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  1. Probaly just as well Hazard didn't play considering the filth Stoke was dealing out and the previous game against Manure. He's clearly a marked man and this is the only way the rest of the division can come up with to stop him.
  2. Unbelievably dirty Stoke today. Amazing they still had 10 on at the end. The treatment Costa got must have been bad as MotD didn't mention it at all except to allude to his behaviour.
  3. Now we're being hauled over the coals for calling Jose Judas. Pretty sure if he was managing anyone other than Manure of the beloved Scum the media wouldn't have mentioned it as it was hardly widespread. Anything to deflect from his dirty tactics of attempting to spread the fouls around last night.
  4. Always find it ironic when Martin Keown bangs on about the things Costa gets up to when one casts their mind back to his game. And of course nothing in the commentary about the stamp on Hazard which was far worse than Mings' foul at the weekend when I honestly thought he was just trying to get back to the ball while Zlatan rolled underneath his foot. An unfortunate foul, however tonight it was clearly a deliberate attempt to stamp down on Hazard. Just warranted a quick aside on the BBC, hopefully enough however to draw the FA's attention. Men against boys. On to the next round.
  5. Football tourism then...
  6. I think we are probably the most popular "tourist" stadium in London. Hopefully the additional capacity will be allocated to season tickets (I doubt it though).
  7. I'd probably prefer a Craven Cottage ground share to bloody Wembley. Every opposing team would treat it as a cup final, especially the European teams in the Champions League,
  8. Hopefully Carroll is injured as he's their only threat to us.
  9. Great news. All we need now is to find somewhere to play for 3 years or so. I really hope it's not Wembley judging by Spuds experience.
  10. Roman's not said anything to me.
  11. I would have to bloody homesick for his monumental salary not to take the edge off even slightly. I could see why Klopp might start claiming a yearning to return to the fatherland but then he has to live in and around Liverpool.
  12. I think one can over analyse the situation...against Leicester...Claudio issue...empowered players...etc. Fortunately you can't gloss over the fact that this result is hilarious and the reaction of the Scum on various media outlets even more so. Sigh, happy days.
  13. This isn't Scotland, and we're not Celtic. We're not expected to win every game. The cup competitions begin to hit again from here on in so we should gain a few points over the pack again over the next few weeks.
  14. So much for Klopp trying to get a tune out of loser club.
  15. DL could have got a hat-trick last night. If he'd connected with that sliding cross at the end of the first half he'd probably have ended up taking the penalty. Oh, and BT bloody Sport. When are they going to start pronouncing Willian's name correctly? It's not bloody Willen, ignorant scouse loving bastards.