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  1. Media / Press

    So why wasn't this established on his previous visa applications?
  2. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    and try to claim some compensation.
  3. Antonio Conte

    You've answered your own questions, well done.
  4. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    QED ca't argue with that
  5. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    I don't have a problem with it but have to ask why Soton or Pompey weren't on your radar? Perhaps I'm out of touch
  6. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    I think you have to have a link with the club, whether it;s geography, passed down through generations etc. I don't believe it's healthy for the game and it's future for people to just choose a club like you choose a horse in the national.
  7. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    Supporter - someone who goes to games,or did . Fan someone who watches on Sky. I will concede that both groups are supporting their team financially now so the margins are fine.
  8. Antonio Conte

    I know I may not be in your friendship circle but on here but have you ever considered that I may have felt offended by some of the poster here? There really is a closed shop bullying culture here. This is a forum for Chelsea supporters, it's not facebook and I would appreciate you respecting my membership here rather than chipping in with unfounded comments like this. I have not insulted but felt insulted, why do you feel it necessary to add comments like this without any contribution to the debate. Having paid money to keep this site alive I do not appreciate a clampdown on expressing valid opinions. if you do not agree with me then fine but have the decency to explain what you feel is insulting and why.
  9. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    You advertised them matey, no need to look them up. Supporter more than a fan. Back to the issue I addressed it was a snobbish remark and you know it.
  10. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    Funny stuff that. Just addressing a little snobbery that you feel unable to defend. I'm sure your extensive interests including Philosophy, Cosmology and Metaphysics will help you formulate some kind of reposte.
  11. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    My apologies didn't realise one word "garbage" responses were time barred.
  12. Southampton 2 Chelsea 3

    A little bit condescending to "your average professional footballer" if you don't mind me saying so......then I guess the average football supporter these days has has changed.
  13. Antonio Conte

    Blimey you don't arf know a lot of big words.
  14. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    So you wouldn't take him over Morata? Doesn't fit in with the behaviours you values? stick to cricket if I were you.