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  1. Amazing player. Better than Gerrard. Better overall contribution from midfield than Gascoigne, Robson or Beckham. Best English midfield player for his contribution to the English league since....well, since ever.
  2. Dang!
  3. Consistently excellent, whole-heated, skillful, play-anywhere......perfect player!
  4. Jose have a pop at us for our defensive stability recently as though it were some kind of negative. He taught us everything we know!
  5. I think Frank could still do a very decent job for somebody. Just not us. He would get less game time than Oscar, so why frustrate the legend?
  6. The chances of either Moses or Marcus Alonso getting in a Chelsea side never mind working out perfectly is so remote as to be unbelievable. But its happened! And we're smashing the league with those two guys who understand their roles perfectly and are entirely consistent in their performances. Roll on the Title I say!
  7. Our league is called This is CFCNet! Code to join this league: 114765-37272 Enjoy!
  8. We'll doubtless sign of a couple of Italian players this summer anyway :)
  9. Bit happier the last six weeks. I think I have my mojo back!
  10. Watching West Wing series the last few weeks. Kinda like it.
  11. Would be nice to see Roman loosen the purse strings a bit next season instead of just our current player-out, player-in policy
  12. PSG again. Blah!
  13. What a ghastly year it's been so far!
  14. 168 in so far :)
  15. I'm confident we'll beat the drop.