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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-England-london-39729568 It's written as if the guy had actually been a Chelsea supporter it would been both understandable and acceptable. It's also disgusting that the headline suggests a Chelsea connection when it was entirely Spuds related.
  2. Word has it Big Sam is going to field a weakened side (for some reason).
  3. Watching the game on Chelsea TV, or at least watching the commentators at the ground. I'm assuming Ben farting was the cause of much arm waving around the 80 minute mark? At least it took our minds off our, at times, poor defending.
  4. I think he was suggesting Conte shouldn't have been surprised by the insane scheduling the league sometimes throws up...
  5. To be fair they beat us too so not really cause for that much celebration...
  6. Props to Cesar too for his captaincy I feel. Gives the impression of being a bit more of a motivator than Cahill?
  7. Feast on the tears, especially when the fans behind them get up and leave after Matic's goal...
  8. It is amazing how the broadcasters are able to produce all these theoretically "unbiased" commentators/pundits who seem, inexplicably to have links to the teams we play. While it is intensely frustrating during the matches to hear them bang on about the quality of the opposition it evens out at the end when they have to resort to suggesting we were damn bad eggs beating the better team even though it happens with monotonous regularity.
  9. No idea why we're getting our panties in a tangle over Alonso. Surely this is why we brought Ake back. Or was it just we needed a right back for the first team to train against? Similarly if Moses is unfit I'd just plonk Azpi in RB and let Terry have a run out. We've got plenty of cover for every position that may be an issue, it's just that we never play them and that my friends is the sound of chickens coming home to roost.
  10. It always had to happen eventually but this is literally the end of an era. The club will continue as the players come and go but I doubt any will ever come even close to the reputation players such as John and Frank have left the club with. Yes there have been a couple of players with longer tenure at the club but in this modern era it is almost unheard of to hang around this long and as captain too. He has overseen the most successful era we've ever experienced and I for one would like to personally thank John for everything he has done for the club I have supported for 50 years. Go to China, earn a bucket of cash and come back and buy out Roman.
  11. Hopefully Moses will be back and I would play Pedro for Fabregas as his eye for goal at the moment may help take the focus off Costa. Willian is more of an impact sub for me and you would get more out of both by paying Pedro from the start. Being optimistic I would say that we took our eye off the ball, both literally and figuratively, against Palace as the team had its concentration set on Wednesday night assuming an easy passage at the weekend.
  12. A blip is now called after one game? This is not Scotland and we are Chelsea, not Celtic.
  13. Spuds have a lot of games against teams with something to play for, be it top four or relegation. I can see them bottling quite a few of those games and maybe not even ending up runners up.
  14. OK...it's an April fool isn't it? Those pesky broadcasters kidding us on. It is, isn't it? Isn't it??
  15. Probaly just as well Hazard didn't play considering the filth Stoke was dealing out and the previous game against Manure. He's clearly a marked man and this is the only way the rest of the division can come up with to stop him.