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  1. Chelsea 1 Everton 0

    And yet some folk still think there is no underlying agenda ? I don't believe for one minute all the conspiracy crap spouted by some, but you have to sometimes ask questions of the FA when you see images like the above. Where is the consistency in their decision making ?
  2. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    How do you arrive at that conclusion James ? I have very mixed feelings about the whole situation, most of which I will keep to myself, but to call him Chelsea 'through and through' seems a bit odd given that he has now played against us twice this season wearing the colours of a team in direct competition for the league title. Chelsea through and through ? I think not.
  3. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Live radio commentary in the UK is on BBC Radio London digital and BBC 3 Counties radio........
  4. NK Schalke 0 Chelsea 5

    Droy, what on earth are you on about ?
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Good question. Pardew got sent to the stands for a similar thing against a Hull City player not long ago. I would have thought it even worse to do it to a match official ?
  6. Chelsea 2 QPR 1

    You Sir, have summed up my own thoughts exactly, and have expressed them far more eloquently than I ever could. Now let's do the business against that annoying bunch of pretenders from the wild wild west.
  7. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Well he didn't, so I can't really see the point of this question ? That aside it seems Costa may be available, and if he is, Man Utds poor defence could be in for a busy afternoon.
  8. New Stadium Plans

    That photo of the three of them posing on bicycles is just plain bizarre. Rest assured they will be using anything but most of the time once they're elected......Oh Cressida.
  9. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0

    I hope Courtois is ok. I don't think there was anything malicious intended by the arsenal player ( can't remember his name ) but given the head injuries to Cech and Cudicini in the past it was quite worrying to see. How good it is to have someone as immense as Petr Cech to call on though.
  10. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I would like to make it clear that I meant no disrespect in my earlier post regarding our shirt sponsorship. I just happen to think the Samsung logo looks quite classy on our kit, but if someone is prepared to pay more we would be daft not to take it.
  11. New Stadium Plans

    Dream on...I admire your enthusiasm but it's not going to happen.
  12. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I can't find a way to post it but has anyone seen that video of Rodgers celebrating Liverpools goal against Everton at the weekend ? It is certainly worth tracking down for it's comedy value alone. He celebrates it as though he himself had scored it, turns round to the bench arms aloft like the messiah awaiting his praise from the disciples, and the entire bench completely ignore him and are looking the other way. Hopefully this link works....
  13. Chelsea Finances Thread

    To an extent, but where do you draw the line ? There's been a few examples recently of teams turning out wearing some less than stellar sponsors names on their shirts. I would like to think we might be above that now.
  14. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Samsung have progressed considerably in terms of brand identity and product quality in the last few years, so I think our deal with them has been a win win all round so far. I can't see how it would be beneficial to either party to end the deal. I can't help wondering if the thorny subject of stadium naming rights has been thrown into the mix ? No disrespect to Turkish Airlines but they are not exactly a global brand, but money will ultimately decide I suppose.
  15. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 1

    No it's not just you Paulw. It was a blatant and cowardly act of bullying before the players had even gotten on to the pitch. I notice Toure didn't try it on with the 6'4" Courtois who was just ahead of him in the tunnel. I wonder why ? It was not playful either, and Hazard was clearly annoyed with it, quite rightly so. That bullying and thuggish behaviour by City players spilled over into the game, with Hazard being a particular target throughout. How City managed to finish the game with 10 men is a mystery to me, Fernandinho's pole-axing of Bran in the lead up to our goal was worthy of a straight red in it's own right, never mind the fact he already had a yellow. I thought our players did well to keep their cool in the circumstances. I have nothing at all against firm but fair challenges from either side, but City went well beyond that on Sunday. In light of that tunnel cam video I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to can it from now on. In the meantime I think the PL should be taking retrospective action with that incident.