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  1. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    So much for Conte having spent the last couple of months preparing his "leet strats" for this game.
  2. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    If we play with a striker then I hope we can take a lead back to Spain. What we have to avoid is shipping any goals. If they even get just one then I reckon we will need to score 4 in order to have a realistic chance. If we keep them out at the Bridge then all bets are off come the return fixture. Problem is this isn't the 2012 version of CFC.
  3. Chelsea 4 Hull City 0

    I think the problem is that while Caballero may only ever be a #2, Courtois has never really pushed on to become a "presence" in the box. For me he is only ever going to be a good shot stopper.
  4. Chelsea 4 Hull City 0

    Not such an issue against Barcelona but I take your point.