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  1. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Mendy!!! What a GK. could have been at least 3-1 if not for him. That was a Cech performance. RLC was class above first half. BUT, second half was terrible. We seriously need to know how to play to Lukaku’s strengths because at the moment it’s not looking good
  2. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    I agree. Rüdiger is a huge loss for this one. If anyone can match their two strikers for strength it’s him
  3. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Just said he was out - no reason given.
  4. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Rudiger, Zyech and Pulisic out for tomorrow s match
  5. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    I watched the game last night and thought he played really well. He had a shot off the post but it was a difficult shot to take in a crowded box. Havertz on the other hand - oh boy - yes he scored (a tap in), but aside from that was not great
  6. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    I agree. Werner starts for me.
  7. Media / Press

    what can they do?
  8. Media / Press

    good points
  9. Media / Press

    I wonder whether he will revisit the re-development plans for the Bridge :)
  10. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Well the first one shouldn’t have been disallowed - so that’s 15 😬 but you’re right, I think he’s off to Dortmund as a replacement for Haaland
  11. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Strange performance from us. It felt much more like a Lampard performance than TT's usual disciplined and controlled pressing set-up. Possibly more fluid and entertaining, but then it wasn't a surprise that Saints were allowed to get into dangerous positions, and equalised. The red card helped us significantly.
  12. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Great match from Timo Aside from the pen, thought Chilwell played really well. Oh, and I did really like CHO on the left, great cross for the Werner goal
  13. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    TT mentioned in his presser that the group only had one proper day of training. I wonder if this was the reason for this 3-4 subs on Wednesday
  14. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    sorry, I dont get. Whats the message?
  15. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    I actually thought TT did pretty well with those three when he replaced Lamps. Now with Lukaku, I am not sure he knows what to do. And there is no way he will drop Lukaku