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  1. Natalie, you ask how long it will be before Drogba adapts to the Premiership, and you say that he hasn't impressed you, so far. Firstly, we've only played four competitive games! During three of those, the service to the strikers has generally been quite poor. That hasn't stopped Drogba working his backside off for the team, and being a continuing threat to opposition defences.

    Secondly, goals, whilst obviously being important, aren't the only factors by which a striker is judged. Every team needs a player who can lead the line, get amongst the defence, hold the ball up and, link well with his other forwards. Drogba has showed all of these skills - and they will undoubtedly improve. His touch hasn't been "perfect" so far, but it has been pretty impressive for a guy fresh into the team. Unless you're only judging by goals scored, I can't see why you're unimpressed.

    Thirdly, his price has absolutely nothing to do with it. Of course, a hefty price tag brings with it, high expectations, but they have to be based on reality. For example, does Kezman get more time to settle because he only cost £5m?

    Why don't you just wait until the midfield is functioning properly, and we have Robben and Duff playing.

  2. linton, on that basis, wouldn't you have to write-off Kezman, too? I mean, he's hardly set the world alight either, has he? We are only 2 games into the season, for goodness sake! The midfield isn't functioning properly. We haven't sighted Duff or, Robben yet.

    Cole's only just got back on the field. And, Lampard's been anonymous, so far. Under those circumstances, I'd have been very surprised if Drogba, or any other striker for that matter, had been "on fire". Let's wait and see what happens when all of the above are in-place, and he's match fit.

  3. Duncan, the FA are a joke. This decision is just the latest in

    a long line of bizarre behaviour by them. You're absolutely right,

    of course, in that if the "friendly" doesn't count, then neither should any cards issued. But that would be logical, wouldn't it?

    And logic, my friend, is a concept that appears to escape those in the executive suite at FAHQ!

  4. Hi Rachel! Everton have already said that they wouldn't take less than 30 mill. But, most clubs who'd be after him (including ManU) would be looking to pay over a period of time, whereas we'd be talking money up front. So, I think that 27.5 would buy Rooney.

    You're right to say that Marseille didn't want to sell Drogba. However, money, particularly Chelsea's money, talks.

    Anyone else knocking down their door at that price? There isn't, and there won't be, because it's too high. They've also already made an 8 mill offer for Samuel Eto'o, so they're getting over their grief rather well, don't you think?

    Anyway, my quiz is just out of interest. Reality is another thing altogether!

    Happy Bastille Day, for yesterday.

  5. Ok Chelsea fans, put yourself in the hot seat for a few minutes.

    You're the new Chelsea manager. Your big name striker has just departed for Italy. The new season is only weeks away, and you need to sign a replacement, urgently. The new guy must be able to blend perfectly with the other strikers at your disposal. You have 27.5 million to spend. The 2 most obvious names on everybody's lips are: Didier Drogba and, Wayne Rooney.

    Drogba the target man. Big, strong and quick. Deadly finisher.

    Rooney the wonder boy of English football. Short, mobile "loose" striker who enjoys sitting off the target man. Deadly finisher.

    On one hand, you know that Marseille have inflated Drogba's price, simply because it's Chelsea that want him, and they know you have plenty of money to burn.

    On the other, Everton have already reduced the asking price for Rooney (their only asset) from a ludicrous 50 mill (no takers), to a more reasonable 30 mill (still no takers). You realise that if you knock on their door with 27.5 mill in your briefcase, wonder boy will be yours.

    So, people, which one do you buy?

    Not, "who do you think Chelsea will buy?", because we pretty much know the answer to that already.

    I'd like to know who YOU'D buy, and why?