole still has a contract at Arsenal, which doesn't end this summer. The rumour has "died" most likely, because it's a load of bollocks.
  7. Didier Drogba

    Bazza - Key Players: Take Keane and Ferdinand out of the Man U team, and how does it look? Take Henry and Vieira out of the Arsenal team, and how do they look? You really think that this situation is unique to Chelsea? Really? Of course, the success and achievement of the club is primarily down to it's key players - name me a club in the history of football, where that hasn't been the case? And gee, yes, if enough of those players get injured...well, that spells trouble, doesn't it? Have to remember that from now on! - "by whom do you mean?" You ask this question, and then promptly answer it in your next "reply"! YOU'RE the one who claimed to be balancing-out the misplaced optimism on here, not me. As to the "dire" part - well, that would be you.
  8. Didier Drogba

    Yes, BB - just as Helen's comments were directed at you, but aimed elsewhere! We've all seen "many seasons", and suffered many "disappointments" in our time - and what that SHOULD give us BB, is perspective. As I said at the beginning of this "discussion", the situation was never as "brilliant" as it was made out to be, and now, it's simply not as "dire". The squad was never as good as it was made out to be, and now it isn't as bad as some here are trying to paint it. We were NEVER going to win 4 trophies, because to do so is nigh on impossible, BUT, we have one, and are still alive in two - which considering that we apparently have only "the third best squad in the Premiership", seems to be a hell of an achievement. As to that statement itself - to claim that our squad is only third best, is one of the silliest, most ill-considered claims I've ever seen made on this site. One would have to ask, "who's better?" Man United? Some may argue , yes. But, if we win our game in hand (against West Brom) they're still trailing us by 9 points.So, over the course of the season so far, we've being superior. And, we didn't do that with just 11 players. We also beat them to get to the Carling Cup Final. They had a home tie in the Champions League, and now have to go to Italy, a goal down (an AWAY goal, at that). Maybe, on paper, they have a "better" squad (depends on your definition) - but it's what that squad does on the field that counts. And, this season, we've simply out-performed them. And please don't tell me about their injuries - because we've had more than our fair share - if their squad was so much better than ours, they'd have been more than able to handle it, wouldn't they? Arsenal, then? Third in the Prem, by the length of Highbury - no threat to either us, or United. Won nothing. Just given a hiding in the CL by a side who, on paper, has an inferior squad. Forced to a replay, and then a penalty shoot-out against the mighty Sheffield! Obvious that they have a "better" squad, isn't it? It may have "looked" better at the start of the season, but performance has proven otherwise. Of course, there ARE players in both the Man U and Arsenal squads who are superior players to some in our squad. But, that's a very different thing. And it's also a different thing to select players from those squads that you'd want to see at Chelsea. Henry and Viera from Arsenal, of course. Maybe Rooney from Man U ? v.Nistelrooy probably. There might be others - but, there'd be many more that you wouldn't want anywhere near Stamford Bridge, if you're being honest, and sensible. So, to claim that we only have the 3rd best squad in the Prem is just more negative over-kill. Can we improve the quality and depth of our squad? Of course - but then, so can everyone else. "It's nothing to do with supporting a team". BB - that's the whole point in Helen's post (perhaps you should read again exactly what she said) - and, what I responded to: her "definition" of what constitutes support. It's a funny old world, isn't it?
  9. Didier Drogba

    Bazza, it's just a case of you running off at tangents, once again. Never, ever said that City were a "great" side - you find where I said that, and I'll put my hand up for it. Simply asked if they were only "deadbeats" when they play against us? The fact that they also drew with both Arsenal and Man U seems irrelevant to you, although you're criticising US for the same result, and implying that this is some sort of tragedy, and an indication of how poor we are. You don't see the irony of this, do you? Nobody would be "dancing in the streets" if we only end up with the League Cup. And, no-one is saying otherwise. Unfortunately, you seem to have written us off in both the League, and the CL. I haven't. Simple as that, really. With you, the glass is always half-empty, and there's always disaster lurking just around the corner. But that, according to Helen, is what being a real supporter is all about. Guess I'll just have to readjust my thinking on these things. Who, exactly, is suggesting that we "run out deadbeats" in the coming games? Sorry, but you've lost me on that one.
  10. Didier Drogba

    Helen, seriously you HAVE to be reading someone else's posts! If knocking just about everyone in the squad, highlighting every negative aspect of our game, and down-playing any achievements we've made this season, is "what SUPPORTING our team is all about", the God help us all! I like Bazza, and respect his views (even those I disagree with), but he's hardly our very own " little ray of sunshine", is he? (Are you, BB?) Very, very perculiar peculiar interpretation of "living the dream", IMO. THIRD best squad in the Premiership? 250 mill "wasted"? Dear, oh dear. What could you possibly be getting "excited" about, pray?
  11. Didier Drogba

