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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Christensen not Zouma and no Mount. I hope Frank has a cunning plan.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thanks for putting me right. I must have missed that. You have to say, in that case, what's the point? Just a glorified scout on Hackney Marshes?
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just as a matter of interest, isn't this Petr Cech's job? I can't imagine he would throw SFL under a bus. Surely it's a question of finding someone worth the money, and the fact that we haven't seen anyone rock up at Cobham would suggest there isn't anyone out there that would add substantively to the first team. The last thing we need now is another Sturridge or Remy. I'd rather muddle on with what we've got, giving the players the game time they need to develop.
  4. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    To be fair we need an Henry or a Shearer type player not another prancing pony. Unfortunately I don't believe those types of players are currently available.
  5. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    OK but it's a bit like when Leicester won the league it was because everyone else is just as bad, or worse. Pretty much every team team in the league this year apart from the top three are in a season of rebuilding. What we need to ensure is that we come out of the season with a plan moving forward. At the moment we are desperately in need of a player able to be clinical in the last third, be it a run, a pass or a shot. This match was another Arsene performance. Loads of possession while not really creating much. Terribly frustrating. I feel we're one senior player short in the squad capable of taking control of a game.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pretty sure Football Manager had them flagged too ;-)
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Do we still have scouts then? I thought we just used the Football Manager database.
  8. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    The game was never going to impress the purists once it became clear that Forest had run up the white flag before the game had even begun. That said on another day those VAR decisions could have gone against us and we might be looking at a replay. We have to work on converting all our possession and control into goals. We also have to learn to continue working and trying to score when we are ahead. I'm sure this will come in time but meanwhile we need to get a transfer in that can motivate the players towards this. I'm looking for players that are an immediate improvement on what we have. We don't need more squad level players. One or two at most so as not to disrupt the youngsters too much.
  9. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    An early goal would be nice in order that the parked bus isn't clamped in front of their goal. We desperately need someone to open up those sorts of defenses, be it CHO regaining his mojo or else a signing in January.
  10. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    Wasn't able to watch the game as Mrs Moly had decided it was the perfect time to take the dogs out for a walk. The incessant updates on my phone made it one of the most frantic walks this year. I was convinced we were going to get at least one sent off with all the yellow cards flying around. Then the two late goalshad me jumping around like a lunatic. If we'd got those 12-15 lost points we'd be up in second. Still a buffer in fourth at half way is far better than most on here were expecting at the start of the season.
  11. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    It's frustrating isn't it? We can win games like this and against Spuds but drop 12-15 points against teams we should be winning against with ease. I suppose as they gain experience our young band of brothers will mature together and the increasing experience will allow them to play more street smart. At the moment we are getting by in these games on hatred of the opposition.
  12. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    Commonsense would dictate that we lose this one but knowing our inconsistent form we'll win. Not expecting too much though to be honest as Abraham must be cream crackered and the lack of aparent joined up thinking between our phases of play means that the transfer window can't come soon enough. Just hope it isn't a bunch of second rate mercs. What we need are self motivated warriors.
  13. Chelsea 0 Southampton 2

    Said this before but there seems to be a disconnect between defense midfield and attack. Another game where we have 66% possession and can't break down an organised defense. It's not a new phenomenon. We've been like this for years but before we had Hazard to pick us out of the ****. We can play against sides who set out to play but these occasions trip us up every time. Sign Ibrahimovic for the rest of the season and he could make the difference. In the meantime Frank needs to work hard to motivate the team against seemingly weaker sides. Disappointed.
  14. Media / Press

    As I feared the Rudiger claim has returned unsubstantiated while a Chelsea "fan" has now been arrested for racially abusing Son.
  15. Media / Press

    I'm a bit perturbed about the incident being labelled "alleged" racist chanting at 3 point lane yesterday. I sincerely hope that this doesn't pan out like the John Obi Mikel / Mark Clattenburg episode.