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  1. 3 minutes ago, Chrisb said:

    Dominating possession doesn’t win you games,

    Except when it does. Like recently.

    3 minutes ago, Chrisb said:

    Sp*rs should’ve equalised at the death and almost conceded late on tonight.

    Should have, could have, might have - football is like that, isn't it? I doubt that anyone is saying that we're perfect, or can't get better, just that they're happy with the coach and his players, so far. More to come surely, but that's for another day.

    3 minutes ago, Chrisb said:

    Unless we start putting games to bed we run the very real risk of dropping points too.

    We always run the risk of dropping points. Nothing new.

    3 minutes ago, Chrisb said:

    I hope Tuchel has some other tactics/formations up his sleeve that help us in games where we maybe don’t dominate possession.

    Dominating possession is good start though, isn't it? And who's to say that it won't/can't continue? Tuchel is learning about his playing roster. It will take time for everything to fall into place.

  2. 20 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

    Did Frank do that?  His use of current Academy players was very minimal.
    And Cech was hired specifically to maintain those contacts.

    Do you think that we (actually, you) could move on now? It's not required that you take out your distain for Frank EVERY time somebody posts something remotely positive about him, or his time as Chelsea Head Coach. We get it, OK?

  3. 2 hours ago, GURJ SS said:

    He's looking like the type of player Tuchel might want in his squad next season

    Let's hope not. I'd have figured Tuchel to be smarter than that!

    He has always flattered to deceive on occasions, but always reverted to being basically useless. My guess is that the same will happen again. Should never have bought him (as I may have said when we did buy him, and a few time over the years ;).


  4. 56 minutes ago, JaneB said:


    I agree.  He used to be on here a lot more than he is now and I didn't find him that annoying.  I'm sure MT would have punted him otherwise. 

    True Jane :).

    He's always been welcome here, and remains so. 

  5. 3 hours ago, Original 21 said:

    Glad to see that the players are taking a stance in support of Rudiger. Irresponsible journalism from Matt Law at the Telegraph who should know better, and some anonymous bloke on Twitter who claims access to the CFC training ground. I don’t doubt there are tensions, conflict and words said by players to one another. But these are professional footballers with big egos in a competitive, highly-charged environment. To spread accounts of events which may or may not have happened, at second or third hand, when no one knows the real facts or circumstances, and to present them as fact, is not journalism in my book, but scandal mongering. It’s dangerous and immature. I’m not Rudiger’s biggest fan as a player but some of the abuse directed against him is well out of order.

    Spot on. 

  6. 4 hours ago, Chrisb said:

    I’ve read the whole post match thread and nowhere does anybody say “it’s a corner turned” or “it was a great performance”.

    Some posters strangely took some pleasure from their team winning and didn’t look to spin some negativity on it. How odd.


  7. 3 minutes ago, Droy was my hero said:

    Yes.  Keep up MT

    Funny, I thought I was reacting to the narrative of others that this game proved they should never start again ever.

    So, a 'damning indictment' apparently of anyone who didn't start this game. Seriously? 


    Frank Lampard has tipped Fikayo Tomori to become a “top player” after the Chelsea defender completed his loan switch to AC Milan.

    Centre-back Tomori broke into Chelsea’s first team in style last season, blasting a fine long-range strike in a 5-2 win at Wolves to announce his Premier League arrival. 

    The 23-year-old even went on to make his England debut last term, having caught the eye of boss Gareth Southgate, but could not maintain that upward trajectory at Stamford Bridge this season. 

    Many Chelsea fans have expressed frustrations with Tomori’s loan, but Lampard insisted the academy graduate can still flourish in west London in the long-run. 

    Asked to explain to those vexed supporters why Tomori has left temporarily, Lampard said: “Because I have five centre-backs and I can’t do this job and expect to please every fan; that’s football. 

    “What players you should pick or not, whether you are searching for consistency or going on an unbeaten run there are questions. I have to pick two at a time and the numbers don’t always add up. 

    “Fikayo is a developing player, a very good player. He is going to be a top player.”