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  1. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2019/20

    Top 10 after GW 22 : 1 By Jorge he’s got it MATTHEW HALLGALLEY 1319 2 DeLaet Your Account Cameron Innes 1312 3 Password is Taco Mike Coulam 1311 4 Hit Les Chris Whitmore 1304 5 The Elastico Hilario Coimbra 1302 6 GCSC FC George Cooper 1300 7 Lampard Deflections Sulaiman M.D. 1300 8 PurpleAzpills Håkon Evensen 1298 9 Makunt Izichi Aaron Belchamber 1291 10 LuRu Rowan Long 1287 Hallgalley in the lead??!! Seriously? :)
  2. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2019/20

    Top 10 after GW12 : 1 NIKO Audun Gabriel Langeland 740 2 Lampard Deflections Sulaiman M.D. 739 3 The Elastico Hilario Coimbra 728 4 Lokomotiv Marina mark worrall 722 5 Hit Les Chris Whitmore 721 6 By Jorge he’s got it MATTHEW HALLGALLEY 717 7 Makunt Izichi Aaron Belchamber 717 8 PurpleAzpills Håkon Evensen 717 9 keartsXI martin kearton 714 10 GCSC FC George Cooper 713 If Kearts is in the top ten, you know its a weird season! ;)
  3. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    True. But not a great time to lose even more experience. Compare our squad now with the 2009/2010 title winning side (if that's fair to do). There really is no comparison in almost any position.
  4. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    I was at the St Patricks Athletic pre-season game where we won 4-0 a few weeks back. Luiz only played the first half but he was possibly the best player on the pitch. His distribution from the back was superb and he was commanding in the air. Just saying...
  5. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Not great news if its true
  6. Borussia Mönchengladbach 2 Chelsea FC 2

    Still think Top 4 is not beyond us, but 6th might be more realistic.
  7. Premier CFCNet Fantasy League 2019/20

    Fifty entered so far. Keep 'em coming!
  8. Barcelona 1 Chelsea FC 2

    Great result. Mount doing very, very well.
  9. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    He's back!!
  10. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    I'm dying here. When is Frank gonna be appointed? !!
  11. It's back! That didn't take long to be honest. Looks like they've revamped the app again, but apart from that, it's all about pitting your wits against the witty and the witless. Code to join : gqwxy8 As Delia might say (though hopefully not this season), " Where are ya?!! Let's be having ya!!! " Have fun :
  12. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Let's face it, we won't win the league again any time soon, but we can still qualify for the Champions League, do well in it and win a few cups along the way. BTW : When is Ethan Hazard signing for us? :)
  13. Musical Tastes

  14. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    Amazing player. Better than Gerrard. Better overall contribution from midfield than Gascoigne, Robson or Beckham. Best English midfield player for his contribution to the English league since....well, since ever.
  15. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    I think Frank could still do a very decent job for somebody. Just not us. He would get less game time than Oscar, so why frustrate the legend?