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  1. Please use this thread for all posts relating to our 2018 Pre-Season International Champions Cup match against Bayern Munich at Singapore's National Stadium before, during and after the game. Individual match day threads will be opened for comment with plenty of time for everyone to get involved. Even though these are pre-season friendlies, the Moderators will still be keeping an eye on things, so let's keep it intelligent. The match is scheduled to kick off at 19:35, Tuesday 25th July 2017, local Singapore time/date (12:35 pm UK time).
  2. This thread is to cover aspects of the 2017-2018 Pre-Season activity and campaign. It is not a a pace to post transfer rumours, but confirmed new signings/departures/player swaps, etc., are of course, more than welcome. Anyone who has information/questions regarding any pre-season tours, etc., please feel free to share them here.
  3. James, he's 23 (24 in December), and from what I've seen, is nowhere nearer to being the player you predict he'll be. He's also already had a couple of more-than-decent coaches along the way at Everton. His head is bigger than his talent, and I think that it's as simple as that. And, 50 mill for that is a joke.
  4. This is Wenger we're talking about here - it wouldn't be the first time that he's allowed a player's contract to run down, rather than sell him when he doesn't want to. And he's said that he's not about to sell O-C this summer. I believe him. Forget any arguments regarding his ability, or whether he wants to move, or not. James, like you, I believe that Conte is a great coach, but I doubt that he's a miracle worker! Barkley's poor attitude, dreadful work ethic and laughable price (50 mill!!!) suggest that he's a bridge too far, even for Conte. And the real question here is, why would we even bother, given that there are other options out there - cheaper, and with much better attitudes?
  5. I wouldn't, but that isn't important. I seriously doubt that Wenger would consider selling O-C this summer (he's certainly said on more than one occasion that he won''t), and even if he did, it wouldn't be to Chelsea (unless we had a sweetener to offer him, such as Matic). I also wonder how good he really is - I think that he's OK, and that's about it. As for Barkley, he's got a genuine attitude problem imo (thinks he's way better than he really is), and wanting 50 mill for him is simply Everton taking the piss!
  6. Pretty sure that his Gremio loan was ended after he fell out of favour for first team selection. Don't know what's happened with him since, though.
  7. The other young Brazilian we signed just before signing Kenedy, was Nathan (an attacking midfielder who could also switch to the wings, if needed). He was loaned to Vitesse a couple of season's ago, and seemed to be doing OK, but we never hear about him now, and he's not been involved in the pre-season at Cobham or the tours (that I can recall). From what I remember, he was supposed to be a bit special.
  8. Does it though? He gets on a plane, travels thousands of miles, gets a few training sessions under his belt (if that), maybe a few minutes (or not) in our final tour game, then gets on another plane to travel thousands of miles back to Cobham (where he's apparently already been playing behind-closed-doors games anyway! I wonder what purpose that actually serves?
  9. Long and expensive way to travel for a guy to simply make up the numbers, I'd have though. Yup. Whatever.
  10. From The Standard: Chelsea have been talking to investment banks about acquiring a loan to help finance the building of their new stadium. Chelsea were granted planning permission back in January to build a new 60,000 all-seater ground at their current Stamford Bridge site. The initial cost of the project was forecast to be £500million but experts say that amount is a conservative figure. While owner Roman Abramovich is a multi-billionaire, the club are not expecting him to meet all the costs. As Standard Sport revealed in May, the club are in talks with companies willing to pay for naming rights in order to generate more revenue.
  11. Yes, I'd agree with that. Please don't use the words 'Costa' and 'Drogba' in the same sentence. It makes me feel slightly ill..... Conte said on a number of occasions that Batshuyi was working hard, but wasn't ready. Until right near the end of the season, when he got to show what he'd been working on under Conte. Personally, I think that it's as simple as that.
  12. Not for me, it isn't. And you seem to be ignoring Batshuayi, who will be looking for a lot more involvement this season (and a lot more goals).
  13. Every new striker needs to settle in. Every new striker comes with 'lofty expectations' (well, if they are any good!), surely? And we have Batshuayi who looks sharp. And we have cover with the likes of Pedro and Hazard when fit. Costa is gone, and imo, that's a very good thing.
  14. Yes, in one way just a replacement for Kenedy, but imo a better player (based on what I've seen of him, which surely isn't definitive) and perhaps more importantly, a genuine fullback. What I find strange tbh, is that they've brought him out at this stage of things - lot's of travel, a few days training, and maybe a few minutes playing (or, not)?
  15. Cristian Cuevas has joined up with the squad in Singapore. For anyone who doesn't know, Cuevas is a young left back/left winger.
  16. I think that this is a very sensible idea - the past few pages have (once again) veered way off topic, and frankly, since it's the same rubbish coming from the same people, it's as boring as it is predictable. And personally, I find some of the comments here, childish and indeed, offensive. We've all had enough - Anyone who doesn't like James, or what he posts, can keep it to themselves from here on in. Disagree with the content by all means, but stop attacking the poster! And if you can't control yourselves, then put him on ignore, or if that is beyond you then go find another fan site to post on. Issuing further warnings on this subject are clearly pointless (as we've already proved, sadly), so I'll say just this - keep the personal stuff out of your posts, or we'll remove your membership - no further discussion, no further warnings.
  17. Because he wants to leave, and Conte doesn't want him around under those circumstances. Not a mystery, really - he's made his bed, as it were. Clearly there's more to this than Matic simply being 'linked with a move away"? if you believe the reports, he wanted out last summer, but Conte would't let him go. This summer, Conte has said 'off you go'. Now all we need is some club to actually make an acceptable bid! Then I guess, he'll stay as part of the squad. I really can't see that it'll hurt us either way, tbh - He' not the worst player out there, and he's cheap!.......:).. But I'm sure that he'll be on his way soon enough.
  18. Because it's the same price as they've been quoting all summer, everywhere. Just a guess, mind, but given the stunning consistency, you'd have to imagine that this is the price they're demanding to let him go! Who said that they're 'looking at Bony'? Oh right - the media! Have Swansea actually said anything about that? No? Oh well, let's wait and see then. Good for you. I doubt it.
  19. You forgot to include 'Mourinho whispered in his ear and convinced him to ask for a transfer'. I suspect that It'd hardly be the first time. And in England it's called tapping up. Which, of course, in England is illegal (apparently). Which is why nobody acknowledges it.
  20. So does Cahill, and it's his natural position.........:).
  21. Ugly first 30 minutes (could easily have been 5-0). Better for the next 10. Much, much better second half. Scored a couple of nice goals as well. Could have been worse....:).
  22. I think that he'll still end up at United. Having said that, it wouldn't be a tragedy if we kept him, would it? I mean, I'm not his greatest fan, but he can do a job (if we don't sign anybody else for his position).
  23. Yes, 'if'. But I think that you're getting a little previous here, James. Surely Real Madrid have just bid 160 mill for Mbappe? At least, that's what I'm reading. Still nothing settled as far as I can tell. P.S.: Either way, it's ridiculous money imo, to be spending on a kid with potential!
  24. Well mate, pretty sure that his club has stood firm, and will continue to stand firm, on that price. Thing is, they don't want to sell him, do they? So, why would they take 15-20 mill from us? I mean, they're not stupid, are they? Quite. I think that's the point..........:). Well I agree - my comment was tongue-in-cheek ("he's free!", etc.).