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  1. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Fabulous win and only the 2nd British side to beat them at home. Great performance.
  2. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Just want to say, "What do I know about team selection" LOL!
  3. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    The perfect hat trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    I like seeing Havertz further forward, much more effective
  5. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    That started with a stupid foul by Rudiger
  6. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    I expected a few changes, but that back four is just ridiculous and then you add in Jorghino and Kovacic playing together it seems Frank is happy with 2nd place. Hope I am totally wrong :)
  7. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    About the first time I have noticed or not noticed that Kane and Son were on the pitch
  8. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Thought Silva was fantastic today!!
  9. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Both those chances for Tammy were exactly the same, did not connect with either of them, think Giroud may have buried one of them
  10. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Krasnodar still holding Seville 1-1
  11. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Good old Olly 1-2
  12. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Its been coming really and they deserve it
  13. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    I know Mason needs a rest but I would have kept him on the pitch
  14. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Been watching Kovacic and don't know if its me or not, but this match is passing him by
  15. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Lost control in the midfield, but its HT and we are still in front
  16. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    At the moment the whole team seem to be wobbling
  17. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    Well said matey!!
  18. Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

    It seems Chilwell is now back training with the England squad, just a back spasm by all accounts.
  19. Chelsea 0 Sevilla 0

    Glad you mentioned this, Leeds are an amazingly fit team who never stop pressing and attacking, hope its awhile before we meet them as our midfield will be overwhelmed at this time.
  20. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    As as Silva is concerned, he was rested due to long trip out to Peru for the national team
  21. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Someone on here said it spot on, champions league attack, championship defense and week in week out nothing gets better. We need to get Frank out of this as soon as possible, hate to see his status go down the toilet. So pissed off right now.
  22. I just can't work out what playing style Frank is trying to instill, just seems like a lot of individual players out there learning to play together for the first time. Doesn't look good to me and Frank, you need to give Mount a break because he is not the savior you think he is.