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  1. It's preseason. Hopefully the weaknesses exhibited will be acted upon otherwise we will embarrass ourselves in the Champions League. That said....it's preseason.
  2. That's a fairly naive view.
  3. You're quite happy with us maybe filling out the squad so late that they won't have a pre-season then? A couple of panic buys that don't end up seeing the light of day until the end of September? Fortunately last year's panic buys turned out far better than anyone was expecting but just once it would be nice if we had our ducks a row a little more promptly. Instead we've sold but there is no hint of any replacements. Perhaps the smart decision would have been to hang on to the likes of Ake, Traore and Atsu until we found suitable upgrades.
  4. The trouble is mate that there isn't the pool of players available for sale these days. You have to pick up what you can when you can. And you certainly don't go selling half a team's worth of squad players before you've got replacements at least lined up. It lookls like to me that acquisitions aren't talking to disposals at the club. At this rate we'll be scrabbling for top 6 with the added pressure of Champions League football next season. If the season started tomorrow I'm not sure who our squad would be what with the loaners out and unavailable too.
  5. This has happened to us before. I put it down to our club having very poor relations with the agents. Footballers, by and large, will go where their agents tell them to and if we have a reputation of playing hardball with the agents and refusing to pay the sorts of fees they now expect then we will continue to only be able to pick up the crumbs at the end of the window. OK there aren't many clubs making significant acquisitions at this stage but we're the champions of England for pity's sake and we've already disposed of 5 members of the squad with no hint of a replacement let alone an improvement. We seem to be reactionary rather than being pro active here and I can only see it ending poorly for us, especially in the Champions League.
  6. Can't say I'm hugely upset apart from the fact of who is the alternative? Clearly a player more interested in the money when you take into consideration he's going to play for a manager who disposed of him previously. Maybe the "love for Chelsea" wasn't so truthful after all.
  7. That's fine, and I don't disagree. It's just a shame we can't seem to agree deals to bring players in as easily.
  8. Guess it's too much to expect stuff to get announced over the weekend. Hopefully Monday. We've got a bunch to bring in just to replace those we've already let go let alone to improve and bolster the squad. I really hope we don't leave things to the last minute like we have a tendency to and have panic signings come in after the season has begun.
  9. http://talksport.com/football/premier-league-clubs-ranked-number-minutes-given-youngsters-201617-season-170629244734?p=0 There you have it....bottom of the heap.
  10. Unfortunately a youth team player will NEVER have the cachet of an average player with a hefty price tag in the eyes of the club. Many here mention that that it is a succession of managers that don't give youth their head. Rather than blame the somewhat limited lifespan managers I would blame the club ethos that is common through all the management changes. Emanalo and Granovskaia would far rather stake their careers on a player that is sought after by other clubs than on a youth team player whose progress they should have been charting throughout their career but probably haven't. Having said all that however I wouldn't be weeping buckets for the youth system bearing in mind the money they've been earning in the meantime. It's just a shame if one of them were to slip through our fingers, although so far none of them have ripped up trees wherever they've ended up notwithstanding the criticism our policy has attracted from the media and certain forum members.
  11. Maybe managers are as guilty as the rest of us in that youth players don't seem as "sexy" as a big money signings. The club still sees them as the "wee boys" they were when they arrived and have too subjective a view to notice their maturation?
  12. So far then we've seen JT "retire" and since the end of the season we've sold: Atsu to Newcastle for £6m Traore to Lyon for £8m Begovic to Bournemouth for £9m Cuadrado to Juventus for £17m and now Ake also to Bournemouth for £19m Ignoring Cuadrado obviously that's 5 potential squad players gone for say £60m needing to be replaced before we even consider moving forward and improving the first team. It's July 1st tomorrow and the new Nike kit sponsorship kicks in. I'm hoping to see at least a couple of new arrivals almost immediately as well as some sort of indication that we are going to start spending this apparent £250m war chest well before the beginning of the season.
  13. If he is to leave Bayern and it's between Manure and ourselves I can't see him going with us unless Ballack gets involved. That said the first word of this post is the main stumbling block.
  14. I agree, although also unimaginative. No idea who the characters are that drive the dressing room although I don't see it being him. Accordingly I'd be quite happy to see Cesar take the armband.
  15. A lot of gossip traffic starting to build over our targets. Will be interesting to see what happens when the new shirt sponsorship deal kicks in on July 1st. Wonder who will be the first to be seen holding up a club Nike shirt?