    Yes Bazza, and if Roman Abramovich hadn't bought Chelsea, I'm sure that the "prem picture" might have been somewhat different, too. Of course, the period you're referring to as regards Man U, would also be the period that we had neither Duff nor Robben, wouldn't it? And yes again, Arsenal scraped at draw at Southampton. We, on the other hand, beat them. Your point is what, exactly? Graveson was a loss to Everton. However, they've hardly fallen apart since his departure, have they? Or, am I looking at a different table, to you? As you said, we didn't have Robben, so again, I'm not sure of the point you're making? As far as City is concerned, they drew second time around, mainly due to an unbelievable performance from James. Had he not been there (or, had he played like he usually does), we'd have probably won by 4. As for the Carling Cup - if Arsenal or Man U won that and the League in the same season, they and the media would be calling it a great "double". Why is it necessary to put down our own achievements? We all know that it's the least important of the 4 competitions...but, it's also the first trophy we've won in 5 years BB, our next 4 games are against the bottom 4 clubs. With, or without Robben, we should win all of those. If we can't, then we don't really deserve to win the title, do we?
  12. Didier Drogba

    Bazza - you must be reading a different post to the one I wrote. Not in the slightest bit annoyed. Simply pointing out that this sort of over-reaction has happened both ways. We weren't as brilliant as people made out, and now, we're not as bad, either. As for dropping 2 points against "deadbeat" Man City - I'm sure I don't have to point out to you, that so did Man U and Arsenal. Or, are City only "deadbeat" when we play them? We also beat Everton twice BB - once with Graveson, and once without...oh, and he never played in their "defence"...he's a midfielder. Prior to both those games, the general concensus on here (and elsewhere) was that each game was going to be the "real" test for Chelsea. Well, we won both - home and away. So, I guess we passed the "test", then? The media is making much of our lead being cut to 6 points. Of course, that's because we didn't play this weekend. And, the game in hand, is against West Brom, so you'd have to figure that our lead really is still 9 points...and, as long as we keep winning those games, BB, we'll win the League - for the first time in 50 years. Even if we don't turn-over Barca next week, that's a pretty fine "double" for a squad with so much wrong with it, isn't it? And, that's my only point: Not the "best team in the world", before, and certainly not "dire", now.
  13. Didier Drogba

    We really seem to have hit the panic button, don't we? We've lost 2 games, both times playing a good part of the game, 1 man short. In the second of those, we have a return leg in 2 weeks, so all is not lost. We have Robben out injured (forget Bridge & Parker, for the minute), and our squad is suddenly "not good enough" anymore. Dire predictions are, once again, the order of the day. And, the "shudda-duns" are out in force - we should've done this; we should've done that; we should've bought this player, and that player. All marvellous suggestions with, of course, the benefit of hindsight. Part of the problem here, is the unrealistic expectations that have been built-up over recent months. For example, there was lot's of (silly?) talk about "Quads" and so forth. We were never going to win all 4 competitions, simple as that. Not possible with the number of games to be played; not possible with the fixture congestion. We were also, never going to be able to play every game of the season, in peak form - nobody ever has, and nobody ever will. Take a look around: How's Arsenal doing at the moment? Not so long ago, United were being written-off, now they're "displaying Championship form!". It's only a few week's ago that the press were asking "what's gone wrong with Barcelona?", as injuries and loss of form, saw their League lead slashed....and they, my friends, have a squad of 33, not 23, and still couldn't overcome the loss of key players, adequately. We shouldn't forget that during the first couple of month's of this season, all the talk on here was about how our squad was "too big", and how a flood of players would be departing in January because of lack of first-team opportunities. Parker, Johnson, Geremi, Cole, Cudicini, Huth...and even Duff (Yes, Duff!), were all supposed to be on their way out of the club. They're all still here, of course, because it's a long season and you need all your players. Now, we don't have enough, and the one's we do have, aren't good enough, apparently. Some time during this season, we were always going to have to face adversity. Some time, the results weren't going to go our way. Some time we were going to have to cover for injury to key players. In those situations, we are no different to any other club. The question isn't "who we should have bought in January", because we didn't buy anyone of note, and that's now history. The ONLY question that needs answering, is how THIS manager, and THIS group of players react to the current situation, and the challenges we'll face during the remainder of the season. We will soon find out if our squad is good enough and, whether as a unit, we possess the poise and focus necessary to win the title, and maybe go further in the Champions League. The self-flagellation we're currently engaging in, serves little purpose in the scheme of things and, in my opinion anyhow, is an over-reaction to recent events. We were never as "brilliant" as some would have had us believe earlier. And, we're nowhere near as "bad" as some would have us believe, now.
  14. Didier Drogba

    I think that Vic was way over-the-top with his comments on Drogba, and said so. However, I believe that calling for him to be banned from the site, is pretty much the same sort of over-reaction, to be honest. I don't agree with what he said, and I certainly think that the way he expressed himself was unpleasant and, unnecessary. That, however, isn't a hanging offence.
  15. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Of course we're in debt. RA did not pay off the outstanding debt when he bought the club, and much of the money he's put in to buy players, etc, is on the books as directors' loans to the company, so you can add another 100 mill, or so, to the total. That's the way businesses are run. The asset-to-debt ratio, and the ability to service the outstanding debt, are the two things that count. In the next financial statement, you can expect the debt to rise, as all of this season's signings, and the increased wages bill, are taken into account. As I've said from day one, the concept that Roman just writes a cheque every time we buy a player, was and remains, a naive nonsense. That's why PK has stressed that the big spending days are over.
  16. Didier Drogba

