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  1. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Anyone else notice the young Lille winger Amauro last night, he looks a real talent to me
  2. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Hate to complain but Willian is such a frustrating player
  3. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Following on with the issues in our defending this season, I watched Derby last season under Lamps and Morris and their defense was guilty of the same defensive lapses, this then reminded me of the time when Morris was in charge of our all conquering academy team, they were also guilty of the same defensive mistakes. Of course this academy side scored so many goals, it did not have the same consequences as it is having with the first team right now. So I suppose what I am asking is, based on what happened at Derby and the academy at Chelsea, is there a problem with the defensive coaching and Jody Morris in particular?
  4. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    The fact is apart from Rudiger the center backs are not good enough, although I do have hopes for Tomori as time goes on. We have a very promising right back, but Apzi is on the decline, so taking this all into consideration our back line is incapable of playing out from the back and this is causing so many defensive mistakes. Love Lamps but its a mystery to me why Tomori and Jorghino have suddenly been out of favor, I am all for rotation but bringing in Christensen for Tomori this past 2 games has been puzzling.
  5. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Anyone who watched Derby last season while Frank was there would have seen the same defensive issues, its glaringly obvious to all of us that our defense is shambolic, yes Kepa can be blamed for the the third goal, but how much confidence is this young keeper getting from seeing this back four in front of him commit so many school boy errors. I never understood why Tomori is suddenly out of favor with Frank and now Jorghino is the latest one to drop to the bench? I expected Everton to react like this, but they really are a crap side and we gifted them 3 points.
  6. Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

    The defending for the goal was bad as per usual, but there seems to be an agenda against Kepa, so lets always blame him
  7. Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

    Well said mate
  8. Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

    That what I was thinking, still 1-0 up with another Tammy goal
  9. Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

    Don't get this messing around with the CB's again
  10. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Just catching up on the last few pages of posts because of the time difference, but one thing stands out is that 95% of the content is all about Kepa. I watched every minute of the game and for the life of me after watching all the replays of that fluke goal of theirs, there was no way he could do anything about it. He certainly has a confidence issue at the moment and maybe the penalty he saved will help him, Frank said at his post match interview that the save was not just a standard save, but a world class one. I think we have a really exciting team developing at the moment, but this gung ho football has to change to include some discipline defensively and stop giving teams so many chances, that will come I am sure with some quality additions to some area's. We should beat Lille, but with this type of football who the heck knows?
  11. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Reminded me of Ajax against Spurs in the semi final, all they had to do was slow the game down and it was theirs, instead they were still attacking and leaviing gaps at their back.
  12. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    We are sadly lacking up front, as much as they could have won it, the same could be said for us. Bats was again shocking.
  13. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    You cannot blame him for that
  14. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    That was justice should never have been a pen
  15. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2