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  1. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    How do we watch this one on Chelsea Tv?
  2. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Good to hear Rubes has signed a new 5 year contract, great news I think.
  3. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Derby have appointed a new manager so it looks like Lamps is happening :)
  4. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Simon Phillips on Twitter has said that Lampard will become the manager and signing a deal until 2022. Phillips says he trusts his source implicitly?
  5. I for one think he has decided to go because he feels than the fan base just didn't like him, so based on that I don't blame him ifthis story is true. I personally think he had a very successful season, a season that most knowledgeable fans would agree with. I listened to Cesc after the EL final and he was explaining that after 2 seasons of rigidity under Conte playing a certain way it was always going to be difficult to implement Sarri's system in one season, the impression I got from that was that it was unfair to expect his style to work in such a short time and a second season was needed to see the difference. As for him going to Juventus, apart getting them to win the CL, they have cleaned up in Italy for many seasons and the challenge for him will be keeping that going. Anyway I feel bad that he is leaving, leaves a bad taste in my mouth because this was all to do with all the abuse and negativity from the fan base. Very sad if true.
  6. This news if true is very sad I think, its being reported all over twitter via Italian tv and media that Sarri has told Chelsea he just wants to return home. So the circus begins again :(
  7. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    We will do well to keep this at 0-0 until h/t
  8. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    I agree Kev, looks very anemic
  9. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    Just watching the BT 1 preview of the match tomorrow and they have camera's showing the training session, then while they were talking in the studio, Luiz and Higuain had some sort of disagreement about the way Higuain tackled Luiz. Anyway while the two of them continued to argue, the camera's zoom in on Sarri who is walking off the pitch having a hissy fit while throwing and kicking his baseball cap all over the pitch?? WTF!!!!
  10. Andreas Christensen

    Amazing performance by Derby tonight at Leeds, so happy for Lamps and Jodie Morris. After losing the the first leg Frank changed the system to a diamond for the first time this season and it worked a treat. Now we have a Villa (JT) v Derby (Lamps) final, can't wait.
  11. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    And another center back bites the dust, come on Gazza win it for us
  12. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Personally I think this was Frankfurt plan, save their energy in the first half and then go for it in the second half. The reason being they just ran out of steam in the first game, they playing smarter now
  13. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    I think the whole team is all over the place, Giroud looks awful out there
  14. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Nothing to do with a half time speech that was Luiz all over, been like this most of the match
  15. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    That will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!