    If you're not taking the p*ss, Vic, then you should be embarrassed for yourself. The decision to send-off Drogba was a disgrace, and it's the ref who should be ashamed of himself. Nothing in it at all: 50/50 ball, which Drogba had every right to challenge for. The keeper made an absolute meal of it and he, too, should be ashamed. Neither will be, of course. The away goal makes this result acceptable, and gives us a great chance in the return leg.
  17. Ashley Cole

    We have entered The Twilight Zone!
  18. Ashley Cole

    The only problem with all that is that Cole is about to sign a new contract with Arsenal. The 2 years will become 5 years. And, he will sign it because it will effectively double his wages. Cole won't be coming to Chelsea.
  19. Didier Drogba

    The latest "news" on Robben's injury isn't as bright as it was, it has to be said. Hopefully, it's not back to the "month's" view. Drogba also now looks to be "out" for the City game. Harry's point on JT is a good one ("good", as in "bad", if you know what I mean!). No mention of his condition, at all - strange? At the end of the day, though, THIS is exactly why we have a big squad.
  20. Didier Drogba

    It's hardly an injury crisis, is it? Parker & Huth are probably gone for the season, but neither was a first-choice player, and Parker has already been replaced by Jarosik. Drogba has a thigh strain, but is apparently expected to play against City. The club now seems a lot more optimistic about Robben's injury, than they were initially. Days/weeks, as opposed to weeks/months. (subject, of course, to the results of the scan) Carvalho is expected back any day....and according to most reports, could have played already had we needed him to. I know that JT got a knock on Wednesday, but there's been no negative news about it, so my assumption would have to be that he's ok. Obviously, I'd rather that they were all fit and available, but a crisis? No, not at this stage, anyway. Having said that, I'd hate it if Robben wasn't fit enough to take on Barca, but then that's stating the obvious, isn't it?
  21. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Ray, you're right - we can't sustain spending like the drunken sailors of football. I've been warning of the consequences of "buy this one, buy that one, Roman can afford it" mentality, for some time, as have others here. Perhaps now that PK has made his definitive statement, people will actually start to take notice(although to be honest, I doubt it!). Getting the spending under control, and improving the income streams is the only way forward if we ever hope to become self-sufficient. And, if people want to be able to afford a seat at The Bridge in 3, or 5 years time, then the sooner the joint is run like a proper business, the better. Increasing the capacity of Stamford Bridge would be a great step forward, but I'm not sure that Batesy will simply roll over now he's bought into Leeds. He feels he's been pushed out - that's why he dug his heels in. Has anything changed? If he sells, he'll want to get HIS price, no doubt. I'm not sure what Mourinho's wage has to do with anything, though. 70 or, 100k a week - what difference does it make? Whatever he's being paid, he's earning it, IMO. On what basis do you choose not to believe 100k anyway? Not sure what point you're making with that one, Ray. More importantly, I noticed that RA has "loaned" 100 mill to the Club. It's on the books. So much for "Roman just writes cheques" brigade. I have raised this very point a number of times over the month's, including asking for it to be raised at the Fans' Forum. And now, there's the answer, in black & white. I wonder if now, the fans will begin to realise that nothing is ever for "free"?
  22. Chelsea Finances Thread

    And then, of course Harry, there's the little question of the wages bill. Nothing's going to go away though, if we keep adding to it. Not sure that it does, Yellowman - paying it off in a lump sum would surely have increased the loss? Plus, the penalties, of course. Undoubtedly it will be more than a couple of years, before Roman sees any return on his investment - other than for possible tax breaks, that is. Can't imagine that he's too worried, though.
  23. Ashley Cole

    Dein, needless to say, wants the FA to deduct points from Chelsea...if the story's true. Mourinho denies it. Ashley Cole's agent denies it. I imagine that it won't be very long before Cole himself denies it, nor too long either, before PK denies it. That just leaves Zahavi, and I'd have no doubt that he'll deny it, too. Under these circumstances, how are the FA going to find against Chelsea, never mind deduct any points? Even if photographic evidence existed (and, I'd imagine if it did, the NOTW would have already run with it), it would still be impossible to prove what exactly had been discussed, wouldn't it? Given this, and the fact that Villa only received a reprimand after admitting an approach, I wonder why Dein is demanding we lose points for this "serious" offence? Couldn't be that his team is 10 points behind, and it's the only way he can see Wenger's boys catching up? It really all comes down to what Ashley Cole says, doesn't it? Oh, dear!
  24. Ashley Cole

    Yes, RXM, I do agree with you. It would be absurd. Back to the News Of The World, then!
  25. Ashley Cole

    My cynicism results directly from the source of the story. However, it still wouldn't surprise me if Cole was seen as a "player of interest" by Chelsea. That's a different thing, though, to offering him a contract, or discussing one. RXM, I'm not sure why you'd be surprised if PK was involved in this sort of thing - he has a track record of clandestine meetings with "targets" currently employed by others, doesn't he? Remember Sven?