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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    If we only had a striker like Drogba available this fixture should be a stroll in the park. As it is we are probably looking to maximise the goal threat from AM. While we expect last week's type of performance against the league's probable strugglers this is the type of game we have to play and win convincingly if we are to get back into top 4 contention.
  2. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    'Arry looks so small between the posts compared with his predecessor, but a good runout for his first game. He will be tested far more vigourously in weeks to come. Barclay was a bit anonymous in the first half but came more in to it as the second half wore on. Morata, once again had the air of a Torres about him, undoubtably skillful but unfortunately an unlucky player who seems to be the type that waits for things to happen rather than go out looking to change his lot in life. Those players apart I thought the others produced good positive displays. Willian or Pedro can consider themselves very unlucky to have Hazard breathing down their necks for the next game. It remains to be seen how the new formation holds up when they are tested by a more motivated opposition.
  3. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Imagine how good we could be if we had a striker at the club.
  4. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Personally I never really warmed to the guy. No real reason for it, he did look a bit gormless though, but I always felt while he was capable of pulling off some superb saves he could also appear a bit uncoordinated due to his size in a tight situation. I for one don't shed any tears. We move on, good luck to him. Oh but if the dog walker thing is true then you have to ask why get a dog if you don't walk it yourself? EDIT Just seen a picture of the dog. I'm sorry THAT is not a dog! (Nor is the dog sitter to be fair)
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I fear that the things that will kill us this season will be lack of goals and a desperately unstable defense with DL playing in a 4.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Rumours that Kovacic deal may be off with City offering to buy him.
  7. Chelsea 0 Lyon 0 (Chelsea win 5-4 on penalties)

    Totally pointless game. Was this really a classed as a first team warmup? I'd ask for my money back.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Kepa Arrizabalaga?? We already have a Dave, is he going to become Barry? Or Colin? Or maybe just Kepa the Keeper?
  9. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Don't disagree. What perplexes me however is that we can shift our arses to get a replacement GK but when it is apparent we have need of a quality striker the movement is glacial.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    If we're intent on playing 4-3-3 then we need to look at the bare neccessities. A striker that scores goals and a quality experienced central defender to partner either Rudiger or Christensen. Alternatively if we return to three at the back then we're probably ok with what we've got although we still need a striker. If Courtois goes then we need to try and get someone like Schmeichel although that horse is probably too far down the road at this stage.
  11. 2018/19 Expectations.

    Pretty much spot on.
  12. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Personally I don't have a problem with the young players. However when Kante isn't playing we miss him. Similarly we could do with a clinical striker and I'm afraid any back four with David Luiz in it is asking for trouble defensively. I've said this before but it is entirely practical to introduce younger players into the side but we do need the solid spine to anchor everything.
  13. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    So much for exciting football. None of the squad players putting down much of a marker to be promoted to the starting XI. The back four seemed to be expecting the additional central defender from a back three to bail them out on both of Aguerro's goals. I'm sure we will play better against the "lesser" teams but I was kind of hoping for a better show against one of our direct competitors.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Rumours we're looking at Aaron Ramsey which is all fine and well (proneness to injury aside) but what then should our young midfielders think when they would probably bring at least as much to the table and are already embedded at the club?
  15. Official: Jorginho Signs

    Sarri has been playing 4-3-3 so Jorghino AND Kante seems unlikely. Being the pessimist I see this as an insurance policy if Barcelona or PSG come in for the latter with an offer of a player plus cash. Whatever happens it appears to be bye bye Cesc.