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  1. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Good times
  2. Chelsea 7 Grimsby Town 1

    After some of the other top teams coming unstuck this has to be seen as a positive, especially as some of the young players being used are actually fixtures in the squad as it is.
  3. Chelsea 7 Grimsby Town 1

    Good start
  4. Chelsea 7 Grimsby Town 1

    I don't think Frank will make wholesale changes as he is still trying to engender the team's work ethic. Probably a rest for those carrying niggles, Kante, Mount, the entire defense I'm guessing ;-) We need a solid home win here however, something to get the fans cheering the players. Then follows a run of entirely winnable fixtures. We need to get to the point where winning becomes the proverbial habit.
  5. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    It feels funny that I'm not seething at losing this game. Hopefully it's because I sense we're building something here, evidenced by the fact that the best performances this year, by and large, have come from the younger, less established, players. We need an option though for the Willian/Pedro conundrum. A player that is more robust. Those two players remain the last of those that you sense don't really care that much if we are losing as long as their game remains ok. Pulisic needs to get his act together and it would be nice if we saw RLC and CHO provide something this season. When the key injuries are resolved we should be able to make a fist of the season so that transfer targets can be identified for the summer. Kante MotM by a mile. It goes to show just how much we have missed him.
  6. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Men against boys atm.
  7. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Our performance turned when Mount came off. For such a young player he seems to be the talisman for the team. Without him our attacking became diffuse and clueless.
  8. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    What a chance at the end of the half. Now it's over to you Frank. Wave your magic wand and fashion a win please.
  9. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I think we'll be missing Mount for a while, and it will be a miss as his obvious replacement is Bumbling Barkley. Hopefully Kante will be back for the weekend.
  10. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Since Mount went off we've lost control of midfield.
  11. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I'd say it's stretched ligaments at best. I did it once and almost threw up with the pain. The ankle is ok until you push off on it at an angle. Could be a month out there.
  12. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Don't think Mount will be playing at the weekend after that tackle.
  13. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    I think its just a question of attempting to not suffer an away goal.
  14. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Chelsea 1Arrizabalaga 15Zouma 4Christensen 29Tomori 28Azpilicueta 5Jorginho 17Kovacic 3Alonso 10Willian 19Mount 9Abraham Substitutes 8Barkley 11Pedro 13Caballero 18Giroud 22Pulisic 23Batshuayi 44Guehi Wow we're really down to the bare bones in defense.