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  1. This reads like a Wenger moan about players we could have signed
  2. I think Renato has signed for AC Milan
  3. Not sure if there is any significance in this, but Sandro is not in the juve team that are currently playing Barcelona
  4. Erm...just read la Marca with direct quotes from Costa saying that conte has contacted him to say that he is no longer wanted at Chelsea...and continued to say that the relationship with him has been bad this season.
  5. just a quick question, is anyone actually doing any work...? I'm counting the hours before kick-off
  6. I agree with your assessment on Fabregas. for all the talk before on how much space he would have, I didn't see it. there were a few over top passes to Pedro (first 10 secs) which I think he thought he should have done better and a similar over top pass to Costa. Aside from that, it just seems he wasn't comfortable. I have mentioned this before, but I am slightly concerned on Costa (even though he scored) he doesn't have that zip about him...I thought willian gave the ball away after he came on. Defence were great though...hope Stoke down tools like they did against the spuds..
  7. Is anyone concerned with Costa's performance? Yes, he scored, but his touch is really poor since the China rumours
  8. anyone worried about Costa's form since the China rumours? I haven't watched the Burnley match, but the Liverpool and Arsenal matches it seemed like he was reverting back to his last season form. I.e crap
  9. If the rumours are true regarding recalling Ake, would Chelsea not do now, rather than waiting any longer?
  10. I very much doubt the game will be played. I live 20 mins from shithurst park and all I can say it's very very misty
  11. I think the top 6 have spent a significant amount of money and will also target 85+ points
  12. Did you expect it to be this difficult to bring in players? - Conte: "I must be honest. We will have a problem to reach our target." Damn, was hoping we would win the EFL cup. oh well ;)
  13. If we keep the same defence, I will be very surprised if we make the top 4. Its less than a week before the transfer deadline, so anything can happen until then, but I am sorry, this is just ridiculous!
  14. I think I will cry if I see the same defence against West Ham as we had last season....