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  1. If he is to leave Bayern and it's between Manure and ourselves I can't see him going with us unless Ballack gets involved. That said the first word of this post is the main stumbling block.
  2. I agree, although also unimaginative. No idea who the characters are that drive the dressing room although I don't see it being him. Accordingly I'd be quite happy to see Cesar take the armband.
  3. A lot of gossip traffic starting to build over our targets. Will be interesting to see what happens when the new shirt sponsorship deal kicks in on July 1st. Wonder who will be the first to be seen holding up a club Nike shirt?
  4. Unless you're City and then that covers keeper too.
  5. I'm not going to wring my hands over this as we don't know what goes on behind closed doors however I hope it doesn't have a destabilising effect on the squad the manner in which it appears to have happened. Also, as has been mooted earlier, it's unfortunate we couldn't have taken advantage of an over the top Chinese offer for the player as the last thing we need is him going to another Premier League club such as Manure and coming back to bite us. Such a shame Athletico can't take him away from these shores.
  6. Hazard broken ankle on Belgium duty.
  7. Well now he's got a broken ankle so maybe we'll have to sort something out anyway.
  8. People need to stop thinking that you have to replace like with like every time. You may not be able to replace his dribbling ability but perhaps you could find a player that does a little more tracking back and so frees up another player elsewhere. This isn't cookie cutter football you have to think outside the box in the same way that Moses became useful. All I'm saying is that £100m is an awful lot of money that could be used elsewhere presuming we actually do have a shopping list. I for one would like to see us obtaining a player that could be as good as Fabregas in a year or two for instance.
  9. What's Anelka up to these days?
  10. Bearing in mind that Azpilicueta and Ake are capable of providing cover at WB I would argue that what we actually need in defense is one (experienced) CB. I agree with your options at centre mid however see the three youngsters you've listed at AM are at least one too many, especially if AM4 is an experienced starter. Obviously Griezmann ain't going anywhere this summer now but I think if you add anytone you run the risk of upsetting the status quo. Far better for Bats to continue stepping up his game with A N Other youngster adding depth. I guess what I'm saying is that I've reduced your additions by at least two, possibly three leaving us looking for a young English GK, and an experienced spine of central defender, midfielder and (maybe) striker which is achievable and hopefully not destabilising. What I don't want is the addition of some second string that sits on the bench all year never challenging for a start except in the League Cup.
  11. I know we're still in the phoney war at the moment but if Madrid were to offer us £100m for Hazard I don't see how we could possibly refuse. I'll admit he's a terrific player however he's not a one man team in the way Ronaldo or Bale are capable of being. Eden had quite a few off games during the season and we were still able to win comfortably. He's the sort of player that is far easier to replace than say Kante or Costa. They may not be as technically gifted as Hazard however that position is very much one where the team is greater than the sum of its parts.
  12. I'd take Sanchez for the reasons many have made above but it only really works if we manage to retain Costa and Bats. Apart from that I really don't see an ocean of available experienced players that would improve the team. I'd prefer to see us recall the likes of Christensen after the season he's had and keep Ake on to provide the depth we need in defense. I fear Mahrez might end up destabilising the squad as I'm loathe to take on a player who thinks he's better than the club they're at and doesn't mind telling you that. Our medical department has been second to none over the last 10 years for keeping our players going and not overstressing them. For that reason I don't think we need a huge number of "what if" squad players over and above immediate cover for the additional games we#re going to end up playing.
  13. In the cold light of day and having listened to some of the Arsenal love-fest going on the media today I'm beginning to think the result wasn't the worst thing as it seems to be having the effect of the Arsenal fans believing that the club is fine after all. Hopefully Arsene will stick around to enjoy Thursday night football (I doubt they'd even be able to win that tbh) and they will do their usual implosion in the league blaming said Europa League. 13 FA Cups over 130 years must prove something about today's squad....right??
  14. I tend to agree. The money is academic. We need players willing to sign up to the ethos Conte is trying to instill. The likes of Moses and Alonso have proved that you don't need to spend big to have an effect on the playing squad. Personally I see our requirements as being an experienced central defender and if we can't tie down Fabregas then an influential midfielder. Cover/improvement at wing back would be nice but not a priority. I'd also like to see the likes of RLC, Aina, Chalobah, Solanke and Kenedy push for regular starts rather than being content to sit on the bench every now and then. As far as striker is concerned I foresee both Costa and Lukaku being here leading to discontent somewhere down the line. Interesting times.
  15. I think the board may find it difficult to find the right improvements we need. With Terry gone we need to find a core of inner steel to install in the squad and players who fit with the team ethic Conte is trying to forge. It's not just a question of bringing in striker X or defender Y. Last season proved that we have a group of players entirely prepared to spit the dummy when the going gets tough. The players we bring in have to compliment what we already have without neccessarily putting their collective noses out of joint. A bit of a pessimistic attitude to have possibly but in this time of player power I feel it is unfortunately true. We don't want to become another Arsenal. Oh, and next season I would make Azpilicueta club captain.