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  1. I got the feeling that the club wanted the season done after the cup final and this was an inconvenience, especially after the first leg. Also bear in mind Bayern had weeks to rest up and prepare whereas we had been playing high stress games for a month. Hopefully injuries don't mean a slow start to next season but they certainly aren't going to help. Frank's comments about having identified the areas we need to strengthen were reassuring however I'm not sure where we're going to get those players in the next month now.
  2. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    Certainly more welcome than Malcolm Tucker.
  3. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    So there's this stat going round that we have conceded 46% of shots on target against us this season. The highest in the league. Add to that the huge number of goals we've let in, the highest in 25 years and you have to ascribe some degree of blame to the GK. Just a bang average keeper may have made this season even better.
  4. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    I will be watching this one from behind the sofa, only venturing out if we are three clear with five minutes to play. Hopefully United stuff Leicester and make it all academic. The Foxes do owe us one after all and they wouldn't enjoy the Champions League anyway. Of course if we are winning, GO LEICESTER!
  5. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Just watched the highlights back again and I have to ask the question whether there was any point in fielding a goalkeeper last night in that Kepa pretty much stood rooted to the spot most of the time. The difference between the two teams was the degree of ruthlessness shown. The Scum reminded me of our sides under Mourinho Mk1, physical specimens that moved quickly and decisively as a unit. We relied on individual skill and seemed physically smaller and less intimidating. Oh yes and that GK. All down to the last game.
  6. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Bayern all over again. Men against boys.
  7. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    Was listening to some statistics about this. Apparently, unlike Germany the Premier League is finding little change in home advantage during lockdown. What is being seen however is a change in the referees' performance (surprise, surprise). Foul and penalty decisions are now far less likely to be affected by home advantage. I'm assuming VAR decisions are still equally crap however.
  8. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 3

    Lovely to see a bit of steel and determination from the players. Why do we have to be playing top teams for us to do this though?
  9. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 3

    Media squeeing about Manure's form latterly in the season before the game (the old united we all know and love etc). Ended up getting resolutely dubbed. Hopefully we can pull it all together and go again against the filthy Scum so that the last day of the season can be a little more relaxed. Unfortunately this is the CFC and you know we supporters are meant to suffer.
  10. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 3

    Kind of a quiet uproar at Wembley today.
  11. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    So frustrating. So many good performances against quality (Bayern aside) then we toss it all away against comparative dross. That is what needs to change next season. Put the weak to the sword.
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I hated Leeds but then I go back to the sixties. It IS great to see them back though. I so look forward to roasting them home and away and see them suffer for many years before they end up getting relegated again.
  13. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    So if we lose to the filthy scum and Leic and Manure both win then they can play out a draw on the last day and we're out? I'd imagine the dippers will be doing their utmost to ensure that happens
  14. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    I said at the outset of this final stage of the season that it was going to be more about gathering as many points as possible rather than performances but that didn't make last night any more comfortable to watch. Thankfully Norwich were dire and offered no threat whatsoever. Who knows what would have happened if they had adopted a higher press on our defenders.
  15. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Hoping they're saving themselves for the semi.
  16. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    FFS. If we drop points here I'm going to drive to Cobham and sneeze over someone. This is awful. Thank god it's only Norwich.
  17. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Half time. I'm impressed we didn't concede an equaliser this time
  18. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Gilmour's not playing
  19. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Not double standards I didn't agree then either
  20. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Well said Mr Bobly. Unfortunately far too many "supporters" on these forums approach the game from a Football Manager point of view... one loss, the morale drops through the floor and the board sack the manager. That should not be the way it is. A supporter will follow the team through thick and thin and when we're in 3rd place in the league, in the semi final of the cup and all done with a bunch of developing kids I'm sorry to have to tell you but these are NOT thin times. Quite the opposite. We could be on the verge of 5 or so years of tremendous success. Remember there can only be one winner of the league and your eventual position in the table is the true reflection of your season, not individual games in isolation.
  21. Media / Press

    So City's ban for breaches of FFP has been thrown out entirely and they've just been fined for not cooperating with the investigation which is beyond a joke. Obviously that means making the CL next season has become that bit more tricky but what does everyone else feel about it? Personally I think UEFA have now officially become a corrupt joke.
  22. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Wouldn't it be more relevant to compare net outlay?
  23. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    Yeah and he didn't do it in one season after having a one year transfer ban.
  24. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    Firstly Allison is a GK. Secondly Trent-Arnold was home grown like our emerging kids and Robertson was very much a punt that worked out. It was van Dyke that was the catalyst without a single doubt. The fact that we're underperforming as a team in certain games is not a reason to sell the whole lot and start again as some people are suggesting. Maybe a little consideration for this season's circumstances is in order. No signings for over a year and an over reliance on kids, yet we are still going to end up in the CL places (probably) compared with pre-season forecasts of mid table mediocrity (or worse). I think people need to grow up and start backing the players we've got rather than rubbishing them every time we don't win. Sometimes I despair of our so called supporters.