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  1. Andreas Christensen

    Amazing performance by Derby tonight at Leeds, so happy for Lamps and Jodie Morris. After losing the the first leg Frank changed the system to a diamond for the first time this season and it worked a treat. Now we have a Villa (JT) v Derby (Lamps) final, can't wait.
  2. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    And another center back bites the dust, come on Gazza win it for us
  3. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Personally I think this was Frankfurt plan, save their energy in the first half and then go for it in the second half. The reason being they just ran out of steam in the first game, they playing smarter now
  4. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    I think the whole team is all over the place, Giroud looks awful out there
  5. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Nothing to do with a half time speech that was Luiz all over, been like this most of the match
  6. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    That will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    How was that not a penalty, for us
  8. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Look mate I agree that the treatment of Cahill has been shocking but if Sarri hadn't given 5 minutes he would have been crucified by the supporters at the ground, can't win can he.
  9. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Kante's hammy has gone!!!!!!
  10. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Strange isn't it that here we are all worried if we can beat Watford on our own patch to try and finish in the top four, how we have fallen in status and quality these past few years. Sarri gets the blame right now but this has been going on for several years because of a failure of the board to strengthen our team when we were at our strongest. Now to even think about catching City or Liverpool it will take several years I think if we are lucky. Too bad isn't it :( Edit: All the best to Cahill who has been nothing short of class over the years he has been with us, won everything and I am really angry by the way he has been treated.
  11. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    I think it might be time for us to call in a favor from Leicester, after all we did help them out big time against Spurs a few years back when they won the title :)
  12. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    Jovic looks a really good player.
  13. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    Have they got VAR for this?
  14. Eintracht Frankfurt 1 Chelsea 1

    Jorghino has had a really good game as well